WCW Monday Nitro 10/16/95

As we edge closer to Halloween Havoc, we are liveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee as live can gets.  On WCW Pro, we found out that Sting will be Ric Flair's partner tonight against Arn Anderson and Brian Pillman.  Sting said he'll believe Flair this one time, but if Flair SWERVES him, even slightly, Sting will leave Flair for dead.

DDP vs Johnny B. Badd WCW Television Championship

As it turns out, DDP somehow cost Badd his US title shot by having Maxx Muscle cut his tires.  I don't know why.  But that's what happened.  DDP attacks before the Badd Blaster can be shot.  Kim was disgusted.  DDP clearly pins Johnny, but Nick Patrick won't count it and disqualifies DDP for attacking before the bell.  WHAT?!  Someone is disqualified for attacking before the bell?  That happens all the god damn time.  

Eddie Guerrero vs Chris Benoit

Eddie has new music already.  Benoit is in his blue and white tights instead of his more well known black or red in WCW.  A lot of leaping and rolling in the opening exchange.  Benoit hits a big head scissors and Eddie hits his own.  Big cross body to the floor.  Both guys go back to the floor with a back suplex.  Benoit is posted, and then Eddie runs into the post.  Looked like it hurt.  He hit it hard.  Dope hammerlock back suplex from Benoit.  Benoit sticks with the arm work.  Hammerlock northern lights.  Eddie gets back into things with a DOPE springboard tornado DDT.  Eddie can't get any sustained offense due to the arm injury.  Nasty back drop from Eddie lays Benoit out.  Brainbustaaaaa.  Knees up on the frog splash.  Benoit hits one of the stiffest powerbombs I've ever seen in my life.  Eddie kicks up, but GOD DAMN.  Some nasty shit going on in this match.  Benoit tries another.  Eddie rolls through.  He throws a punch with his bad arm.  Benoit is able to smash Eddie with a dragon suplex for the win.  


Bischoff talks about the possibility of a cruiserweight division being formed for men like Eddie, Malenko, and Benoit.  

TO THE MEAN GENE.  Gene hypes the hotline, with stories like a top WWF official leaving the company and a Superstar getting beaten up by a fan in the parking lot.  His guests are The Giant and The Taskmaster.  Kevin babbles about evil and how Hogan has some goodness in the cockles of his heart, but now Kevin wears Hulk's colors.  And the Hulkamaniacs will be children of the Dungeon of Doom.  Giant threatens actual murder.   This angle is so dumb.  They're really talking like Hulk can't just regrow his mustache and lost a part of his soul.  In addition, Bischoff said "mano ON mano".  

Disco comes out to dance some more.  

Meng vs Jim DOOGUN

Oh god.  Meng now wears a mask with a cape to the ring.  His promo picture has him wearing a giant Chinese dragon head, but he hasn't worn that once on Nitro.  Meng attacks before the bell.  He isn't disqualified.  Same ref, too.  Nick Patrick, you are BOGUS.  Not only was Hacksaw out of place and out of date in 1995, but WCW was still using him in 2000 without irony.  Meng wins with the Tongan Spike.  

TO THE BACK.  Hulk cuts a promo to his "Hulkamanioids".  The evil within Hulk Hogan is REAL.  Even his background is black and white.  Don Corleone Hulk Hogan.  Darkside Hogan is the dumbest shit.  WHY DOESN'T HE JUST GROW HIS MUSTACHE BACK?  He should be able to grow it back in like 2 days.  I mean, he's in black and his name is in white, and he's trying to do heel promos while still being Hulkamania Hogan and it is just the most awkward and stupid shit.  Especially as he's wearing a black neck brace that looks like it doesn't even fit.  While saying he's going to bury Giant next to Andre.

Arn Anderson/Brian Pillman vs Ric Flair/Sting

This is the first time Sting and Flair have been on the same team since I believe 1990.  Sting doesn't come out with Flair.  Bischoff drops an Observer reference.  I guess Flair is on his own.  Flair chops the dog shit out of Pillman.  And Arn.  Some loud as fuck chops.  And Flair takes it to both men.  Arn finally tags in to WE WANT STING chants.  Oh man, Flair botches the figure four about as bad as Miz.  What the fuck.  That's your one real hold, Ric!  Flair is dominating these guys.  It takes a cheap shot from Pillman for Arn to get the spinebuster.  STING HAS ARRIVED!  Hot tag to Sting!  Flapjack Norton.  Face buster.  Stinger Splashes.  Lariatos.  Arn gets sent over the top.  Pillman gets racked on the top rope.  Arn and Pillman get counted out.  Sting and Flair win!  


TO THE MEAN BY GOD GENE.  These teams will face each other again at Havoc.  Sting thought he couldn't trust Flair, so he waited and watched until he saw what he needed to see.  High fives!  

Next week will have Sting/Luger vs Harlem Heat, Benoit/Malenko vs Alex Wright/Eddie, and Hulk Hogan.  They've definitely settled into the "send the under card guys out and do whatever the fuck you do for 7 minutes" phase that made Nitro rad.  The Hogan angle is so stupid and out of place.  Magic and satanism and giants and just a bunch of way out of date shit going.  This angle has Hulk going into mourning for getting his mustache shaved off and then...he keeps it shaved.  Doesn't even try to grow it back.