WCW Monday Nitro 9/18/95

We are in the wake of Fall Brawl, where Brian Pillman turned heel and Arn Anderson defeated Ric Flair.  That's about all that happened.  "Get grandma out of the bathroom, cuz if you aren't here, you're gettin a bum steer."  What the fuck does that mean, Mongo?  We here sirens and we have an emergency IN THE BACK.

TO THE BACK.  Gene in the back when an ambulance arrives.  It was allegedly the same one Hulk Hogan left Fall Brawl in.  Instead, it's Kevin Sullivan and The Giant.  SWERVE.  They're going hard with Giant being Andre's son.  I remembered it as they made a few references and then dropped it shortly after, but that was not the case.  Mean Gene is taller than Kevin Sullivan.

American Males vs The Blue Bloods

Harlem Heat attack Eaton before he makes it to the ring.  Regal was never seen.  Booker says the Blue Bloods should have never been in this spot to begin with because THEY are the tag team champions.

American Males vs Harlem Heat WCW Tag Team Championships

I believe this is the first time Nitro promoted a match and changed it at the last second.  Historic.  Maybe ironic considering Buff and Booker were the ones that killed WCW in WWE.  Stevie and Riggs being the match.  Book does a Rick Steiner-esque catching powerslam to Buff.  He then hits an ax kick on Riggs, who sells it by giving himself a piledriver.  Bischoff brings up K1 while talking about Book's kicking ability.  Harlem side kick knocks Riggs' head off.  Booker is looking rad in this.  A 4 person WE WANT IT RAW sign on hard cam.  Col. Parker comes out and inadvertently prevented Sherri from interfering, as she fell into his arms as soon as she saw him.  Buff rolls over on a pump handle slam and gets a pin.  New champions!  OUTTA NOWHERE.  Not only was this the first promoted match to be changed on the show into something else, this is also the first unadvertised title change in Nitro history.  


TO THE MEAN BY GOD GENE.  Ric says that Arn broke the code.  It was okay to feud between themselves, but you don't bring an outsider in.  Shit will never be the same.  He's going to chop Pillman so hard that Boomer Esiason will feel it in Long Island.  And then he's coming to kick Arn's ass.  

Saturday Night will have Regal vs Sting, Cobra vs Pittman, an interview with Dusty Rhodes, and an update on Hulk Hogan.

Mr. Wonderful vs Johnny B. Badd

WONDERFUUUUUUUUUULLLLLLLLLLL.  THEY CALL HIM MR. WONDERFUUUUUUUUULLLL.  YOU KNOW HE IS SO WONDERFUUUUUUUUUULLLLL.  AND HE KNOWS IT TOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.  Such a WONDERFUL entrance theme.  Thank goodness for Gary Spivey.  Johnny is the number one contender for the US Championship after Fall Brawl.  He's able to get his frisbee into the crowd this time.  Mongo insists that Johnny is SUPER HUMAN because he wrestled two nights in a row.  Flair and Pillman will both be wrestling two nights in a row.  Are they super humans?  What about Harlem Heat?  Wonderful starts right away with a low dropkick and gives Johnny the business.  Bischoff calls both a standard slam and powerslam a power body slam.  "This is more action than a rooster sees in a hen house"  Mongo.  The fuck.  Badd is in control after a break.  Poor Johnny somehow misses a kick while Wonderful was on the floor looking at a mirror.  Didn't even come close.  Yet Wonderful had to sell it.  Poor guy.  LOL Wonderful pins Johnny by sitting down on a sunset flip.  The night after Johnny was in a 30 minute match to become the number one contender.  This should make Wonderful the number one contender to the US Championship.  


TO THE BEACH.  We're shown footage of WCW stars on Baywatch and what they did in between takes.  Macho is benching on the beach when the Taskmaster shows up OUTTA NOWHERE and attacks him.  Of all people, RIC FLAIR ends up pulling Sullivan off of him, along with two life guards.  And he kept calling Sullivan, "Devil".

TO THE MEAN GENE.  Gene speaks with the Macho Man this time.  Turns out Macho didn't want and didn't like Ric's help.  He's gonna destroy the Taskmaster by himself.  He doesn't even know where Hulk is, but the strong survive.  VIDEOSCOPE reference!  Mach gives some constructive criticism for Hulk, saying he was a terrrrrible judge of character and shouldn't have trusted Lex Luger.  He's now drawing a line in the sand.  And he goes on to say he thinks Sting, Lex, and Jimmy Hart will be joining the DoD.  Oh my.  This brings Lex out.  Perhaps Macho Man is jealous.  Lex is at least honest with what he wants, which is the WCW Championship.  The two almost get into it.

TO THE LAST NIGHT.  We're first shown footage of Hulk's bike being crushed by the Giant on the Main Event.  Then we see Giant break Hulk's neck after War Games.  


Brian Pillman vs Ric Flair

Ric is all business tonight.  Boomer feeling those chops in Long Island.  Flair coming off the top to the floor with an ax handle.  Shit is getting real up in here.  Pillman fires off his own chops.  Flair is totally wrestling as a face in this.  Instead of getting thrown off the top, Pillman catches him with a dropkick.  Bischoff is so perplexed at Pillman taking short cuts like he completely missed the Hollywood Blonds run.  Bischoff was the interviewer when Pillman turned heel for the first time.  An ERIK JERKOFF sign in the front row.  Flair goes up again and this time gets caught.  Pillman misses a Superfly Splash.  Mongo says it is a shame Brain never got to manage Flair.  Which Brain immediately corrects him on.  Flair does the shin breaker into a suplex like he did multiple times with Tenryu.  I thought it was because Tenryu was too big and he couldn't keep him up, but it turns out that was actually the move.  I don't really see how that does any damage to the knee.  Pillman submits to the figure four.  Flair calls for Arn.  Arn doesn't show, so Ric says Arn is going to get his ass kicked next week.


Next week has Disco Inferno vs Alex Wright, Kurasawa, Kevin Sullivan vs Randy Savage, and there was a graphic for Lex vs Meng, but Bischoff didn't say anything about it.  A lot of stuff packed into an hour of TV.  Giant/Hogan was continued.  Macho/Lex has turned into Macho getting paranoid and accusing everyone (including Sting) of working for the DoD.  Flair is extra pissed at Arn, and whatever connection there is between Arn/Pillman has yet to be revealed.  Parker/Sherri continues. 

It was also a night of many Nitro firsts.  The first time an advertised match was changed at the last second.  The first time there was an unscheduled title match and title change.  The first TO THE BACK segment.  The first time anyone heard Wonderful's new music.  Truly a historic night.