WCW Monday Nitro 10/9/95

The show starts with a recap of what happened to Hogan last week, including his mustache shaving in slow motion.  All 3 men show off their Chicago Bears jerseys, as they are in Chicago.  Sting joins at the announce booth and says things with Lex and Macho have to change.  He's going to solve their problems tonight.

Sting vs The Shark WCW US Championship

"He's from Tsunami."  What?  He's FROM TSUNAMI?  Like from inside a tsunami?  Why hasn't SyFy made SharkNami?  Sting is back after a few weeks off.  A vicious Shark attack to start the match.  Powerslam.  Elbow drop.  Leg drop.  Sting fires back with two Stinger Splashes that send Shark into the ring post, then gets the win with a top rope cross body in a very short match.  Title retained.


TO LAST WEEK.  Another replay of Hulk getting attacked by an old lady and getting his mustache shaved off.  

SABU vs Mr. JL

Mr. JL is Jerry Lynn.  Sabu is SABU.  Holy shit, a young Justin Roberts is in the front row.  "Samu".  Eric, you hired this dude.  You should know his name.  This is the second time you've called him the wrong thing.  Sabu quickly goes on the offense.  Jerry hits a back elbow and enzuiguri that sends Samu to the floor.  Suicide dive.  A wheel kick sends Jerry to the floor.  Pescado.  Air Sabu.  JL hits a German suplex back in the ring.  Samu lariat.  JL hits a top rope hanging DDT.  Not as brutal as the one Norton did to Macho.  Sabu can't hit a super frankensteiner, but catches Jerry coming of the ropes with a powerbomb.  Camel clutch for the win.  Sabu hits a sunset flip off the apron after the match.  


TO THE MEAN GENE.  Sting and Lex are in the ring with Gene.  Sting wants Savage out and out he comes.  In an amazing leopard print outfit.  Macho wants to know why no one has attacked Sting.  Sting calls him paranoid and insecure.  Sting puts Macho in his place.  Sting suggests if Lex and Macho both win their matches at Havoc, they should have a match against each other.  Macho is down for it.  Lex isn't.  Sting more or less calls Lex a little bitch and that he's tired of sticking up for Lex if he's going to act like a pussy.  Lex then agrees to the match.

TO THE BACK.  A limo arrives.  It's CHRIS BENOIT.  In a terrible suit with a fluffy mullet.  BUT WHO WAS LIMO?!?

Disco Inferno comes out to dance again.  "He is not on the roster!"  Uh.  Yeah he is, Eric.  He wrestled 2 weeks ago.  Dipshit.  

Big Bubba Rogers vs Hawk

Bubba's music cuts Disco's off, so Disco gets a boom box with his music on it.  Hawk scares Disco off.  Disco steals a hat from a kid and puts it on Hawk's shoulder pads.  When Hawk finds out, he's not very happy, but Boss Man attacks before Disco can get murdered.  This is the first time Hawk has been in the ring since having his arm broken by Kurasawa months back.  Big powerslam from Hawk.  Disco gets up on the apron to dance.  Hawk beats his ass and gets counted out while doing so.  


TO THE MEAN BROTHERJACKDUDE.  Hulk and Jimmy come out both in all black.  Hulk is even wearing a black neck brace.  Justin Roberts gets on TV again.  Hulk tells Gene to shut up.  He means business, brothers.  Pontiac Silver Dome reference.  He calls The Giant out.  Giant has a restraining order against him and can't be in the building.  Hulk tells a story about wrestling in New York and the promoter let his ego get to big, the same promoter who right now is choking on his own ego.  Sick burn.  So he came to WCW to plant new seeds for Hulkamania, but Giant and Sullivan are trying to chop and burn it all down.  Hulk compares his mustache to the Washington monument and the American flag.  He goes on to say that the last thing he'll do with his immortality is beat Gorgeous George in heaven.  We hear sirens and...

TO THE BACK.  A monster truck arrives with police following.  The Giant is driving!  The Zodiac and Taskmaster are in the cab!  Police and security won't let them in.  Hulk is going out to fight them!  And that's how it ends.  Hulk walking to the back.  


Ric Flair vs Arn Anderson Steel Cage Match

Yo WTF, TMF Arn Anderson got a jobber entrance.  WCW cages are lame as shit.  Way too short.  Flair runs into the ring and pounds Arn to the mat.  Flair goes into the cage first.  There is no blood in 1995 WCW, so Flair in a cage match is weird.  As we come back from the break, Arn hits the spinebuster.  Even Brain has washed his hands of Flair.  Arn gets his face raked on the cage and it looked like he bladed, but that was not the case.  Stalling suplex from Flair.  Brian Pillman comes out and climbs into the cage.  Well, he tries.  Flair knocks him to the floor.  Flair hits a top rope move!  Knee breaker.  Figure four is blocked with a punch.  And it pinned Flair, so he must have had a chain or something.  A replay shows something on Arn's hand during the punch.  Regardless, Arn has pinned Flair twice in the last 4 weeks.  Flair runs up to the announce table, takes Bischoff's head set and screams for a match against Arn and Pillman next week.  He'll look for a partner, but if he doesn't find one, he'll go it alone.


Heenan talks about how sick he is of Hogan and Hulkamania and he's happy someone is finally trying to end it once and for all.  Mongo tries to spit some shit out and his mouth just does not work at all.  Next week has DDP vs Johnny B. Badd, Eddie vs Benoit, Hacksaw vs Meng, and Flair vs Arn/Pillman.