WCW Monday Nitro 9/4/95

The inaugural Nitro!  Since I've gone to the end of Nitro, I've decided to go back to the start and end up covering every Nitro/Thunder/PPV of the Nitro era.  Our show comes to you LIVE from the Mall of America.  Eric Bischoff introduces us to the newest member of the WCW broadcast team, Steve McMichael!  "You made it to the big leagues, buddy".  A shot at Mongo's brief time in the WWF during the LT/Bam Bam feud.  Brain shows up and offers a handshake.  Mongo had a hand buzzer.  The first SWERVE in Nitro history!

Jushin Liger vs Brian Pillman

A rad way to start off the series.  Let's remember that the first match in Raw history was Koko B. Ware vs Yokozuna in what was basically as squash.  Liger hits a koppo kick in the corner early on.  These two had quite a friendly rivalry on and off in the early 90s.  Moonsault press!  The MoA is such an interesting venue.  Unique, at least.  Mongo's names for Brain leave a bit to be desired.  Bobby Hernia.  Bobby the Stain.  And Bischoff is awful as a play by play guy.  They really should have had Tony calling the action.  USA USA USA chants.  Well, it is the Mall of America, I guess.  Big dive from the top to the floor from Pillman.  Then he's caught on the top.  Superplex.  Liger goes up top and gets caught with a dropkick.  Powerbomb.  2 count.  Super frankensteiner.  2 count.  Somehow.  Mongo makes no sense with the shit he says to Bobby.  Pillman gets the win with a victory prawn hold.  


EARLIER TODAY.  Sting cut a short promo on Ric Flair.  

EARLIER TODAY.  Eric Bischoff got to hang out with Hulk Hogan in his own restaurant, PASTAMANIA.  Pastamania is running wild, brothers.  The title is on the line tonight against Big Bubba, and all those pasta carbs are going to give Hulk the energy to body slam that fat ass like it was 1988.  That's a really specific type of restaurant to open.  Hulk Hogan based pasta only joint in a mall. 

Ric Flair vs Sting WCW US Championship

Mongo says things like, "If you're not watching this, you might as well be watching...." and Bischoff tells him not to say it, but he knows what he's saying.  That's not really a dig at Raw, Mongo.  "If you don't like this, you should just watch Raw instead".  Earlier, he said "If you weren't watching this, you weren't watching a match worth watching" or something equally weird.  WHAT IN THE...WHAT IS HE DOING HERE?!?!?!  Lex Luger is right here in the Impact Zone!  GET THE CAMERA OFF OF HIM.  GET SECURITY AND GET HIM OUTTA HERE.  Arn Anderson also saunters out to ring side.  He and Ric have had a spat recently.  They are signed to wrestle each other at Fall Brawl.  Brain insists they have patched things up.  But have they?  Top rope superplex from the Stinger.  Sting jaws at Arn, which opens him up to a chop block.  Figure four.  Flair won't break the hold when caught holding the ropes and he is disqualified.  Arn breaks the hold and attacks Flair.  They brawl into the aisle and Flair makes a break for it.  SCOTT NORTON comes out, shoves Bischoff around and demands a match.  Mongo bows up to him when Randy Savage comes out and challenges him.  And that match is...NEXT!  YOU CAN'T DO THIS!  Bischoff says Norton will never wrestle if he steps one foot in the ring tonight.  So I guess the match isn't next.  Title retained.


Hype package for SABU!  Almost all of the clips are of him beating on jobber Kanyon.

TO THE MEAN GENE.  Mike Hill is announced as the winner of the Harley Davidson sweepstakes.  Oh.  That's it.  

Saturday Night hype, with Sting/Savage vs Blue Bloods and Johnny B. Badd vs Dick Slater.

TO THE BACK.  Michael Wallstreet talks about how everyone keeps talking about the New Generation.  But in his eyes, the New Generation is the FEW Generation.  Sick burn.  "Oh I'm sure that the IRS will be watching me really closely, but that's fine." 

Big Bubba Rogers vs Hulk Hogan WCW Championship

We've been told that Norton/Savage has been signed for next week, LIVE from Miami.  A Hogan shoulder block knocks Boss Man off his feet.  He hits a flurry of strikes and a Stinger Splash.  Sting didn't even hit a Stinger Splash.  Brain references the Boss Man gimmick.  Hulk hits a big boot in the corner.  Bubba doesn't go down, but all it takes is a simple shove.  Right in the front row are two signs.  HOGAN SUCKS and HOGAN IS A WIMP.  You'd think Bischoff would have had those confiscated.  Pee Wee Anderson pulls Hogan's hair to get him off of Boss Man, which lets Boss Man go back on offense.  Going after Jimmy Hart turned the momentum right back.  Jimmy distracts the ref so Hulk can choke Boss Man with Jimmy's coat and cover his face with it.  Such a face.  Ax Bomber in the corner.  Eye rake with the heel of the boot.  Hulk Hogan: Always an asshole face.  That's a dope looking flag store.  I wonder if it is still there.  Boss Man Slam!  He wastes time making the cover.  And now Hulk is HULKING UP.  Crowd sounds pretty mixed.  Not Cena/Reigns mixed, but audible boos.  They pop big when he wins with the leg drop though.  Title retained.  Oh no, the Dungeon of Doom hits the ring.  Lex Luger runs out and fights them off with Hogan.  They back into each other and almost come to blows.  Sting and Macho come out to calm things down.  "You just heard Hulk Hogan say 'Why don't you go back to where you came from.'".  I didn't hear that, actually.  


TO THE MEAN GENE.  Gene was in the ring when we came back from break to get to the bottom of this.  LOL at Hulk saying Lex had no business in HIS back yard.  WCW is more Lex's back yard than yours, Hulkster.  Lex says the WCW Championship is the only one that matters.  He's been where Hulk has been and beaten the same people Hulk has beaten.  Sick of playing with kids....so he's in WCW to play with the big boys.  Lex wants a shot at Hulk and the WCW Championship.  I love how Hulk talks like he's been bleeding WCW blood his whole life when he's been there just a little over a year.  Hulk just wants to shake Lex's STINKY HAND and agrees to defend the title against Lex next week!  Hulk's reaction was so weird.  He seemed very threatened and angry that someone might dare take some of his spotlight.  There was nothing good guy about what he was saying to Lex.


Next week has Hogan vs Lex, Norton vs Savage, Sabu, and Michael Wallstreet.  This really set the tone for Nitro for the next 2-3 years.  Open with young, fast paced, high flyers.  Bring in the WCW stalwarts like Flair/Sting.  Finish with a bunch of ex WWF guys.  Have guys come out and demand matches.  Mean Gene plugs something.  All the keys are there from the very start.  Comparing it to the first Raw, which had Yoko vs Koko and Taker vs Damien Demento, is a joke.  The debut Nitro blows the debut Raw away.  At everything.  At production, at the talent involved, at the venue, at the in ring action.  And the debut Nitro was much better and more exciting than the WWF product in 1995 as well.  Very strong debut.  Showed off all levels of stars, had actual star vs star matches, had some elements of chaos and unpredictability with Lex and Norton, set up enough interesting things to make you want to watch next week.  It also had a whole lot of pot shots at the WWF, the best of which was the Michael Wallstreet promo.  FEW GENERATION.