WWF Smackdown 6/14/01

It's a big show tonight, as the Undertaker will be in action against Kurt Angle.

Edge & Christian vs Chris Benoit/Chris Jericho WWF Tag Team Championships

EC don't seem to be on the same page even walking to the ring. Although, Benoit and Jericho do separate entrances and they seem to be pretty good as a team. You would think EC would be focusing on KOTR instead of trying to win the tag titles again. Benoit basically does a snap DDT instead of suplex, dropping Christian on his head. This has two FIP segments, and Christian ends up accidentally spearing Edge. Jericho follows that with the Lionsault. Titles retained. Edge shoved Christian after the match.

TO THE BACK. Spike and Molly are talking about her pictures in WWF Magazine when Bubba and D-Von give him shit for disgracing the family. Spike is on his own, now. 

Big Show vs Raven King Of The Ring Qualifier

No one is giving a shit about Big Show. Raven could beat him clean and I wouldn't even be surprised. Big Show wins pretty easily, but that could have gone either way and not been weird.

TO THE BACK. Steve Austin is trying to get his petition that says it is unfair for him to have to be in the triple threat match at KOTR. The first guy he gets to sign is Sgt. Slaughter. Kevin Kelly catches up with him to get more info on said petition. IT'S UNFAIR. I thought we just established this. Steve has over 1000 signatures. He's going to present it to Linda on Raw. 

TO THE RESTAURANT. Dean, Saturn, and Terri are on a double date. Terri asks if Dean is nervous because he's married. "No, that's not it at all. It's just that my buddy set me up with this model, and I think I got a chance to score with this girl tonight, and I don't want your boyfriend here making me look stupid." Lol. Wow. TMF indeed. "You smell like a viking." 

Matt Hardy vs K-Kwik WWF European Championship

GET ROWDY. Zero response for Truth. Poor dude. Why is he wearing a rain jacket? This is not good at all. I have no idea if Truth is heel, face, or tweener, or what his gimmick is. I do know he lost to the twist of fate. Title retained. 

TO THE BACK. Austin is making people sign the petition. He runs into JR. Steve is just a piece of shit to him. JR signs it under duress. 

A recap of the stalking stuff from Raw.

TO THE BACK. X-Pac is trying to get X-Factor back in line by making sure they get some gold. LMAO Justin says he could be IC champ...then shakes his head and says Albert could be IC champ. That's amazing. Kurt Angle shows up to ask them for help with Taker in exchange for him helping Albert with Kane. Kurt is also very impressed with Justin Credible's name.

TO THE RESTAURANT. Lol brain trauma. Dean's model date seems to really enjoy Saturn. He's just so funny. 

TO THE OFFICE. Regal gives Tajiri a lot of credit for stepping up to Austin last week. He's so pleased, he's going to let Tajiri wrestle tonight in a KOTR qualifier. He's so excited! Austin comes in the office. Regal signs the petition. They also get Tajiri to sign. 

Undertaker vs Kurt Angle

Before the match, Kurt challenges Shane to a street fight at KOTR, then demands an apology from Taker. He's gonna beat one out of Taker. This was a PPV main event not even a year ago, and now it is hour one main event on the B show. Weird. Taker quickly gets himself disqualified by blasting Kurt with the steps. X-Pac and Justin Credible hit the ring and get demolished as well.

TO THE BACK. Austin makes more people sign his petition. 

Test vs Rhyno WWF Hardcore Championship

Test is a moron. I hope he gets beat just for how fucking dumb he is to be saying he'd maybe join WCW on WWF programming. Standard hardcore match. The highlight being a Test superplex on to a trash can. The WCW music and video start up. WHO COULD IT BE?!?! Oh...it's Shane McMahon. Oh wait. He's bringing someone out. It's it's...STACY KEIBLER. THAT'S ONE HOT TAMATA. Shane walks her to the ring, where her legs and ass distract Rhyno, allowing Shane's friend Test to get the win. New champion.

TO THE BACK. Austin forces Fink to sign the petition.

DURING THE BREAK. Shane sent a message to Vince that WCW was heating up. Because Stacy is hot. GET IT?!?! BUT WHO WAS LIMO?!?!

Crash Holly vs Tajiri King Of The Ring Qualifier

I get Tajiri getting a spot since he's Regal's boy. But Crash? The entry barrier for the KOTR has left a lot to be desired. The first kick Tajiri throws is so fucking loud and the crowd is immediately sold on him. Even Regal was shocked. It's amazing how easily Tajiri got over with strictly physical charisma and crazy kicks. Great debut for him. He wins and makes his entry to the KOTR. 

TO THE SHITTER. Austin gets Show to sign the petition while Show is taking a shit. Lots of fart sound effects. 

TO THE RESTAURANT. The model and Saturn are really hitting it off. Dean tries one of Saturn's lines and it doesn't work. I don't think he's going to get lucky tonight after all.

TO THE HERMIE. Kevin speaks with new champion Test. During his interview, another stalker video pops up. It's time for the stalker's dreams to come true.

TO THE BACK. Spike and Molly chat in a random ass stairwell. Austin shows up to get them to sign the petition. Spike refuses to sign  because Austin called Molly a bimbo. Spike rips up the petition.  

TO THE OFFICE. Regal was congratulating Tajiri when Austin busts in with the ripped up petition, demanding a match with Spike. For the title. Tonight.

Kane vs Albert WWF Intercontinental Championship

HOSSES. What the fuck, Albert press slamming Kane with no effort whatsoever. Jesus. This is hilarious. Both guys doing silly counters out of finishers. Kane wins with a chokeslam. Title retained.

TO THE RESTAURANT. "Kill me. Just kill me." I agree, Dean. These are terrible. Terri tries to hit the model with a serving tray, but ends up hitting Saturn on accident. YAHTZEE. 

Steve Austin vs Spike Dudley WWF Championship

Hopefully, Austin demolishes Spike and I won't have to see him again. For a dude known for bumping, he's not even particularly good at taking bumps. Everything looks so weird and awkward. Austin beats the shit out of him and wins with the stunner. After the match, he beat on Spike with a chair. He was about to hit Molly with it before Benoit and Jericho chased him off.

Every story on the show needs to end. Spike/Molly is terrible due to the horrible delivery mostly from Spike. Austin vs Jericho/Benoit is over played to death. The Saturn lolbraintrauma stuff is just weird. Who cares about another Dudley's split? How many weeks in a row are Edge and Christian going to mess up before they break up? Shout out to Stacy's outfit, though.