WWF Smackdown 7/5/01

WCW is now able to have matches on WWF TV. Linda caught Vince with his pants down, which likely will have implications on WCW's involvement on WWF television. The WWF locker room is attacking itself in search of a mole. 

Chris Jericho/Spike Dudley vs Dudley Boys WWF Tag Team Championships

Man, this is amazing. Jericho's drop off in under a month is hilarious. Going from feuding with Austin over the title to teaming with Scotty 2 Hotty and Spike. Isn't it amazing that 15 years later, 5 of the 7 talents (including referee and commentators) were still on TV? Do you think Spike ever got pissy about how many liberties his bros took with him? They're straight up reckless with him, almost seeming like they're TRYING to injure him legitimately in all of their interactions going back to ECW days. Jericho make the Dudleys look like shit the entire match. Spike is pinned with the 3D. Titles retained. 

TO THE BACK. First off, LOL at Vince's Summer attire. That shit never fails to make me laugh. Vince is still upset about what happened on Raw. Debra thinks he got what he deserved. Austin tries to cheer him up with a present. Matching cowboy hats! Kurt shows up. Austin also got him a hat. For a 7 year old. Lol. Kurt puts it on and is excited about it. 


EARLIER TONIGHT. The WCW and WWF refs got into a confrontation in the locker room. 

Crash Holly vs Jacqueline

Lol, Crash is going to job to a woman twice in one week. Not that it matters for him, since he's a comedy character anyway. And 4'10". Crash immediately attacks. It didn't matter. Jackie quickly won with a super rana. I guess you could say she was...TOUGH ENOUGH.


TO THE BACK. Trish thanks Jeff Hardy for saving her on Raw. Lita and Matt show up and are pretty miffed at the whole thing. 

EARLIER TODAY. Booker T arrived to the arena. The MCM tried to intimidate him. 

TO THE BACK. Vince/Austin/Angle are shocked Booker showed his face. Kurt lets a dude in who serves Vince a court summons. Austin wants the hat back. "You're not getting my hat back. If I give you my hat back, you're an Indian giver."  "You're a jackass." "No I'm not." Lol. The Vince/Austin/Kurt love triangle is 100% better than the Invasion angle.

Billy Kidman vs Gregory Helms WCW Cruiserweight Championship

I wonder why the WCW logo looks so blurry. There is definitely some weirdness with Helms both changing his name and working heel after spending the last like 3 months of WCW as the top face cruiserweight. Lol at Arn shitting on Vince/Austin/Angle for hanging out wearing cowboy hats. Kidman wins with the Kid Krusher in a very short match. New champion. If you look at this as an introduction to both guys, it sure failed, because there was nothing that made either guy look impressive or make an impact at all. They were just random guys having another short TV match, the only difference being there was a WCW logo in the corner instead of WWF.


TO THE BACK. Vince rants about women trying to ruin his reputation. Debra thinks that isn't possible. Vince is going to go to the people to tell the TRUTH about his side of things. 

TO THE BACK. Christian continues to be creepy with the KOTR trophy. Edge has an IC title shot. Christian will not be allowed at ringside. He's going to protect the trophy.

Vince comes to the ring to explain his side of what happened with Torrie on Raw. In his view, Linda conspired with WCW in an attempt to ruin his reputation. He was just testing Torrie's loyalty. He wasn't going to fuck her. Promise! How convenient that his subpoena is for the day after Invasion. Vince is sorry, from the bottom of his heart, for the sorrow and heart break that he may have given to Linda. Austin is crying watching this. Lol. "My god, I'm sorry for having been born!" Regal and Tajiri run out to stop Vince from embarrassing himself further. Vince's kindness has made him a victim. Vince hugs Regal, which horrifies Austin and Angle. Lol. Vince then claims none of this is his fault, and makes sure to let people know he has a big ol' hog. 


Hardy Boyz vs Billy Gunn/Big Show

Billy Gunn is dead. He needs a year off TV to recover fro the shit Edge has said about him for weeks.  I'm kind of confused at why the Hardys still do tag stuff when Matt is the Euro champ. Seems like he should be more concerned with defending his title than doing tags with his brother. Cole randomly starts talking about how proud and valiant Booker T is, despite having been shown to be a snake in the grass who has attacked Cole's own boss on live TV. Show beats on Jeff a lot for embarrassing him on Raw. Because "preventing you from hitting a woman who is 2 feet shorter than you" is embarrassing, I guess. Hardys hit Show with a finisher rush, but Billy hit Matt with the cobra clutch slam. Show pinned Matt. 


TO THE BACK. Vince celebrates with Austin, Angle, Debra, Tajiri, and Regal. He's taking the night off. He's going to a nudie bar and takes Tajiri with him. Austin and Angle confront Regal for hugging Vince. "He makes me real sick." "He makes me disgustingly sick." "You make me wanna throw up. Top that." Lol.

Albert vs Edge WWF Intercontinental Championship

Edge comes out and immediately, heavily shits on Albert and his music. Rock could get away with that kind of shit, because he'd still bump like death for even mid card guys, and likely even do a job for them. Edge doing it, with terrible delivery, just makes his opponents, and therefore himself look bad. Albert won with a low blow and Baldo Bomb. Title retained. And here's why those promos make no sense because now, Edge looks like a loser for losing to the guy he just called a huge loser.

TO THE BACK. The APA and MCM apologize to Test. Test walks off. Austin and Angle show up to get them hyped up to cut the head off of WCW's snake, Booker T. Kurt then rambles and makes the group leave to go drink some beers.

Scotty 2 Hotty vs Dean Malenko

Remember when Dean killed Scotty with that avalanche DDT? Good times. No surprise here: another very short, nothing match where the highlight was Saturn trying to do the worm. Scotty wins.


TO THE BACK. Billy Silverman offers DDP luck in his match with Booker tonight. DDP takes great offense to it, much like Buff did on Raw. He rants about Taker. To a guy that has nothing to do with Taker. And it is pretty bad.

TO THE BACK. Austin can't believe Booker is showing his face again after that beat down. Debra wants to know what Austin is going to do about it. Austin gets all hyped up about what he's going to do to Book, then asks Kurt what he's going to do. Kurt says all the the crazy things he's going to do...and Austin thanks him for doing that for him. Lol.

DDP vs Booker T WCW Championship

This is by far the biggest match WCW could possibly have, so that they're doing it on a random SD with no hype or build probably says all you need to know what WWF was thinking about WCW as a solo brand at this point. Much like the Buff/Book match, the crowd almost immediately turns on this. Lol at Scott Hudson getting kicked in the fucking head when DDP got thrown on the table. Then a fan, right on camera, screaming FUCK HIM UP. They started to win the audience back after brawling in the crowd. To be honest, Booker was probably the problem in the Buff match, because he looks really out of shape here as well. Completely blown up in just a few minutes, no spring in his step. DDP shoves Nick Patrick so he can DDT Book on a chair. For some reason, Nick didn't DQ him for this. Undertaker hobbles to the ring, which allows Booker to roll DDP up. DDP appears to have injured his back based on how slowly he was running away from Taker. Just two 40 year old men gingerly hobbling after each other. Angle runs down to attack Booker, but Booker fights him off to a pretty mixed reaction.


TO THE BACK. Taker has chased DDP to the parking lot. The rest of the WCW roster was waiting for him. SWERVE. Kanyon! They beat on Taker. Shane pulls DDP off of Taker, so DDP beats up Shane. Booker shows up, and they beat him up as well. What the fuck? 


God damn, WCW looks like shit. Dudes just thrown out there with no hype or reaction to have short matches with bad finishes. Everything is regarding it comes off so flat, from the graphics to the commentary to the matches to the angles. As a unit, WCW has been portrayed as a face group this whole time, but their individual members are all heels except for Shane, Booker, and I guess Kidman. And now, they're attacking the owner and champion weeks away from the biggest PPV of all time when WCW needs to be at full strength and on the same page to compete with the WWF. Instead, THE FIRST WEEK THEY ACTUALLY START HAVING MATCHES, the group has already turned on itself. 

If you were looking to set up various WCW angles to put them on their own show, it's kind of hard to do that while also having a conflicting company wide angle with the WWF. It also seemed counterproductive to put the only "money" matches (Buff/DDP vs Booker) on TV with no hype when you literally have nothing else to sell tickets with for solo shows. Audiences clearly did not want to see WCW guys wrestling each other. They wanted WCW guys fighting WWF guys. But imagine they were setting up angles for new WCW programming. It was going to be...a McMahon feuding with a wrestler? But the McMahon was a face, and the wrestler was the heel, so it was totally different than the WWF. I'm convinced that the stories about WCW getting its own show were never true, because there is no way what has been shown on WWF programming could lead to that. A roster of 12 guys match, only 2 of which actually get any TV time and already had their big title match on TV out of the blue. 

As for Buff, well he got stuffed after this show. Depending on who you listen to, there seem to be 4 different reasons as to why he was fired:

  1. His mom called in and asked for dates off for him
  2. He was fucked up on booze and pills
  3. JR just didn't like him
  4. All of the above

Whatever the reason, he made it all of one week on the road and now WCW has one less star. I guess this would make either Lance Storm, Kidman, or Mike Awesome the 3rd biggest star for WCW now.