Rage of Honor (1987)


PLOT:  A Japanese cop, Shiro, and his partner Ray are after a bunch of drug dealers. But they are betrayed by an insider and Ray is killed. Shiro follows the murderer, a sadistic drug lord, up to Singapore.

This music got me bobbin my head. It's a jam. Our movie begins at a boat party. Ladies in bikinis, men with weird hair. I'm pretty sure that's just a tour boat they rented for the shoot. There might be actual people who paid for the tour in shots. The movie inexplicably changes aspect ratios after the credits and then...FREEZE. The US Drug Investigation Bureau takes over the ship. First off, the DIB doesn't exist. Secondly, this boat is in Buenos Aires, so I'm not sure they have jurisdiction. Oh damn, shots fired and kicks kicked. Oh shit, is that Pryzbylewski's dad? OH FUCK GUN TO THE ASSHOLE. That guy's shorts are the shortest things I've ever seen. So this DIB agent is obviously very skilled at martial arts. He doesn't really even need that gun. 



Five minutes in we've had multiple deaths, multiple karate kicks, a gun jammed in someone's ass, and now a boat chase. What a movie. YES. A ninja star! Thrown from a moving boat at someone in another moving boat with deadly accuracy. Then the boat crashes and explodes. This movie is wonderful already.

The boat was full of the coco. The sarge (who sounds...Irish?) isn't pleased with the bust, despite the seemingly massive amount of drugs recovered. Luckily, our hero and his two white friends get to go back to Phoenix. We're then introduced to  Shiro's girlfriend, which I can only assume means she's going to be raped and/or murdered later in the movie. They're having a romantic dinner, which leads me to believe this even more. Ray gets some girls wet while on his car phone at a stop light while on the way to scope out some drug making at some building. Which is full of chemical vats, coffee bags full of drugs, and barrels of things that damn better explode at some point.

rage of honor.jpg


Of course, Ray is captured by the bad guys and taken to the leader. Who is dressed like such a fucking asshole. Jesus Christ. This fuck is wearing the highest wasted slacks, suspenders, and a scarf. In the basement of an abandoned factory now being used for drugs. Uh. Why are they stripping this dude? Our bad guy likes pain. That is, he loves inflicting it. Well, that's not really what you implied originally dude. We don't get to see the torture, but it involved a super heated hook. 

Duty calls and Shiro must check this all out. It was supposed to be his night off! LOL there are actually tumbleweeds blowing across the parking lot, even though it's clearly a factory in the middle of a city. It's not like this is in the desert. It's a production building in a city. Shiro "sneaks" in. By which I mean he is immediately seen and starts killing dudes. It's really convenient for Shiro that bad guys left trampolines around so he could jump and shoot while flipping in the air.  He just casually killed like 10 dudes in 90 seconds. He finds Ray, who gives a discription of the bad guy. "Late 20s, long hair" is not a lot to go on. Luckily Shiro vows revenge. YES, all those flammable drums are used to blow up the building. BUT SHIRO WAS IN THERE! There is most definitely a lion roar in the explosion noise. Shiro survived by...hiding underneath the ashes and soot of a kiln thing. How did he bury himself under all that so fast?

Somehow, Shiro knows that Ray didn't talk, even though he has absolutely no way of knowing this. Shiro barges into the sarge's house late at night and tells the dude that he's about to do some shit. "Don't try to stopu me." "You're stopped!" Lol. What's wonderful about Shiro's dialgoue is that it is clearly ADR'd in, yet by the same actor who can barely speak English. So they might as well have left it undubbed, since you can just barely understand what he's trying to say anyway. Shiro quits the DIB, while looking straight into the camera. 

TO BUENOS AIRES. We're back, I assume for more drugs. You'd think Shiro would have a hard time getting back into Argentina after the illegal operation. We'll see how that works for him. OH SHIT THE BAD GUY ALSO KNOWS KARATE. Fuck yeah. Can't wait for the final battle fight scene. Hopefully it is on a boat or on top of a building. Bad Dude puts the I guess instructor in his place. In the yard of a drug barren. 

The fuck, Shiro is taking his girlfriend to Buenos Aires? The fuck are you thinking, dude. Of course, she's attacked almost as soon as she gets to the room. Luckily one of Shiro's special skills is turning people into dummies. 






Shiro continues to kill a bunch of dudes. Some look like they might not have even been bad dudes. Now in a building in Argentina that looks strikingly similar to a building in Phoenix, Shiro finds the drug dealer from the start of the movie. Naturally, this Argentinian drug dude has a samurai sword in his office. And Shiro has metal gloves that have spikes on the palm and blades in the fingers. This dude came prepared. 


From here, the movie is nothing but Shiro tracking down the bad dude, killing everyone along the way. Both his partner and girlfriend were intercepted by the bad dude, so he has to save them as well. And even though he quit, he's actually on a mission for the DIB to get an 8 inch floppy disk that I assume has like....all the drug plans or something. I assume it would be ruined by the fight scene that took place in a river. Of course, bad dude lived and they had another show down on a boat or something. I stopped paying attention by that point.

The first 20 minutes are awesome. Then it starts to drag because they blew through all the awesomeness so early. I've seen movies like this with actors you actually know that are far worse than this. Sho Kosugi clearly barely speaks English, yet he dubbed his own lines anyway. But this mother fucker was in The Godfather II and The Scorpion King. The fuck? The action is ridiculous, the acting is fine, it is shot fine. It's pretty solid for this type of trashy 1980s ninja/action movie.  Oh by the way, the title of the movie comes from Shiro being Japanese, which means he has an "almost ancestral sense of honor". So after his partner was killed, he vowed to avenge his death, which meant he went on a...rage of honor.