Halloween 6: The Curse Of Michael Myers: The Producer's Cut: The Annotated Version

Halloween 6 had quite a strange birth. The first script was written in 1990, the year after Halloween 5. However, due to a rights issue with Miramax, the movie ended up not shooting until October of 1994. In that time, the script went through up to 11 rewrites. Just because the movie started shooting didn't mean the script was done. As explained in the Halloween: 25 Years Of Terror documentary:  

Filming started in October 1994 and was shot mostly in Salt Lake City, Utah; the city was experiencing an early winter at the time which proved troublesome for the production company. Producer Paul Freeman and director Chappelle reportedly rewrote the ending on-set, even from shot to shot as production deadlines loomed large. Freeman also sent the crew home when crucial scenes needed to be shot; deleting scripted scenes indiscriminately, rewrote dialogue and action sequences; and took it upon himself to direct second-unit shots as well supervise the post-production phase of the original cut and made a series of blunders that resulted in Miramax taking control of the film, ordering reshoots.
— https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Halloween:_The_Curse_of_Michael_Myers

After negative reactions of test screenings, the entire ending was changed. However, by the time the reshoots began, Donald Pleasence had passed away. Changing the ending (which centered around Celtic runes and curses) meant that the rest of the film needed to be edited to remove references. The result was a movie that made little sense, as the secondary plot had been almost completely cut, which left the main plot full of holes. In addition to the story being reconfigured, much of Alan Howarth's original score and sound cues were replaced with electric guitar versions and rock music. 

Over the years, fans were able to find the cut footage and edit it back into the film. A bootleg, known as The Producer's Cut would be circulated at conventions and eventually online. It wasn't until 2014 that an official version was released, as part of the 14 disc Halloween collection produced by Shout Factory and Anchor Bay.

What I have done is make something of the reverse of the bootleg. I have taken the P-Cut and edited in the added footage from the theatrical cut, along with annotations of trivia and whatnot. Think of it as Legitshook Pop Up Video. Click on the photo below to watch. 

Now, neither version is good. The P-Cut makes more sense and is better, but still not good. The theatrical cut is borderline incomprehensible, particularly the ending, which is a MESS. It's better than 5, at least. The most notable thing about the movie is that Paul Rudd made his film debut in it. Both versions have a messy plot, poor acting, and (worst of all) are boring. It was for the best that H20 ignored the existence of 4-6 (even though 4 is quality). The idea that this whole time, Michael was controlled by an ancient Celtic curse that made him kill members of his family on Halloween (and I guess made him unkillable) ruins the mystique of the character. The reason Michael Myers was great was because there wasn't some stupid ass backstory. He just was. The shape of evil. SWERVE, he's actually part of a centuries old curse and cult.