Frankenstein Meets The Wolfman (1943)


Plot: Larry Talbot chips Frankenstein's monster out of a block of ice. When Talbot changes to the Wolf Man, the two creatures do battle.

Shared cinematic universe! Fuck off, DC/Marvel. Y'all ain't shit. Look at these dope ass credits.

The movie begins inside a spooky cemetery, on a stormy night. Spooky ravens abound. The two men head into the Talbot tomb. They find the casket belonging to Lawrence and open it up. Inside, they find....a bunch of sticks. Lawrence is underneath them, though. However, it's a full fucking moon and you're trying to rob the burial site of a fucking lycan family? You get what you get, mother fuckers. Lawrence grabs the robber, the other guy drops his lamp, starts a fire, and bails the fuck out.

Lawrence is found on the street by police and taken to a hospital. After apparent brain surgery, he's awake. Oh, it was just a skull fracture that got fixed. Not his brain. Of course, this is a full moon, so he transforms into the Wolfman and makes his escape. Then he kills a copper and wakes up back at the hospital. Larry tries to convince the doctor that he killed the cop, but they don't believe him. He explains his curse. I is hard to believe. It's understandable that they'd think a guy with a cracked skull might be saying some wacky stories.

A detective checks out the Talbot tomb and finds the grave robber's dead body. During this, it appears that Larry escaped again. Larry was supposed to be dead for four years now, so all of this is quite kooky. He tries to find the gypsy who told him of his curse. He finds her. She's not happy to see him. Larry just wants to die. He's a monster and doesn't want to keep killing. It was, in fact, this woman's son who infected Larry. She will watch over Larry as she did her own son. Who apparently didn't do a great job with if he was running around infecting people. This leads to a TRAVEL MONTAGE! They head to find Dr. Frankenstein, but he is dead. Too bad. This is not the original doctor, but I believe his grandson or even great grandson at this point.

It seems that the moon in general makes Larry transform. Unless it's been a full moon many nights in a row. Or this has been like 6 months of story. The townsfolk in *Unnamed European village*  chase him around. They're used to chasing monsters, you see. Larry ends up falling into the shaft where Frankenstein's Monster is entombed in ice. And he breaks him free. BAD DOG! He gets Frank to lead him to Dr. Frankenstein's diary and old lab. I would thank Frankenstein would be a bit grumpy, but he's quite helpful. They don't find it, but they do find out about Frankenstein's daughter, Elsa.

I think it's Oktoberfest, based on the scene of the whole city partying and getting drunk in the streets. The song being sung is about living eternally, which of course sends Larry into a rage. He just wants to die, guys. The doctor tracks him down. he wants to cure Larry. Larry JUST WANTS TO DIE. The only way he can die is to find Dr. Frankenstein's diary, which revealed the secrets of life and death. LET HIM DIE.

Frankenstein eventually shows up, scaring the shit out of the townsfolk, again. He and Larry bail out horseback. The doctor, gypsy, and Elsa help Larry find the diary. The only way you can kill the monster is through the way he was created. But since he's a real person, the same principles don't really apply to him. The only way to kill Larry is to transfer his energy and life force. 

You see, the equipment in Dr. Frankenstein's lab wasn't destroyed in the fire, so this should all be pretty easy. But the good doctor just HAS to see Frank at full power. Dipshit. You can't trust these fucking doctors. They go mad with power every time. This dude isn't even a Frankenstein and he's falling into the trap.

Instead of killing anyone, we now have Frankenstein and the Wolfman at full strength, fighting it out as the lab is blown up (again).  They're dead. The end. 

This is only 73 minutes. If you like the classic Universal horror movies, you should like this. It's much more of a sequel for The Wolfman than Ghost of Frankenstein. The monster is basically useless, has no story, no dialogue, and it wasn't explained at all that he's blind due to having Ygor's brain from the last movie. So he walks around all weird in the stereotypical Frankenstein walk because he's blind. But since it isn't explained, it just looks weird and awkward. Bela Lugosi as Frankenstein is bizarre. And in the previous movie, Lon Chaney portrayed the Monster. And in the sequel to this, Boris Karloff returns to the the evil mad doctor. And despite both Dracula and Frankenstein being in that movie, Lugosi doesn't play either of them.

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