Code of Silence (1985)


PLOT: A Chicago cop is caught in a middle of a gang war while his own comrades shun him because he wants to take an irresponsible cop down.

I do love the Orion company. I know I'm going to see something I enjoy when the logo pops up.

If you like dirty ass Chicago, this is the movie for you. It's so dirty, Chuck is a garbage man. OR IS HE? He's not. You see, there is a big undercover drug sting going on. Garbage man is just his cover. Of course, the deal goes south, with a group of machine gun toting dudes blasting everyone away. 

Poor Chuck has gotten himself stuck in between the war between the Camachos and Lunas. I'll leave it to you to guess the ethnic backgrounds of each gang. During the bad deal, his partner got wounded, his informant got killed, and another cop (who happens to be an alcoholic and drinks on the job) shot an innocent dude and planted a gun on the body. After the mess, Chuck has to find the Camachos before they find the Lunas.

So many great mustaches in this. Chuck wearing turtlenecks and playing with Rubik cubes. It's great. Somehow, the Chicago police department can afford a god damn Metal Gear. With AI and all. The rest of the force are giving Chuck the cold shoulder since he won't sign off that Cragie (the hilarious drunk cop) is fit for duty. He's also not pleased with another cop without a brain. I have no idea how CPD can afford this thing. It's like a mini remote controlled tank with AI that can do shit on its own. When Chuck tracks down the lead on the Lunas, he is such a dick to the guy's guard.

Chuck is tasked with protecting some artist, who turns out to be the daughter of the head of the Luna family. SWERVE. So now he's stuck in the middle of a full scale gang war, training a new partner, being shunned by the force, and protecting the daughter of one of the leaders. It's all very stressful. There isn't as much ass kicking as you'd hope for since this isn't a karate movie. There is a scene with him practicing his skillz, and then one big fight scene where he beats the shit out of about 15 dudes in a bar (with a lot of dick kicks) before getting hit with a pool ball and laid the fuck out.

Of course, now he's pissed. And he goes on a roaring rampage of revenge on his own. Well, he stole the Metal Gear. Which blows shit up very well. He probably kills 12 dudes with shotguns alone, saving the day, ending the gang war, and regaining the respect of his peers.

This is a pretty solid movie. Mostly the devoid of the LOL CHUCK NORRIS stuff, it's a taut, well acted crime action/drama with pretty cool action scenes. It's very much in the vein of Dirty Harry, and does a good job of capturing that grittiness without being exploitative schlock. Although there is only really one karate scene, the movie had multiple big scale shoot outs, a car chase, explosions, a god damn Metal Gear, and a nifty fight on top of a moving train. My research shows that this was written AS a Dirty Harry movie, which makes a ton of sense. And it's definitely better than the last two Dirty Harry movies. Unless you are really thrilled with heroin user Jim Carrey lip syncing a music video to Welcome To The Jungle.