007 Dr. No (1962)




A suave and skilled government agent named James Bond, looks for answers about a missing colleague and the disruption of the American space program.


The first Bond film.  The bullet sequence is different and weird. Titles sequence is mod as FUCK.  Bright dots everywhere. Then it gets WEIRD.  3 Blind Mice in calypso style.  Weird. 

Oh no, those 3 Blind Mice were killers!  And black.  And their get away driver is also black.  Uh oh.  And now they're killing some white broad.  As it turns out, the dude was a member of SIS.

Bond is introduced being a suave mother fucker playing cards.

God damn, Sean Connery is charming as FUCK.  Holy shit.  Seeing him with Moneypenny makes ME want to fuck him.  

Bond is shamed in M's office for having a pussy gun (Beretta) and is forced into taking the Walther PPK.  He then goes home, finds something suspicious, only to find the lady from the card game had broken into his place.  So they banged.

Bond heads to Jamaica to investigate those murders. He allows himself to get into a chase just to fuck with some dudes. It turns out one of them is Felix Leiter, who works for the CIA and thought Bond was a bad dude.  Bond would eventually be his best man in Licence to Kill, which is the movie were his wife got raped and murdered and his leg was fed to a shark.

This dude goes crazy with dancing at a party.  It's not quite a parade scene, but pretty close.  There, a Chinese spy (who doesn't look Asian in the least) is trying to take pictures of Bond, but he doesn't play this shit.  This Bond isn't some big peacock and hot dogger.

Dr. No (his disembodied voice, anyway) sends a henchman to put a poisonous tarantula into his bed.  He didn't like it.  He quickly sets up another bang session with a secretary. He bangs her at least twice and then has her arrested because he knew she was a spy.  That devil. He makes it look like he's still in bed when the dude he was expecting arrives to kill him.  But it was all a trap and Bond kills that mother fucker with a gut shot and then one to the back just for fun.  Ice Cold.  No reaction at all from him.

Bond meets Honey Ryder on a beach they aren't supposed to be on an won't leave her alone, of course. Dr. No's hidden lair is on the island and Bond and Honey are captured.  Dr. No makes sure they have the finest clothes and food and explains his plan to Bond because he though Bond would understand and possibly be a good member of SPECTRE. 

The good doctor's plan is to disrupt a space launch with a nuclear powered radio beam.  What? Well, Bond doesn't go for it and ends up ruining everything and banging Honey in a boat at sea.


Bond Girls:

They're both okay.  This was the early 60s where people didn't work out, apparently. Probably just walked some.  Women definitely weren't doing squats, that's for sure. Honey Ryder is probably the most iconic, or at least most parodied Bond Girl, what with entrance on the beach in her white bikini.  Neither of the women Bond bangs are there to be more than conquests and luck Bond into the plot some more.

This is really cool until they get to Dr. No. It took a real nose dive, which is weird, because usually the hidden lair and villain monologue going into Bond blowing everything up is a highlight of the movie.  Not here.  Before that was cool as shit.  Bond was cold blooded.  Everyone he killed was at close range, usually with his hands.  He did actual spy shit. He was SUAVE AS FUCK HOLY SHIT. Connery was never more suave than in this movie.  God damn what a charming man.  He also wasn't rapey at all, which is pretty nice. There were no gadgets.  Q was in this, but a different actor and not actually even credited as Q.  All he did was give Bond the signature Walther PPK.  It's very subdued, except for Dr. No's plot, which I don't understand at all, but whatever.  Another interesting thing is how little music there is. Many long scenes with no music at all.  And for the majority of the movie, any of the music used was just the Bond theme except for one or two scenes.  It's pretty cool, though.  I would recommend it.