Mid South 10/30/82

Boyd Pierce gives us a run down of the show before sending us to Paul Boesch and Bill Watts, who are in the audience to talk with the kids.

Mil Mascaras/Andre The Giant/Junkyard Dog vs Killer Khan/Tully Blanchard/Gino Hernandez

This is a match from the fairgrounds in Houston, and comes courtesy of Paul Boesch. Khan once broke the ankle of Andre and appears to be trying to do it again. How interesting to have Andre as the FIP. Mil does some flashy lucha stuff with Tully. Tully tries to throw Mil over the top rope while the ref isn't looking, but Andre catches Mil and tosses him back on to Tully. This was enough to get the win for the faces. That's a pretty neat finish.

Andre The Giant catches Mil Mascaras.gif
Mill Mascaras cross body block to Tully Blanchard.gif

Ted Allen vs Kamala

Back in the studio for this. Watts has to apologize for completely forgetting what Ted's name was. Kamala really lucked out in that he got away with clearly not ever working out as part of his gimmick. He was just a fat guy. Bill says he has "inbred warrior personality". Imagining a missionary in a cookin' pot when he sees that aparition from Africa. Kamala gets a quick win with a splash.

Ted DiBiase/Matt Bourne vs Junkyard Dog/Mr. Olympia Mid South Tag Team Championships No Disqualification

If Ted loses the fall, he has to leave the territory for 90 days, which would force him to vacate the North American Championship. After some brawling, the match officially starts with Ted and JYD. This ring is so loud. It looks terrible to bump on. Feeling bad for Doink taking his giant back body drop on it. The faces are doing all the heel team short cuts. Why would the ref even question if a tag was made in a no DQ match? What's he going to do about? JYD uses an awful lot of leg trips. The heels bailing conveniently lines up with a commercial break. What a coincidence. Oh, I guess anyone who drops the fall will have to leave for 90 days. Doink had a great knee drop. Really, everything he did looked good. He was so solid in the ring. Even with bad gimmicks, his in ring ability would shine through. Olympia settles into the FIP role. Oh shit, the Whoopie Cushion! Normally, top rope moves aren't legal in Mid South, but as this is no DQ, Bourne was able to hit it. JYD breaks a pin (also normally a DQ) and drags Olympia to the corner to make his own hot tag. WHAT'S THAT GORILLA DOING OUT THERE? THAT'S DOOGUN! THAT'S DOOGUN! But he wasn't even supposed to be here! He KO's JYD. Ted makes the cover. New champions! JYD must leave the territory for 90 days. 

Matt Bourne knee drop to Mr. Olympia.gif
Matt Bourne whoopie cushion to Mr. Olympia.gif
Gorilla slams Mr. Olympia on floor.gif

Grappler II vs Tony Atlas

Holy shit, Tony Atlas was jacked. Not good in the ring, but he looked like a million dollars. He won with a jumping splash, which looked he was slamming his dick into the guy instead of his torso.

Grappler II peace.gif
Tony Atlas splash to Grappler II.gif

Gino Hernandez vs Jesse Barr

Bill Watts lost his voice, so Paul Boesch is filling in on commentary. Paul is responsible for bringing Gino into the game, and he regrets it. Gino has a lot of trouble putting Jesse away, but he got the win with a second rope elbow drop.

Gino Hernandez elbow drop to Jesse Barr.gif

TO THE PAUL. Paul talks with Ted Dibiase, Jim Duggan, and Matt Bourne about the  disgusting events that took place earlier in the show. Ted called JYD a monkey. As a group, they have all the titles available in Mid South. "I have had enough of this, and I'd like to go and get some fresh air."

Marty Lunde vs Mr. Wrestling II

Marty is Arn Anderson. While in Mid South, Bill Watts thought that he'd make a great Anderson and sent the idea to JCP. And That Motherfucker was born. But he isn't TMF yet. He's just Marty. And he has almost a full on skullet going on. This isn't exactly a squash, but Arn is easily handled. Mr. Wrestling II wins with a series of running knee lifst. 

Mr. Wrestling II knee lift to Arn Anderson.gif

Hiro Matsuda/Yoshi Yatsu vs Vinnie Romeo/Tim Horner

Matsuda is definitely more known for who he trained (Hulk Hogan, Lex Luger, Keiji Mutoh, Paul Orndorff, Scott Hall) than his own in ring career. He was in the twilight of his career here, having started in the late 1950s. Yatsu is probably best known for being Jumbo Tsuruta's tag partner for much of the mid to late 80s before jumping to SWS and getting a WWF Championship shot against Hulk Hogan where he kept stiffing Hogan and Hogan got super pissed.

Yatsu suplex.gif

Pretty cool show. Paul Boesch was way cooler than Bill Watts, who I generally find distracting and/or annoying on commentary. Footage from Houston, one of the more famous Mid South angles with Duggan as the gorilla, pre-Anderson Arn. Some neat stuff on this show.