Mid South 1/28/82

Big show today. Title matches, star studded tag team matches. Nothing but PURE EXCITEMENT. 

Dick Murdoch vs Tom Renesto

Tom Renesto is clearly Ron Jeremy. Bill talks about how Dick can sit in the back before a match, not warm up at all, eat some popcorn and drink some Gatorade, then go have an hour draw with Jack Brisco. And then Watts starts talking about football. Dick quickly wins with the brainbuster.

Dick Murdoch brainbuster to Tom Renesto.gif

A pre-taped interview from Skandor Akbar airs. He reaffirms that Iron Shiek has been recalled to Iran, but he feels there is some kind of conspiracy around here. 

Wild Samoans vs Frank Monte/Terry Daniels

Frank Monte is jacked. Great musculature. The Samoans attack before the bell. Samoans dominate and win with a Samoan drop/diving headbutt combo. 

Wild Samoans combo to Terry Daniels.gif

Brian Blair vs Carlos Zapata

This starts out with both men trying various roll ups and having something of an indie respek stand off, but like they were actually going to fight instead of just pose. Zapata is pretty bad. Abdominal stretch cradle gets the win for the Bee.

Brian Blair forearm to Carlos Zapata.gif

Junkyard Dog/Mike George vs Paul Orndorff/Bob Orton Jr. 

This match also starts with brawling before the match. The heels are sent reeling. When the match really starts, it's with Wonderful and JYD. Man, I hate Bill Watts on commentary. In an attempt to make wrestling seem real by pointing out the real athletic backgrounds of the talent, he just brings more attention to the fact that these guys weren't good enough to keep playing in real sports. Or he'll point out obvious shortcomings of the talent. Or he'll get sidetracked for a whole match name dropping real athletes that he was hanging out with. JYD ends up as FIP, which seems weird to me. I'd think you'd want him for the big hot tag. Orndorff accidentally hits Orton, and JYD pins Bob with the THUMP. 

Paul Orndorff grabs ass.gif
Paul Orndorff lariat to Junkyard Dog.gif
Bob Orton jr calf branding to Mike George.gif

Mr. Olympia vs Ed Wiskowski Missisippi Heavyweight Championship

Ed does a pretty neat back suplex into the buckles to break a headlock. A buckleplex, if you will.  Ed actually dominates this match, with the idea being that Olympia is injured, but you don't get paid if you don't wrestle, so he's defending his title even though he shouldn't be. Olympia wins with the sleeper. Title retained. 

Ed Wiskowski buckle suplex to Mr. Olympia.gif

We're caught up on the drama surrounding Ted DiBiase and Paul Orndorff, which ended up with a match where disqualifications counted as pinfalls. Orndorff would both win and lose the title via DQ. 

Ted DiBiase vs Bob Roop

Before the match, Orndorff came out with the president of Mid South on the phone. Paul has been licensed to be a referee for this match! Ted calls bullshit on all of this and refuses to wrestle with Paul as the ref. Paul and Bob then attack Ted. Dick Murdoch comes out to make a save and also gets the boots. 

Billy Ash vs Rick Ferrara

This is one of the stand by matches, so don't worry about it. The show ends with it still going on.

Next week will see JYD and Mike George defend their titles!