Mid South 1/22/82

Bill Watts is weird.gif

Tom Renesto vs Brian Blair

Never heard of Renesto. He looks like shit. Bill Watts immediately points out that Blair is small so he has to work extra hard. Weird to draw attention to that. Especially unprovoked, since it's not like Renesto was any bigger than Blair anyway. It's a fairly competitive match. Probably more than it should be. The Bee wins with a seated abdominal stretch pin in a short match.

Tom Renesto shoves Brian Blair into turnbuckle.gif
Brian Blair knee drop to Tom Renesto.gif

Bill Watts talks about the Iron Sheik breaking international law and then clips of he and Skandor Akbar doing a sit down strike. Sheik did have a pretty dope deadlift German suplex, especially crazy in 1982. They wouldn't leave the ring until they Sheiky got a match with JYD. JYD immediately agreed and hit the ring to start the match.

Iron Sheik deadlift suplex.gif

Junkyard Dog vs Iron Sheik

JYD would win in a very quick match with a running elbow/forearm. I mean...Sheik had JUST had a match. Sheik demanded a rematch for this week. But Akbar received a telegram that the Sheik has suddenly been recalled to Iran by the Ayatollah himself, so he's not there to wrestle JYD. 

Junkyard Dog lariat to Iron Sheik.gif
Junkyard Dog body slam to Iron Sheik hits Akbar.gif
Junkyard Dog forearm to Iron Sheik.gif

Samoan Warriors vs Jesse Barr/Tommy Wright

This is a replayed match. I'm not sure why. I'm also not sure why the Wild Samoans are called the Samoan Warriors in Mid South. It's a quick squash ending with a violent Samoan drop. 

Wild Samoan drop.gif

Carlos Zapata vs Mike George

Mike George strikes me as a dude who would stretch you and put you in the spladle. Roopian in nature. We saw Zapata getting wrecked by Iron Sheik earlier. George wins in short order with a Russian leg sweep.

Mike George russian leg sweep to Carlos Zapata.gif

Bob Orton Jr. vs Mr. Olympia Missisippi Heavyweight Championship

This should be fun. Lots of tight mat work to start the match. I like Bob's way of getting out of a head scissors, which is standing up to do an airplane spin back drop. I also enjoy Watts' attempt to justify Orton's beer belly. Oh shit, dope arm drag from Orton. It's always weird watching Bob Jr. when you see him doing stuff and all you can see is Randy's movements. Olympia wins with a sleeper...OUTTA NOWHERE... to win the title. New champion! I can't say there was too much to this match, but I did enjoy it a lot.

Bob Orton Jr airplane spin to Mr. Olympia.gif
Bob Orton Jr arm wringer to Mr. Olympia.gif
Bob Orton Jr flying lariat to Mr. Olympia.gif

Paul Orndorff/Bob Roop vs Ted DiBiase/Dick Murdoch

Oh shit. This sounds rad. Murdoch and Roop begin the match. Once Ted and Paul hook up, shit is HEATED. Ted hits the powerslam and locks on the figure four. But you see, Roop and Orndorff have figured out the counter, which is rolling over. Which is strange, because in some places around this same time, the reversed figure four was an offensive hold. The ref gets bumped and Orton returns to try to be the spike of a spike piledriver. Instead, Ted decked him and Murdoch hit him with the brainbuster. The ref comes to to pin Orton down for the count. Orton tried to make his case that he wasn't even in the match, but the decision stood. 

Ted DiBiase powerslam to Paul Orndorff.gif
Bob Orton Jr piledriver to Ted Dibiase.gif

Ed Wiskowski vs Terry Daniels

Ed is going to fuck this little dude up. Ed quickly wins with a back breaker/chest pound combo. 

Ed Wiskowski shoulder block to Terry Daniels.gif

Billy Ash vs Frank Monte

I like the idea of having random unknowns in the main event as back up matches in case the matches with the stars didn't go as long as you thought they would. TV time runs out before the match can finish. Both things make it feel more like a legitimate sport.

Frank Monte dropkick to Billy Ash.gif