Mid South 2/20/82

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Bill Watts give us some injury updates: Ernie Ladd has had knee surgery, Mike George is still out of action, both from the Samoans.

Bill Ash vs Coco Samoa

"Samoans are warrior (sic), and they're from a warlike dynasty and tribal ancestry, and they all have a lot of courage, and and uh a lot of uh pride in the fact that they will battle at anytime." Okay, Bill. That's enough talking for the week. So of course he transitions to enjoying his time during Mardi Gras. This allows him to talk about more athletes he knows, even children of athletes. Dude just bragging about how good of athletes his kids are and ignoring the match completely. Man, fuck Bill Watts. Coco wins with a second rope Superfly Splash. 

Coco Samoa chops Bill Ash.gif

TO THE REISOR. What a weird name. Anyway, Reisor speaks with Skandor Akbar, who says he took the Samoans from Ernie Ladd because Ernie Ladd took the Iron Sheik from him. Yet, a few weeks ago it was said the Ayatollah is the one that called Sheiky back.

Wild Samoans vs Frank Monte/Brian Blair

At least Bill is talking about wrestling this match. Not the wrestling in front of him, but wrestling nonetheless. Frank got pinned with a Samoan drop that had so much spin it turned into a flapjack. 

Wild Samoan drop to Franke Monte.gif

Ted DiBiase vs Larry Higgens

Larry is a big boy. What a terrible shape to his body. Tights pulled up over his haunches. Also, he's TRASH. can't even do an Irish whip into the corner right. Or run the ropes. Holy shit. Guy is the worst. Ted might have KO'd him a bit, though.

Ted DiBiase takedown to Larry Higgens.gif
Ted DiBiase elbows Larry Higgens.gif

Bob Roop vs Rick Ferrara

Roop quickly wins with a shoulder breaker.

Bob Roop takedown to Rick Ferrara.gif

Junkyard Dog/Mr. Olympia vs The Grappler/Bob Sweetan

Bill Watts was so desperate to be treated like a real athlete and show how successful he is by basing his entire existence on name dropping actual pro athletes. I'm pretty sure JYD knocked himself loopy doing a falling headbutt, as it seemed like Grappler was supposed to move, but he didn't, so JYD actually headbutt him pretty hard. He recovers to pin Bob with the THUMP.

Junkyard Dog falling headbutt to Grappler.gif

Dusty Rhodes vs Ed Wiskowski

The dweam returns to Mid South. Against this big sack of shit. Ed gave more to Dusty than you'd expect, but Dusty still won with the bionic elbow.

Dusty Rhodes combo to Bill Wiskowski.gif

Paul Orndorff vs Tony Torres

Orndorff is getting hairier each week. By March he'll look like a werewolf. This is the first stand by match to end before the show ends in quite some time. Paul easily won with a figure four. Check out that clean and jerk style body slam. Wonderful.   

Paul Orndorff slams Tony Torres.gif