Best of Memphis in the 80s Part 9

Fabulous Ones vs. The Moondogs (1/9/84)

If there is a plus to this match, it is that this is the last Moondogs match on the whole set. I don't even see a ref in the ring. All four men are just brawling with crutches and bones. It's just a brawl. Not a match at all.

Jimmy Valiant vs. The Assassin Hair vs. Mask (4/2/84)

Jimmy Valiant's WAAAAAAAAAAAAR...isn't going on here. King is at ringside, handcuffed to Cornette to make sure there is no interference. Jimmy beats on Assassin all over the ringside area and in the ring. He misses an elbow and gets placed in a bear hug. Loaded headbutt from the Assassin. Running powerslam. Jimmy kicks out. Assassin misses a top rope splash. Jimmy drops down during an Irish whip, which makes Assassin run chest first into the ropes for some reason. Jimmy wins with an elbow drop. Assassin must unmask. It might have been Hercules Hernandez, but I'm not positive.

Jerry Lawler vs. Randy Savage (4/9/84)

This appears to be from some kind of comp or retrospective as King is talking about the match and giving a little background on it. This took place in ICW territory, but it sounds like Savage was getting a heel reaction. Savage starts early by throwing King by his hair. He does it again. King does one of his own. Savage bails. Back in the ring, he continues the cheap shots and hair pulling. King starts some arm work. Savage gets out of it and works over King's arm himself. King turns it into a head scissors. Savage tries to kick out and then head stand out, which King turns into a mini piledriver and reapplies the hold. Savage is able to take it to the floor and throws King into the ring post. King has no problem taking a posting face first without getting his hands up to block it. Savage suplexes him back in. Ax handle to the floor. He brings King back in the ring only to knock him over the top and drop another ax handle. A double punch sends both men down back in the ring. King is able to recover first and starts throwing punches. He misses a fist drop. Savage misses the elbow. They trade punches and Savage gets the advantage with some elbows. He then hits a punch combo that puts King on his back. He took too long to cover and sent King to the floor. As he goes for another ax handle to the floor, King punches him in the gut. Savage goes into the post! Back drop on the floor. King low blows his way out of a piledriver and the straps are down. Flying fist drop. Jimmy Hart distracts the ref and Savage hits a piledriver. King would roll Savage up and win when the CWA ref counted the fall.


Eddie Gilbert/Tommy Rich vs. Pretty Young Things (4/12/84)

The PYTs are Koko B. Ware and Norvell Austin. Norvell was part of the original Midnight Express with Randy Rose and Dennis Condrey. Gilbert and Rich were also known as Fargo's Fabulous Ones. I'm not sure if this is actually a CWA match or not, unless they were really running a full on rip off of the Fabs in their own territory. There is no commentary for the match so I'm not sure. It looks like it is probably an ICW match based on the lighting and ring mat. Koko and Gilbert start out. Eddie knocks Koko out of the ring and does the Fargo Strut. Lots of stalling. Tags are made. The PYTs have some miscommunications, but make up with some hugs. Rich is sent over the top rope from missing a punch. He may have had a little help going over, but it wasn't a DQ. Rich is FIP in a while and throws a low blow to Austin. Koko cuts him off before he can make the hot tag. He finally makes the tag to Eddie. Fargo's Fabs win with a cross body.

Randy Savage vs. Austin Idol (5/7/84)

This is definitely CWA. Savage does a ton of stalling at the start. He spits at Austin, who then chases him around the ring. It was all part of the plan and Savage stomped Idol coming back in. He hits the elbow already. Idol kicks out, but it was a slow ass count and it took the ref a long time to even count it. Dude is like a lucha ref. Idol gets a punch to counter the ax handle to the floor. Savage goes into the ring post and announce table. Idol throws Savage all around the ring and the floor. Savage uses the ring bell while the ref is distracted. It busted Idol open. Savage goes after the head and tries a number of pins. A lot of body slams. Idol gets pissed and starts no selling. He's fired up! He hits a second rope elbow, but lifts Savage up to continue the fight. Savage misses a knee drop and Idol goes right for the knee. Angelo Poffo, Randy's dad, distracts the ref and Idol. While doing so, he throws an international object to Randy, who gets the win after using it.

Randy Savage vs. Austin Idol (5/14/84)

Savage attacks with one of Poffo's crutches before the bell. That son of a bitch! Ax handle to the floor. Another one in the ring. Macho is going to town on Idol. Idol has just not been able to recover from the crutch attack. Savage uses the crutch again and does the rope neck whip. Another ax handle. Mid ring collision. Idol fires up. 10 count punch in the corner. Savage does the Flair Flip, which I've never seen him do at any stage of his career. Grounded punches. Both men block atomic drops. Idol turns it into a figure four. Savage gives up! New champion! These two mesh much better than King and Savage.

Tommy Rich/Eddie Gilbert vs. Pretty Young Things Falls Count Anywhere (5/18/84)

Eddie and Koko start out. Tag to Rich. It quickly heads to the floor. Rich and Austin are in the ring as Eddie and Koko fight around the arena for a bit. Weirdly, despite the legal men being on the floor, the other partners stay in their respective corners. Double back elbow to Koko. Eddie gets double teamed. He and Koko collide. Eddie sticks with being FIP for a bit. Hot tag to Rich. They're into the crowd. There is an actual picket fence as a guard rail. There is some kind of big stage that Rich and Austin are fighting on. The ref is eventually hit and the match was thrown off. The fight continued, though.

The Fabulous Ones vs. Pretty Young Things (6/25/84)

The real Fabs. Skinner and Koko start the match. PYTs aren't very good as a team as they always run into each other. Koko is double teamed with some leg work. The PYTs finally get back into it with cheap shots and back rakes. Big back drop to Skinner. High knee. Stan gets choked with the guard rope. Then he's thrown over the top rope. Wait, it was Skinner. I think. Sometimes it is really hard to tell which is which on both sides. Stan gets fucking clocked. Stan finally fires up and makes a hot tag, which the ref doesn't see. The tag is finally made for real. The Fabs win with a double DDT.

Tommy Rich/Eddie Gilbert vs. Phil Hickerson/The Spoiler Tennessee Street Fight (6/25/84)

I don't believe this is the well known Spoiler (the guy who taught Taker Old School). Phil and Spoiler are just two fat guys. And it is a brawl instead of any kind of match. There's not really much to call. Rich hits a top rope headbutt with I guess Spoiler's loaded mask. New Fabs win.

Rock N Roll Express vs. Lanny Poffo/Randy Savage (6/25/84)

Gibson and Savage start out with a very fast exchange. Tag to Morton. Lanny comes in and is quickly disposed of. Lanny is tagged in, tries to show off, and is shown up. Actually, RNR are better teammates than the brothers. They do the roll through punch to Randy. They try it again a few seconds later and Randy jumps off the apron, then poses. Then he gets punched. The Poffos get a little bit of offense, but the RNR are just a better team. Savage drops a series of punches on Morton and then misses the elbow. Lanny is able to slow Morton back down. Ax handle to the floor. Lanny does a top rope flipping senton which technically misses, but actually still hit Morton. Hot tag to Gibson. Angelo Poffo low bridges him, sending Robert flying to the floor. A brawl erupts on the floor. Savage piledrives Ricky through the announce table. Crazy spot for 1984. Even crazier because the announce table was very similar to the Japanese style of announce tables. Just a big thick piece of wood, basically. The RNR won by DQ from Gibson being sent over the top rope.


Still to come: A RNR/Poffos rematch, King Kong Bundy, and Rick Rude.