Best of Memphis in the 80s Part 8

Jerry Lawler/Austin Idol vs. Jesse Ventura/Stan Hansen (9/25/83)

JIP, but whatever, Stan Hansen! All I want is one lariatoooo. Stan works a chin lock on King and tags Jesse in. I wonder why he kept the ring so long instead of just shaving his head. And then why he chose to grow it back out later in life. He knocks Idol off the apron and King gets double teamed. Back elbow and elbow drop from Stan. King is knocked over the top. King gets a hold of Jimmy Hart's cane and uses it. The ref doesn't seem to mind. Hot tag to Idol. He's cut off and we go to break. Jesse has Idol in a bear hug when we come back. Idol is able to get one of his own on, only for Stan to break it up and put him in a bear hug. Idol gets out and kicks Jesse in the balls. Hot tag to King. Punches everywhere. Stan gets his bull rope and tries to kill Idol. The match is thrown out. Jesse slams the ref. No lariatooos, sadly. The heels continued the beat down after the match until they came back using Jimmy Hart's cane. The brawl would continue out into the crowd and all over the arena.

Austin Idol vs. Stan Hansen Texas Bullrope Match (10/3/83)

Now god damn it Stan, give me a lariatooooo. Idol is the first to use the cow bell. Stan bails to the floor and is pulled into the ring post. He either takes the rope off or it slips off. Big Idol hip toss. Stan does some eye rakes and starts using the cow bell. Stan gets 3 corners touched. Idol is bleeding. He stops the count and fires up on Stan. Jimmy Hart distracts the ref. Hansen throws powder and restarts the count. They scramble to hit the last corner. Stan hits it and wins the match. But the ref was told about the powder and the decision was reversed, so Idol is now the International Heavyweight Champion. No lariatooo, and a generally boring gimmick match to begin with.

Austin Idol vs. Stan Hansen Bunkhouse Match (10/10/83)

Stan starts by spitting chew in Idol's eyes. They quickly head to the floor. Idol sends him into the ring post and chokes him with the rope surrounding the ring. Once they get back in the ring, Hansen is in control. Idol knee drops his balls because there aren't DQs in a Bunkhouse match. Another ball knee. Stan is choking Idol with some kind of rope. The ref starts hitting him to release it, so Stan ties the ref to the corner by his neck. Idol pulls out a "tire tool", which I believe is a tire iron. As he's trying to stab it in Idol's eye, Eddie Marlin comes down and tackles Stan. LARIATOOOO! Finally. He then attacks the ref as well. Idol hits him with the tire iron a few times and Stan walks out. Stan Hansen is suspended and done wrestling in Memphis.

Koko Ware vs. Tommy Rogers (10/24/83)

Jimmy Hart is at ringside, but neither man wants him there. Rogers wins the opening exchange with a hip toss. The next time the lock up, Koko responds with one of his own. Back breaker from Koko. Big suplex. Spinning neck breaker. BRAIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNBUSTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH. Fuck. That was scary looking. Another one. Then a double arm suplex. Knee trembler. Koko is pretty boss. Back suplex. Rogers kicks out. A crisscross spot ends with Rogers doing a powerslam. Shoulder block and leap frog from Rogers. He then locks on a front headlock. Koko gets out with an atomic drop. Rogers takes thing to the mat with some leg work. Monkey flip from Koko. They head to the floor for a moment, with Rogers getting sent into a chair. Suplex back into the ring. Back suplex from Rogers. Rogers leap frogs Koko, but collides with the ref on the way down. Jimmy Hart gets in the ring and nails Koko with a chair. Rogers refuses to make the pin and sends Jimmy Hart out of the ring. Jimmy slaps him. Hart goes down! The Bruise Brothers hit the ring and cause a DQ. Thankfully, they aren't the baby Harris Brothers. This was really fun. Rogers and Koko fought them off.


Bill Dundee vs. Tommy Rogers (11/7/83)

Rogers gets off to an early lead and Dundee heads into the crowd for a break. Dundee is able to to get in control with some veteran moves, but as soon as Rogers throws some punches, he bails again. Dundee gets dropped a little high on a back suplex and I'm pretty sure he did a SHOOT powerslam as a response. Mid ring collision. Rogers doesn't go down and slaps on a sleeper. Dundee rolls out of the way of a second rope fist drop. The next time Dundee bails, Rogers follows him out. Dundee begs off and does some cheap shots in the ring. Crazy looking snake eyes/stun gun. Dundee attempts a piledriver, which is still banned in Memphis. Rogers breaks out and fires up. He did a Stinger Splash in the corner, but Dundee got his knee up and hit Rogers in the balls. He then rolls him up for the win. I really like Tommy Rogers.


Dutch Mantel/Koko Ware/Bobby Eaton/Jaguar vs. The Grapplers/Bruise Brothers (12/10/83)

The Bruise Brothers are Porkchop Cash and the former Dream Machine. The Grapplers are future Tony Anthony/DWB/TL Hopper and Len Denton. Dutch and Machine start out. That doesn't look like the Dream Machine, but that's what I found on the team. Jaguar looks like a straight knock off of Tiger Mask. Koko is also wearing a mask for some reason. Not only does Jaguar look like a Tiger Mask rip off, he is also doing Tiger Mask spots and moves. Dream drops Dutch and tags out to Porkchop. Eaton tags in. Cash misses a second rope knee drop. Quick tags from the faces. The Grapplers and Bruise Brothers (both managed by Jimmy Hart and have an upcoming match against each other) get into it during the match. I missed the ending to the first fall. It was a DQ win for the faces. Koko is actually under the Stagger Lee gimmick, which I assume is the same idea as Red River Jack or the Midnight Rider. Koko and Dream start the second fall. Porkchop is quickly tagged in and the heels seem to be on the same page again. Frequent tags from both sides. Koko gets a slingshot into a punch that sends him over the ropes, but he's caught and thrown back in. Koko is the closest thing to FIP. Cash pins Jaguar to win the second fall. Really not much of note besides the blatant Tiger Mask rip off.

Jerry Lawler vs. Randy Savage Steel Cage Match (12/12/83)

They lock up and King throws some bombs in the corner right away. Savage teases escaping. I don't think that is a way to win here. Savage darts around and gets King on the mat, where he has a tight chin lock on. King gets up and sends Savage into the cage, which looks like a chicken coop more than a cage. Savage rolls to the floor and gets something out of his tights. The ref checks his hands and finds nothing. Macho takes it back to the mat. He gets some pins, with King kicking out or getting rope breaks. Punch combo from Macho. Ax handle to the floor. King is sent into the boards holding the cage together. A few times. Then he's posted. Savage is sent into the boards on the other side. Kidney shot from King and then a big punch to the jaw. Macho misses an elbow from the top of the cage. King teases jumping off the cage, but instead does a Superfly Splash off the top rope. Vertical suplex. King goes for the piledriver, which is illegal even in a cage match. The ref prevents it and King gets back dropped. Macho air plane spin. King ends up getting a dizzy punch off after the move. Both men go for piledrivers only for the ref to prevent them again. Savage does a low blow to get out of it. Another ax handle to the floor and cage ramming. The strap comes down and King starts throwing punches. Jos LeDuc climbs the cage and attacks Lawler, causing a DQ. A beat down ensued. The flying elbow is hit this time. Dutch and some other faces eventually make a save.


Jerry Lawler & Cowboy Lang vs. Plowboy Frazier & Little Tokyo (12/24/83)

Lang and Tokyo start out. Tokyo accidentally dropkicks Frazier. Tags are made. Frazier is awful. The minis worked the whole first fall except for about 30 seconds. Lang pins Tokyo with a roll up to win the first fall. The TV shows often had "expiration of time" matches, which were basically iron man matches. This is one of them. Time limit expires, giving King and Lang the win with one fall.

Coming up: More Randy Savage, Rick Rude, King Kong Bundy, falls count anywhere, Tennessee street fight, and a $10,000 Challenge.