Best of Memphis in the 80s Part 7

Dutch Mantell/Steve O/The Fabulous Ones vs. Adrian Street/Jesse Barr/The Sheepherders Stipulations Match (3/28/83)

What the stipulations are are currently unknown to me. The faces quickly eliminate the heels from the ring. Miss Linda is dragged into the ring. Stan Lane holds her so Dutch can punch her in the face. She's definitely treated just like a male manager, which is either highly progressive or highly offensive. Barr and Dutch officially start the match. Stipulations: If Adrian is pinned, he and Linda will get their hair cut. If Barr is pinned, he will pass out $5K to the fans. If the Sheepherders lose, they have to leave the territory (possibly the entire team, but the wording was not clear. It's the same stipulations for the face analogues. Stan comes in and repeatedly spanks Street. Luke is in briefly before tagging into Jonathon Boyd. Butch had decided he wanted to wrestle closer to home, so Luke kept the team going without him. Steve O and Lane do leg work on Boyd. Skinner smashes Boyd's balls into the ring post. Luke chases Dutch with a chair. Luke gets hit with it. Wish bone to Street. More leg work on him. Spinning toe hold. Dutch fires off punches at whoever is around. Barr and Steve O are in. Big knee drop from Steve. Double kind of superkicks from him and Lane. Barr is probably best known for his run in the WWF as Jimmy Jack Funk. Stan blocks a Boyd headbutt with an elbow and takes the rest of the heels for a few shots as well. Skinner enters the match with a monkey flip to Luke. He misses the second one. Skinner settles into a FIP role. Dutch and Street fight off into the crowd. Stan throws power in Luke's face. Double atomic drops. Skinner pins Luke. That means all 4 heels must leave the territory! Cornette flips his shit.

Bill Dundee vs. Terry Taylor (4/4/83)

Taylor gets Dundee down and drops some knees on his arm. I think Dundee is a heel now. He bails after a few punches. Bill gets Taylor on the mat and stomps his hand. He's doing cheap things like eye rakes and throat jabs, so he must be heel. Lot of front headlocks in this. Taylor goes back to the arm. Dundee gets to the ropes. Forearm makes Dundee bail again. Cheap shot once he gets back in the ring. Taylor fires up. Thesz press with punches. Fucking Austin, stealing from the Red Rooster. Shameful shit. Dundee again bails and Taylor follows. As Taylor is getting in the ring, Dundee decks him and his leg gets tied up in the ropes. Dundee puts the boots to him and is disqualified for it. Dutch stops the beat down.

Fabulous Ones vs. The Moondogs (4/4/83)

As this is a Moondogs match, it starts with all 4 men brawling in the ring. Back heel kick from Lane. Skinner is tagged in and they hit a double back body drop. Stan is quickly double teamed and beaten down. Moondogs suck. They're fat, can't sell, and can barely move. Lane finally makes the hot tag. One of the Dogs hits him with a bone to win the match. Looked awful. Not into the Moondogs at all.

Fabulous Ones vs. The Moondogs Stretcher Match (5/2/83)

Maybe this will be a little better since it should be a brawl instead of a wrestling match. The Fabs are angry in this match and aren't show boating. Double stomp from Lane. Lane and a Dog collide in the ring. The bone comes into play again. Hidden from the ref. Are there really DQs and or a need to hide weapons in a stretcher match? For that matter, is there a need for tags? Lane is busted open. He gets his knees up on a splash. Hot tag to Skinner. Moondog 2 is busted open. Skinner gets his head twisted in the ropes. He's gonna die! The bell rings. I think the Dogs were disqualified. Steve is finally freed. I was wrong, the match was given to the Moondogs because Skinner couldn't continue. But it is a stretcher match. No one was put on a stretcher to lose. Steve was put on one AFTER the match was already decided. I don't think that's how stretcher matches are supposed to work. The Moondogs attacked while he was being taken out.

Fabulous Ones vs. Bobby Eaton & Duke Myers Hair vs. Titles (5/16/83)

I like the Fabulous Ones, so it is nice to not have them stuck against shitbirds like the Moondogs. Stan Lane vs Bobby Eaton! Midnight Express pre-explodes! The heels' hair is on the line. Duke and Stan start out. Bobby is tagged in and Stan is in trouble. A lot of quick tags from the heels. Stan really has had no offense. Stan starts throwing all kinds of front back twisting side reverse crescent kicks. Skinner and Duke are going at it on the floor. Skinner gets tagged and he and Duke continue in the ring. Series of headbutts. Stan comes back in with a second rope elbow to the head and Duke is busted open. Duke is repeatedly slammed into the turn buckle. And the turnbuckles in Memphis looked like just some tape over the metal. Not the giant actual pads like WWE or WCW. The referee stops the match due to Duke not being able to continue. Fabs win. Titles retained and the actual stipulation was that Cornette would get his head shaved if his team lost. Corny screams on the mic that his team didn't lose because they weren't pinned or submitted. He calls for Eddie Marlin and just screams like a baby. Marlin agrees that due to the importance of this match, there must be a pinfall. The match continues. The Fabs continue to decimate Duke. Dude's head is completely covered in blood. Corny gets on the apron. Stan goes after him, which distracts the ref. Jimmy Hart comes in on the other side to distract Stan and the ref. Corny throws Eaton one of the titles. He smashes Skinner with it from the top while Skinner was pinning Duke. Duke is placed on Skinner and gets the pin. New champions! Great Dusty Finish variation, even if the match wasn't all that hot. Duke getting murdered for about 10 minutes and then getting the win while out of it after a Dusty Finish is a great way to get the fans pissed for a rematch.


Jerry Lawler vs. Bill Dundee Loser Leaves Town (6/6/83)

King hits an early punch and Dundee bails out. Dundee misses his punches and gets popped in the nose. Dundee hits a back elbow right under the chin, but misses an elbow drop. He lands a bulldog. A second. King counters the third. Dundee's knee got all tied up in the top rope. Clobbering punches. Dundee throws some of his own. After a series of pins with King getting rope breaks, he dumps Dundee to the floor on a kick out. Mid ring collision. Dundee is able to make a pin, but King again kicks out. Dundee comes off the top with a standing flying headbutt. Dundee tries something in the corner and goes flying to the floor. King misses a guillotine leg drop. Did you ever think you'd see King doing a guillotine leg drop? Well, he did all the way back in 1983. Dundee kind of does a piledriver, but falls over half way through it. King is back dropped over the top rope. He rolls back in and Dundee drills him with a top rope stomp. He's then knocked off the apron and thrown into the ring post. King is bleeding and Dundee keeps doing whatever he can to keep King down. The strap comes down and King starts throwing bombs. Flying fist drop. King does a cocky pin and Dundee rolls him up. 2 count! Dundee does some chop blocks. On the last one, King blocks it with an uppercut. Piledriver. King wins! Dundee is gone!


Fabulous Ones vs. Moondogs (6/13/83)

Well fuck. I was hoping to be done with the Moondogs. Match starts on the floor. Dueling chairs. The ref is hit with a chair. This is what shit should have been in the last matches. Just wild fighting and chaos. The announce table is thrown in the ring. Skinner gets sick of the bell ringing and throws it in the ring. Table legs are broken and used. This isn't even a match, it's just an extended brawl. This is what I was expecting out of Moondogs stuff. Just wild, out of control brawling. Not shitty wrestling.

Rock N Roll Express & Bobby Eaton vs. The Moondogs & Jimmy Hart (7/25/83)

Interesting. Bobby teaming with the RNR. He must have turned face on Jimmy Hart. Quick tags from the Midnight Rock Express. If only HBK or Marty were on this team. Morton misses a dropkick. Snake eyes on the top rope. Naturally, Morton plays the FIP, which is sometimes actually referred to as playing Ricky Morton. Hot tag to Gibson. Dropkicks everywhere. It was cut off with a kick. Gibson then makes a hotter tag to Eaton. He was quickly low bridged and sent flying to the floor. Eaton is hurt and they work him over for a while. Jimmy Hart finally tags in and takes some shots at Eaton. Eaton then completely wipes him out with one punch. The Midnight Rock Express win! A few cheap shots were taken at Bobby after the match.

Bill Dundee vs. Assassin #1 (9/25/83)

This is JIP. Dundee wasn't gone very long. And it looks like he's back as a face. He is cheating, using a chain and cheap shots, but Assassin is obviously a heel. He repeatedly uses a multiple chains that he had hidden. Big back body drop. Assassin made some appearances in early 90s WCW as a manager. I believe for Paul Orndorff. Assassin goes on the offense. Also, HE'S FAT. The other Assassin ran in to cause a DQ. Dundee was busted open after the match. King would make the save.

This has definitely been my least favorite disc so far, but the second half looks to be better.

Still to come: Stan Hansen, Jesse Ventura, Randy Savage, midgets, and no more Moondogs until the next disc.