Best of Memphis in the 80s Part 6

Bill Dundee & Jerry Lawler vs. Adrian Street & Apocalypse (11/27/82)

I'm not sure who Apocalypse is. There are a number of guys who went by the name, but the vignette before the promo is exactly like the Barry Windham Stalker promos the WWF did in 1996. Except done with a camcorder, probably in the woods behind either the Lawler or Jarrett estate. Actually, this is so much better. Besides being filmed in the woods behind someones house, it features a dude with weird face paint using nun chucks in Wayne Manner, a terrible voice over, and Flight of the Valkyries. It's very Memphis. The basic idea is that he's a great solider trained in everything you can be trained in and came back from war offering his services to the highest bidder.


Street and King start the match. Street skips and dances around, making King and the studio audience laugh. King doesn't take him seriously and gets a series of forearms in the chest. King does some gay strutting of his own. Dundee falls off the apron laughing. Street was talking with Cornette about how mad he was and King blind sided him. Apocalypse and Dundee are in and the tone changes a bit. Corny is pulled into the ring and punched by Dundee. Dundee and King are declared the winners of the first fall by DQ since Corny was in the ring. Street and Dundee start the second fall. Street wins it with a quick roll up a few seconds into the fall. 1-1. Dundee gets on the mic to say how disgusting he thinks Street is and says that if you're fat, you don't tell fat jokes. Apocalypse is double teamed at the start of the third fall, but he turns it around pretty quickly. Street has solid European uppercuts. King gets tired of the double teaming and fires up. Dundee gives Miss Linda a big kiss. It distracts Street and King rolls him up to win the match. Street is pissed at Linda and drags her to the back by her hair.

Jerry Lawler/Bill Dundee/Dutch Mantell/Terry Taylor vs. Bobby Eaton/Sweet Brown Sugar/Rick McGraw/Sabu (12/4/82)

Not the well known Sabu. This Sabu was better known as Cocoa Samoa and wrestled mostly in the Pacific Northwest. He starts out with Dundee. All the heels make quick tags and take turns on Dundee. Hot tag to Terry Taylor. He's cut off with some eye pokes and other assorted cheap shots. King and Dutch double team Bobby Eaton. Eaton is able to make a tag to Koko. As they lock up, Eaton comes back in with a knee to Dutch's back. It breaks down for a bit with everyone in the ring. It appears King and McGraw are the legal men. King gets the first fall with a sunset flip. Eaton and King start the second fall. Suplex from King. Dropkick. Sabu comes in and gets an atomic drop. Jimmy Hart tries to claim this is was a low blow. Koko knocks King over the top rope with a punch and things again break down on the floor. I must have missed the finish, but the faces won the second fall as well.

Ronnie Garvin vs. Lanny Poffo (ICW 1982/83)

I'm not exactly sure why ICW stuff is included on this set. Especially since it is only this match and the next one. ICW is the Poffo run outlaw promotion. Angelo Poffo, of course, being the father of Lanny Poffo and Randy Savage. They were unaffiliated with any association or alliance and ended up being direct competition to the CWA before going under and being absorbed into the CWA. Garvin works a tight headlock on Lanny. Lanny is quite a bit more defined than he was in the WWF, but also a bit thinner. Garvin throws Lanny to the floor and won't let him back in the ring. When he finally gets back in the ring, Garvin beats him down with cheap shots. Lanny fires back with some punches and has Garvin begging off. Back drop. Elbow and a punch, followed with a standing back flip. Weirdly, Lanny is doing the commentary for the match. Lanny fights out of a piledriver, but not the sunset flip. He's able to use his weird flexibility to roll through a crucifix. Garvin does a bear hug, which Lanny counters with a a guillotine. Garvin runs him into the corner to break it. Big body slam. Lanny gets back into it with an abdominal stretch. He's quickly thrown back o the floor. They brawl on the floor for a bit and Garvin is sent into the ring post a few times. Flipping senton from Lanny. Moonsault! Definitely not a lot of guys in the US doing moonsaults in 1983. Garvin kicks out. Sleeper from Lanny. Rope break. Mid ring collision sends Lanny to the floor. Garvin gets a chain out. He hits Lanny and wins via count out.


Ronnie Garvin vs. Randy Savage Steel Cage Match (ICW 1982/83)

Lanny does commentary for this as well. Maybe he did the commentary for all of their shows. Savage comes out to Fame by Irene Cara, Sin Cara's aunt. His beard is bigger than it would be in the WWF/WCW and his robe has fucking dragons on it. They lock up and Garvin immediately backs Savage into the corner. Savage fights out and locks on a standing guillotine. It goes to the mat and Macho really wrenches the neck. Garvin gets up, throws some bombs, and then works a school boy like a submission hold. Macho is sent into the cage. Again. One more time. He's been busted open. Garvin does what he can to open the wound further. Savage fights back with eye rakes and sends Garvin into the cage. He then awkwardly trips over Garvin. He starts firing off punches and makes a pin, but Garvin is able to get two rope breaks. Savage misses the flying elbow. Big elbow from Garvin. Top rope knee drop to the throat from Garvin. Stuck the landing. Macho kicks out. He fights off a piledriver, but is shoved into the ref. Garvin takes the ref's belt off and throws a punch with the belt buckle sticking out. He then begins choking Savage with it. Savage gets the belt off and goes to town with it. However, his fire is put out when he gets back dropped into the cage. Garvin goes back up top, but Savage crotches him. Piledriver. Macho Man wins. He was attacked by Pez Whatley after the match. Lanny ran down to make the save.


Bobby Eaton/Sweet Brown Sugar vs. Jacques Rougeau/Terry Taylor (1/1/83)

The Rooster and Eaton start out. Mustard colored tights aren't a good look on anyone, Bobby. They have an even exchange with drop downs, slams, arm drags, and kick offs. Koko tags in and goes right into a headlock take down. Shoulder block from Taylor and a tag to the Mountie. Pretty solid kip up from Mountie. Test of strength. Mountie wins and does a huge monkey flip. Standing drop kick. Koko begs off and tags out. Mountie and Eaton fight over side headlocks. Bobby gets out, hits a jab, and tags out. Hot tag to Taylor. Eaton stops it with an elbow right to the bean. I notice a regular spot in Eaton matches is a guy getting a hot tag and him cutting it off about 10 seconds in. Slingshot into a powerslam. Great knee drop from Eaton. Koko works a rolling and grounded cobra clutch. Hot tag to Mountie. Second rope missile dropkick on Koko for the win.

Bill Dundee vs. Adrian Street/Miss Linda/Jim Cornette Lumberjack Strap Match (2/6/83)

The ref hides behind Dundee when Street flirts with him. Street chases him all around the ring trying to play grab ass. Street rolls out of an arm bar and keeps rolling, then prances around. Linda gets knocked off the apron and whipped. Corny also gets some. From what I can see, the Fabulous Ones, King, and Terry Taylor are lumberjacks. There may be more. It's pretty crazy that a woman is in this and getting strapped just as much as the men. It's your typical lumberjack strap match, and since all the lumberjacks are faces, the fans are super into various heels getting strapped around every few minutes. It's mostly a comedy match. Street hits a piledriver. Neck breaker. Corny gets his nose exploded at some point. Dundee won with his rebound cross body.

BONUS: Nick Bockwinkel Promos 1982

It starts out with footage of King pinning Bock (whose feet were on the ropes) to win the AWA Championship. The reaction from the fans was amazing. Bock jumped out after the match and cut an angry promo to Lance. The officiating in the South is ridiculous! The bottom ropes in this area is 6 inches higher than regulation. He uses more big words, mentions how he doesn't want this tape to wind up missing like some Nixon editing job, and how this issue isn't resolved. His feet were on the ropes!

I like the AWA Championship. TNA totally aped it for their second title. He doesn't care that King has a win over him in the past.

We're shown highlights of the match. Actually, this looks like one of the matches from earlier on the disc. I'm not sure if this is from 1982 or 1984, but it is a music video that makes it look pretty boss. Definitely 1982. This is the match where King made the pin and the bell rang, but it was declared a DQ. Bock spoke with Lance about an hour after that. Bock gives a really interesting promo about how long it takes to unwind after a big match and that he's been informed a rematch is coming. He could put it off with all the games and bureaucracy. He's in pain now, but after tomorrow, he'll probably be eating soup for a few days. He dominated the match with wrestling, but all King knows how to do is punch. He's going to bring the rematch up quick, but with the stipulations that King must pay $500 per punch he throws. This is a great promo and I really want to see this match. King would agree to the match. He's shooting for 20 or less punches, which would be worth it to win the title. He agreed to the punch stipulation as long as he could get another ref, one that wouldn't get knocked out. The second ref would be Austin Idol.

We're shown highlights of the match, which featured a ref bump, a second ref tackling Jimmy Hart, and Idol counting a fall for King. However, Bock was thrown over the top rope and the title was held up.

Coming up: The Fabulous Ones, The Moondogs, Jesse Ventura, Stan Hansen, heel Dundee, and Savage vs King.