The Gilbert Family

Eddie Gilbert vs. Ken Raper (3/19/88)

Hot Stuff does a pre match promo spilling the beans that Randy Hales has taken over Eddie Marlin's spot as promoter. The change in Eddie Gilbert from the break up of the New Fabulous Ones to 1988 is staggering. It's like a completely different person. His demeanor, the way he carried himself, even his accent changed. I can tell that Brian Christopher was a huge Eddie Gilbert mark, which is interesting since Eddie was a huge King mark. Lance wanted to show footage of the King/Eddie match, but it is in Eddie's contract that footage of him can't be shown unless he gives permission. Randy refused to allow Missy to join in on color. Eddie confronted Randy about it, calling him out for being power hungry and not realizing who draws DA RATINGS. Hit this string bean, Eddie. HIT HIM! What actually happens is Tommy and Doug Gilbert came out. Tommy attacked Randy while Doug held Lance back. Eddie threw a fire ball. That was quite a scream Randy let out. Included was a promo for Evansville for Lawler vs Gilbert no DQ.

The Parking Lot (3/26/88)

King talks with Lance on the phone. As they were talking, Eddie came out and told King to stop ducking him. He then hangs up on him. Lance is sick of Eddie trying to take over the show. Eddie has taken out King, Bill Dundee, and Jerry Jarrett. The only guy left is Lance Russell. As it turns out, King was on the phone from the parking lot. King is in the building! The fight is on. They fought all the way to the parking lot. They were still fighting after a commercial break. This is the same parking lot where Eddie would run King over with a car. King is body slammed into a wind shield. King would come back into the studio to say he can take anything Eddie can dish out. King threatens Missy Hyatt by showing him piledriving the last YAK who got involved in his matches. King was fired up as fuck and is going to make sure Eddie gets fired up as well.

Doug Gilbert + Eddie Marlin (4/2/88)

Lance talks with Eddie. Eddie says that he can't properly be a booker as long as there are Gilberts around. Doug comes out with one of the worst mullets of all time. Doug blames Eddie for his brother getting burned. Eddie says he had to watch King/Randy/Jerry while they were in pain and he's sick of it. Tommy Gilbert comes out and attacks Eddie with his cowboy boot. Jeff Jarrett would make a save until Gary Young ran out to help the heels. Billy Travis also ran out to event he odds. This is kind of akin to someone beating the shit out of Jack Tunney. Baby Jeff and BT would cut a promo after the break. Eddie came back out and challenged Tommy to a cowboy boot match.

Jerry Lawler vs. Scott Levy (4/9/88)

Eddie had put a big bounty on King. We're shown clips of Hennig vs King, where Curt tried to rebreak King's leg to get the bounty. Scott Levy (Raven) would interfere and get a piledriver. Another masked man showed up with ETHER and tried to kill King. This was assumed to be Eddie Gilbert, but it was never revealed who it was. Lance would talk with Raven in the studio. Raven is SO young and in shape. Eddie didn't pay him, but did offer him a date with Missy Hyatt. But he hasn't had the date yet. Missy comes out and asks if Lance is trying to say that Eddie was reneging. King completely squashed poor Raven. Looks like Raven isn't getting his date. Missy slapped him. Raven looks strikingly similar to a young Matt Hardy.

Eddie Gilbert Promo (4/9/88)

Eddie gives a promo with his back to the camera, presumably because he doesn't want to show his burns. Eddie knows King's family. He knows what King's mom looks like. He turns around to show his burns and says he will have the last laugh.

Some good shit in here. I really can't stress enough how big of a change Eddie Gilbert went through in just a few years. Off hand, I can't think of someone with a more drastic change. Maybe Hogan from generic big guy heel to Hulkamania brotherjackdude coked out of his mind promos.