More Memphis Music

Jerry Lawler (My Way)

The AWA and CWA are doing a retirement ceremony for the AWA Southern Heavyweight Championship, presenting King with the belt as he's held it for 6 of the past 10 years. There will be a redesigned title coming, but the original will be King's personal property from now on. We then get a video set to My Way of King's best moments while Southern Heavyweight Champion. Included was a clip of him doing the Sting entrance from the rafters.

Jimmy Valiant (Boy From New York City)

Another in ring montage.

Jerry Lawler vs. Dutch Mantel (The Winner Takes It All)

Seems like an inappropriate song for a wrestling video. Montage of a single match. Dutch won it.

Jerry Lawler vs. Nick Bockwinkel (Winning)

Highlights of their series, although with some extra footage that didn't make the aired versions.

Koko Ware & Dutch Mantel (We Are the Champions)

In ring stuff. Come on, give me some Fabulous Ones styled videos, damn it!

Bruise Brothers (Soul Man)

Sweet. These dudes pretending to be the Blues Brothers.

New Generation (Let’s Hear It for the Boy)

This is like a Fabulous Ones meets Dukes of Hazard video. This is so goofy. These guys ride on each other's motor cycles and also take horse carriage rides together on their property, while shirtless and chewing on wheat. And swimming together a lot. The 80s were such a weird time where you would have clearly a loving gay couple being a happy gay couple, but no one realized that's what was going on.

Harley Davidson & Dirty Rhodes (Let’s Hear It for the Boy)

Not excited for the same song. Harley Davidson is better known as Hillbilly Jim. This is an in ring montage.

Rock N Roll Express (Jump)

This starts with the most amazingly 80s fade in possible. Colors all over the place in this. It's in ring stuff bumpered with the RNR driving their car fast and warming up before a match. Sound fades out part way through.

Dirty White Boys (Dirty White Boy)

The DWBs are the sleaziest looking guys you can imagine.

Eddie Gilbert (Hot Suff)

Eddie has two totally rad babes pick him up in a sports car and they go shopping.

Randy Savage & Lanny Poffo (State of Shock)

This is already bizarre, with quick cuts between Randy, Lanny in his knight armor, and a barking dog. And swimming. And hanging out in trees. And showering.

Jerry Lawler (The Warrior)

Just in ring stuff.

Louisville Sluggers (Look Out for #1)

I don't know who these guys are. Very short.

Randy Savage (War Machine)

Bah god, it's TAZ! Mostly in ring stuff with some training thrown in.

Koko Ware (The Bird)

Just in ring stuff, but I didn't know he was doing the bird man gimmick before he was in the WWF. There isn't an actual bird with him, though.

Austin Idol (The Kid is Hot Tonight)

In ring stuff.

Austin Idol (Holding Out for a Hero)

Training montage!

Tracy Smothers (When the Going Gets Tough)

Do you want to bone Tracy Smothers in a horse barn?

Soul Train Jones (Living In America)

Soul Train is Virgil, who dressed up like Apollo Creed once upon a time. He also used to dance with the kids and looked to actually have charisma.

Jeff Jarrett (Dreams)

Clips of Jeff wrasslin and winning prizes at the fair. This also includes an ad for a poster where Jeff was sexy as fuck.

Jerry Lawler (Turn the Page)

Mostly in ring stuff with King heading to a show mixed in.

Bill Dundee (Gypsies on Parade)

This is clips of Dundee being on the road and going to diners and stuff.

Jerry Lawler (Wanted Dead or Alive)

They used the same clips in every King video. Guaranteed to see him doing a fist drop from the 70s, punching Bock, knocking Hogan around, and having no problems with Kamala.

Freddy (Do the Freddie)

Memphis told copyrights to SUCK IT. Not only do they have a full on Freddy Krueger character, but they also use a song from the Freddy Krueger album to promote him.

The only thing left is a disc covering major events in the First Family.