More Memphis Moments

Tommy Rich’s Mother (11/22/80)

Something happened before this, which wasn't included, where Jimmy Valiant destroyed Koko B. Ware's TV. Eddie Marlin introduces Tommy Rich's mother, who he has known for most of his adult life. Peggy Rich has a problem and Tommy isn't the bad guy he seems to be. This is the first time we're given information about Tommy's dad not being around and Peggy boning a lot of guys afterwards. She tells the story of Tommy training and going off to wrestle in other territories before finally coming home. But when he came home, he was different. He was despondent. The reason was because he felt his home town fans didn't accept him anymore. She basically begs for the fans to cheer him. Jimmy Valiant and Tojo come out. Jimmy calls Peggy a big fat slob. Tommy ran out to fight and got a beat down. Busted open right in front of his mom. Peggy was also attacked. Jimmy fucking laid those boots into Tommy's head. The local job squad made the save as Peggy cried while holding her son. Jimmy Hart and Bobby Eaton came out after this and Tommy wanted to know where they were when he needed them. Tommy quits the First Family. What a weird face turn. Having your mom come out and beg the fans to cheer for you?

Austin Idol Promo (2/2/81)

Lance talks with Idol after a show. Idol cuts a pissed off promo on King for burning him, calling him a son of a bittttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttcccccccccccccccccccccchhhhhhhhhhhhhh. He's got a giant burn on his neck. I believe he says he's going to murder King.

Diamante Negro (2/81)

The Black Diamond wishes to present an award to Jerry Lawler for being the most popular wrestler on Mexican TV. First time ever for a non-Mexican to win the award. Diamond was last year's winner. King comes out and puts on the sombrero awarded to him. As he's given the plaque, Diamond breaks it on King's head! SWERVE! Other wrestlers pull him off. The mask is taken off to reveal AUSTIN IDOL! He told Lawler that he was going to get his revenge! He has a signed contract to wrestle King anywhere, anytime. He says King's (dead) dad was a wino and his mom was a whore.

Dutch Mantel Interview (5/81)

Dutch gives a heart felt promo about seeing Bill Dundee being attacked and why he made the save. He was watching and saw a little boy with a little American flag. As Dundee was attacked by 3 men (all foreigners, but so is Dundee), he looked over and saw the boy had dropped the American flag. It made him think of his time in Vietnam. He doesn't like to talk about it, but he did for this. He was sent over there to fight an unpopular war, but he had no money or friends in Canada so that's where he went. And for nearly a year, they tried to kill him. And seeing that flag upset him so much that he came out not really to help Dundee, but to help himself, because as an American he can't stand by and watch something like that. He didn't know if he was explaining his actions right, but that's what happened. Very heartfelt promo and makes Big Show attacking him in 2014 for no reason seem like even more of a dick move.

Miss Macho Man (ICW 1981)

Savage is starting a contest for a woman. He doesn't want anyone in the studio to sign up, because they're all fat and ugly. Ronnie Garvin and Lanny Poffo come out. Ronnie says he's going to introduce Miss Macho Man right now. A giant box is brought in. Savage cautiously opens the box. Inside the box is Pez Whatley, bound and gagged and dressed in lingerie. Crusher Broomfield, who was with Randy Savage, thought it was funny, so Savage slapped him. Crusher is the One Man Gang. This is weird and stupid.

Sonny King & Jerry Lawler Interviews (4/17/82)

King and Danny Davis were shown a clip of Sonny King, who says that he's ready to come back and wants to see if he can start back at the top. He's doing it I believe for his son. King feels like Eddie Marlin doesn't know if he wants King to be the good guy or bad guy. Sonny had been stabbed in the heart and nearly died. King doesn't know how anyone would see that story and not want Sonny to win. Even King would want him to win if he wasn't facing King. The title means as much to King as Sonny's vow to his son means to him.

Stan Hansen Promo (9/17/83)

Stan shows his lariatoooooo arm off. No one can hide from it. He takes shots at all the top faces and says Dutch isn't really from Texas. Texas doesn't make that kind. He's coming to town to establish a new ruler of Memphis. You know, I don't know that I've ever actually seen a Stan Hansen promo. He was a good talker.

Paul Diamond Interview (3/22/86)

Lance talks with Paul backstage. That curly mullet. He's talking about drug abuse and his addiction issues. It starts with people slipping you some things at parties to help you cope with the matches and traveling, and then he couldn't win matches. He didn't understand it was the drugs causing him to lose, so he went at them harder. His family left him, he lost everything, but he got professional help and made a come back. I can't imagine a promo like this in the WWF or JCP at the same time. I have no idea if any of this was true, as he was a pro soccer player for years before becoming a wrestler.

JD Costello at the Salon (7/26/86)

JD lost a match to the Nightmares and had to go through a beauty session. I don't think this was the result of the Nightmares/Mod Squad match that was on the proper set. The Mod Squad and JD came out. JD is all dolled up and looks like Quentin Tarantino if he was a cross dresser.

Tommy Rich vs. Keith Roberson (9/27/86)

The match quickly ended when Don Bass, Dirty Rhodes, and some other dude hit the ring and attacked Tommy. He's immediately busted open. I wonder how many "face is beaten and bloodied in the studio" angles there were in Memphis. Eddie Marlin comes out (himself still bleeding from an earlier attack) and says the men will be suspended if they don't leave the ring. Tommy gigged an artery or something. His whole torso is covered in blood. A collection of faces came out to check on Tommy. Don and Dirty had a tag match right after all this. Dirty easily won with a powerslam/spinebuster combo. King and Tommy Rich returned. King smashed something over Dirty's head and then slipped off the stage. Punches and chairs would fly. I guess Lawler had been attacked and bloodied earlier. They actually ran him off the road. He's literally going to KILL these men. SOMEBODY SAY SUMTHIN BOUT GETTIN FIRRRRRRRRRRRRRREEEEEED UP?

Introducing Boy Tony (10/4/86)

Tony Faulk now does a Boy George gimmick and it is bizarre. You see, he went to a Culture Club show. Boy George saw him and seemed to like him. Boy George told Tony to stop being like other people and be himself...which is exactly like Boy George. He's going to get a Farm Aid style concert for the wrestling fans of the South, because they are gross. He's basically just doing Andy Kaufman's tips on how to use soap/toothpaste/deodorant. This is terrible.

Tracy Smothers, Valet for a Day (1/10/87)

Lance talks with Downtown Bruno and his men. Bruno gives us some footage of Tracy Smothers being a maid for a day. This is also stupid. Boy Tony is awful. While Tony wasn't looking, Tracy put a lot of soap, salt, and pepper into the eggs. This is some of the worst shit I've ever seen.

Jerry Lawler’s Hit List (8/8/87)

King is pretty pissed over how he and Rocky Johnson got screwed over. He's got a hit list of guys. The Peahead Big Blubber (Big Bubba/Typhoon/DA SHOCKMASTER), Don Ass (Don Bass), and "The Prince" Brickwheat Brown (Brickhouse).

Big Bubba Dancing (9/5/87)

Typhoon is dressed in the most amazing gear I've ever seen. He claims that a tape of booing from a football game was played at the shows to make it sound like people hated him. He dances to show he's got more Soul than Rocky Johnson. This is tremendous. He's got moves for a big man.

Brickhouse Brown Interview (4/88)

Brown talks about Brother Ernest being sick and in the hospital. A fan yells out that it is AIDS. Then the studio chants, "He's got AIDS!". Brown wants fans to send in money to help Brother Ernest. Gary Young will pay for what he did. I wish I knew what he was talking about.

Curt Hennig Goes Crazy (5/28/88)

A local car dealership guarantees refunds if King can't defeat Curt Hennig. This brings Hennig out comes out and threatens the man. Curt attacks him and wrestles him to the ground. Perfect gets pissed and starts yelling about how sick he is of Jerry Lawler. He calls King out. He says he's going to tear the studio apart if King doesn't show up. He throws the bell and the announce table around. Next goes the back drop. Curt has lost his mind. He gives King a 10 count or Lance gets it. King shows up, but is held back by the Stud Stable. They hold him in place as Curt spits in his face and kicks him in the balls.

Master of Pain vs. Humongous (4/89)

Clips of Sid vs Undertaker. At least, I think it was Sid. He did the Humongous gimmick, but I think he did it early than this. He should have been in WCW by this point.

Metal Ed Promo (7/22/89)

Awful rock band promo with horrific audio. This is about as bad as Boy Tony.

Really mixed bag. Some good stuff, and some of the worst wrestling related programming I've ever seen.