Famous Memphis Moments

Jerry Lawler vs. Curt Hennig Hype (1988)

Curt sent in a promo with some delightful Bret Hart style sunglasses on. He immediately starts by saying he's the only real champion, unlike Ric Flair who only wrestles for the NWA, or Randy Savage who only wrestles for the WWF. He goes on to say that he wrestles everywhere in the world, for Don Owen in Portland, for Giant Baba in Japan, in Great Britain, and everywhere else. This is King's last shot and Hennig isn't giving his title up.

King responds. Both men were able to chose unbiased referees. Hennig picked his father, Larry Hennig, while King picked Jackie Fargo. King is in Miami Vice mode, with 5 O'clock shadow and a tight tank top/t shirt under a gray blazer with tight jeans. King hopes that if Jackie is voted as ref, Jackie won't give King any unfair advantages. He wants to win the title fairly. Fans get to call in and vote for who they want to be ref, for $1 per call. For the match, big posters will be made up and given away, and a lottery winner will get King's crown.

Another King promo, this time saying he will be making his first title defense against Bill Dundee. We then get a music video set to Glory Days. It's clips of him beating up current WWF/AWA stars with clips of him driving to a show and getting ready mixed in.

Brickhouse Brown vs. Stud Stable Recap (8/28/88)

Oh boy, this should have at least a few highly questionable phrases thrown out. Lance talks with Brickhouse Brown. He wants a tape played of some of the things the Stud Stable have done to him.

The Stud Stable got Brickhouse a big watermelon. Brown was not pleased with this as he doesn't like watermelon and doesn't like the implication. "You might as well be a color chart when TV goes off." I'm not sure what that's supposed to mean. Robert Fuller insists Brown has a color problem.

The next clip is of Fuller giving a nice robe to one of his men. He gives another a check I think. He got his woman some jewelry. He gave Downtown Bruno a Rolex. He got Brickhouse some beef jerky, I think. And possibly some tissues. Brickhouse has HAD IT. He quits. Fuller gets out of his wheel chair, screaming that he owns Brown and calling him "boy" more than a few times. A fight erupts. Brown's hands are tied to the ropes and he is repeatedly whipped. If there is an upside to this, it's that it got heel heat. The Southern fans weren't cheering for a black man getting whipped like a slave. They were upset and cheering for him to make a come back. After the video, Brown says he isn't a slave and is going to treat Fuller like a runaway slave himself. Clips of Brown vs one of the guys in the Stable. It would end in a DQ. Jeff Jarrett and Bill Dundee would hit the ring to make a save.

Battle Royal (2/4/89)

Yuck. I don't think there has ever been a good battle royal that wasn't a Royal Rumble. This is pinfalls and over the rope eliminations. Hashimoto, Tracy Smothers, Scott Steiner, Brian Lee, Adrian Street, Robert Fuller, and Bill Dundee are some of the names in this. It's in the studio. Jeff Jarrett is also in there. Hashimoto won after eliminating Tracy Smothers. The Japanese team would continue the fight along with Phil Hickerson. Hash DDTs Tracy through the announce table. Spike piledriver on the floor. The Imperial Japan flag was then draped over Tracy before a group of faces came for a save. They cut the camera so as to not show the injury. Instead of any kind of medical staff helping Tracy, the faces just pick him up and carry him away. Even though he probably has a serious neck injury and yells when they pick him up. Typical boring ass battle royal.

Kerry Von Erich’s Jacket (2/11/89)

Jeff Jarrett had become close friends with the Von Erich's while wrestling in Texas. Kerry presented Jeff a jacket. This jacket was worn by both the deceased Mike Von Erich, and also by Kerry when he won the NWA Championship. Kerry considers Jeff to be a brother. However, later in the night, Dutch Mantel cut a promo on Jeff for wearing a dead man's jacket. Jeff was then attacked by Dutch and Jimmy Golden/Robert Fuller. Dutch ripped the jacket apart. Kerry and Kevin hit the ring. As Lance was talking, Dutch came out in the Memphis studio. Dutch says he has respect, but Kerry presented Jeff a dead man's jacket. Dean people scare him and give him the heebie jeebies. Jeff Jarrett came out and attacked Dutch.

Kind of random collection of stuff here. Harkens back to a day where outright racism and making fun of dead people were very acceptable.