Loser Leaves Town Hype 1985 Jerry Lawler vs Bill Dundee

Jerry Lawler is Drunk

Dave Brown informs us that King has missed a few booked dates, which was highly unusual for him. Lance Russell was sent to King's house to talk to him. Lance finds beer cans and then finds King nearly passed out drunk on the ground. King had never had a drink until 3 days ago. He's quit. He's not wrestling anymore! All because of Bill Dundee. Lance tries to talk him out of it. The camera is cut, but the audio isn't. Dundee comes out in the studio and brags about it.

The Hawaiian Flash

Dave Brown talks with Tojo and his new partner, the Hawaiian Flash. Flash's voice sounds familiar, but I can't place it. He explains they lost their match because a custodian slammed a door on Tojo's toe. They ask for Dundee to come out about a title match. "I never thought much of this little slant eyed, though." The Flash will trade a tag title match for a title shot against Dundee. Later, we see the Flash and Tojo wrestle in a match. Jerry Jarrett is out on commentary. Jerry was the Flash earlier, but Flash is now undoubtedly Jerry Lawler. Dundee dives over the announce table at Jarrett and a brawl erupts. The Sheepherders and the Fabulous Ones were involved.

Burning Heart

Montage of King. Featured a good deal of 70s stuff, which was looked to be Super 8 footage. Also, a lot of the same clips from the 1983 hype videos, including beating up Hulk HOKAN. It's almost exclusively filled with AWA/WWF/NWA guys. Bundy, Rude, Jimmy Hart, Hogan, Bock, Road Warriors, Macho Man, and a few others. We're shown Lance hyping a Jerry Lawler home video. $29.95 (plus $5.95 for shipping and handling) in 1985 dollars. King is almost as hairy as Dutch. King won the match and Dundee bitched and moaned for a rematch. King decided that another loser leaves town match would be great. Also, Dundee's and his wife's hair are on the line. A few years ago, they had this same stipulation and King won that match.

Wild Boys

A Dundee montage. It featured some clips of Dundee vs Bock, which I would like to see. Dundee talked with Lance after the video. Dundee's wife also sent in a video. She had to have been a wrestler, because she's a good promo. She wouldn't agree to the match if she didn't think her husband wasn't going to win the match.

Only about a half hour, so it wasn't that hard to sit through. More enjoyable than the set put together for the 1983 match, at least.