Randy Savage in Memphis

Studio Debut (1983)

Randy Savage interrupts a show in the studio with his father, Angelo Poffo. He's in a leather jacket, has a fedora, and a larger beard than what most are accustomed to. He and Angelo unravel a banner that reads "MachoManWantsKing". Randy would then headbutt a framed photo of King and continue to hold the show hostage. Lance throws it to break, but when we come back, Randy is still causing a scene. Savage demands that Eddie Marlin books him a cage match with King. Lance threatens to call the police. Savage attacks the jobbers in the ring. Piledrivers and a killer elbow drop.

“Lawler’s Dad Is Dead” (12/83)

Savage sends in a crazy promo about King's dad being DEAD and spinning in his grave because he's embarrassed of his son. This might have been done at an 80s stand up comedy club. He asked for a handicap match against Idol and King and he wants King to admit to his dead father that he was afraid of Savage. SHINNING IN THE NIGHT! SHINNING IN THE NIGHT! DIG IT! Macho looks even more coked up than his WWF run. Eyes bulging out of his head, sweating everywhere, being crazy. King would respond and speak about his father dying in the late 1960s and that it is King's biggest regret that his father never got to see him be a wrestler. King is going to beat Savage in front of his father. This is awesome from both guys.

Cage Match Hype (12/83)

The first promo is from King at his home. Savage wanted King for 4 years and when he got his shot, he blew it. Because he's crazy and a complete idiot. King can't rely on his father to bail him out, but Savage is going to know the feeling in the cage match.

Lance Russell says that Savage is crazy and we get to see Randy's reaction after his match with King from Monday night. First, he threatens to break the neck of the camera man. He rants about beating King in his own back yard and if King wants a rematch, it will have to be on Savage's turf. If this tape doesn't make it to air, he is going to break the neck of who ever is responsible.


This starts with Angelo Poffo rolling down his car window and hyping up his son, who was ICW champ for over 4 years. Then we get what I thought was going to be a music video set to the Theme From Fame, but turns into Savage dropping weights and stopping the video to cut a promo on Terry Taylor. After he's done, the music starts back up and we get a bit of a montage.

Randy Savage joins the First Family (2/84)

Amazing, radio stations dropped songs to announce that Jimmy Hart signed Randy Savage to the First Family. Jimmy Hart then cuts a promo while eating an apple. This led directly into Savage coming out in the studio. His dragon robe was so fucking swank. Angelo has a sign that says "The world is Macho Man country". He calls out King and thanks Jimmy Hart. He also called out Eddie Marlin.

Randy Savage Promo (9/84)

A promo from the back. It's about King and the feeling he got and parties and Twilight Zones. It actually felt good to have King on his side. He's been looking in the papers for jobs for King Kong Bundy and Rick Rude after the no DQ match. WASH DISHES YEAH! WASH DISHES! This is some classic crazy rambling Randy Savage shit. " And don't say that I spit when I talk, yeah, 'cuz I don't." But he is going to spit on Rude and Bundy.

Randy Savage Interview (10/84)

Randy gives a promo after he was busted open in the studio. I believe I saw the match where this happened. His head is covered in blood and is going to show everyone something scary. Intense Randy, not coked up intense Randy, though.

Jimmy Suzuki (4/6/85)

Jimmy is a Japanese photographer who was talking about pictures he took of King in Japan. This brought Randy Savage out, who had recently injured King and is again a heel. He confronts Jimmy, asking him who the king of Japan is. As Randy has never been to Japan, Jimmy can't say he's the king of Japan. Naturally, Savage attacks him for saying that. Jimmy is busted open and the Fabulous Ones chase Savage away.

Jerry Lawler Promo (4/21/85)

King delivers a promo I assume from home, replaying the video tape of the last match between the two, where Savage injured King on purpose. He thought about quitting, but the more he watched the tape, the less he wanted to quit. He's going to be at the Colosseum on Monday and he is going to get his revengance on Randy Savage.

Randy Savage Goes Berserk (4/21/85)

Exactly what it sounds like. Savage saw the promo and flies back into the studio, threatening to hit everyone, slamming a chair into the announce table and chasing Lance back stage. He promises that King will not walk out of their match alive.

Randy Savage & Dr. D (5/4/85)

What the fuck, Dave Schultz says King has AIDS, and that's why no one wants to team with him. Jesus Christ. Dr. D more or less says he fucked Bruiser Brody's and King's women. He's also wearing a fucking swastika on his shirt. What the fuck is going on?

Loser Leaves Town Hype (6/85)

The first section of this is a sit down interview with Lance and King. Not only is this a loser leaves town match, but King will not return to the ring if he loses. The fans weren't very happy with the decision. He talks about one of his toughest opponents, Bill Dundee. He then shows a highlight package of their last match. Then one with Eddie Gilbert. He talks about a lawsuit between Randy and the company and Randy one night interrupting a show in Kentucky to challenge King. Savage and his manager would come out. He keeps it about as calm as he possibly can, but gets up in King's face, particularly pissed about King's stupid grin. 100,000 light years into the future, Savage will still be the best wrestler ever. Savage almost hits his own manager. Jerry Calhoun is going to be the ref, which sets Randy off as Calhoun is King's softball partner. King says they can have no ref if that makes Randy feel better.

This is awesome. About an hour of little seen Randy Savage being awesome.