Bill, Buddy & Dutch

Bill Dundee’s Celebration

This celebration is after Bill Dundee defeated Jerry Lawler in a loser leaves town match. Dundee would bring in all his friends, including Buddy Landel, Dutch Mantel, and the Blade Runners. Sting hands out cake while Warrior blows party favors. Just general bragging.

A Date with Buddy Landel

This starts with the Fantastics doing a promo with Lance Russell. Female fans were given a chance to win a date with the Fantastics. The rules are you must be 18 or older, single, and send in a short letter as to why you would like a date with the Fantastics along with a picture. It's chaperoned, though. Lame. Buddy Landel would interrupt and offer his own contest. All he wants is 8x10 pictures. He doesn't care about the age or single things. He knows all the people in Hollywood and Buddy will bring the girl to the studio. In addition, the women will get a nice poster of Buddy.

Bill Dundee-Koko Ware Feud Recap

The first clip included Dundee in the Game of Death track suit. Koko offered his Mid Atlantic Championship to Dundee for Dundee's title shot against Flair. Dundee agreed, which makes no sense to me. After some outside interference, Koko would defeat Dundee and get his shot at Flair, which I covered earlier.

We're then shown clips of Flair/Koko, which ended with Flair winning after outside interference from Dundee. The next clip was from Dundee and Koko brawling in the studio, I assume the next TV after the Flair match.

The next clip has Dundee throwing pennies to fans, because the fans are so poor they'll get on their knees for them. Koko was dressed as Santa and Dundee attacked him with the bag of coins. He repeatedly said "boy" while kicking Koko, also saying he would kill him. We're shown clips of Landel vs Koko, which featured Dundee interfering and costing Koko the match and title.

Koko Ware vs The Masked Patriot

Koko would squash the Patriot. Great lariatoooo. Just beat the piss out of poor Patriot. After the match, more clips are shown of Koko/Landel.

Bill Dundee + The Fantastics

The Fantastics talk with Lance about their Fantastic Date. Bill Dundee interrupts. He claims the Fantastics are ripping him off. Dundee slaps Bobby Fulton and was run off. He and some guy who I don't recall seeing would return to attack the Fantastics. Dundee was trying to pour something all over Fulton's hair. The faces fought the heels off. Fulton either called out Muammar al-Gaddafi or Gaddafi was the name of the guy with Dundee.

Bill Dundee & Dutch Mantel vs. Tracy Smothers & Dirty Rhodes

Dirty Rhodes is indeed a Dusty knock off. I think it was in good humor and not meant as an insult to Dusty, considering the working relationship with JCP around this same time. Dirty and Dutch start the match. A cable under the ring breaks as Dirty was sent into the ropes. Tags are made. Tracy is so young. He's double teamed. Dundee hits him in the back with a chair. He's then thrown into the ring post. Then slammed on the floor. The heels are just trying to hurt the young Tracy. The ref sees Dundee back dropping Smothers over the ropes, so Rhodes/Smothers won by DQ, but the heels didn't care. They continued to bust Tracy up after the match. Piledriver on the floor. Dirty was busted open by Dutch's bullwhip. He's also hit with a chair.

Jerry Lawler Promo

King delivers a promo from a throne in a green screen castle. King is not allowed to be wrestling, but camera crews were able to get to him so he could get some words out to the people. King has to be gone from Memphis for 6 months, but he will be back.

Buddy Landel, the Uncrowned Champion

Buddy was to be wrestling, but instead came out in a suit and proclaimed himself the world champion. He shows a picture of himself having Flair locked in the figure four. Then a picture of Buddy holding the NWA Championship. For political reasons, they asked for him to give the belt back and since he's a nice guy, he obliged. He's still accepting applications for a date.


Clips of Dutch Mantel vs Rick Casey. Dutch would win with his feet on the ropes. The ref restarted the match since the fans told him Dutch's feet were on the ropes. In the restarted match, there was a ref bump. Buddy Landel came out and accidentally hit Dutch. The ref woke up to count the fall for Casey.


After the match, Dutch was hot. Dundee had to step in to keep Dutch and Buddy apart. Dutch gave a tense hand shake, but wouldn't walk out with Dundee and Landel. As soon as Dutch turned around, Landel started stooging around like he was ready to fight. This heads right into a Dundee/Landel in studio promo. Dundee claims everything is fixed. Landel says Dutch is probably off drunk somewhere and just cramped their style anyway. Dutch shows up, saying he wasn't called and he's sorry he was late. He must of missed the comments that Buddy just made. Lance narcs on Buddy and rolls footage of Buddy stooging in the last bit of footage from the match. This does not make Dutch happy. Lance, you fucking narc! Dutch attacks both men, but is soon beaten down. Buddy wears his wrestling boots with his suits. Dutch is busted open with a cowboy boot and slammed into the announce table.

Bill & Buddy Promo

This is a local promo for an Evansville show. They blame Lance for the beating Dutch got.

Dutch Mantel Interview

Dutch had a sit down interview with Eddie Marlin. Dutch gives a bit of a history lesson of moving around to various territories. He and Dundee ended up teaming and riding the roads together, becoming great friends. When Bill's contract ran out, he came back to Memphis. Dutch had a few extra weeks left on his contract, but he came back as well. But then Buddy Landel came around. He claims Dundee is a chameleon who will adopt the personality and likes of whoever he's around. Dutch is a bar and whiskey kind of guy. Landel is a high rise wine drinker. One day they all went out, and Dundee asked Dutch to stay in the car because he looked like a bum. But the bottom line is that he can whoop both men. Eddie says he likes guitar and he also chews tobacco, so Dutch can ride with him. Dutch then gets his guitar out and plays a little tune for Eddie. And he can really play, unlike Don Bass.

Jeff Jarrett, Referee

This is a Dundee/Landel tag match, but obviously the point of this being included is because Jeff Jarrett is the ref. Total squash. Ref Jeff tried to stop a post match beat down and got attacked. He was probably around David Flair levels at this point. Jerry Jarrett hit the ring to save his son and was also attacked. They try to tear out Jerry's one good eye. Jeff fired up to save his dad. Lance Russel even left the table to help Jerry. Jeff then got his ass kicked again until Dutch ran down in his underwear. Maybe trunks, but no boots or socks or anything. Looked like Wolverine in the 80s. Dutch carries the lifeless Jeff to the back. Lance gives a JR level rant after the segment and actually leaves the table again because he's so pissed.

Dutch Mantel calls Jerry Lawler

This takes place after the the previous segment. Dutch now is clothed. He's done a lot of bad things, but he was sickened by what he just saw. Eddie Marlin has been trying to get King back early and Dutch wants King back as soon as possible. As a matter of fact, King is on the phone and wants to talk to Dutch. Speakerphone into a microphone. King hates Dundee and hates being away from Memphis, but what he saw on the show makes him sick. He's long time friends with the Jarretts and has stuck with Jerry even with the area wasn't successful. King is coming back ahead of time, even if he gets sued for it. He's coming back to town. Dutch/King vs Landel/Dundee!

Jerry Lawler Promo

King sends in a promo from his home. He couldn't break his commitments, but he will be back. He hates Dundee and Landel. He was raised not to hate people, but he can't help it. Jerry Jarrett's promo wasn't included, but after Jeff was beaten up, Jerry gave a tearful promo explaining how he lost vision in his eye and how he felt to see his son beaten up in front of him and not being able to help him. When King saw this, he felt the emotions that Jerry felt and he will do what Jerry Jarret isn't able to do anymore.

The Bill and Buddy Show

We're first shown a clip of Lance getting too mouthy with Dundee and getting slapped for it. Eddie Marlin apologizes to Lance and Dundee/Landel have both been fined $1000. If either man touches Lance again, they will be banned from the station for 5 years.

The next week, Bill and Buddy would bring their own desk out to the stage. They would do commentary for the next match. They would shit on the format and we were then shown a commercial for King selling a best of tape. Buddy and Bill fell asleep during it. They would call a Dutch/King tag match and shit on them the whole time. King and Dutch would leave and take a count out to stop having to hear Buddy and Bill talk. They came back with chairs and tore up the set. The heels suits were then torn off and a brawl erupted.

Some interesting stuff, but I think there were a lot of smaller angles and matches that weren't included, either because they were on the main set or haven't been found. Dundee is such a shitbird heel. Exactly the kind of heel a guy his size should be.