The Heel Turn of Jerry Lawler

This is about an hour long chronicle of King's heel turn in Memphis. Most people are probably more familiar with him as a heel, but he was a Cena-esque face for over 10 years in Memphis. He recently lost his title to the Soultaker (Papa Shango) and is pretty upset about it.

Chapter 1

We're shown footage of the match. It appeared to be a lumberjack match. Nate the Rat, Soul's manager, interfered anyway. Dutch Mantel accidentally hit King with Rat's cane and Soultaker got the win. Dutch tried to apologize and King wouldn't have any of it. King says that once upon a time, people were fined for running in in matches. Perhaps if the rules were enforced again, King would still have his belt. Dutch comes out to apologize again. As they argue, Bill Dundee comes out to calm things down. King is getting pissed. Dutch and Dundee both say they're friends with King. King says that isn't the case and Dutch isn't half as sorry as King is. King fought for 15 years and now has nothing to show for it. King tells both of them to stay out of his damn business no matter what happens.

Chapter 2

We're again shown clips of how King lost the title. We're then shown clips of the rematch. We also get to see King's reaction while watching. The ref stopped him from using punches and then there was a ref bump. The ref wasn't up to make the count for King twice. The Dirty White Boy would hit the ring and double team King with Soultaker. Dutch came out to try to save King again. When the ref came to, he saw Dutch in the ring and called for a DQ. King asks for Dutch to come out. Dutch obliges. King could have sworn about a week ago he was standing in the same spot telling Dutch to stay out of his business. Dutch thinks King is trying to embarrass him. Dutch said that they were trying to kill King and he wasn't playing with the Dirty White Boy. King implies that Dutch is trying to win the CWA Championship and is stealing King's moves and mannerisms. King thinks that Dutch cost him the title because he knows the bookers don't like to book face vs face matches and he won't get a title shot if King has the belt. Dutch is sick and tired of King's attitude and would like to slap him right now. King says Dutch having never been the World Champion is eating him up. Dutch says no help will be given either way going forward.

Chapter 3

Highlights of King vs Soultaker in a cage match. King would regain the title. Soultaker would attack after the match. The Dirty White Boy would join in. Dutch hit the ring to fight with DWB, as they had a big feud going at the time. King left the cage, leaving Dutch to be double teamed. Other faces would run the heels off. Dutch then came out to ringside and calls King out. King comes out. Dutch stayed out until the conclusion of the match, just like King said, but King wouldn't save Dutch. King didn't care. He tells a story about a man plowing a field when his donkey stopped, so the man hit the donkey with a 2x4 to get his attention. King didn't want Dutch's help, didn't ask for it, and doesn't care about Dutch anymore. The fans in the studio are getting heated. King asked for the cage match to keep Dutch out. "I want you to make like your head and bring this to a point." Dutch says that King is lucky and has been spoon fed since the beginning. King is sick of Dutch trying to make it seem like they're good friends. King says they are acquaintances and slaps Dutch. The two dive over the table and start brawling until other wrestlers pull them apart.

Chapter 4

We're shown clips of Soultaker's rematch, again in a cage. The Dirty White Boy would hit the ring once again. This time, Bill Dundee made the save, but he was also attacked. Lawler also refused to help Dundee. Dutch comes out to talk about it. King isn't there today because he's afraid of facing Dutch or Dundee. Dutch is going to settle this soon.

Chapter 5

King cuts a promo on the fans that have turned on him and tells Dundee to stay out of his business. He also hypes a no time limit match between he and Dutch.

Chapter 6

King breaks the news that Dutch isn't really from Texas. When they have their Texas death match, King is going to leave Dutch unable to walk for a week.

Chapter 7

Dutch does a studio promo. He gives a physics lesson and says King is going to have to put up or shut up.

Chapter 8

King does a studio promo. He gets a mixed reaction. He brings an article from Pro Wrestling Illustrated Weekly. The article says that bad blood between Dutch and King have forced fans to take sides...and they're siding with Mantel. Dutch and Dundee can't stay out of King's business because King has the belt. The fans don't win you titles. King heels on Texas, saying that's where the enema would be stuck if the country were to get one.

Chapter 9

Dutch talks with Dave Brown after winning a match. We're shown footage of Dundee vs King. King would do a piledriver on the floor while the ref was down and won by count out. Dutch and King got into it after the match before the Soultaker attacked Dutch. King strolls out. King again says he told Dutch to stay out of his way, but he also says that Soultaker was kicking Dutch's ass well before they had their issues. Dutch brings up that King hasn't been defending his title as much since his change of heart. He goes on to say he can't believe how stupid the fans are for not seeing what Dutch is trying to do. Dutch wants a match. He also has a partner to have a match with King and Soultaker. Dutch runs tape of his partner: The Master of Pain (The Undertaker)! A music video set to Dirty Deeds with The Undertaker wrecking fools.

I recommend watching all of this as King's transition from Cena style face to cocky dick head was very well executed. He was also in the right for his heel turn, as he repeatedly told Dutch and Dundee to stay out of his business, but they wouldn't listen.