The Andy Kaufman Story

Andy Kaufman Comes to Memphis

A music video plays, showing poor people in Memphis. The words at one point say "and every peckerwood still runs off at the mouth". We're then shown Andy Kaufman in the ring with the Dream Machine. He challenges any woman to face him. He puts up $1000 and his hair if he loses. In addition, they will get to marry him if he loses. Lance Russell gives some words during this. I think this is an actual documentary. We get clips of Andy wrestling various women and talking with Lance. Andy would never say women are mentally inferior to men because women have it all over men when it comes to cooking, cleaning, mopping the floor, raising babies and the like. But when it comes to wrestling, women have nothing in their brains. We're shown clips of Andy vs Foxy, a fan who nearly beat him. She took advice from King. After Andy won, he held her down and tried to embarrass her, so King got in the ring. King would shove Andy after Andy ran his mouth too much. Kaufman took a bump and claimed he was going to sue everyone in the building. And thus started the King/Kaufman feud.

Andy Kaufman Promos + Jerry Lawler Promos

Andy sent in a promo from pool side at his Hollywood home, shitting all over Memphis. He doesn't like hicks like King getting involved in his business. In fact, Andy is going to sue King for everything he's worth and his his lawyer, Bob Zmuda, with him to explain. The law is the law and Kaufman was attacked. He has a perfect case.

King responded to the promo, saying Zmuda looked like an ambulance chaser. King then challenges Andy to a match.

Andy responded to the RASSLIN match. All you do in Memphis is plow fields and farm. Andy has wrestled women bigger and stronger than King, so he agrees to the match. Andy demonstrates how unafraid he is by bringing in a large woman. She's 6 feet tall and over 300 pounds. Andy wrestles her to the ground. He gets a little carried away and hits her head of the ground, causing Bob Zmuda to pull Andy off. Andy doesn't care because she's poor and can't sue him and contiues to attack. Zmuda shuts the camera off. This is interspersed with King cutting a low key promo about how seriously he takes his profession.

Andy Kaufman vs. Jerry Lawler (4/5/82)

Kaufman does a lot of stalling. I assume this went on for a long time, but this is an edited version. King lets Andy grab a headlock. BACK DROP DRIVAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH! King picks Andy up and delivers a piledriver, technically giving Andy the win via DQ. Another piledriver. Andy is placed in a neck brace and stretchered out.

The David Letterman Show (7/28/82)

The first time the two met on a national stage. King was booed. Andy had a mixed reaction, but it leaned towards positive. Andy still needs his neck brace, although he is recovering. Dave says King is twice the size of Andy and better looking. Andy had been wrestling so many women that he thought he was actually a good wrestler, but it turns out he was wrong. King thinks Andy is a wimp and when he was born, his father wanted a boy and his mother wanted a girl, and they were both satisfied. Dave says that the second piledriver seemed to be poor sportsmanship. King says he saw a different Andy than what he portrays himself as. Andy says it was all in good fun. We're then shown some clips of Andy's promos on women and Memphis. The discussion continued after the break. Andy basically says he was just playing the heel. Andy wants an apology. King says he doesn't owe Andy an apology. King says he wanted to hurt Andy. King thinks Andy is milking all this. Andy doesn't think there was a reason to actually hurt him. Dave asks if it was rigged and if the two are really friends. Andy starts getting serious. King gets up and full force smacks him in the face. Dave has no idea how to react to this. After another break, Andy comes back to the stage, saying this is all bullshit and that King is a "mother fucking asshole". He apologizes for using that kind of language, then continues to call king a "fucking asshole" before throwing coffee on King. Andy storms out of the studio.

$5000 Bounty

Andy returns to Memphis with Jimmy Hart and Lance Russell and offers $5000 to anyone who can put King in the hospital. King responds with showing videos of him beating up every top star and monster to come through the territory. He will have the last laugh on Andy. We're then shown clips of King wrestling various guys sent by Andy. Andy would get involved in some of the matches. During one of these matches, King got a hold of Andy and gave him a suplex and slam. His piledriver was stopped. Andy would give another promo after the match, saying King hasn't seen the last of him. This included a promo from Ken Patera and highlights of the match. Andy would give an interview for The Jerry Lawler Show, coming in 2nd in a biggest turkey contest. Andy says King doesn't belong in show business.

Andy Kaufman’s Studio Debut (7/9/83)

Interestingly, this angle had been going on for over a year at this point and this was the first time Andy appeared in the studio. The reason is because he only does network shows, not local stuff. He raises the bounty to $10,000. Andy is back in a neck brace. He's also mad at Jimmy Hart for getting him into these situations. He could definitely beat Jimmy Hart. Jimmy Hart comes out and they argue. They get into a fight, with Lance in the middle. Eventually, Eddie Marlin carries Jimmy away. Andy is going to sue everyone. We're then shown clips of Jimmy/Andy vs King. Andy would get another piledriver. Jimmy also got one. The Bruise Brothers would run in and Austin Idol would make a save.

Andy Kaufman vs Jimmy Hart

No date is given for this. It's just clips. One of Jimmy's men ran in and attacked Andy. We're then shown a promo of Andy offering the $10K bounty to King himself to team with Andy against Jimmy Hart. King came out. He has a hard time believing this is for real. Andy apologizes for everything. King agrees to team with Andy as long as this will be Andy's last match ever. Andy agrees.

Andy Kaufman & Jerry Lawler vs. Jimmy Hart & The Assassin (7/18/83)

Andy still gets a heel reaction, but not as much as it had been. Again, just clips. During the match, Andy would throw powder in King's eyes. It was a SWERVE! Andy and Jimmy reunited in the ring. King took a spike piledriver after the match. King was stretchered out.

Andy Kaufman & Jimmy Hart Reunited (7/23/83)

Jimmy comes in with a giant trophy and his Assassins. Andy comes in wearing a crown. Andy is the new king of wrestling! This was all part of a year long plan to get his revenge on Lawler. The Assassin's are given the bounty reward. The fans and King are stupider than Andy thought to believe him. The whole area of the country is full of idiots and Andy is going to have to show them some basic hygiene. We're then shown clips of Andy turning on King again.

King came out after the footage was shown. He's now in a neck brace. King rips it off and shows that he's fine and not some pencil neck geek like Andy or Jimmy. We're shown highlights of stars beating King up, proving that he'll always be here. This is awesome. A quick promo from Austin Idol was included, basically saying he's got King's back.

Fireball (7/23/83)

During an Assassin's tag match, Andy and Hart were at ringside. King would show up and throw a fireball at Andy's face.

Fireball Reactions

Lance Russell and King gave their thoughts on the fire ball. The fire was King's way to get rid of Andy forever. A few fans were talked to and felt that Andy deserved it. Later on, Jimmy Hart gave a tearful promo saying he promised Andy that he would get rid of King and Idol. We're then show a promo that Andy sent in, having large burns on his face. He has scripts for movies with Redford, De Niro, and Hoffman, which he now can't take due to his facial disfiguration. Andy wants another match with King, but he can't because King made him sign a contract stating that he couldn't wrestle again. Andy is a great heel.

Andy Kaufman’s Helpful Hints

Jimmy Hart makes Jim Cornette the vice president of the First Family. They then show us a video that Andy sent in. He wants to make peace with the Southern people. To do so, he shows the Memphis people a bar of soap. He explains how to use soap. This is brought on from fans wanting to shake his hands, but they have such disgusting and slimy hands that he can't do it. He also explains how to take a shower.

His second video is showing the women of the South how to use a razor.

His third video starts with him saying fans should stop sending him letters, because he doesn't read them and can't anyway since most of them are done in crayons or 2nd grade pencils. Someday he might try to show the fans how to read and write. This week's helpful hint is showing how to use mouth wash.

His fourth video wasn't played because King intercepted the tape. He told the director that if Andy's tape was shown, he and Idol wouldn't wrestle on TV.

Andy Kaufman vs. Jerry Lawler (Boxing Match) (11/4/83)

Before the match, Andy stalls and tries to get the crowd to be silent. He also asks for any woman in the crowd to box him. I wasn't aware that you were allowed to jump out of the ring in a boxing match. Andy manages to spend most of the first round on the floor. Andy stands doing the windmill until King boots him in the gut. Suplex. I thought this was a boxing match. Diving fist drop. King wins by pinfall. In a boxing match. Is this WCW? King attempted another piledriver, but was run off by the First Family.

Andy Has Cancer

Jimmy Hart announces that Andy has cancer. The fans in the studio either don't believe it or are happy about it. Jimmy says that King gave Andy cancer.

Jerry Lawler on Andy Kaufman’s Death

This was in the studio. King says he's the wrong person for people to ask for comments. He's sorry that Andy died, but he's the wrong person to ask for comments. He wouldn't want Jimmy Hart asked for comments if he died.

This was fascinating. Andy was such a good heel. I didn't realize the feud went on for so long. I thought it was one match and the Letterman interview, but it went on for a year and a half and they had multiple matches. I had never even heard of the Jimmy/Andy SWERVE until this. I think wrestling promotions have been trying to use this feud as a blue print for how to use celebrities, but it has never been done as well as it was in Memphis.