Memphis Music

Bad News

King sings the song. The video starts with him driving around in a car, pulling into a drive way. He takes his shirt off in slow motion and runs behind the house. He then runs in the back yard. What the fuck am I watching here? Off go his shoes. And the trousers. Looks like King is going boating. Let me tell you, King is a terrible singer.

Son of a Gypsy

A Jimmy Valiant video. He has a promo before the video and claims Burt Reynolds gave him some uppers and he hasn't been able to close his eyes for 48 hours. Standard blues song. One of the lines has him calling himself a "little funky Jew". JIGGLY JIGGLY FUNKY JEW! Apparently, this song was quite popular in the Memphis area for a while. This is less of a music video like King's and more of an actual on stage performance. Maybe he's saying "A little funky, too". I'm sticking with a little funky Jew.

Lance Russell’s Nose

This was a song from Jimmy Hart. It's a song about Jimmy getting ready to bone this chick, only to find out she had Lance Russell's nose. It's actually pretty funny and kind of catchy. There was a break down where he did a parody of the Fabulous Ones. But all the other features of the girl were from famous men. He had no problem with those, but Lance Russell's nose was too much for him.

We Hate School

Another Jimmy Hart song. Members of his First Family are badly pretending to play instruments. I feel like he's a little old to be singing a song about hating school and loving rock and roll. It's also kind of catchy. Jimmy Hart's voice kills it though.


Naturally, a Moondogs video. It's kind of a cool song.

I’m So In Love With Me

This is a ballad from Adrian Street to Adrian Street and it is fabulous.


King does a take off of the Ghostbuster's theme, making fun of Jimmy Hart. This is amazing. There are various clips of King beating up Jimmy Hart, but also some hot woman getting scared by people with masks and various wrestlers singing WIMPBUSTERS. A young Brian Christopher can be seen in a scene at a cafeteria where a kid cuts in line. King smashes a pie or ice cream in the cutter's face. This is just about the best thing I've ever seen.

Mean Streak

Another King video, though set to more of hard rock/almost metal. King is singing. It's just a montage video. I'd listen to this song if King wasn't singing it. I could picture Rob Halford singing this. Or Hollywood Rose era Axl.

The World’s Greatest Wrestler

Another King song. Basic blues rock. It's another mostly montage, but he is on stage with a band. There were some clips of him in AJPW. I'd like to find those matches. This is the kind of wrestling song that name drops wrestlers.


Oh fuck, another King song, this time with him playing acoustic in an old school blues song. He's also dressed like Johnny Cash. At least he looks like he might kind of sort of know how to play a guitar. He's not a singer, though.

Eye for an Eye

Another King helmed song. This one sounds like a 70s rock ballad. Sounds like a Doobie Brothers/Steve Miller Band/Asia hybrid. Does any band really need two guitarists playing Flying Vs?

Well, this was awesome. Wimpbusters was amazing. Adrian Street's video was also excellent. The music to The World's Greatest Wrestler was good. I just wish someone else was singing it. Jimmy Hart's songs were kind of the same. His voice kills them, but they're well written songs.

I highly recommend watching all of these, but Wimpbusters is a MUST.