Best of Memphis in the 80s Part 16

Jeff Jarrett/Tracy Smothers/Billy Travis vs. Badd Company/King Carl Fergie (8/29/87)

Before the match, there were a series of promos from a large group of heels, each who have a gimmick match or will be bringing various weapons into War Games. The faces came out to Peter Gabriel, which is pretty boss. King Carl and Double J start the match. The Rookie J hips tosses the heels all around the ring. Travis comes in and takes things to the mat. In comes Tanaka. The heels get Smothers back into their corner and go to town on him. The heels win the first fall with outside interference from the manager. Diamond and Smothers start the second fall. Tanaka and Travis are in momentarily before Double J is back in. Sunset flip. Big punch. Smothers does a monkey flip, head scissors, and dropkick to send the King to the floor. The faces won in a non-remarkable match.

Jerry Lawler vs. Eddie Gilbert No DQ (3/28/88)

Short pre-match promos featured King with a beard. King was hit with a nasty fireball and promises to get his revenge on Eddie. He also hopes Missy Hyatt gets involved so he can punch her lights out.

King teases a fireball right from the start. Eddie bails out. Eddie gets punches and grabs a mic to tell the ref to check Lawler. He almost gets counted out. More punches back in the ring. Eddie bails again when King teases the fire. Eddie gets a rope and chokes King with it. After being unable to get the pin, he wraps the rope around King's neck and ties it to the corner. BAH GAWD HE'S GONNA KILL HIM! Eddie throws punches, but breaks the rope. King fires up and the strap is down. Right hands everywhere. Piledriver. Diving fist drop. King misses! Missy tries to use her shoe. King's second stops her. Eddie gets hit with the fireball. Doug Gilbert comes out to check on his brother. King wins via count out.

Eddie Marlin vs. Tommy Gilbert Cowboy Boot Match (4/4/88)

I can't imagine this will be any good since both had been retired for years. Tommy is Eddie's father. Eddie is the father in law of Jerry Jarrett and was the on screen authority figure for the CWA for all of the 80s. I think the rules are both men are wearing cowboy boots and can use them as weapons. I think you need to take both boots from your opponent and use them to win. These guys were tag partners very long ago. Marlin gets a hold of the first boot and uses it. This is terrible. Two old fat guys half naked slowly hitting each other and bleeding. It's like the Hogan/Flair Australia tour. Except they are fighting over shoes. Eddie Marlin wins. Gilbert attacked after the match. Double J made the save for his grandpappy.

Jerry Lawler vs. Curt Hennig Title vs. Retirement (5/9/88)

Hennig would re-debut to the WWF a few months later. A lot of introductions, from ring announcers to photographers. Over 10 minutes worth. Looks like Jackie Fargo is the special ref. King wins the opening exchange. Home town crowd is solidly behind him. Two big punches in the corner. Curt flips him around and starts throwing punches. King doesn't stand for this and knocks Curt out of the ring. Perfect goes on the offense. King throws punches. Curt's manager trips King. It looks like Fargo fell on him, too. Fargo pulls the manager in the ring and beat him up before sending him to the back. Fargo seems a little biased to me. Curt had a headlock and used the hair once, so Fargo kept making him break the hold and trying to 5 count him for it. However, King does the same thing and King gets the same treatment. Curt out-wrestles King. King finally gets out of a hold with a back suplex. He misses a guillotine leg drop. Perfect locks on a Boston crab. Rope break. Curt then applies a camel clutch. They roll to the floor and King is sent into the ring post. As he tries to get back into the ring, Curt knocks him off the apron and into the railing. I'll assume King is busted open as Curt keeps punching him in the head. King starts fighting back and gets kicked off the apron. Snake eyes on the guard rail. King is finally back in the ring and Hennig tries to punch his head off. Fargo wouldn't count a pin because of a closed fist. King is sent into Fargo. Perfect uses the opportunity to hit a piledriver. King kicks out. Curt goes up top and gets caught. King starts throwing more punches. They both connect and both go down. Fargo again won't make a pin because Hennig pulled hair. Float over suplex gets a 2 count. Looked a little slow to me. Fargo breaks a sleeper due to a hair pull. Even the face announcer says he didn't see anything. Lance says he did, but the other announcer didn't see such a thing and thought it was a questionable call. King drives Hennig into the corner to break it. Hennig is trying to get the match called on a blood stoppage. King throws one big punch and does a slingshot. He's slow to make the cover, but he gets the win. King finally wins the big one. After 14 years of AWA and NWA Champions coming to town, King finally wins the AWA Championship and the fans go bananas. Faces hit the ring to celebrate with him. Lance gets a word with King in the locker room after the show.


Before the match happened, a retirement party was scheduled for afterwards. But since King won, he got to come to the party as the champ and not retire.

BONUS: Don Bass Sings!

The first week, Don Bass returned after a long absence and told Lance he was a singer. Lance didn't believe him and he refused to sing on the spot. The next week he sent in a tape of him lip syncing from his couch. And playing a guitar like he's clearly never touched one in his life. Bass then showed up in the studio and Lance confronted him. Bass again refuses to sing in the studio as he has a concert tonight and needs to protect his voice.

He sent another tape the next week. This is so ridiculous. Studio versions of actual well known country songs play as he strums his guitar while barely even touching the neck and lip syncing, claiming it is all him. Lance cuts it off again and confronts Bass one more time. Lance is hilarious.


BONUS: Evansville Dressing Room Brawl

Exactly what it sounds like.

Pretty boring disc, especially compared to the last one. Memphis is starting to hit some HARD TIMES. Their best talent went to the WWF or NWA/WCW. By the end of 1988, the renewed relationship with the AWA was on the rocks and would end in 1989. The AWA itself was on its last legs. CWA continued their relationship with WCCW and the companies would eventually combine to form the USWA, which would end up being exclusively in Memphis pretty shortly after. The next disc is the last to be mostly matches, as both the decade and CWA as an individual company came to an end.

Coming up: Kerry Von Erich, Robert Fuller and Jimmy Golden (Bunkhouse Buck), a very young Scott Steiner, a very young Undertaker, an Orchestra match, and Freddy Krueger.

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