Best of Memphis in the 80s Part 14

Koko Ware vs. Ric Flair (11/18/85)

I'm not sure why Koko got to face Flair as he didn't defeat Dundee for the Southern Heavyweight Championship. Whatever. Dusty is at ringside for this. Flair is able to get Koko to the mat and in the corner. Clean break. Koko works a tight side headlock. Flair gets up and does a leap frog only to get caught in a hip toss. Back to the headlock. Dusty is trying to get Koko fired up and Flair seems shocked that Koko is taking it to him like that. It seems he underestimated young Koko. Had he been watching his Memphis tapes, he'd know that Koko was pretty awesome. Flair unloads some chops in the corner, but Koko comes right back with a series of punches. Flair Flop! And another. Big cross body gets a near fall and Flair bails, only to run into Dusty. Koko is too fast for Flair on the mat. It takes punches and chops to get Koko down. Knee drop. Flair keeps Koko grounded and works the arm. Koko fires up and Flair begs off. The ref stops Koko from throwing a closed fist, which allows Flair to throw a knee. Sleeper! Flair is barely able to get to the ropes. Series of punches. Give him the Ghostbustaaaaaah, Koko! Back suplex from Flair. Double stomp from Flair. I've never seen him do that and I've seen a lot of Ric Flair matches. Figure four is applied. Koko gets out. Backslide! Flair gets out. Flair uses Koko's momentum to send him to the floor. Koko comes back in with a sunset flip. Flair tries to punch out of it, but this was still in the era where black people had super hard heads so it didn't work out for him. 2 count. Flair misses a knee drop and Koko slaps on a figure four. Rope break. Koko hits some dropkicks. Dundee runs out and attacks Dusty. Flair hits a knee in the back and gets the pin on Koko, even though Koko's foot was on the ropes. Dundee and Flair continued to beat up Koko until Dusty recovered. They ran the faces off. It was a Flair formula match, but Flair in his prime and Koko was so much better than I ever realized.


Jerry Lawler vs. Bill Dundee No DQ, Loser Leaves Town (12/30/85)

Coming into the match, King has his head taped up and an eye covered. Dundee goes right after it. Dundee also throws punches at the ref just because he can. King's depth perception is all off and he can't get any kind of offense off. King finally lands a punch after many minutes of getting rocked repeatedly. It didn't last long. I'm pretty sure a baby Sting is at ringside. After a commercial, King is throwing Dundee across the announce table. There are no DQs and there must be a winner, but there are count outs. Pretty sure Warrior is out there as well. The fight goes into the stands. King is knocked over the guard rail on the risers. Dundee tries to get a count out win. King makes it back to the ring, but is slammed into a table and the ring post. King begs for more punches and takes the strap down. I would say 90% of the match is punches. Dundee is handed salt or something. He throws it in Lawler's face and pins him. Lawler must leave Memphis! A music video of the match is included. The music video had a lot of stuff that wasn't included in the clipped match. Looked like King had a lot more offense in the full match.


Jerry Lawler/Dutch Mantel vs. Bill Dundee/Buddy Landel (3/10/86)

The faces ran the heels out right away. The heels try to stall and the faces follow them out to deliver some more punches. When the match starts, Landel gets tricked into hitting Dundee a few times. Dutch and King punch the shit out of Buddy. Buddy gets some offense on King and tags Dundee in. Dundee misses a top rope stomp. Dundee kicks King in the balls. Dutch gets fucked up on the floor. King is thrown into a table and choked with the guard chain. Dundee accidentally hits Buddy with a chained fist. King opened up the cut. Dutch and Dundee fight off into the crowd. Dutch and King by count out.

The Nightmares vs. Fire and Flame (7/12/86)

The Nightmares now have rainbow colored hair and face paint. Fire and Flame look like they might be The Assassins in new gear. Fire and Flame suck. Actually, I think one of these guys was on the Continental show I watch. One who threw a fire ball at Bob Armstrong. I'll pass on this. It ended in a DQ or something. I guess they did something really bad that wasn't shown on TV. FF and their manager came back out to argue with Lance. But Fire and Flame are now not allowed to wrestle on TV. I think they hit a woman or something. Instead, the manager brings out The Mod Squad to finish the next fall. 

Jerry Lawler vs. Bill Dundee No DQ, Loser Leaves Town (7/14/86)

It's been about 7 months since their last loser leaves town match. King's eye is much better this time around. They start brawling until Dundee hits a low blow. They head to the floor. King is sent into the post/steps. King fights back and hits a piledriver. Dundee got his foot on the ropes and they went back to the floor. Dundee is slammed into everything around. Dundee sends King into the table and does a few kicks for good measure. King is busted open. Dundee starts peppering King with punches. Top rope punch from Dundee. King gets to the ropes. Piledriver from Dundee. This whole time there has been a second ring that hasn't been used or shown. Big kick out from King sends Dundee on top of the ref. The ref was then too stunned to make the pin. Strap is down. Punch battle. King wins it. Another piledriver. Dundee kicks out! Both men throw punches and both go down. Another low blow from Dundee. King hits a jumping piledriver to win the match. Dundee is gone from Memphis. Again!


The Nightmares vs. Mod Squad Wear a Dress vs. Make-up Session (7/21/86)

The Nightmares already wear make up and look stupid. The Mod Squad were evil motorcycle cops. They look...not very good. Overly inflated, muscle gutted dudes who are probably going to be blown up with in 3 minutes. One Nightmare does a 619 feint and the other follows up with a suicide dive. That's hot shit in 1986. The Nightmares are pretty good. Danny Davis is one of them, who would go on to be the main trainer for OVW. They don't look like they'd be good. They're kind of short, doughy looking middle aged white guys with multicolored mullets and bad mustaches. They also stole some RNR spots, notably the hip toss your partner into the corner one. Nightmares win. The Mod Squad now have to wear make up.

BONUS: Jerry Lawler & Dutch Mantel vs. Bill Dundee & Buddy Landel (Texas Death Match Clips) (3/24/86)

This started with Dundee and Buddy running Lance out of the studio. Dutch and King came out to shut them up. The match itself went to 26 falls before Dutch and Buddy both couldn't stand before a 10 count. It was declared that the first man up would win. Buddy stood up, but Dutch was on top of him, so Lawler and Dutch were declared the winners. It turned into a pull apart brawl after the match.

Much better disc than the last couple. Maybe the strongest over all so far.

Still to come: Bam Bam Big Yellow, Jeff Jarrett vs Nick Bockwinkel, and Curt Hennig.