Best of Memphis in the 80s Part 12

Randy Savage vs. Jerry Oski (5/7/85)

Oski would go on to do some job work in WWF and WCW, but is otherwise unknown to most people. The match starts clipped, even though it was introduced as a 31 minute all time classic. But when it starts, Savage is already bleeding and worn down. Oski works the arm. Savage is able to throw Oski over the top rope. Oski's manager tries to get the ref to disqualify him for it. Or maybe that's actually Savage's manager. I'm not sure. Savage won't let Oski back in the ring and keeps attacking. I guess he's the heel. Savage finally brings it back to the ring and drops an ax handle and falling lariatoo. He drops one to the floor as well. Oski briefly fires up until running into the ring post and falling to the floor. He comes back in with a sunset flip. And another. Oski kicks out of the elbow. Savage tries a pin with his feet on the ropes. The ref caught it. Oski then rolls Savage up. New champion! I don't know what the fuck Randy Hale was talking about, this was boring as fuck. Piledriver to Oski after the match.

Lanny Poffo vs. Jerry Oski (5/18/85)

Oski is jacked, which wasn't as apparent in the last match due to the dark image quality. Lanny himself has put on quite a bit of muscle over the last year. Mat wrasslin. Oski gets a spinning toe hold and turns it into a half crab. Just boring and awkward mat wrestling. Lanny is knocked to the floor. This is not interesting in the least. Considering Oski just had a boring match with Randy Savage, I'm going to assume he is at fault here. Randy Savage came out to attack Oski, causing a DQ.

Jerry Lawler v. Bruiser Brody (5/20/85)

The ref is on the floor and only there to count pinfalls. Lawler runs into a big boot in the corner. A back elbow knocks Brody down. Leap frog and drop kick from Brody. Big body slam, but Brody misses the knee drop. King misses an elbow drop. Lawler is then stomped and thrown around ringside. King is bleeding. Lots of boots to the head. King starts firing up and the strap is down. The ref stops King from doing a piledriver, so King throws the ref out of the ring. He goes back to it and some giant black dude hits the ring to cause a DQ. Spike piledriver to King. Brody walked off with King's crown.

Jerry Lawler vs. Randy Savage Loser Leaves Town Match (6/3/85)

Macho bails and stalls right from the start. Lots and lots of stalling. King spits at Savage, which finally gets him into the match. This must be no DQ as the ref is on the floor and low blows are legal. So much stalling. After a commercial, we have a mid ring collision. King goes into the ring post. He then gets knocked from the apron to the announce table. Ax handle. King is bleeding. Savage does whatever he can to bust him open more. Savage is declared the winner by ref stoppage. King must leave Memphis! King gets on the mic and says he didn't quit and wasn't pinned, so the match should continue. The match continues. King is now all fired up. He hits a series of punches, 2 flying fist drops, and a piledriver to seen Savage out of the territory and onto greener pastures of the WWF. I believe he'd make his WWF by the end of the month.


Fabulous Ones vs. The Sheepherders (6/22/85)

This is a different configuration of the Sheepherders, featuring neither Luke nor Butch. Before the match, there was an America love it or leave it style promo. Morgan and Stan start out. Stan quickly tags out. Stan was clearly on the juice at this time. He was huge and his giant puffy face made it pretty obvious. The Fabs and Sheepherders (all versions) had feuds all over the country from 1982-1986 or so. It was probably the biggest feud for the Fabs. Skinner falls to the floor and is jabbed in the head with a flag pole. I believe he's busted open. He plays the FIP for quite a while. He was able to make a pin, which the ref of course didn't see. Boyd then hits him with a Homey the Clown sock to win the match and titles. Stan was barely in the match at all. Eddie Marlin and another promoter took the belts and refused to allow the Sheepherders to keep the titles. A manager came out and said some shit. He somehow talked his way into the Sheepherders getting to keep the belts.

Jerry Lawler/Austin Idol vs. Michael Hayes/Terry Gordy (8/5/85)

Fucking Michael Hayes. I hate Michael Hayes. I also have a hard time believing that a guy with Austin Idol's haircut is really considered a universal heart throb. The Birds are cleared from the ring early on. King accidentally threw a fire ball at Hayes (as you do), starting a feud between them. Gordy hits a second rope fist drop on King. He goes up again and gets slammed. Second rope punch from Idol. Idol grabs a fans cane and uses it to hook the eggs of both Birds. I'm not sure I'd want that cane back, what with all the ball sweat all over it now. Snap suplex from Gordy. Hayes is such a cunt. I would like to see the promo with King and him, but fuck him in the ring or at any point past 1986. King hits the fist drop on Gordy as Idol hits a knee to the balls seconds later. Hayes distracts the ref as Gordy does a kind of brain buster on the floor. Bulldog from Hayes. Gordy lariatooooo. Great piledriver from him as well. King got out of the second attempt. He hits a double clothesline on the Birds and makes a hot tag to Idol. King tries to throw a fireball at Hayes and accidentally gets the ref. You'd think a guy who threw as many fireballs as King would have better aim. The match is thrown out. Hayes gets a belt and starts whipping and punching with it. Gordy throws Randy Hales and steals his shoe. King and Idol fought back to end the segment.


Fabulous Ones vs. The Sheepherders Steel Cage Match (8/6/85)

This looks like a fan cam. Born in the USA is blaring in the background. I don't think the Fabs understood the meaning of that song. Most of it takes place outside of the cage. The cage itself is barely taller than the top rope and one side is ripped apart right away. Just a pretty short and boring brawl. The ref was thrown and then the match was thrown out.

BONUS: This Is Your Life, Jerry Lawler

This is done by Eddie Gilbert. It's done sarcastically. Eddie asks King to come out. Eddie plays a tape of Jim White, King's first partner, sounding quite drunk. Eddie insinuates that the drunkenness was due to King casting White off and leaving him behind. He also has some footage of Sam Bass, who King also left behind. Holy fuck, Eddie is blaming King for Sam's death in an automobile accident because King insisted on flying and Sam had to drive. And one night Sam died in a car wreck while driving to a show that King flew to. Another audio clip is played, this time of Tommy Gilbert, Eddie's father. King won the title off of him by using a chain.

Next, he brings out Playboy/Plowboy Fraizer, who claims King made up a fake hometown for him to make money off of him. The next clip is of King crushing Andy Kaufman (which will be covered in detail later). Andy also couldn't be there because he died. Brought on by King's piledrivers that probably caused Andy's cancer. The next person is Jimmy Hart (who I believe was in the WWF by this point). Eddie says the fans are ready to see the King fall and Eddie is going to be the man to do it. King says that Eddie reminds him of himself at a younger age, but he's not ready to step down any time soon (an understatement if I've ever heard one since he is still the king of Memphis 30 years later and Eddie is dead).

Not a very interesting disc. Of the nearly 4 hours of matches on it, I think there was all of 1 clean finish. I know DQs and non-finishes were much more common in the 80s, but this was ridiculous.

Coming up: More Freebirds, Russians, Rick Martel, a JCP cross over, the return of Ric Flair, and the re-ignition of the Dundee/Lawler feud.