Best of Memphis in the 80s Part 11

Hollywood Blonds vs. Lightning Express (11/10/84)

The Express are Brad Armstrong and Tim Horner. This version of the Blonds is Rip Rogers and Ted Oats. Ted Oats might have the least intimidating wrestler name I've ever heard. Gordon Solie is calling this match with Lance Russell. Brad and Oats start the match. Crisscross spot ends in 2 leap frogs and a cross body from Brad. Tags are made. The Express pick the arm to work over. Fast tags from them. Lightning quick, you might say. Horner does a lot of kip ups and arm drags. Double back body drop. Roger's gets tied up in the ropes. Brad runs after him, but it turns out Rip was just playing opossum and Brad went flying to the floor. The studio girls really like Brad. Brad and Rip collide in the center of the ring. Hot tag to Horner. The Blonds tried a few spike piledrivers. Ronnie Garvin hit the ring to prevent them, but gave the Blonds the win via DQ. Gordon barely let Lance talk during this.

Ronnie Garvin vs. Eddie Gilbert (11/17/84)

They start with some mat wrestling. Garvin counters a school boy kick out by just holding on to Eddie's leg and going for a different move. I don't think I've seen that before. Eddie hurts his knee on a leap frog. It was a SWERVE! That son of a bitch! Of course Jimmy Hart is Eddie's manager. I believe Virgil is with Jimmy as well. Garvin comes back with some shoulder blocks and goes into submission work. He had the win with another school boy, but Hart had the ref distracted. Hard chops. Knee drop. Garvin gets tied up in the ropes and Eddie goes right to work on him. Flying knee drop from Eddie. He misses the second. Half crab from Garvin. One of Jimmy's men hits the ring to cause a DQ. King and I believe the Batten Brothers from the WWC review make the save.

Nightmares vs. Batten Brothers (12/29/84)

Battens! This was pre-mullets for them. Both Nightmares look sleazy as fuck. Battens were full of dropkicks and arm drags. That seems like the majority of their offense. Someone's neck is tied in the ropes. Nightmare 1 holds Batten 1 up by his feet as Nightmare 2 drops an elbow from the top to the mid section. Ref misses the hot tag. Some solid punches are thrown by a Nightmare. Batten 1 makes a brief come back, but it is quickly cut off. Things break down and the other brother is tied in the ropes. The fall has been stopped, possibly due to DQ. Lance says "The official winners, there was nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnnnn."


Rock N Roll Express vs. The Nightmares (1/13/85)

Morton and Ken Wayne start out. They're pretty even. Gibson is tagged in and we get some mostly comedy spots, including one that made no sense. Wayne is whipped into the corner. Danny Davis is whipped into him, doing a Flair Flip. Then the momentum made him back drop his partner. I'm not sure how the physics of that works even by wrestling physics standards. This was followed with double monkey flips and atomic drops. RnR are full of double team spots that make their opponents look like stooges. Gibson is thrown out of the ring on a kick out and appears to have injured his knee. The Nightmares go after it and weirdly, Gibson is working as FIP. Hot tag to Morton. Jimmy Hart throws his cane in, which cuts off the fire. Wayne misses a diving headbutt and Morton gets the pin anyway. Really weird to have Morton and Gibson switching rolls.

Dirty White Boys vs. The Interns (1/14/85)

The Interns were found in WWC and SECW, but I'm sure there were a number of people under that team name. TL Hopper and Intern 1 start. Both Interns are fat guys in masks. Anthony is slammed on the MemphoJapanese table. Things have devolved into a wild brawl. TL is dragged around ringside by his neck with some kind of rope. I don't even know who is supposed to be face or heel or if both teams are heels. This must be a No DQ match since the match continued after 5 minutes of brawling on the floor. Sure seems like TL is now a face, but it seemed like he was a heel at the start of the match. Did I just watch a double turn and not even realize it? Regardless, he's now playing FIP. Everyone collides, including the ref. The DWBs treat the Interns like a Bane boss battle. A title is thrown into an Intern, but a DWB catches it and uses it. Jimmy Hart runs in and hits TL with a title, giving the win to the Interns.

Randy Savage vs. Adrian Street (1/28/85)

There was a Liz drop in before this for ICW. But this is a CWA match so I'm not sure how that relationship worked. What's great about this is that Street is the gay dude for his actions, but Savage at the time came out to disco, wore similar sequined robes, and threw confetti at people. Street spends a lot of time stalling, so Randy jumps into the crowd and hangs out. He even took some personalized pictures for some kid while wearing a hat. Street is finally able to get a cheap shot to start the action. He threw threw Savage over the top rope. Miss Linda takes some cheap shots of her own. Savage isn't able to get back into the ring as every time he gets close, Linda or Street attack him. He finally gets back into the ring and throws a lot of punches and elbows. It heads back to the floor. Linda sprays Savage in the face with perfume, but the actual result was a double count out.

Randy Savage/Lanny Poffo/Joe Lightfoot vs. Mr. Wrestling/Eddie Gilbert/Adrian Street (3/4/85)

I'm going to assume this is actually either Mr. Wrestling II or a random guy. The original Mr. Wrestling had retired in 1983. Mr. Wrestling and Lightfoot start out. Arm drags everywhere. Head scissors. Mr. Wrestling misses a splash in the corner and a head scissors brings him back in. Savage tags in with a hat and cane for some reason. Linda and Eddie are able to hold Savage in the corner so Street and throw shots at him. Savage is triple teamed on the floor. He's then triple teamed in the ring. I can't decide if Savage as FIP is a good idea or not. He's definitely the best wrestler on his team, but he's also the most wild and fiery, which would work best for a hot tag. Instead, Lightfoot gets the tag and starts chopping everyone. He's cut off with a Mr. Wrestling chop block. Lanny and Street brawl on the floor as Savage recovers in the corner. Lightfoot gets himself stuck in a tree of Keanu. Mr. Wrestling misses a top rope knee drop and a hot tag to Savage is made. This makes more sense. He runs into the ring post. Spike piledriver to Lanny. Savage hit an ax handle on Mr. Wrestling a bit too late, but won the match with it.

Pretty Young Things vs. The Daydreamers Texas Tornado Match (3/25/85)

The Day Dreamers are Steve Constant and Tim Ashley. I'm not sure which is which and if either went on to do anything elsewhere. There isn't much info online about them. There were also multiple versions of the team over the course 15 years or so. I'm quite sure Randy Hale (future top heel of Power Pro Wrestling) said the fans called the PYTs "nappy". It's possible he said "nasty", but I'm going with nappy considering it was Memphis in the 80s and they were black. It's mostly just a mindless brawl. Koko hits a stiff missile dropkick. This is basically a squash. Daydreamers have had almost no offense and Koko is shit talking on the mic. The shit talking fires the Dreamers up. The PYTs manager interferes, giving them the win.

Tommy Rich vs. Moondog Rex (4/22/85)

Fuck, a Moondog?! Lou Thesz is on color. You can't trick me into watching Moondog shit. Lou Thesz is talking about booking in the Middle East, conveniently leaving out Israel as one of the countries. Tommy wins with a Thesz Press. Lou says Tommy will have to pay royalties for it.

Fabulous Ones vs. Pretty Young Things (4/22/85)

This starts right away with a brutal monkey flip to Koko. He's definitely shaken up from it. The Fabs are making a return to the area after jumping around to Texas and the AWA for a bit. Koko is an idiot and walks on top of his own partner twice before realizing it. Stan works Austin's arm for a while. Koko gets tagged in and seems like he's getting revenge for that monkey flip. Austin hits a shoulder breaker. Stan plays FIP for a bit. Tape quality is very dark. Stan finally makes the hot tag. Lanny Poffo hit the ring and caused a DQ.

Well, the first half of this disc is like revisiting WCW. So many DQs and non-finishes.

Still to come: More Poffos, King vs Savage loser leaves town, King vs Bruiser Brody, the Freebirds, and a tag team cage match.