McMemphis: The Vince McMahon in Memphis Saga Part 3 of 3

Chapter 21:

The next challenge for King is in two weeks. Vince's next wrestler to come to town is Randy Savage. Savage was very well known in the Memphis area as he got his start in the ICW, which was an outlaw promotion run by his father that wasn't a part of the NWA or AWA, but ran shows in their territories. They would be direct competition to the CWA. When they folded, Lawler/Jarrett bought the assets of the company and Savage would have a major feud with King. In fact, Savage was signed by Vince almost directly after that feud. We're shown a Randy Savage highlight package.

Chapter 22:

We were supposed to see another promo from Vince, but the director said the tape didn't make it, so King used this opportunity to cut a promo. King says the real reason the tape didn't show up was because Vince was afraid to send another promo now that King won the title back from Tatanka. King threatens to burn both Vince and King.

Chapter 23:

King promotes some shows and we get to see how Tatanka lost the title.

Chapter 24:

Randy Savage sends in a promo. Macho touches on their long history. "I'm gonna repeat myself. No I'm not. I never repeat myself. DID YA GET IT?!?!" Tatanka is a great wrestler, no doubt, but he's not 1/100000000th the wrestler Randy Savage is. He doesn't care about belts or money or letters from fans, he wants the belt just because he knows it makes King tick. "YOU HAVE NO CHANCE IN HELL!" Could it be just a coincidence that Vince would use that as his catch phrase a few years later?

Chapter 25:

Vince sends in another dick head promo. You can't believe in the Tooth Fairy or politicians, just like you can't believe in Jerry Lawler. But you can believe that the sun will rise tomorrow. You can believe the earth is round. And you can believe in Randy Savage. There are only 3 guarantees in life: Death, Taxes, and Randy Savage. *Cue crazy Vince face*. King then responds to the promo. We're then shown a montage of King throwing fire.


Chapter 26:

Highlights of Savage/King were shown. Savage ate a fireball. I think. It looked like it, but Savage quickly recovered and hit King with a chain wrapped around his fist to win the title. Jeff Jarrett came out and revealed the chain, leading to the decision being reversed. Savage would get double teamed and ran off.


Chapter 27:

Savage sends in a promo saying that Vince would be in his corner for the rematch against King. After Savage wins the title, he's going to declare himself the King of the Hicks! UH HUH, YEAAAAHH! LITIGATION?!? YOU DON'T LIKE LITIGATION NOW DO YA BOY?!?! Savage putting on a Southern accent but still in the Macho Man voice is the weirdest thing.

Chapter 28:

Downtown Bruno/Harvey Whippleman is announced as King's second in the match. Vince and...Harvey? King really hates NYC. Bruno is picked as an insult to Vince, showing how little King is worried about Vince. Bruno thinks the further North you go, the dumber you get. And Vince is the biggest Yankee there is. How fucking bizarre. Harvey Whippleman cutting a long promo on Vince McMahon.

Chapter 29:

VInce's last promo hyping his return to Memphis. Shame on you, Jeff Jarrett. Shame on you, Jerry Lawler. After threats of litigation, Eddie Marlin stripped King of the title. Vince will be there to keep an eye on King's shenanigans. After Savage wins the title, everyone will see things the way Vince does, in Machovision. This would end up being the last promo from Vince as King had some legal issues a few weeks later that ended up having King leave the WWF until they were sorted out. Eddie Marlin takes possession of the belt from King.


Chapter 30:

Eddie says that he didn't want to strip King of the belt, but he had to. He says that the WWF is not superior to the USWA. The result of the Savage/King rematch was Vince costing King the match after much physical involvement. But due to King's legal issues, the angle basically died off. Vince didn't return, nor did he send in any more promos. Randy Savage never returned to defend the title. Some mid card WWF guys would come in, but not as part of the angle. Because of the legal issues, the angle really had no blow off and ended up with Vince winning and proving the WWF was indeed superior to the USWA.

It's really fascinating stuff. There are a lot of USWA shows online, but none from during the McMahon feud. I'd love to see the big Monday shows through out Memphis history. But this is really the genesis of the Mr. McMahon character. In 1993, Vince was still a goofy announcer. In Memphis, he was the owner of the WWF, doing heel promos had Pat Patterson as his stooge, and was getting physically involved in matches. It's really interesting to watch. He wasn't as over the top crazy, but he was very similar to the early days of Mr. McMahon, in between Montreal and WM14 Mr. McMahon. Very, gloriously smug. King doing great face promos. All the WWF guys who were faces on WWF TV being heels on Memphis TV. I don't think anything like that could be done today, but I think Vince really has a deep respect for territory wrestling, even though he killed them. It's a shame that Lawler's legal issues popped up, because I have no doubt that angle was going to end with Vince either taking a piledriver or getting a fire ball to the face.