McMemphis: The Vince McMahon in Memphis Saga Part 1 of 3

Chapter 1:

We're shown clips of Bret/Owen Hart vs Jeff Jarrett and Jerry Lawler. The WWF had a working agreement with the USWA at the time. King was a heel in the WWF, but a face in Memphis. Jarrett had yet to go to the WWF, but I'm sure this angle was a big reason for him getting signed. Bret and Owen were faces in the WWF, but heels in USWA. The Hart/King feud carried over and played out much in the same manner as the Harts vs USA angle would a few years later.


Chapter 2:

King talks about his upcoming stretcher match with Paul Neighbors. King guarantees that Neighbors will leave in an ambulance or King will personally refund everyone's money. He starts talking about being in the WWF and how many people think that the USWA and its fans are full of rednecks. This includes Vince McMahon, who King openly says runs the WWF. Paul Neighbors comes out. He can't figure how to center himself on camera, but he announces that VINCE MCMAHON will be in his corner in the the stretcher match. Fucking LOL, Paul wasn't supposed to actually say Vince would be in his corner. The announcer actually said, "You spoiled the announcement!".

Chapter 3:

We're shown a special edition of the King's Court from a WWF show. It was shot in Boston. Vince is the guest. It starts out with them doing their WWF roles. Vince looks fucking swoll. King talks about how he's been wrestling all over the world for years, beating all the top stars to earn the right to be called King. Bret Hart won one tournament and doesn't deserve the title. A few minutes in, things switch. King slips into his face Memphis role and Vince starts doing a subtle heel role. Very condescending. Very reminiscent of early Mr. McMahon before he got so over the top. They're promoting the USWA match on this WWF show. Vince says he'll be there so he can be one of the people to get a refund and so he can read in the local papers the next day how the King has gone bankrupt. By the end of the segment, they revert back to their WWF roles. It was weird and must have been super weird for the fans at the taping. I don't believe this actually aired on WWF TV and was instead filmed specifically for this angle for USWA television.

Chapter 4:

King promotes Vince coming to the Mid South Coliseum, but also takes time to plug some softball games.

Chapter 5:

A cage match between Bret and Lawler is promoted. We're shown clips of the last time Bret was in Memphis, which was the tag match with Owen against King and Jarrett. The local boys lost due to the shadiness of referee Paul Neighbors. He just happened to miss Bert Prentice giving Bret an international object, which was then used to win the match. After the match, Bret cut a heel promo, shitting on King and Memphis. This is probably at the height of his super face run in the WWF. He called Owen the Prince of Darkness.

Chapter 6:

We're shown highlights of the stretcher match. Vince was there and went full heel on the crowd. He doesn't like Lawler or anyone who likes Lawler. Vince also had Pat Patterson there as a body guard. As King was chasing Neighbors, Vince tripped him. King heads towards Vince, but Patterson bows up. King throws Pat into the ring post and pulls the strap down in front of Vince. Even with the poor quality, I can tell that Vince had his angry face on. Vince stands up as King begs for a punch. The jacket is off! Patterson grabs King and Vince decks him! Holy shit! This is 1993. Not only had Vince never been heel, but he had also never been physically involved in anything on TV. So in 1993, only in Memphis, Vince is openly acknowledged as the owner of the WWF, is a heel, and has become physically involved in a match. King would win the match and drop a fire ball on Neighbors' face as he was being stretchered out.


Chapter 7:

Vince McMahon sends in a heel promo about the rudeness of the Memphis people. He did nothing wrong. He had never been insulted like that in his life. "You asked for it, and you got it." Vince is almost giddy about what Bret is going to do King in the cage match. Vince wants King to again offer refunds if he can't defeat Bret Hart. This was very much in the vein of Bret Screwed Bret. But in 1993.

Chapter 8:

King was wearing a King of the Ring shirt and said that tournament was meaningless without him in it. King brings up that people have asked him why he acts differently on WWF television and his reason was because Vince is a jerk, as seen when Vince came to town. He invites Vince back. He also agrees to offer refunds if he can't defeat Bret. They'll have the cage match on Saturday and then will wrestle again the next night at Summerslam.

Chapter 9:

We're shown highlights of the cage match. King won and Bret basically left the angle as Vince would begin sending other sports entertainers to take out King. Owen Hart tried to get involved. Jeff Jarrett prevented it. Giant Gonzalez would get into the cage. His interference would back fire as he accidentally hit Bret, which allowed King to score a pin fall. The attack on King continued after the match. Bret applied the Sharpshooter and Gonzalez would pull back on Bret for added leverage. Owen would give Jeff a piledriver.


Chapter 10:

Bert Prentice and Giant Gonzalez gave a live in studio promo. EVERYONE hates Jerry Lawler, according to Bert. Giant then had a squash match. After the match, crooked and recently fired referee Pal Neighbors buys an interest in Bert's wrestlers. This was because Bert would be leaving the territory soon. Not super sure why the next match, a squash with the Dogcatchers, was included, but whatever.