Illbleed (Dreamcast)

Illbleed was a 2001 survival horror contest game show...thing. It was produced for the Dreamcast. The basic plot of the game is that someone has created a super spooky little town with six attractions. Anyone who could make it through all six would get $100,000,000. You start out as Eriko Christy, who as a young girl lost her fear due to her father constantly scaring her for his own horror themed job. She is not impressed with the idea and refuses to go with her friends...until her friends end up missing.

When you get to the city, you can go to a bank, an emergency room, a convenience store, and the cinema. The cinema is where all your attractions are, as they are actually just simulations. Your goal is to get through each stage without your heart rate getting too high, bleeding to death, or running out of energy. Each stage has a pair of goggles that you find before entering the stage which allows you to search for traps and diffuse them before they can scare you. However, this also wears down your adrenaline, so you have to use it wisely.

Of course, the game doesn't explain any of this to you. I didn't even know about the goggles thing until after I had played for an hour and had no clue how to do shit. It's a weird ass game. The concept is interesting, but man, it's goofy and weird as shit. It has a clunky inventory system, sometimes your detector just doesn't work, and some of the traps are just bizarre. Like the toilet that overflows and shoots shit at you. Or dishes that come to life and fly at you. Or random Resident Evil styled zombie monsters that you have to fight, but can be saved by a helicopter. Inside. I was not able to make it past the first attraction, so I did not win the $100M. 

The first attraction follows the story of a man who lost his baseball loving son to a fire, and then sought his revenge by killing the kids who started the fire. With a flamethrower. And now he's all mangled and haunts the hotel. Along the way, you'll find a baseball bat that talks, soothing music CDs, eyeballs that grow out of doors, zombies, ringing telephones, a cartoon of a bear falling down and farting (which can be seen around 22 minutes into the video), actual shit, and a whole host of other random objects flying at your face. In addition to your goggle things, you have a sense detector that will let you know something near you is about to scare you. You also have adrenaline, blood, and energy bars. On the right hand screen, you have your heart meter, which will kill you if it gets too high. You also hear your heart beat the entire time you are playing. It's just weird.

Legitimately bizarre voice acting, design, and overall concept. It's interesting, though. I can't say I like it, but it was a neat thing to play at least once, I guess. Other levels include a toy store and something that has a cake as the main boss. It's not very spooky, and in fact seems to be a parody of most horror games at the time. It is unique, at least.