Ghostbusters: The Video Game (PC)

Ghostbusters: The Video Game is a third person shooter action/comedy/horror game released for PC, 360, PS3, PS2, and Wii in 2009. Written by Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis, you play as the newest employee of the paranormal investigations and eliminations business as a new wave of Gozer related hauntings plagues New York City. The game features voice acting from Aykroyd, Ramis, Bill Murray, Ernie Hudson, Annie Potts, and William Atheron all reprising their roles from the movies. I played the game and had a lot of fun.


After the opening sequence, you'll find yourself at Ghostbusters HQ. You can wander around and look at the sights and sounds (including the painting of Vigo, who will mercilessly and tirelessly shit talk you). Of course, Slimer escapes and your first mission is to capture him, but along the way you come across another ghost that you have to bust. Here is where you'll learn the very basics of the game: How to use your proton pack and how to trap a ghost. You'll also have the HUD explained to you, which unlike traditional games, is actually entirely on your proton pack and not a HUD at all. You can see your health levels and proton energy levels at all time by looking at it. Slimer escapes, which sends you on your first official mission as a Ghostbuster.

Hotel Sedgewick

Not only is your first mission to track down Slimer, but it is also revisiting the Sedgewick. You'll come across a fisherman who haunts the building as well. Peter gets slimed (again). It's pretty easy. There are multiple ghosts and you work as a team to trap them. That's the basic point of every level, I guess. The proton pack is perfect. It looks and feels just like the movie. You feel like a god damn Ghostbuster playing this. It's awesome. You also get to use your PKE meter, which allows you to search for hidden ghosts and artifacts. You can use it to scan each ghost and get more information in the Tobin Spirit guide. There, you'll find strengths and weaknesses, as well as the backstory on each ghost. Neither the artifacts nor Spirit Guide actually matter in the game, they're just a fun distraction. You get money for each ghost you trap or destroy, allowing you to upgrade your equipment throughout the game. I recommend doing it as soon as you can.

Times Square

OH SHIT STAY PUFT IS BACK! Damn it, Ray. This mission is a bit tougher. Each stage is broken down into multiple parts. This stage has you first walking around Times Square with Ray while keeping Stay Puft distracted. Then you'll have to clear the way for Ecto-1 to get through the city, where you'll come upon a haunted theater and put down opera singers from a play that recently was shut down due to the cast catching on fire and dying. Eventually, you'll have to blow up Stay Puft one more time.

Public Library

You got to see Slimer and Stay Puft, so why would you leave out the Gray Lady? She was the first ghost the Ghostbusters ever encountered, and Ray in particular has a real hard on against her. She made them look like punks, you see. This is the longest stage in the game. It goes on FOREVER. It's where the game goes from "hey remember that scene from Ghostbusters" into a crazy, reality warping, time-space destroying wacky adventure. You end up traveling to another dimension. The ghost dimension. Which is trying to merge with the regular dimension. 2dimensional2spooky4me. But god damn, it goes on forever. It's almost double the length of everything else. 

History Museum

I liked this stage. Exhibits coming to live and whatnot. Most of them are Aztec or Egyptian stone warriors, but you do come across a Civil War exhibit, with you getting caught up in the battle. Confederate flags everywhere. Ray gets possessed. Multiple times. As do the other guys in the main battle of the stage. Get your slimer ready, because you'll be using it constantly. It's the only way you can get the possessor ghosts out of the other guys. You get to find out the source of the black slime. 

Return to Hotel Sedgewick

Things have gotten worse since the last time you were there. A lot worse. This is the only level that really plays up the horror aspect of the franchise. It's currently haunted by the Spider Lady, who in the past killed lovers by wrapping them up and draining them of their blood. As such, the whole hotel is covered in giant spider webs, with spiders popping out and swarming you. And then the boss is a giant, massive spider woman monster ghost. If you're not into spiders, this stage probably sucks a lot. It's the shortest one, though. A nice breather after the two longest in a row.

Ghost Island

Did you know the Ghostbusters have their own Ecto-boat? You do now. Business must have been good since they they're now considered Emergency Services on the same level as police, EMTs, and police. And they need it to make it to a hidden ghost island in the middle of the Hudson that decided to raise. This sheds a lot of light on Ivo Shandor, his family history, and why he's ruining the world. Reasonably short.  This has more "puzzles" than any other stage. And by puzzles, I mean using your slime tether to pull some stuff. 

Central Park Cemetery

The final stage of the game. You'll go through the spooky cemetery, working on puzzles to unlock doors and get the Ecto-1 through with you. Once you get to the end, you'll find yourself back in the ghost dimension, where Ivo Shandor has possessed the mayor (played by Bill Murray's brother) and turned into an inter-dimensional shape shifting monster thing that is threatening to eat the world while shit talking you like he's Pinhead. Beat him and you'll beat the game, save the world (again), and possibly look into starting your own franchise.

Over all, it's a fairly short game (you can beat it in about 6 hours if you don't die any) and not very challenging. The draw here is the authenticity to the movies, which is nails perfectly. The humor, the dialogue, the interactions between the Ghostbusters, the sound effects, the's all perfect. This is, essentially, Ghostbusters 3, and I dare say it is more enjoyable than Ghostbusters 2. The game play is fun, the interactions with the other Ghostbusters is fun. IT'S ALL FUN ALL THE TIME. I recommend it to everyone. Especially if you are a Ghostbusters fan. if you weren't exposed to Ghostbusters as a youngster, the game play is fun enough that I think you'll enjoy it, too. 

Just for fun, here is a clip of Dan Aykroyd and his father Peter talking about real life ghost stuff on the radio.