WCW Halloween Havoc 10/25/98

This show probably has had the most build to any PPV since March or April. The Nitro Girls start out the show. They’re on PPV and wearing more clothes than they do on TV. Disco vs Juvi with the winner facing Kidman, and Meng vs Wrath have been added to the card.

TO THE MEAN GENE. Rick Steiner is the guest. I’m not sure this is the best way to start a PPV. Buff comes out in a FUBU shirt. Everyone is sick of Scott Steiner. He wants to be in Rick’s corner tonight. Rick agrees. Lex wore an awful lot of FUBU shirts in 2000, and it made me laugh every time.

Chris Jericho vs Raven WCW Unified Television Championship

I forgot, this was also added. Raven talks about his losing streak. He wasn’t scheduled for this unscheduled match (no shit), and he doesn’t want to have this match. So he leaves. But all the Jericholics came here to see Jericho wrestle. Jericho shit talks and baits Raisin into this match. Raven runs right into boots. Cactus clothesline takes it to the floor. Front suplex on the steps. Raven runs up and hits a shitty drop kick off of them. It goes back in the ring. Jericho hits a stun gun and triangle drop kick. He then tries a dive off the apron and goes face first into the railing when Raven moved. Raven works a headlock in the ring and gets back suplexed. Senton from Jericho. Chris takes the turnbuckle pad off. Raven hits a powerbomb and slingshots Jericho into the exposed buckle. 2 count. Jericho rolls through a take down right into the Liontamer. Raisin gets to the ropes. Evenflow! Jericho kicked out! I don’t think anyone has kicked out of an Evenflow this year. Not even DDP or Benoit. Jericho hits a low blow and a German suplex. Kanyon jumps on on the apron. Jericho gets bumped into him and then reverses the Evenflow into the Liontamer. Title retained. 

Wrath vs Meng

A match that was cut from the original broadcast and home release. I don't understand how that works. If it happened live, what did they show during the actual broadcast? I got to order this PPV and recorded it, but the match wasn't on that tape. I checked. Weird. Maybe this match was CGI. Wrath won with the Meltdown. 

Hogan and Bischoff come out. For a promo. On PPV. He talks about beating up Horace on Nitro. No one cares about Horace. 

Juventud Guerrera vs Disco Inferno

Winner faces Kidman later in the night. Juvi’s been a real cunty narc over the past few weeks, jealous that Disco might get a title shot. Juvi has to know he would get a title shot soon regardless. Disco counters a head scissors with a side slam. They botch the X-Pac flip out of a suplex spot. Then just do it over. Juvi sends Disco to the floor. He rolls from the ring to the floor for a head scissors and clearly slammed his own head into the ground. Disco hits a big lariatoo and a diving elbow. Juvi makes a come back. He goes for a springboard something, but Disco got out of the way. He went to the floor and turned around into a pescado. I think Juvi has a concussion. Reversal series ends in a stun gun and spinning neck breaker. Disco wastes time doing the Macarena and gets rolled up. He kicks out and hits a giant swing! His dizziness causes him to fall into Juvi’s dick. He goes up top. He gets caught and hit with a super rana. Super spinning wheel kick. Juvi tires for a victory roll. Disco throws him off and hits a piledriver for the win. Disco vs Kidman later tonight.

Scott Steiner comes out talking about going 3 days and 30 nights with freaks. “Big Papa Pump is in town and he’s ready to pound.” That makes me lol every time that TNT or TBS were okay him saying that. He suggests to make his match later Buff/Rick vs Giant/Scott for the titles. JoJo comes out. He agrees, as long as Scott agrees to face Rick if they lose. This actually started with the Nitro Girls and ended with the Nitro Girls. Can’t believe they’re using this filler for a PPV. 

Alex Wright vs Fit Finlay

This was also cut from the home release. Alex proved he was the best European wrestler in WCW.

Saturn vs Lodi

Yet another match cut from the home release. So weird to do that. Perhaps if this show didn't have multiple promos and Nitro Girls segments, they could have fit everything on the show and the release and not had the feed go dead during  Goldberg/DDP because they ran out of time. This was a squash match.

Disco Inferno vs Kidman WCW Cruiserweight Championship

Kidman works over headlocks and arm bars to start it out. Disco does some hair take downs, but Kidman keeps kipping up. I’m not sure why Kidman is all of the sudden this clean cut babyface, but whatever. Disco hits a pretty rough looking drop toe hold into the bottom rope, and then a hard Irish whip into the corner. A low bridge sends Kidman to the floor. Kidman hits a tornado bulldog on the floor. The ref randomly gets out of the ring so he can restart the count. Kidman misses a Superfly Splash. He hits a rebound lariatoo in the corner, but gets caught in a Flapjack Norton. YOU CAN’T POWERBOMB KIDMAN is actually blocked and turned into a piledriver. Disco takes too long to make the pin. Kidman gets out of a suplex, tries another tornado DDT, but it is countered into a back suplex. Disco hits a gourdbuster. 2 count. YOU CAN’T POWERBOMB KIDMAN. Fucking idiot. SSP for the win. This was a big night for Disco. I won’t ever say he was a main event level guy or anything, but he was certainly underrated. His PPV match with La Parka is in my top ten matches of this project. I think he was at the Val Venis level, which is a pretty solid place to be. Val was really good, but never got much of a chance to show it. When he did, he proved he was pretty good, though. A guy that could have a believably competitive match with someone at the top, middle, and bottom of the card. That’s a valuable worker, and I really think Disco was one of those guys. Every midcarder should aspire to be as good and committed as Disco Inferno.

Giant/Scott Steiner vs Buff Bagwell/Rick Steiner WCW Tag Team Championships

I can’t help but feel that this is a trap. Rick has his right hand all taped up and in an MMA glove, so he must have injured it in his week back of wrestling. Giant ambushes Rick to start the match. Giant atomic drop. Scott sneak attacks his brother. Rick gets pissed and fucks Scott up. Buff wants tagged in. He does and immediately turns on Rick. Then runs off to the back. Giant and Scott dominate Rick for a few minutes. Rick makes a comeback and Scott stops it with a low blow. He holds his brother so Giant can do a missile dropkick, but Rick moves and Giant hits Scott. Rick hits the bulldog on Giant. New champion!

Rick Steiner vs Scott Steiner

Rick beats the shit out of his brother until Scott hits a low blow and t-bone. Steinerline. Rick makes a come back, hits a powerslam, and BILL CLINTON runs in. Stevie Ray hands him a slap jack. The president hits Rick and the ref, then reveals himself as Buff! Rick kicks out of the fake pin. Super Frankensteiner! Rick also kicks out of this. He Steinerlines Scott and dumps Buff neck first on the ropes. Super bulldog. Rick wins! Finally. Hopefully this was the blow off to an EIGHT MONTH feud. 

A history of Hall and Nash is played, starting from their WCW debut until this week.

Kevin Nash vs Scott Hall

This has also been brewing since around February. Hall stumbles out with a drink. He throws it in Nash’s face. SWERVE! Hall is sober! He came to fight. We’re out on the floor right away. Summerslam 1994 rematch. Mic to the head. Hall decimates Nash on the floor for a couple minutes. He gets in the ring with the mic and says he’s through listening to Nash. The trainer says Nash can’t continue. Nash gets in the ring anyway. Nash bumping around more than he has all year. Scoop slam. Nash shoves off the Outsider’s Edge. Nash won’t stay down, but Hall is just knocking the PISS out of him. Nash gets back into things with a side walk slam. Hall bails after an attempted powerbomb. This match is missing an abdominal stretch spot. Nash is on a roll. Lariatoos, balls to the neck. Nash’s normal moves. Knees and elbows in the corner. Jackknife. The crowd wants one more. Jackknife number two. Instead of pinning Hall, Nash gives him the suck it sign and walks out. Scott Hall wins via countout. Hopefully this knocked some sense into Hall. We all know it didn’t, though. It would take the power of yoga to clean him up 12 years later. YOGA! 

More Nitro Girls filler. On a PPV. I really can’t believe this. This is a PPV. 

Bret Hart vs Sting WCW US Championship

This is a true dream match that has been brewing for many months. Hopefully WCW doesn’t ruin it. Sting with the red paint and facial hair looks terrible. Not a good look at all for him. Bret stalls at the start of the match and won’t get in the ring. Sting eventually forces him into the ring. Sting goes right to work with strong Irish whips and atomic drops. Bret comes back with a DDT. Atomic drop and a lariatoo. Bret controls for a while. Running bulldog. Scorpion Deathlock! Bret gets to the ropes. Bret does a leapfrog and drops as if he hurt his knee. He was faking and pulled out an international object. Sting took it before Bret could use it. The ref stopped Sting from using it, which allowed Bret to hit a low blow. 5MOD starts up. It goes to the floor. Bret hits a snake eyes on the railing. Back in the ring, there is a ref bump. Sting hits a superplex and it appears both men are out. Sting hits a Stinger Splash in the corner, but accidentally hits the ring post at the same time. Bret then gets the ball bat and works over Sting. Bret wakes the ref up and puts a knocked out Sting in the sharpshooter. Bret wins. Man, this was basically an extended Nitro main event. So disappointing. I remember getting this show and up to 1998, this was the most disappointed I had ever been in a match. Sting is taken out on a stretcher. Fuck. I’m as sad about this now as I was in 1998.

Hollywood Hogan vs Warrior

Can’t wait for this. Hogan shit talks and gets laid out with one punch. Tony really claims that Warrior is one of the greatest of all time. Look, I like Warrior, but he had MAYBE 6 months total of anything decent and his wrestling was always the worst thing about him. Warrior hits a shoulder block and Hogan bails. Warrior wants a test of strength. Hogan doesn’t want it and instead backs him in to the corner and lays in a lot of shots. Hogan then puts a test of strength on while Warrior is already on his knees. There are already scattered boring chants. They do a crisscross that ends in a Hogan slam. Warrior hits a slam of his own. The fans are for sure more into Hogan than Warrior, which is weird since Warrior’s WCW debut had one of the craziest crowd reactions of all time. It goes to the floor. There is a ref bump. Hogan calls for the troops. Giant accidentally kicks Hogan. Virgil gets knocked out of the ring. Hogan hits a back suplex. Nick Patrick counts a fall despite not being anywhere near position to see the pin. The weight belt comes off. Warrior makes a come back and misses a splash. He’s blown up, despite not much happening during this match. Warrior uses the weight belt. The cameras zoom in on Hogan trying to set something on fire to throw at Hogan. Warrior sells nothing being thrown at him, then the fire ball blows up in Hogan’s face. Warrior does two double ax handles from the top. Hogan is now bleeding and hits a low blow. I guess the fire cut him? Leg drop. Horace comes out. Hogan misses the next leg drop. Warrior makes his come back. Bischoff is also out here. He grabs the ref. Horace hits Warrior with a chair. Hogan grabs the tights and wins. That’s it? Warrior really lost to a chair shot to the back? Here’s the thing about this match: It sucked, not because of botches, but because it was boring as fuck. The only real botch was the fire spot. The rest was just completely boring. Horace sprays lighter fluid all over Warrior, but the Hogans are stopped before anything can happen. Honestly, WCW should have tried to steal Pat Patterson to lay out this match. This match was just…nothing.  It was just a boring as fuck match that the crowd was done with 3 minutes in. I think this match proves why Vince has always been better and had better people surrounding him.

Goldberg vs DDP WCW Championship

The Ferritta Brothers were involved in sanctioning this match. They’ve been competition to Vince longer than we thought. I was one of the lucky ones who didn’t have the PPV cut off after Warrior/Hogan 2. I had this on tape for years and watched it a lot. As dead as the fans were for the last match, they are stoked for this match. The crowd was honestly shockingly dead for Warrior/Hogan. Goldberg shows his power early on by shoving DDP off of tie ups. They lock up and go to the floor. DDP has the speed and hits some arm drags. Goldberg throws DDP and locks in an arm bar. He tries a Kanyon Cutter and gets thrown to the floor. DDP shows some wrestling skills and gets the better of Goldberg, but again gets knocked to the floor with a shoulder block. DDP hits a stun gun getting in to the ring and then a neck breaker. Russian leg sweep gets a 2 count. A power neckbreaker from Goldberg changes the pace. Big suplex from Goldberg. Side slam. Cross armbreaker. DDP hits a spinning head scissors that Goldberg no sells. Goldberg goes for spear in the corner, but misses and goes all the way to the floor. DDP hits a top rope lariatoo. Big floating DDT from Page. Goldberg gets up and hits a spear! But Goldberg’s arm is hurt. Goldberg goes for the jackhammer, but he isn’t able to due to the bad arm. He tries again, but it is reversed into the Kanyon Cutter! BANG! Fans lose their shit. Even Mickie Jay is stunned. But DDP can’t make the immediate pin. Goldberg kicks out! Page tries a suplex, which is reversed into the jackhammer! Goldberg wins! This, the Sting match, and the first Saturn match were probably Goldberg’s best matches. Maybe add in Goldberg going HAM in the Elimination Chamber. Goldberg helps DDP up. A quick hug and DDP bails out to let Goldberg celebrate.

This was probably the best PPV WCW had done since Spring Stampede or Slamboree. Warrior/Hogan and Bret/Sting weren’t good, but everything else was. Even Hall vs Nash, which was mostly an angle, was good and satisfying. Disco showed that he was a legit wrestler who could hang with the best cruisers, Goldberg vs DDP delivered, and Rick beating Scott TWICE was a good end to their feud. After the truly awful Summer of PPVs, this was a nice change of pace. I really wish Warrior/Hogan had more giffable awfulness. The real issue was that it was ultra boring. Fans were on Hogan’s side pretty much from the start, and then they just gave up on the match all together.


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