WCW Halloween Havoc 10/24/99


Disco Inferno vs Lash LeRoux WCW Cruiserweight Championship

Lash shouldn't be getting a PPV title match. Disco shouldn't have the Cruiserweight championships to begin with. He's clearly a heavyweight. And the way he won it was weird. Lenny Lane was stripped of the title and taken off TV because someone at Turner finally realized that Lenny and Lodi were clearly gay. Hypnosis was given the title just to lose it to Disco on Nitro. Disco won with the Last Dance in a completely unremarkable Thunder match. Lash attacked Disco after the match. This is the second time that Lash attacked Disco from behind for no reason. Disco didn't do anything heelish during the match and actually offered a handshake to Lash before he was attacked.

EARLIER TODAY. Benoit and Malenko arrived at the arena. Saturn confronted them. Dean told Saturn to shove the Revolution up his ass.

TO THE BACK. Mike Tenay talks with Harlem Heat about the upcoming tag title match, which is now a no DQ street fight 3 way dance. The titles are vacant for some reason. No idea why. The Animals won them on Nitro and nothing happened on Thunder, so they were just vacated for no reason.

First Family vs Filthy Animals vs Harlem Heat WCW Tag Team Championships No Disqualification Street Fight

"The Powers That Be" are mentioned for the first time. And Konnan is replacing Rey. I hope Knobs hits him really hard in the head with something. It immediately goes to the floor and into the crowd. Kidman has a camcorder, which he may have purchased with money he stole from Ric Flair. Harlem Heat are fighting with Knobs in the graveyard. It goes backstage where Booker accidentally kicks Stevie into a wall of conveniently placed boxes. Hugh moonsaults Konnan through a table in the ring. Booker pins Knobs in the back after Stevie splashed him with a plastic mummy. Was that the YET TAY? No one in the audience or ring had any idea that Harlem Heat won in the back, so when they came back out, everyone was confused. New champions! 10 time tag champions. A solid 5 minute 3 way hardcore tag. Konnan was injured. Good. I fail to see the reason why the Animals won the titles on Nitro, only to be stripped of them at some point during the week for no reason, and then have Harlem Heat just win the titles right back.


TO THE BACK. Ric and David Flair enter the building. Ric has a crowbar.

DDP and Kim come to the ring. Flair spanked Kim 14 times Monday night. She didn't like it. But getting spanked 14 times by Page is just a warm up for them. "Now let me get this straight. Kimberly invites David Flair up to her room. An obvious SWERVE." DDP makes a jerk off joke. "You like spanking it, Nature Boy? Let's whack it, let's jack it ALL NIGHT LONG." He wants their match to be a strap match. "I want you to whack it ALL NIGHT LONG." "I've never seen Flair in a strap match." Yes, you have, Brain. If DDP had bothered to show up for Nitro, they could have done this at that show instead of do an in ring promo at a PPV.

TO THE BACK. Goldberg arrives and looks for Sid. Elsewhere, Tenay asks Eddie about his upcoming match with Saturn. Eddie is wearing Flair's watch.

Saturn vs Eddie Guerrero

Eddie does a basement dropkick and sends Saturn to the floor. Saturn does snake eyes on the ring steps. Back in the ring, Saturn does a powerbomb and springboard cross body. Saturn then starts working over the arm that Eddie injured in that ugly tower of doom spot on Nitro. T-bone. Eddie locks on a short arm scissors of his own, which Saturn gets out of with a Backlund Lift. He does two Lionsaults, the second of which was countered. Missed frog splash. They trade superplexes. Ric Flair comes out with a crowbar and lays into Eddie, causing a DQ. Kidman runs down and also gets hit. Torrie begs Ric to stop. He dances for her and gives her a terribly gross and awkward kiss. SHE LIKED IT! Flair left, then came back out to get his watch.


TO THE BACK. Goldberg is punching the shit out of Sid, who is busted open.

Buff comes to the ring with a mic. I bet he's gonna SHOOT. He's got a problem with the two new writers from up North who are going to save WCW. Buff calls Jarrett out. Double J runs down with guitar in hand and they brawl. Lex comes out and accidentally hits Buff with the guitar. It didn't break because Lex hit him with the neck instead of the body.


TO THE BACK. Sid is getting stitched up and screams to LET IT BLEEEEED. Elsewhere, Eddie calls Rey and tells him to leave Konnan at the hospital and make it back to the arena.

Brad Armstrong vs Berlyn

Berlyn dominates and then loses after Brad held on to the ropes as Berlyn tried to hit his neckbreaker. What a shitty finish. Your character is fucking dead when you lose to Brad Armstrong on PPV from botching your own finisher. But after the match, Berlyn beat up Armstrong and left like he won. So why not just book him to win?

TO THE BACK. Tenay talks to Ric Flair. Ric has agreed to the strap match and will fuck up the Filthy Animals even more tomorrow night.

Chris Benoit vs Rick Steiner WCW TV Championship

This wasn't actually announced until Thunder and it isn't really based on any angle other than Rick's title rematch. And they have a match where Rick makes Benoit look like shit and does terrible looking submissions because he can't figure out how to do them. Ref bump. Rick brought a chair into the ring, but Benoit suplexed him before he could use it. He did get it up to block a diving headbutt. Dean came out and hit Benoit with the chair. LOLWHATTASWERVE. Dean and Saturn embrace on the floor. New champion. Dean turning on Benoit makes NO SENSE at all, which makes perfect sense in Russo world. Everyone was clamoring for another Rick Steiner singles title run.


TO THE BACK. Tenay talks with Bret Hart. Bret was injured on Nitro and his doctors told him he shouldn't even be wrestling tonight. Bret doesn't give a fuck about that shit.

The Total Package vs Bret Hart

Bret shouldn't be able to walk, but he's fine to wrestle. He beats Lex all around ringside. Lex really, really sucks. Bret dominated the whole match until Lex hit him in the ankle and won with a half crab. That's right, Lex Luger made Bret Hart tap out with ease in a short match.

TO THE BACK. Tenay talks to Goldberg in front of a puddle of blood left over from earlier.

Madusa comes out in a bikini with WCW Nitro cologne. Bobby completely buries it as smelling awful. Madusa then says she thinks having to do this is BULLSHIT and dumps the bottle out on Brain. This cologne was a real product and WCW went out of their way to talk about how awful it smells and that no one would buy this shit.

Sting vs Hulk Hogan WCW Championship

No explanation as to why this is going on with an hour of show left. Hogan doesn't come out when his music plays. Sting's music plays and he comes out, looking confused. Hogan's music hits again. He finally comes out in jeans. He says some words to Sting and lies down. Sting pins him and looks pissed, then it IMMEDIATELY cuts to a Sid/Goldberg promo. Title retained. But during that video, they accidentally cut to the arena.


Fans are pissed and chanting bullshit. Bobby is clearly told to say we'd find out on Nitro why Hogan laid down. Highly doubtful.

Sid vs Goldberg WCW US Championship

The Outsiders attack Goldberg as he was heading to the ring. Nice to see Nash has come out of his NyQuil coma. The match then starts on the floor. Sid is busted back open. Sid keeps fighting back, though. Fighting from his knees and gushing blood. You know, like a plucky babyface. The whole match is Goldberg pounding Sid's bleeding head and Sid fighting back. Mickie Jay then stops the match due to excessive blood loss. New champion! Sid still wants to fight back, but Rick Steiner comes out to stop him. This was almost a double turn kind of match, but I don't think that was the intention. Vince Russo just doesn't understand booking isn't the same thing as writing. Goldberg attacks Sid at the beginning of the show and leaves him bloody, then he spends the whole match attacking the already busted open head, Sid refuses to stop fighting, and the ref stops the match for him. He then refuses help and walks to the back on his own. I can get how this would get Sid over as a face (which was the intention, I do believe), but it made Goldberg look like a real heel, which was not the intention.

Sting comes back out. He didn't come to Vegas for a night off. He's going to come back later and anyone who wants a fight can have it.

DDP vs Ric Flair Strap Match

It's a strap match, but it is pinfall or submission only. So a normal match that happens to have a strap in it. So not a strap match. Everyone is cool with Charles Robinson being Flair's ref again. That makes me think. Remember when Sting won control of WCW from Flair? He gave control back to WCW and a new president was to be shortly announced. That's been like 3 months ago and no president was ever announced. But new writers were. They brawl into the crowd right form the start. Flair sexually assaulted Kim, just like he did to Torrie earlier. Unlike Torrie, Kim didn't like it. What a surprise, Flair is bleeding. Maybe Flair could have held back from blading since the match right before him ended on excessive blood loss. It was just a standard brawl. DDP looks older than Flair. That leathery fuck. The only interesting spot was Flair tying DDP up in the corner before chopping the shit out of him and punching him in the balls. DDP won with a Kanyon Cutter. BANG! Maybe. Charles Robinson kind of stopped at 3 with Flair moving his foot near a rope, but he wasn't close enough, so they all stared and Robinson called for the bell. He also got a Kanyon Cutter. BANG! DDP kept beating up Ric. David ran down. Kim stopped him and kneed him in the jimmies, definitely rustling them. DDP hit Ric in the balls with a crowbar. Well, he is clearly a sexual predator, so he kind of deserves it. David got a Kanyon Cutter that he took like a stunner, so DDP did another one. BANG BANG! EMTs attend to to Ric as David is now no selling two Kanyon Cutters. David and Robinson are both crying. Ric Flair's balls will never recover!


TO THE BACK. As Ric was taken to the ambulance, the Filthy Animals attacked him. David tried to help and got beat up. Torrie was video taping it. They throw Flair in the ambulance and take off. These guys are supposed to be faces. Ric Flair is supposed to be a heel. DDP is also supposed to be a heel.

Sting vs Goldberg WCW Championship

Goldberg answers Sting's challenge from earlier in the night. Goldberg still has Sid's blood on him, which seems very unsanitary. They have to wait for a ref to show up. Charles Robinson is the only guy left or something, because he's back out. They have a very short match (3ish minutes) which Goldberg won. New champion! It did have one of the best spear sequences of any Goldberg match, and Sting also did a spear of his own. Sting attacked Charles Robinson after the match. So the final shot of Halloween Havoc wasn't of Goldberg celebrating, but of Sting walking off after attacking a ref.


DQ Count: 1 out of 10 matches.

Man, can you imagine how pissed you would be if you bought a ticket to this show? The big main event that had been hyped all month doesn't happen because Hogan lies down. Then your big Sid/Goldberg match that has been hyped for a solid 2-3 months ends in about 7 minutes in a stoppage with almost no offense from Sid after Goldberg (the face) attacked him before the show and continued to pound on what he injured in the original attack. Then you get a bonus main event of Goldberg/Sting that went 3 minutes and would be reversed the next night anyway.

Other Russoisms: A face Lash LeRoux beating down a heel Disco after losing completely clean with no cheating from Disco AND Disco offering him a hand shake after the match. New character Berlyn losing to career jobber Brad Armstrong who got no offense besides holding on to the ropes as Berlyn did a neckbreaker, which was just a normal back bump for Berlyn. A group of faces attacking and abducting a man who was on a stretcher and immobile. Dean Malenko turning on Benoit for no reason that could possibly make sense besides SWERVE. Kim, Nitro Girl leader and DDP's wife, is suddenly a heel. A title change that happened in the back with no screens for fans to see, so when Harlem Heat came back out, NO ONE knew they won the match because no one saw it.

Glorious Russo.