WCW Great American Bash 1995


Tony and Brain hold down the announcing duties tonight. The show took place on Father's Day, which plays very well into the main event of Randy Savage vs Ric Flair, since Ric beat the shit out of Randy's dad on the last PPV.


Brian Pillman vs Alex Wright

God, Pillman's music is truly awful. Code of honor is followed. Brain thinks that is stupid as fuck. You don't need friends. You need wins so you can get money. Otherwise, get the fuck out out of here. Chain wrasslin gets the fans to their feet, but then booing when the men shake hands again. Spinning head scissors and a dropkick from Brian. Those super fans who always wear bright wind breakers are in the front row. Old timey head scissors from Alex right into a grounded headscissors. Brian escapes. Fans boo Alex for a headbutt to the stomach. Not sure why. Maybe because Pillman is from the Cincinnati area and this is in Dayton. More headscissors from both guys. Fans are definitely turning on Alex. I like Alex Wright. I think he was legit and never understood why he always gets included in terrible WCW guys. Well, he did completely fuck up a Romero Special, but immediately turns it into something else, then goes for a series of roll ups. Brian comes up with a hard chop that the crowd seemed to really enjoy. LOL Brain just going all in on how ugly Alex is and how he should wear a mask. Pillman gets sent through the ropes. When Alex offers him open ropes back in, Brian gets pissed and drags him out to chop the shit out of him. Pillman's bacne is horrible. A lot of back and forth stuff. Dope gutwrench gutbuster from Pillman. It was really more right on the point of his hip and looked like it hurt a lot. He then drapes Alex over the top rope. Alex recovers and suplexes Brian to the floor and follows up with a dive. Missile dropkick. Alex is thrown to the floor and Brian follows with a dive of his own. Brian then does his signature bump of hot shotting himself on the guard rail. Wright injures his shoulder missing a top rope cross body. He hits it moments later for a 2 count. Pillman fakes a leg injury and catches Alex with a dropkick as he's coming off the top. Pillman himself goes up top, is caught, and thrown balls first onto the ropes. German suplex for a 2 count. Alex drops down on a crucifix attempt to get the win. Fans weren't pleased with it. Fun match.

TO THE MEAN GENE. Gene gets some words with Dave Sullivan, who prefers to go by Evad. "Daddy" is apparently the actual first name of the Sullivan father. Who in the fuck hired Dave in the first place, and then thought they should keep him for the next 3 years?

DDP vs Dave Sullivan Arm Wrestling Contest

If DDP wins, he'll get possession of Dave's rabbit. If Dave wins, he'll get a date with the Diamond Doll. DDP looks like SUCH a scum bag. His face looks completely different and I think he actually looks older in 1995 than he did in 2005. He was apparently a big fan of The Mask, based on how often I heard "Somebody stop me!" between the promo package and his entrance. Arm wrestling angles are the worst. The only good one in history was Vince vs Zack Gowen, 100% for Vince being in ultimate monster mode at the time. Dave wins! Dave wins! He also wins a date with Kim. I think Kim actually bumped into DDP and caused him to loose. DDP berates her after the match. As it turns out, Kim bumped into Maxx Muscle, who bumped into DDP.

TO THE MEAN GENE. Gene gets some words with DDP and Kim. DDP wants a do-over, bro.

Sgt. Craig Pittman vs Jim DOOGUN

I guess Buff was supposed to be in this match, but got injured, so Duggan is filling in. And Pittman already wrestled on the pre-show. I remember being pretty shook when I watched Choke and saw Pittman fighting for reals in Japan. He should have shot on Duggan and fucked him up within 30 seconds. This is garbage and the only thing worth anything is Brain making fun of Duggan the whole match. Pittman is disqualified for not breaking the cross arm breaker when Duggan was in the ropes. Just garbage.

TO THE MEAN GENE. Gene speaks with the Bluebloods! Regal compares the Nasty Boys to Hitler and Goebbels in 1945 sitting in the bunker saying they might have blown it.

Bunkhouse Buck/Dick Slater vs Harlem Heat

I think Dick and Buck also wrestled on the pre-show. And on the pre-show, Col. Parker totally forced himself on Sherri. She knocked him on his ass. It's kind of amazing that Dirty Dick had a fairly successful career being a blatant rip off of Terry Funk. Stevie is wrestling in a shirt under his gear. He and Slater begin the match. Stevie slams both of those cracker ass crackers. Tags are made. This show really fell off a cliff after the opening match. Fans are dead, matches have been dog shit. Boy, this isn't interesting in the least. Book did a small package. Col. Parker rolled it over. Sherri re-rolled it. Harlem Heat wins. Completely unremarkable.

EARLIER TONIGHT. Eric Bischoff was speaking with Commissioner Bockwinkel when Vader ran out, shoved them both around, saying he was tired of their shit. Then Hogan attacked him with a chair and there was a pull apart brawl.

Bock then speaks with Tony and Brain about this. Bock tried to announce Hogan/Vader in a cage at Bash at the Beach, but didn't know what the next show was and had to stop his promo to ask Tony the name of the next PPV.

TO THE MEAN BY GOD GENE. Gene speaks with Ric Flair. Flair is pretty happy about the cage match, even though it isn't like Flair is getting a title shot out of it. Ric brings up taking Liz in 1992, taking Macho's dad out at Slamboree, and he's going to take Randy's career tonight.

Renegade vs Arn Anderson WCW TV Championship

Arn has his work cut out for him. He's quickly dumped from the ring. Renegade is terrible. All he can do is a head lock. They fight over abdominal stretches for a bit. Arn hits an enziguri, which is no sold. Probably a good idea to have a guy who can't sell have a gimmick of no selling everything. This sucks. This show sucks. Spinebuster! Fans start chanting for a DDT after that. Fuck the Renegade. No one liked him. Fans were probably still pissed at being teased that Warrior was coming in only to get a rip off. Superfly Splash from Warriorish. New champion! Gross. This match sucked and even Arn couldn't save it. The Giant was hanging out in the crowd.

TO THE MEAN AND NASTY GENE. Fuck the Nasty Boys.

Nasty Boys vs Bluebloods WCW Tag Team Championships

"I hear they're going to tear down this city to build a slum." Things immediately break down into a brawl out on the floor. Sags keeps whipping Regal with his leather jacket. I guess they officially start the match. I hope Regal hits one of them really fucking hard. Pity City! Stupid fucking move. This is a show with a bad Arn Anderson match, and a bad Regal/Eaton match. Regal finally unloads on Knobs, but not hard enough for my tastes. He did drop a hard Cactus Elbow on him, though. Should have tried to land on his neck. Fat piece of shit. This suuuucks. I just want this to end. Sherri and Harlem Heat come out to end this shit for me. Book hit Knobs with the Harlem Hang over, but knocked Eaton off the top rope as he jumped out of the ring. Sags hit Eaton with an elbow from the top for the win. Titles retained.

TO THE MEAN GENTLEMAN GENE. Gene speaks with Col. Parker and Meng. The good Col. didn't come all the way from home to go back empty handed. Meng looks like he's corpsing for most of the interview. Elsewhere, Gene get some words with Sting. Sting cuts a promo that seems to be a shot at the influx of WWF guys, saying that he's been in WCW for years, paying his dues, winning the titles, and carrying the company.

Sting vs Meng WCW US Championship

The title had been vacated and this is the tournament finals. I'm happy to see Sting. I'm not happy to see Meng in a singles match. Meng gets a cheap shot to the throat to start the match and unleashes a flurry of strikes. Then does a version of the Tongan Death Grip for a bit. Sting fires back with some strikes and dropkicks, which do nothing to Meng. Hard mother fucking chops from Meng. Neon Super Fans give his chops standing ovations. Sting misses a cross body and goes to the apron, then gets knocked to the floor. Sit out powerbomb from Meng. It's followed by a shoulder breaker. Col. Parker lays a beating on Sting on the floor. Then we settle into that trap based offense that Meng was known for. Fucking nerve holds. My least favorite rest hold of all time. Sting starts to heat up with a lot of jumping moves and shit. I don't care. This show is terrible. Cactus Clothesline! Col. Parker goes down! Meng runs into the ring post. Scorpion Death Lock. Meng powers out of it. Diving lariatoo. Stingerfly Splash! 2 count. Jumping DDT. That was enough to keep Meng down. New champion!

Some dude who cosplays at Big Bubba is shown in the crowd. And then some dude that looks like a young Joseph Park shows his ugly mug.

We're shown the history of Savage/Flair. While Flair was retired, he and Macho still had some issues. After Flair interfered in one of Savage's matches (dressed as a woman), Savage and Hogan begged for Flair to be reinstated. They got their wish. Then Ric attacked Randy's father, Angelo Poffo. During the US Championship tournament, Randy would get Alex Wright disqualified running into beat on Flair, and eventually both men were kicked out of the tournament.

TO THE MEAN GENE. Gene speaks with the Macho Man. First up, congrats to the Renegade, yeahhh, mmhm, dig it. HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!

Randy Savage vs Ric Flair

Randy brings his dad out with him. Ric immediately bails and Randy gives chase. Lariatooo. Another one sends Ric to the floor. Double ax handle. Macho is all over Ric. Until an eye poke. And then Ric gets back dropped on the floor. Randy gets posted hard, shoulder/chest first. Randy gets drilled with a double ax handle from the apron to the back. Flair is firmly in control in the ring. Macho never stops moving and throws punches/chokes/eye rakes/kicks at every possible opportunity. Flair bails and Savage is on him right away. Flair goes up top. It works about as well as it normally does for him. He Flair flips to the floor and goes after Angelo. Macho saves his dad, but gets a chop block for his troubles. Knee breaker on the guard rail. Even on one leg and on the mat, Macho won't stop fighting. He's still throwing kicks and punches from the mat. Figure four. Savage reverses it and still fights with one leg. Flair gets a move off the top, but doesn't connect. At least he didn't get thrown off. I'd count that as a victory. He tries again and gets caught with a lariato. Macho Elbow. He pulls Ric up at 2. Macho's cheek is busted open and his chest is red and purple from chops. And now he has the ring bell. Randy Anderson gets it away from him. Macho goes for another elbow. Flair rolls to the floor, so Macho changes directions, but goes face first into the railing. Ric again goes after Angelo, who chokes Ric with his cane. Then he gets elbowed in the face and goes down. Flair gets possession of the cane and drills Randy right in the face with it to get the win.

Opening match was fun. Flair/Savage is one of my favorite matches and I think the best Flair/Savage match. It feels so personal. Savage was in top form, fighting from every angle, throwing punches and kicks even when on the mat. He never stopped fighting, because it WAS personal for him. Everything in between the opener and main event is fucking awful, though. Really, really bad show. A great main event can't save this show at all.