WCW Great American Bash 2000

It was just 2 weeks ago when Goldberg finally returned to WCW after losing a SHOOT fight to a limo. BUT WHO WAS LIMO?!?! He's been on a warpath, destroying the New Blood 

TO THE BACK. Police are everywhere, waiting for Goldberg to arrive.

The MIA come out and all get to cut a terrible promo. Chavo has a grenade and threatens to kill the Filthy Animals. 

Lt. Loco vs Disco Inferno WCW Cruiserweight Championship

Disco and his Kobe Bryant gear. As of 2015, the Lakers franchise is dead. Dead and berried. Never coming back. It's over. The dream is dead. The MIA names are so dadboner. Slick Johnson doesn't seem to care at all about the MIA all ganging up on Disco on the floor right in front of him.  I wonder how Disco got to be in the Filthy Animals. Chavo hits a big dive from the top. Now, all the Animals were standing around, but he didn't hit any of them. Konnan fell anyway. Pops, Captain General Cock's grandfather, stolls out and hits on Tygress. Konnan attacks him and he appears to have a heart attack and die. During all this mess, Juvi gets involved and misses the Juvi Elbow. Chartbuster! And then Lash hit his finisher and pulled Chavo over Disco RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE REF, who counted the pin anyway. Title retained. Then things break down in the Impact Zone. Major Gunns gives Pops CPR. He comes to, looks at Gunns, then dies again so she'll keep it up. Then he tries to rape her and everyone laughs.


TO THE MEAN PAISAN. The Mamalukes will be facing Kronik to determine the true number one contendership for the tag titles. Gene tries to stir up shit, as he is wont to do.

TO THE BACK. Police officers let Bischoff and Cat know that they have things under control and not to worry about Goldberg. 

Kronik vs The Mamalukes Number One Contendership

Mark Madden brags about reading newsletters and the internet because NO ONE has been able to get the scoop on what Bischoff's surprise for Nash is tonight. Going for maximum SWERVEAGE. Wrath and JTB begin. Madden says the Mamalukes are one of the few teams that could compete in size and strength with Kronik. They're both like...4 inches shorter than both members of Kronik. And Vito is shaped like an egg. Kronik mostly control the match. A big "VITO SUCKS" chant breaks out when he's not even in the ring. I can't argue. He does, indeed, suck. Crush had a lot of pretty dope power moves, including a gnarly F5. It's just...he sucked at literally everything else. Vito gets too concerned about where his hardcore belt went and completely missed JTB getting hit with High Time. Kronik are the number one contenders. Notice that both members of Kronik were in the ring for like 2 minutes with the ref not even giving a warning.

TO THE PAM. DDP is the guest. Pamela Paulshock is really, really bad at her job. DDP called her a bimbo and calls Kim a "super bitch". So much 'xism.

Mike Awesome vs DDP Ambulance Match

DDP wheels out Kanyon, still in a halo after Awesome tried to kill him last month. Madden makes an actual good call, saying how dangerous and stupid that is. Lol the first spot is a mistimed botch of both men punching the ref. Awesome controls the match, focusing on the constantly injured back/ribs/neck of DDP. Powerbomb through a table. A running chair shot comes nowhere close to DDP's head. "UP YURS!" Awesome and DDP call spots louder than Cena. Kim runs out with a big pipe. She drills DDP in the kidneys with it. Miss Hancock runs out and drags her to the back. Okay. Not even a cat fight. Just pulled her to the back. Awesome tries an avalanche Awesome Bomb. DDP fights out and hits an avalanche Kanyon Cutter. BANG! James Storm is one of the EMTs and he had a terrible hair cut. And body. Eric Bischoff comes out and threatens Kanyon with a chair. DDP blasts Bischoff. KANYON STANDS UP. KANYON CUTTER OFF THE STAGE! BANG! SWERVE! MY GOD! Awesome wins!


GI Bro vs Shawn Stasiak Boot Camp Match

Some asshole has the most annoying whistle I've ever heard and won't stop blowing it. FUCK. This is just a last man standing match. Both are in fatigues and camo face paint. This night is basically Uncensored 2, as from this point on, every match is a gimmick or has a stipulation. Really, really boring. There was a pretty dope gutwrench powerbomb from Meat, so there's that, I suppose. As Booker was about to win, Chuck Palumbo ran down with the Lex Flexer. Meat used it for a low blow. Book end up fighting both of them off anyway. Stasiak is unable to make the 10 count after a hit from the Flexer.

TO THE BACK. Kanyon is chilling in the back when Mean Gene barges in and asks him WHY. You see, Bischoff visited him more than anyone in the hospital and said he could have DDP's spot if he put him out. Footage is shown of DDP fighting out of the ambulance. In the background was Goldberg's monster truck. Am I to believe he drives his monster truck to shows? Kanyon christens himself, "Positively Kanyon". BANG!

Shane Douglas vs The Wall Best of 5 Tables Match

"First off, you Baltimore pieces of shit, sit down!" Rude. It's not really "best of" 5. It's the first to put someone through 5 tables. Best out of 5 would be the first to put someone through 3 tables. These people don't know their maths. Shane goes through the first table via chokeslam. 1-0. About a minute later, Shane goes through another one. 2-0. Shane is fine literally seconds later, hitting low blows and taunting and shit. A dope "David Hasselhoff is my hero" sign around the aisle way. Shane leads Wall out to an area with a giant ladder and stacked tables off to the side of the stage. So...who set that up? Did Shane pay the stagehands to set that up ahead of time with the idea of making this match best of 5? Or was it something Shane saw set up and decided to change the match when he went to the ring? Even in a tables match, Shane uses an international object. Wall goes flying off the ladder through 3 tables, which gives Shane the win. So, Shane says the rules are the first guy to go through 5 tables loses. The announcers say the same, then talk about how that isn't really how best out of 5 works. And then Shane wins after Wall goes through 3 tables. After the match, Wall chokeslams a ref through another table that was in the area.


TO THE BACK. Police let a car in. It's HOLLYWOOD HOGAN! Driving in full wrestling gear in his Charger. 

Tank Abbott/Rick Steiner vs Scott Steiner Asylum Match

Rick was added to the match as it started. The Asylum is a tiny cage that fits inside of the ring. Before Rick shows up, Scott is beating the shit out of Tank. Maybe they should have lowered the cage a bit before the match started, since this thing takes minutes to get to the ring. This is a circle inside of the squared circle. After beating down Scott for a couple of minutes, Tank wants to use a chain. Rick thinks that is too much and convinces Tank not to use it. Tank agrees. Then Tank punches anyway, but hits Rick. It is unclear if it was supposed to be intentional or if Rick took the shot for Scott. Either way, it looked awful. At best, it looked like Rick might have been hit in the elbow by the punch. Scott uses the chain and forces Tank to pass out via Steiner Recliner. All of this happened in less than 4 minutes.

TO THE MEAN BROTHERJACKDUDE. Hollywood is back, jack. No more Real Ass Terry Bollea. WTF is that giant bruise on Gene's hand? 

TO THE BACK. A black limo arrives. It's...RIC FLAIR and his family. The Goldberg monster truck is still driving around. If that thing has been driving around for almost an hour and a half, he must have had to fill up like 3 times. BUT WHO WAS LIMO?!?!

Hulk Hogan vs Billy Kidman Special Guest Referee: Horace Hogan

If Kidman wins, Hulk has to retire. If Hogan wins, he gets a title shot next month at Bash at the Beach. The idea of Kidman retiring Hulk Hogan is incredible. A stroke of genius. Madden berries Hogan as not being as cool or good as Hall or Nash. Hogan beats Kidman all around ringside. Despite Horace having SWERVED Hulk and joined the New Blood, he's calling it right down the middle. Listen, people shit on Hogan, but he's pretty much the most over dude even at this point in WCW. Probably MORE than he had been for a bit due to how lame the WCW roster was at the time. The only offense Kidman can get involves a chair. Hulk is HULKING UP, BROTHER! The leg drop never comes. Instead, Kidman gets hip tossed through the announce table. Torrie strolls out. She gives Hogan brass knuckles. Kidman bumps Hulk into her, knocking her off the apron, and then uses da knuz. Hulk kicks out! Kidman also decks Horace for being an impartial ref. Then Torrie hits Kidman in the junk. Just right in the dick. Hulk pins Kidman after using the brass knuckles. Hulk will get a title shot next month. This feud sure didn't do shit for Kidman. The only time he beat Hulk was with a ton of interference and cheating. The rest of the time, Hulk beat his ass, and then his woman also turned on him. As it turns out, Horace joining the New Blood was a big Hogan SWERVE. Kidman tried to warn everyone, but no one believed him. Hey, remember when Hulk beat the shit out of Horace to prove he was serious in the nWo again? I guess Horace got over that.


TO THE BACK. Bischoff is on the phone. A cop asks him if things are okay. Officer Cop says everything is under control.

TO THE MEAN BY GOD GENE. You'd think Ric would have cut a somber and serious promo for a match with his SON. But nah. Typical coke head Flair promo. 

TO THE MEAN PAM. Lol, Pam straight up berries David. Russo ends up cutting his promo for David.

Ric Flair vs David Flair

Ric will retire if he loses this match. The Flair Family is brought out to sit at ringside for this.  I don't like this. This isn't like Vince vs Shane. This is just awkward and uncomfortable. When Ric starts chopping the shit out of David and slapping him in the face. "TAKE HIM OUT! MY DAD USED TO GIVE ME SHIT, TOO!" Lol. Only a wrestling fan. David actually dominates the first few minutes. Then Ric just starts knocking the shit out of his son and I don't care for this one bit. No one involved looks like they want to be doing this, except Russo. Speaking of Russo, he hits Ric with a bat and handcuffs him. Reid gets pie faced by Russo. Reid responds with a low blow, which Russo sells via ragdoll physics. Reid gets the handcuff key. David roughs him up, but Lil Naitch unlocked Ric. Charlotte cuffs Russo on the floor. "YOU BITCH!" Ric Flair just stomped his son in the genitals. What the fuck. Ric wins with the figure four. The only kind of interesting part of this was Ric Flair being on the opposite side of all the Ric Flair spots. Russo got chopped after the match. The rest of the Flair family celebrates with Ric. It got super awkward when Ric insisted the whole family do suck it signs to Russo and David. LOL at Mama Flair being completely embarrassed and just stopping half way through it. That's probably what caused the divorce. Russo claims he will retire Flair himself tomorrow night.


Vampiro vs Sting Human Torch Match

Sting is already atop of the Turner Tron, where the torch now rests. His hair looks like shit. "You can tell that's not Hogan's torch, guys. He never would have passed it." Sting says Vamp will have to face him up there, but then repels down and the match starts in the ring anyway. After a few boring minutes of action, Vamp douses Sting in gasoline. They fight up to the torch. Sting is set on fire and falls from the top of the Tron and through the stage. Vamp wins! One of the worst gimmick matches of ALL TIME. Just terrible. "This is not wrestling anymore." All of them Owen Voices. The replays show that the entire left side of the stage wasa giant crash pad. So they keep showing it. 


TO THE BACK. Bischoff is still on the phone. Pam shows up and asks about the big surprise. The big surprise is there will be no big surprise. SWERVE! Lol.

Kevin Nash vs Jeff Jarrett WCW Championship

Commissioner Cat comes out and introduces the Filthy Animals as bell ringer, time keeper, belt keeper, and ring announcer. Even though Buffer already did announcements. Cat then reveals himself as special enforcer. Of course, there is a bunch of inference in this 1995 Raw match. There are random loud rumbles, which gets everyone confused and the fans chanting for Goldberg. Hey, announcers. Do you think possibly it could be that giant Goldberg monster truck you've seen 3 times tonight? Something to think about. Things head into the crowd. Jeff uses a chair liberally in the ring. Ref doesn't give a shit.  Jeff works on the knee after Rey got cheap shot in. So Nash fights back, fights off all the members of the Filthy Animals, the ref gets bumped, he kicks out of the Stroke, Cat short counts him, he powerbombs Cat, powerbombs Jeff, Charles Robinson tries to make the pin only to be cut off by Rick steiner, Tank Abbott runs out and is cut off by Scott Steiner, then Goldberg and his monster truck come out and...he spears Nash! SWERVE! "HOLY JESUS HE SPEARED KEVIN NASH!" Jeff wins. Title retained. Goldberg celebrates with Russo and Bischoff. 


That finish was about as Russo as anything Russo ever done did Russo'd. 3 ref bumps, 9 run ins if you count Cat, a monster truck, and a top face turning heel strictly for DA SWERVE. The rest of the show was pretty assy. Not very enjoyable.

WCW The Great American Bash 6/13/99

TO THE BACK.  A white limo arrives.  It's The No Limit Soldiers! Master P!  Curt Hennig meets them and says he loves Master P and rap music.  Master P gives him an autographed CD.  Perfect breaks is.  The NLS then make a bunch of bird sounds.  BUT WHO WAS LIMO?!?

Tony and Brain clearly have no idea who Master P is.  Mike Tenay has made it clear that he's a rock/metal dude.  I find it hard to believe he knew any of the details he read about Master P.  The run down of the PPV included Knobs vs Hak, which wasn't announced on TV, but on the pre show, which included the phrase, "Those wacky hardcore guys".

Brian Knobs vs Hak Kendo Stick Match


YO!  Knobs' is debuting his My Sharona knock off them, which is so unintimidating and inappropriate for a wrestler like Knobs.  Worst of all, it's literally 4 bars on a loop.  Tony still love Chastity, who I find hot only in a dirty way as well.  Knobs suggests before the match that they drop the weapons and just punch each other.  Knobs gets rid of the trash can.  Sandman is in the process of giving away his cane when Knobs uses the trash can.  SWERVE!  We go to Pitty City.  Knobs should probably be wearing real pants instead of what are basically yoga pants.   That means you can see his tiny dick and balls.  He's shaped like Farva.  Get this fuck out of here.  Sandman throws a ladder into the ring and does a slingshot leg drop on it on Knobs.  He puts Knobs' leg in it and hits with a chair.  It doesn't matter because Knobs is up seconds later no selling it and stiffing Sandman.  Sandman misses a flipping senton on top of the ladder.  Jimmy Hart holds a chair on the apron.  Knobs gets sent into it, which knocked Jimmy off the apron and apparently busted him open hardway.  Something did.  Knobs turns around right into a cane shot.  Hak wins!  YO!  After the match, Hugh Morrus hit the ring.  They gave him a spike piledriver.  Hugh did a moonsault on a ladder on top of Sandman, and Knobs followed it up by jumping on the ladder with a trash can.  This kendo stick match had all of ONE kendo stick strike.  At least Sandman got a PPV win.

TO THE BACK.  Piper was getting some tape when Buff came by and they had a sarcastic, passive aggressive thank fest.

Mikey Whipwreck vs Van Hammer


Come on, WCW.  This is a PPV.  This match is a mid card Thunder match at BEST.  Unsurprisingly, the crowd is completely dead for it.  Nick Patrick's mullet is in full force tonight.  That's the best I can say about this match.  There was a stalling superplex, which was the only thing to get a reaction.  Hammer doing the abdominal stretch while grabbing the ropes spot is stupid.  Especially against a guy like Mikey.   Hammer is like 6 feet 6 inches and 300 pounds of muscle.  That's a god damn IRS spot, not a Van Hammer spot.  Hammer put the steps next to the railing.  He picks Mikey up, walks up the steps, and drops him throat first on the railing.  The move was whatever, but after Mikey landed, a woman in the front row face palmed him and the look he shot her after was fantastic.  Hammer won easily with a cobra clutch slam.  I'm pretty sure Brain said, "Mikey Sheepdick". 

Disco Inferno vs Buff Bagwell


This is Buff's chance to carry the ball as this special edition of Thunder rolls on.  They do pose offs for fan support to start out.  I find Disco much more aesthetically appealing.  Besides Buff being way top heavy, he can't wear normal clothes.  He's too big and looks stupid when wearing anything.  Disco has the kind of body I'd want to rock at a beach, not Buff's.  He's also a better wrassler.  Disco gets the better of Buff in the opening minutes.  Buff regroups on the floor and comes back in the ring with a spinning neck breaker.  Disco goes for the Blockbuster.  Disco sees it and bails to the floor.    Buff does some of Disco's dance moves and flips him off.  That's rude.  Stun gun and lariatoo from Disco.  He continues to work the neck for a while, but missed a second rope elbow.  Buff makes his come back.  He goes up for the Blockbuster.  Disco knocks him off the ropes.  Last Dance on the floor!  I guess the floor made it more devastating.  Buff makes it in the ring before a 10 count, but he's pretty out of it.  Disco attempts a Macarena piledriver.  Buff gets out of it and is on fire again.  Disco ducks a Blockbuster, which Buff faked out and hit when Disco go back up.   It mostly missed, but Disco took it like a boss anyway.  It's about 50 minutes into the show and nothing interesting has happened.  It really is an episode of Thunder so far.

Rey Mysterio Jr./Konnan vs Bobby Duncum Jr./Curt Hennig


DJ Ran gets a PPV pay day to introduce the No Limit Soldiers, who got to take up the front two rows at ringside.  I'm sure fans loved that.  Tenay would probably take rap over country.  Bobby prefers marching music.  The Rednecks aren't officially the Rednecks yet, but they do have their song.  It only has the chorus, though.  More gas masks.  They should really take the Cruiserweight Championship off of Rey.  There is no need for him to have it while he's doing feuds with heavyweights.  It's not even like the Rednecks ever got a cruiserweight to face him or anything.  This is yet another PPV where Konnan got a payday while Norman Smiley is no where to be found.  I'm pretty sure Master P got paid more than anyone on this show, and probably more than what the gate was worth.  Duncum hit a pretty boss powerbomb on Rey, but fuck a Konnan match.  There was a spot in this match were Perfect literally put his asshole on Rey's head in the corner.  It was like a stinkface, but on top of Rey's head instead of his face.  This is the same match they had on Nitro two weeks ago.  It's actually more boring because it is so much slower paced.  Barry Windham ran out with work gloves and beat up Konnan on the floor.  The No Limit Soldiers jumped the rail.  SWOLL nailed Duncum.  Rey pinned him.  The NLS were chased out by security and the Rednecks continued to beat down Rey and Konnan and stood tall after the match.  I noticed Johnny The Bull and Reno as security guards.  I think I saw Elix Skipper on a replay.

The Cat vs Scott Norton

Horace came out instead of Norton.  Horace is mad over his crowbaring on Nitro.  "You couldn't even beat your own self up, if you know what I mean."  Is Horace implying that Cat doesn't know how to jerk off?  Highly unlikely.  Only WCW would do a bait and switch for a match that wasn't even announced.  Get this shit out of here.  This is a PAY PER VIEW.  And one of big four for WCW, if they had such a thing.  Cat won after a kick with a loaded shoe.

Ric Flair vs Roddy Piper


Arn is with Ric.  Remember a few months ago when Arn refused to let Ric screw over and get a cheap win over Barry Windham?  It was never mentioned again.  Remember on Nitro when Arn couldn't believe Flair was SWERVING Benoit, and therefore took Ric's place in the match?  You'd think Ric would be pissed about that.  It wasn't mentioned again.  Piper is announced as the troubleshooting commissioner.  HE WAS FUCKING FIRED.  TWICE.  FUCK.  He can't be the commissioner and he shouldn't even be wrestling.  Piper was 45 and Flair was 50 during this match.  Bischoff gave Vince shit for tired, same old shit on Nitro.  This show is garbage.  Maybe we'll get to see Flair's pasty white flabby ass again.  Oh hey, there it is.  Roddy Piper is just awful.  He does a series of the worst lariatoos I've ever seen and then does a sleeper so shitty that it makes the STFU look like a Steiner was doing it to someone in Japan in 1992.  It looked like he was gently hugging Flair's head.  Buff ran out and attacked Arn, who was cheating.  Then he jumped in the ring and went after Flair, causing a disqualification.  Piper decked Buff.  Spinebuster from Arn.  Arn is retired and only has one working arm and he's still the best worker in the ring.  Flair and Arn hold Buff so Piper can whip him.  Flair was announced as "Still president of WCW".  Besides ONE promo from Piper, there was never an announcement that this match was for control of WCW.  Not from the announcers, not from Flair, not from advertising, and not from David Penzer. 

DJ Ran takes up 2 minutes of PPV time for no reason.

Sting vs Rick Steiner WCW TV Championship Falls Count Anywhere

Why yes, Sting is involved in a feud for the TV Championship.  The same Sting who is probably a 6 time world champion by this point and the franchise of the company.  In fact, he was WCW Champion last month.  This is about the same as The Undertaker going after the European Championship in 2002 after losing the Undisputed Championship.  This is a bullshit brawl.  Of all the talent WCW had, why do they have the shittiest guys on PPV?  Rick Steiner, Konnan, Van Hammer, Roddy Piper, this era of Randy Savage.  They spent the whole match in the ringside area, only to go to the back at the very end.  Scott Steiner and Tank were back there with dogs attacked him.  Sting's gloves were suddenly much more padded and he had a towel that Tank choked him with.  The camera editing was so awful.  Scott released a rottweiler and then we see a shot of security running as fast as they can to Sting before a dissolve to the arena.  The Steiners come out with a ref and make him declare Rick the winner.  Rick botches his own catchphrase by saying "You want some, you got it" instead of "Come get some".  Scott again said WCW sucked.  Rick then said, "Who's the shittiest town in America? BALTIMORE!"  Omar comin' for YOU, ninja!  The dog thing and following promo is right up there with the worst garbage WCW ever did.

DDP/Kanyon vs Chris Benoit/Saturn WCW Tag Team Championships


This is the only thing that can be a possible bright spot on this dog shit show.  Saturn and Benoit come out with the belts, but I'm not sure if they actually won the titles on Thunder or not.  DDP has some massive knee braces on.  Kanyon and Benoit start out.  Benoit shows him up.  It breaks down very quickly with the Triad being knocked to the floor.  Tags are made.  Saturn does a springboard leg drop that he mostly misses.  Saturn and Kanyon go to the floor.  Bam Bam trips Benoit up and he gets knocked to the floor himself.  Bam Bam throws him on a guard rail.  Second rope fameasser from Kanyon.  Benoit gets out of a powerbomb and dodges the spinning lariatoo.  He attempts the Rolling Reich, but Kanyon broke it up.  Batista Bomb.  Kanyon misses a moonsault.  Saturn does a terrible frog splash to DDP.  Electric chair drop.  Triad control Saturn for a while.  DDP did a terrible Superfly splash.  Heel DDP is so lame.  I can't believe how badly WCW botched him.  Dude was as over as anyone in 1997 and 1998.  Crowds picked him over Sting and Goldberg.  So they turned him heel for no reason, not even a storyline reason, gave him the title a year after they should have, had him lose it and regain it the same night, then lose it again and immediately be shunted to the tag titles.  How could you ruin a guy that hot?  DDP caught Saturn in a Kanyon Cutter as Saturn was jumping from the ropes.  BANG!  However, the ref was right in the way of the impact, so you couldn't even see it.  Dean came out and did one of those "is he helping or hurting" things where he was helping Saturn on the floor, but also preventing him from getting in the ring.  Super Kanyon Cutter on Benoit.  BANG!  Triad wins.  Dean is attacked after the match.   New champions.  I guess.  I don't think they really lost the belts on Thunder, but apparently they did.  This wasn't much of a bright spot, mostly because DDP is an awful heel.  He's the most generic and corny heel possible.

Randy Savage vs Kevin Nash WCW Championship


Nash was 40 in this match.  Savage was 47.  This goes along with the other marquee match, which was Flair (50) vs Piper (45).  This match was a nothing brawl and Nash sold his ribs the whole time, which gave him a pretty good excuse to not do much.  Madusa got involved a lot.  Molly did a missile drop kick.  Savage hit the elbow.  Nash kicked out. You know what would have made more sense to me?  If Asya was in Madusa's place and not with Flair.  I guess they remembered they were paying Madusa and needed to use her.  Nash hit the powerbomb.  The girls all got involved in front of the ref, who didn't care.  Nash slammed all of them.  Then SID came out and gave Nash a big boot, causing a DQ in the PPV main event.  Both of the headlining matches ended in DQ.  Sid powerbombs Nash. 

DQ Count: 2 out of 9 matches.

This show was absolute garbage.  Very, very close to Spring Stampede 2000 levels of terrible.  Besides the whole card except for the main event being an extended Thunder card, the matches themselves sucked and the angles going into them sucked.  The Tank/Steiners association hasn't been explained at all, and that thing with the dogs was one of the worst things I've ever seen in WCW or WWE.  Where was Lex to save his buddy?  Is Sting really already taking time off, having been back for 2 months after 6 month break?  Where is Goldberg?  Why can't they at least tell us he's hurt or something?  He hasn't been on or mentioned on shows for a full month now.  Why would fans want to know where the top star is?  Everything about the Nash/Savage feud has been stupid.  Bunch of shit and gay jokes and now a hummer and Sid.  And then there was the bait and switch for Cat/Norton, which wasn't even an announced match to begin with.  There was zero reason for that.


WCW The Great American Bash 1998

I don’t know about this card. The only thing I’m particularly interested in is Saturn vs Kanyon. All the upper card stuff sounds terrible, and I’m not really up for another Benoit/Booker match. 

Chris Benoit vs Booker T Best of 7 Final WCW TV Championship

This is actually the best of 8 now. These guys have had SEVEN matches on TV in 3 weeks. They had at least that many between January and April. I’m not going to do this match again. I will gif if there is something worth giffing. Book won with the missile dropkick and will face Finlay for the TV Championship later in the show. I hope they don’t have any matches for the rest of the year. 

Saturn vs Kanyon

BANG! This is the first official match for Kanyon as Kanyon. He comes out as Mortis, though. But wait, Kanyon is in the ring behind Saturn! SWERVE! Kanyon naturally gets a head start on offense. Electric chair drop. Kidman jumps up on the apron and gets promptly knocked off. Saturn gets bumped to the floor, but is able to hit a rope stunner and a slingshot splash back in. He runs into the post and Kanyon hits a second rope fameasser. The Flock get involved. Saturn dives on to everyone. Saturn hits the second rope outside in superplex. Some leap frogs and shit. Saturn locks on an ankle lock. He then does almost a Cattle Mutilation, but more of a full nelson instead of chickenwing. Springboard lariattoo takes both guys to the floor. Back in the ring, a poetry in motion styled dropkick rocks Kanyon in the corner. Triple jump moonsault! Kanyon catches Saturn in mid air and drops into a Northern lights suplex. He misses a slingshot elbow, but Saturn doesn’t miss the spinning neckbreaker. They trade some back suplexes. Stun gun from Kanyon. They do a roll up sequence. Fireman carry Flapjack Norton. Burning Hammer into the neckbreaker. My GOODNESS. Saturn comes back with a half nelson suplex. Kanyon gets out of the DVD and is hit with the superkick. He doesn’t go for the cover and instead puts Kanyon on the ropes. They both fall off the ropes. Kanyon particularly took a nasty fall. TWO Mortisesss hit the ring and fight. Morti? Flatliner! Kanyon wins! BANG!  Mortis DDTs Kanyon on the floor after the match. Why, that Mortis was RAVEN. SWERVE! He berates Saturn. Saturn attacks him, causing the rest of the Flock go after Saturn. He fucked them all up. No way this isn’t the best match of the night.

Recap of Dean giving up his title on Thunder. 

Dean Malenko vs Chris Jericho WCW Cruiserweight Championship

The opening move is an intense double clothesline. I’d like to see Jericho be more serious and vicious in this match. Dean hits a release German. I bet he has a fantastically watered lawn. He’s giving Jericho a beat down in the corner. He might get DQed if he keeps that up. Brainbustaaah. Jericho does the Flair Flip in the corner. He gets stuck in ropes, but sat up when Dean went for a drop kick. Dean went to the floor. Jericho hit a pescado. Stalling vertical suplex. Sleeper! Jericho gets out with a back suplex. Lionsault is missed. Leg lariat. Dean does some kind of tornado facebusterish thing. Dean goes for the super gutbuster, but Jericho reversed it into a super rana. Some reversals end up with Jericho locking on the Liontamer. Dean gets to the ropes. Alabama Slam! A whole bunch of rolling through ends in the Teyhas Cloverleaf! Jericho got to the ropes. Underhook backbreaker. Dean gets pissed and starts beating the shit out of Chris. Dean hits one of the worst chair shots this side of Sid, which gets him disqualified. Dean continues to beat Jericho all the way to outside. They’re in Baltimore. You can’t be fighting outside in Baltimore. That shit is dangerous. Dillinger had to stop Dean from throwing Jericho into traffic. Chris eventually ran across the street and went into a building. Jericho was announced the winner, but no decision was made regarding the vacant WCW Cruiserweight Championship.

A special look at Juvi walking around Aztec ruins or something. 

Juventud Guerrera vs Reese

Tenay claims this is the biggest size discrepancy in wrestling history. I don’t believe that since King Kong Bundy was squashing midgets that one time. Juvi tries to bring it to Reese, but since he’s the size of a 5th grader, it doesn’t really work. Until Juvi starts kicking Reese in the balls. The ref doesn’t even care. Juvi is the same height as Reese is on his knees. Hammer hit Reese with a chair, which made Reese roll into a rana and get pinned, even though at least one shoulder was clearly not on the mat at all. And Hammer carries Juvi to the back, as he is extremely into homely Mexican women. 

Chavo Guerrero Jr. vs Eddie Guerrero

I believe Eddie does a sly jerk off motion to Chavo. That’s your nephew, man! Eddie is going all in tonight. No cowering away. He’s going in hard. Eddie gets a large cut on his shoulder from the hook on the turnbuckle. Chavo hits some head scissors, and now Eddie decides he’s done. Chavo drags him back to the ring and Eddie kick the ropes as Chavo was getting back in. Right in the dick. Stiff black suplex. Chavo comes back with a monkey flip. Moonsault from Chavo! A rare move from him. Chavo goes head first into the steps. Brainbustaaah. Chavo snaps and starts choking Eddie repeatedly. Eddie makes Chavo chase him all around the ring and then hides behind the ref, just so he can set Chavo up to his a cheap shot on his knee. Figure four. Gory special. Canadian backbreaker is turned into the whirly bird. Eddie gets dumped to the floor and Chavo does a huge flip to the floor that almost misses Eddie. Chavo continues his come back, but he went up top and got his leg caught falling. He still had enough to sit up before getting hit with the frog splash. Eddie counters the tornado DDT, which Chavo counters, and Chavo then hits a springboard tornado DDT. Chavo wins!

Booker T vs Fit Finlay WCW TV Championship

Booker tries to get things going early since he’s already wrestled a match. Finlay takes it to the ground for a few minutes until Booker hits a flying forearm. He clotheslines Fit to the floor and hits a pescado. Finlay tries to reverse the ax kick in to a one legged spinebuster…thing. They messed it up, but Fit sticks with the leg work. And he works it for awhile. Stretch muffler! Fit throws Book to the floor and continues to wreck his leg up. Vader bomb onto the leg. Book has had no offense for a good 5-7 minutes. He makes a short come back, only to get hit with a lariatooo. Finlay goes for the tombstone, and they do a hilariously awkward reversal spot. Book comes back with a piledriver/pancake for the win. New champion! 

Konnan vs Goldberg WCW US Championship


Super squash. About a minute and a half probably. Thankfully. The real story is that Rude and Hennig SWERVED Konnan and were actually sleeper cells from nWo Hollywood. Lex and Nash ran out to save Konnan.

Bret Hart/Hollywood Hogan vs Roddy Piper/Randy Savage

4 middle aged bitchy dudes in tights. I’ll give you that Bret and Savage could still go, but not in a match like this. Bret wasn’t that much younger than these guys. I always thought he was much younger, but he was 41. Savage and Piper work well together, which makes no sense, but whatever. I hope this ends soon. I like Bret as a cunty, bitchy heel. That doesn’t mean I want to see him involved with a blown up Hogan and Piper for any amount of time. Savage went for the elbow, but Hulk was throwing Piper into the ropes for the big boot at the same time. Savage falls off the ropes and Hogan attacks the knee while Beefcake has Piper busy. Bret puts on the sharpshooter for the win. 

Gene comes out to try to get some words with Savage or Piper. Then the match starts.

Roddy Piper vs Randy Savage

FIRST TIME EVER IN HISTORY that tag team partners had a match against each other right after the tag match. Big accomplishment. Savage hits the elbow. That’d be great if this was a minute long. Little Naitch takes a great bump off a Savage punch. Piper puts on the figure four, a new ref comes out, and Piper is declared the winner. 

Sting vs The Giant WCW Tag Team Championships

This might have been the first singles match for tag titles. I feel like it had been done in the WWF by this point, but I do think it was the first for WCW. Giant comes to the ring smoking. That probably violated some kind of code, but the cigarette looked like a toothpick in his giant meat paws. Giant blows the smoke in Sting’s face. He didn’t like it very much. He hits a Stinger splash and gets caught with a boot on the second try. Giant hits probably the craziest snake eyes ever. Sting makes a come back and puts the Deathlock on for about 4 seconds. Deathdrop. Giant kicked out! Another Deathdrop. Giant kicks out again. Sting does another, this time out of the corner. New champion(s)! Lol, solid SIX MINUTE PPV main event, which was about half as long as the main event tag match prior to it. 

This was a pretty good show until the last 2-3 matches. Which is pretty typical for WCW PPVs from this time.

WCW Great American Bash 1997

Psychosis vs Ultimo Dragon Respect Match

There is no stipulation. It's just called a respect match because Hypno is going to show Ultimo the meaning of respect. Who will botch first? Who will botch most? LOTS of stalling here. Fans are super hot even though they're really not even doing anything, so I guess they're doing it right. Should be a banging ass show based on how hot the crowd is for these two opening the show with house show spots. Sonny Bono gets involved with his weak ass kicks. GTFO, pal. This is fairly slow and deliberate, without much of the lucha fuckery you'd expect. Hypno does do a dope tope, though. Then he tried a moonsault and got dropkicked right in the dick. RIP, Hypno's balls. "He kicked him in the knees!" No he didn't, Tony. That was straight to the dick. Sonny ends up accidentally kicking Psychosis, who taps to the Dragon sleeper. Very fun house show style match. Pretty laid back, but just enjoyable all around.

TO THE BACK. Chris Benoit is doing an internet interview.

Harlem Heat vs Steiner Brothers Number One Contendership

Sherri is a straight up PAWG. Barbershop thick. I wonder when Scott is going to drop the fringe around the boots. It looks so out of place. I feel like I've seen this match at least 300 times. Stevie seems like he's trying to shatter Scott's face. God damn. Those boots and elbows are rough. This is also kind of like a house show match, in that everyone is taking their time and really working everything. It's all fine and well until Scott tries a double ax handle to Booker, who is about 2/3rds of the ring away. It looked horrible, and Scott got hit with a boot. He basically jumped a foot, then stumbled over to Booker, who got his boot up. This is very much a Southern tag. Scott hits the super Frankensteiner, but some piece of shit has a big sign that reads DOUG DILLINGER FEARS RF VIDEO obscures most of the impact. OUTTA NOWHERE, Virgil runs down and elbow drops Booker, causing the Steiners to get disqualified. Lol at Virgil throwing up black power fists to HH after the match. I don't know why they'd be mad at him. They're the number one contenders now. They owe him. The Steiners kicked the shit out of Virgil after the match. 

Konnan vs Hugh Morrus

All good things must come to an end. This was fucking terrible. Konnan won. They did a great job of completely killing an extremely hot crowd.

TO THE MEAN GENE. Public Enemy are the guests. Why are you doing live promo segments like this on PPV? Gene is clearly not enthused with their shitty promo style. Basically, they want to be number one contenders. Then they leave the promo to go party in the crowd.

Wrath vs Glacier

Mortis is handcuffed to the ring post to prevent interference. Although, the chain is so long he could still interfere pretty easily if Glacier is anywhere near that corner. This is also not very good. Kanyon of course still interfered multiple times, but the chain he threw into the ring made it to Glacier's hands, who used to KO Wrath for the win. After the match, Mortis was uncuffed and attacked Glacier. Glacier was then handcuffed to the ropes and pounded on until the ref crew came out to end it.

Akira Hokuto vs Madusa WCW Women's Championship Title vs Career

Strong start from Akira by spitting and slapping the shit out of Madusa. I'm not really sure why this escalated to Madusa putting her career on the line, especially since the title itself has barely been mentioned on Nitro for a year and a half. Akira dominates the majority of the match, and outside of a few big moves (like a dope ass powerbomb), Madusa gets very little offense. Akira wins clean with the northern lights bomb. Title retained. Madusa's career is over. Gene tries to get some words with her, but he's being a real dick, so much so that fans are chanting "LEAVE HER ALONE".  What a weird way to end a career. Getting basically squashed, injured, then embarrassed by the interviewer on the way out the door.

Chris Benoit vs Meng Deathmatch

Benoit STARTS the match with a dive. THIS IS WRESTLING *clap clap clap clap clap*. Meng gets sick of Benoit beating the shit out of him, so he just fucking head kicks him. No effort at all. Dude was like 280. They just beat the shit out of each other for 12 minutes. Benoit made Meng give up/pass out to the crossface. both men were stretchered out after the match. This has to be the only time Meng did a stretcher job. Meng fell off of his.

Kevin Greene vs Steve McMichael

A match one year in the making, as it was at the GAB in 1996 where Mongo turned on Greene to join the Horsemen in the first place. Greene comes in as a house of fire, but Mongo quickly takes out his legs. Kevin Greene's mama hits Mongo with her purse. Call for the DQ, Pee Wee.  Blatant outside interference. There could be a brick in that purse! This whole match is about Greene's inexperience getting him into bad situations. Not that Mongo is a vet or anything, but you have to think being around Flair/Arn/Benoit for a year can't be bad for your ring skills. It's a pretty solid match, all things considered. Double J tries to interfere and "accidentally" hits Mongo with the briefcase. Greene wins!

TO THE BACK. The trainer checks on Madusa's knee.

The Outsiders vs Ric Flair/Roddy Piper WCW Tag Team Championships

Wait. Nitro has spent the few weeks having the Steiners/Harlem Heat feuding over who becomes number one conteders to the tag titles, yet Flair and Piper get a title match despite having ONE match together as a standard team in almost 15 years. Wait, what the fuck, the match on Nitro was also a title match? That lends a lot of credence to what the Wolfpac guys have been saying about the Flair/Piper types being selfish. HH and Steiners have been killing themselves to get a title shot, but Flair and Piper can get two title shots just because. Hall and Flair start. Flair is on one tonight. This little feud with the Wolfpac is probably Flair's best run 2-3 years in either direction. He seemed very energized working with young, hungry dudes. Nash kind of stopped giving a shit pretty soon after this, and now that I think about it, the color of his hair is directly in line with the amount of effort he'd put in. The lighter it got, the less have gave a shit. Flair is FIP for most of the match. Piper gets the hot tag and does all of his shitty comedy spots and is completely blown up and dead about 45 seconds in. Syxx kicks Piper, which makes Flair chase him off, leaving Piper alone. What are the odds Piper takes the jackknife or edge? Lol. What you get is creaky, fat Piper somehow fighting Hall and Nash off for a few minutes. Holy shit, Piper took the Outsider's Edge! 

Randy Savage vs DDP Falls Count Anywhere

Technically, this is a lights out match and not sanctioned by WCW. Despite that, WCW brought in Michael Buffer to introduce both men. Lol, Buffer got so confused during the DDP entrance. Also LOL is Buffer mentioning Kim's Playboy spread. Macho mentioning that is what pissed DDP off and started this whole feud. But don't worry, Kim was just a distraction to allow DDP to attack from the crowd. SWERVE! DDP hurts his already hurt ribs doing a pescado early on. Good going, Page. Dusty shits all over him for doing a move he's never done when he knows he's hurt. Naturally, this is a wild brawl. For a time, they head all aorund into the crowd. After calming down in the ring, Macho unwraps the tape around the ribs and stomps on them for a bit. The ref pisses him off, so he spits in his face, then decks him. Then piledrives him. Rude. Mark Curtis comes out and is promptly laid out. Savage goes after Kim. Nick Patrick is able to calm him down to get him away from her. This month, they fight their way up to the picinic area, with Macho getting slammed through a picinc table. Nick Patrick ends up getting beaten up for stopping a piledriver on the floor. Then some photographer gets a ragtagged. DDP hits the Kanyon Cutter in the ring, but as Nick Patrick made the count, Scott Hall stomped his head. Macho hits DDP with the tag title, Razor hits the Edge, and Macho hits the elbow drop to get the win. Far more gimmicky than their previous match, and it really suffered for it.

Leave it to Konnan to kill a molten hot crowd. Although following it up with Wrath/Glacier and then a borderline squash of a women's match with a woman 95% of the crowd was unfamiliar with probably didn't help. Meng/Benoit was brutal. Mongo/Greene was shockingly enjoyable. Roddy Piper ruined the tag match. Macho/DDP was a big step down from their match at Spring Stampede. 

WCW Great American Bash 1996

Sgt. Craig Pittman brings out the flag for the national anthem.  Tony and Dusty call this without Brain, as Brain will be coaching Arn and Flair tonight.  That's a bummer.  I love Brian and Dusty confusing each other.  A shout out to Dirty Dick Murdoch, who has passed away that weekend.

Fire & Ice vs Steiner Brothers Number One Contendership There Must Be A Winner

Scott and SMOOV start the match.  Dusty likes Train's weird dancing.  Scott runs into the brick wall of the Ice Train.  I'm going to guess that LOD has quit the company since they haven't been around or mentioned for a while.  Tags are made.  Huge Steinerline takes both guys off their feet.  Belly to belly welly.  I'm sure we'll see a lot of those.  Scott comes in and gets crushed with a Somalian drop.  I want Dusty to do color for my life.  I love him just rambling.  SMOOV runs into Scott full speed in the corner.  Damn.  Scott responds with a spinning belly to belly and a Steinerline.  Norton comes in and takes about as ugly of a t-bone as you can take.  Scott comes off the top rope and is caught into a powerslam.  Short arm lariatooooooo.  Dusty is amazed that Tony has apparently never hit his elbow once in his life.  Norton shoulder breaker.  Right into a Fujiwara arm bar.  Rick breaks it by kicking him in the face about 5 times.  Norton tries it again.  Rick tags in and knocks his block off.  German suplex.  Ugly back body drop to SMOOV.  Powerbomb/splash combo.  Scott breaks the pin.  He's been knocked or thrown to the floor many times.  They change corners for some reason.  Ice Train breaks the pin after the Steiner Bulldog. Ugliest Frankensteiner on Norton for the win.  Hard hitting match.  Although the Steiners definitely had defeated this team at least once so the whole conceit of the match was off to begin with.


TO THE MEAN GENE.  Gene is with Sullivan and Jimmy Hart.  This whole thing is for Arn.  

El Gato vs Konnan WCW US Championship

El Gato is Pat Tanaka in a bootleg Tiger Mask mask.  He is also a South American legend and comes out to the sounds of the Amazon jungle.  Fucking Konnan.  Piece of shit.  So you have Tanaka, who is a Hawaiian portrayed as Japanese for most of his career wrestling as a South American legend wrestling with a martial arts style.  Konnan is Cuban and wrestling as a Mexican legend.  Because wrasslin.  Actually, Tanaka kind of wrestles like mid 2000s fat original Tiger Mask, which is fitting since he stole his mask.  No idea why they put Pat Tanaka in a mask even though you can see most of his face and it is clearly his body.  But then again, I still don't know why WCW put the Powers of Pain in the mask of a 70s territory wrestler.  Konnan's bacne is disgusting.  Konnan does a sunset flip bomb to the floor.  Konnan wins with an Alabama Slam.  Title retained.  Get this cunt out of here.

TO THE MEAN GENE.  Gene speaks with Sting.  Gene calls Regal a "sissy, or a prissy".  I guess it was the the mid 90s and it was totally cool for the face and face interviewer to be homophobic.


DDP vs Marcus Bagwell Lord of the Ring

Buff runs to the ring.  The Males had a coin toss to see who would get this match.  What's the point of staying Lord of the Ring if you don't even get your title shot?  Will we ever find out who DDP's "benefactor" is?  Why would he even need a benefactor?  He lost his money. All he needed was to get reinstated.  He still had all of his gear and whatnot.  Surely he still had a razor somewhere.  He probably could have gotten a factory or other manual labor job since he was a big guy.  I'm just not sure what the point of a benefactor is for him.  They have a Nitro match.  Buff looks way more impressive.  I'm still waiting for DDP to flip the switch to get good all of the sudden.  I know he does it.  I've seen it.  I just don't remember when.  DDP wins with the Kanyon Cutter.  BANG!  DDP isn't over, but the cutter is getting there.  

TO THE BACK.  Gene is now with the Giant and Jimmy.  Giant is getting all oiled up.  Dude is getting fatter and flabbier by the week.  He's been around for about a year and has probably gained 60 pounds or more.  Some of it muscle, but a lot of it right around the mid section.  The belly welly, if you wheeeeeel.  

Rey Mysterio Jr vs That Motherfucker Dean Malenko WCW Cruiserweight Championship

YES.  Finally.  It took 6 months for AAA guys to come in after Bischoff mentioned it for the first time.  INDIE RESPEK.  God damn, Rey is tiny.  Dean is super short and is a full head and shoulders taller.  A lot of flashy lucha stuff to start off.  Rey hits a muli-rotation arm drag.  Triangle dropkick sends Dean to the floor.  More flashy shit.  Rey gets sling shot over the top.  Dean went for a baseball slide.  Rey slides back into the ring and taunts.  Dean brings the Euro flavor to this.  He does a move where he puts on leg behind Rey's upper arm and kicks his wrist with the other.  He continues the arm.  Rey goes for a rana.  TMF throws him off and lariatoooos his head off.  Dean's lariato is really more of a forearm/elbow strike.  You'd expect TMF to go after the legs of Rey, but he flipped the script with the elbow work.  Hammerlock Northern lights.  TMF isn't playing.  Rey is able to get a dropkick in, but Dean goes right back to the arm.  An interesting Fujiwara arm bar variant.  We briefly get a Crippler Crossface.  Romero Special dropped into a pin, which the ref was very late on.  That dude sucks.  He's the one that Macho slapped a few weeks ago.  TMF is sticking to that arm like another TMF.  Rey finally gets some space and sends Dean to the floor.  Springboard somersault plancha!  Then a springboard missile dropkick back into the ring.  Dean goes for a powerbomb.  Rey reverses.  Pinning sequence.  West Coast Pop!  2 count.  TMF Gut Buster is countered with a super rana.  Rey tries another spinning rana and TMF flattens that boy with a powerbomb.  Dean gets his feet on the ropes and gets the pin.  Title retained.  Standing ovation.  A cruiser match not about cool shit, but with substance and a story.  And it was dope.  


TO THE MEAN GENE.  Lex is only doing this interview because WCW requested it of him.  His mind is on the match, not the interview.  

Big Bubber vs John Tena

You can't have a bigger contrast between two matches.  This match is "not a pretty sight".  Bubber apparently KOs Quake with something.  Momentarily at least.  Not a lot of interest here.  Quake was definitely past his prime.  Boss Man was as well.  The biggest spot was probably Bubber hitting a belly to back.  Quake wins with a powerslam.  Bubber gets a chunk of his beard cut.  

TO THE MEAN GENE.  Gene is with Mongo, Kevin Greene, and the wives.  Kevin Greene says, "baby" like 900 times in a 15 second promo.  Coach Macho steps in.  

Chris Benoit vs The Taskmaster Falls Count Anywhere

Benoit intercepts Sullivan in the aisle and we got us a fight, Maggle.  Into the crowd we go.  Into the men's room.  Benoit gets a stall  door slammed on his head.  Multiple times.  Double stomp in the bathroom!  We almost get a swirly in a urinal.  "THERE'S A LADY!  THERE IS A LADY IN THE MEN'S BATHROOM!  LOOK IT THERE!  THERE'S A WOMAN IN THE MEN'S JOHN HERE IN BALTIMORE!"  We got plundah!  Dusty wants them to go to the women's bathroom.  They brawl back into the arena.  Benoit gets knocked down the stairs, but thankfully he only makes it a few rows before stopping.  So Sullivan throws him down some more and stomps on his balls.  A lot of stiff punching and chopping.  Sullivan Sabu's a chair.  Dusty loves this shit.  Is that Don West in the front row?  Benoit gets a table out.  It finally enters the ring.  It made it to the bathroom before the ring.  Benoit sets the table up on the top rope.  Superplex from the table!  Benoit wins!  Benoit continues to beat on Sullivan after the match.  Arn runs down and pulls Benoit off of him.  Then he attacks Sullivan and the fans GO BONKERS.  The DoD run out and the Horsemen bail.  The Horsemen are back!  


TO THE MEAN BY GOD GENE.  Gene is with Flair, the broads, Brain, Benoit, and Arn.  The head of the DoD has just been cut off.  Chris Benoit has earned his stripes tonight.  NOW we are truly at war and the Horsemen are loaded for bear.  They're going to fuck these football players up, son.  TMF.  And TMF Jr.  Woman is That Fatherfucker.

Steven Regal vs Sting

The action starts fast and furious and Regal gets sent over the top rope, then back dropped on the floor.  Without Brain around, Dusty has been giving Tony a lot of shit all night.  Tony hypes 4 events in WWF strong holds (including the theater of MSG), which will all have Bruno Sammartino and Pedro Morales involved.  ECW Hat Guy is in the crowd.  Regal almost slaps a woman.  Regal offers a hand shake.  Sting gives him a pelvic thrust.  "How come you are sitting so close to me in this booth?"  Dusty is THE BEST.  The random shit he says is so wonderful.  Sting wins a test of strength.  But Regal's technical prowess is able to over come that.  He's knocking Sting's dick into the dirt, friends.  Sting is now tied up in holds and all that fire he was showing has been extinguished.  I wish Regal was still wrestling.  Like if he was 10 years younger and still on TV, he'd be the most entertaining guy on Raw for sure.  Dropkick to the EAR.  Regal is a meanie.  I am ALL ABOUT that Regal meanness.  Everything he does is fucking MEAN.  It's wonderful.  And when he isn't being mean as fuck, he's being hilarious.  He's controlled about 90% of the match so far.  Just grinding away on Sting's arm and face.  I love how Regal always knows where a camera is and manages to shit talk right into it while having his opponent tied up.  A mid ring collision momentarily changes Sting's fortunes.  God damn it Regal is such an asshole.  Mashing Sting's face into the mat and then grinding his forearm on Sting's ear just to be a dick.  Just wonderful.  Regal has been focusing mostly on the arm of Sting, which Tony is somewhat surprised about due to Sting's well known knee injury.  It's similar to Dean working over Rey's arm.  Sting hits his own big dropkick and now he's FIRED UP.  Butterfly superplex!  The Regal Stretch is lock on.  Sting wouldn't give up and Regal doesn't know what the fuck the deal is.  Let's just hit the mother fucker in the head a lot.  A bitch slap was the wrong choice, Steve.  However, Regal gets his knees up on a Stinger Splash.  It doesn't deter Sting too much, though.  Scorpion Deathlock!  Regal taps out!  This was 100% the Steven Regal show.  I like Sting a lot and all, but he was absolutely secondary in this.  This was Regal being Regal for 16 minutes.  And I love Regal being Regal, so I enjoyed this a whole lot.


Ric Flair/Arn Anderson vs Steve McMichael/Kevin Greene

Due to popular demand, Macho will be reinstated tomorrow night.  Mongo and Arn start the match.  Arn decides it is a good idea to try to go into 3 point stance against pro football players.  Then he uses his wrestling knowledge to bait Mongo into shit, much the the delight of the fans.  Mongo hits a shoulder block from the second rope. TMF is shook.  Arn gets the boots put to him by both men.  Macho even throws a punch for fun.  The heels regroup with Coach Heenan.  Kevin Greene tags in.  So does Flair.  Flair baits Greene.  Greene's strength and athleticism proves to be a problem.  Flair power walks to the ramp.  Macho attacks him and throws him back in.  The ref was watching and didn't care.  Definitely should have been a DQ.  TMF doesn't want any of Mongo.  Mongo gives Flair the business. "Jay Leno would be lucky if I gave him a nick name."  Oh shit.  Mongo has put Ric Flair in the figure four!  And the best part is that Mongo AND Kevin Greene did the figure four better than Hulk.  Woman breaks Mongo's with an eye rake.  Woman and Liz chase the wives away and now Arn is enforcing on Mongo.  Lol, Brain takes a cheap shot at Mongo.  Really, Mongo totally had that coming.  Mongo was SUCH an asshole to Brain, completely unprovoked from the very first Nitro on.  He should throw some more cheap shots.  If I'm not mistaken, the first words Mongo said on a WCW broadcast were an insult towards Brain and his family.  Macho goes after Arn.  Benoit flies down to ringside and attacks Macho.  Greene has been in the figure four for a while now.  Debra comes back with Liz and Woman, now in a salmon dress.  She gives Mongo a briefcase.  Mongo opens it.  Inside is a Four Horsemen shirt and a whole lot of money.  Greene turns the figure four. Mongo hits Kevin Greene with the briefcase.  SWERVE!  Flair pins Greene for the win.  Macho attacks Flair.  Mongo pulls him off.  Mongo holds Macho for Flair to hit him with the briefcase.  Mongo has joined the Four Horsemen!  "Aw get loose from that!"  Mongo and Debra have sold their souls for the money.  Just like Mongo did when he jumped to the Packers.  About as enjoyable as any celebrity match up to 1996.  Flair and Arn put their work in.  You'd expect something really shitty out of two football players with zero wrestling experience, but they were able to fit in to he Arn/Flair formula just fine.  


TO THE BISCHOFF.  Eric brings out his invited guests, Scott Hall and Kevin Nash.  Hall is still rocking that denim on denim.  Bischoff has worked out a match for these guys.  At Bash at the Beach.  Eric point plank asks them if they work for the WWF.  Both men say they do not and continue with the promo.  Bischoff won't tell them who the WCW team is until tomorrow night.  Hall punches him in the gut.  OH MY GOD Kevin Nash just powerbombed Bischoff off the stage through a table!  MY GOD.  Eric is dead.  He died.  Rest in peace.  Tony leaves the booth to check on Bischoff.  Dusty says bottom line, this shit is uncalled for.  They wanted a war and they're going to get a war.  


Lex Luger vs The Giant WCW Championship

Amazingly, Buffer doesn't fuck up during his introductions.  Giant looks like he has a terrible hang over.  I wouldn't even be surprised if that was the case.  Lex runs right into a big boot to start the match.  He knocks Giant over the top rope with a lariato, but Giant tosses Lex right back into the ring.  Lex gets on the back of Giant with a sleeper.  Jimmy was about to hit Lex with the megaphone when Sting shows up and chases him to the back.  Tony and Dusty are still pretty distracted by the Bischoff thing.  Lex totally did a stunner.  Giant misses a splash in the corner and lands on the ropes.  Lex is able to get him up for the rack from this position, but couldn't hold on to it.  Giant fell on him.  Chokeslam for the win.  Title retained.  I like how strong Giant has been booked over the last 2-3 months, but you can see him getting bigger and flabbier every week.


A lot better of a PPV than the last couple.  Even then, it was really a 2 match show.  Rey/Dean was dope.  Great debut for Rey.  Regal/Sting was a 16 minute Regal showcase, which is wonderful.  The rest of the matches ranged from whatever to decent.  Hall and Nash have to say they don't work for Vince so Bischoff can avoid getting sued.  Let's flip this segment.  Imagine Sting/Luger were invading the WWF and they powerbombed Vince through a table live on PPV.  Imagine the reaction from security, police, wrestlers, fans.  When it happened to Bischoff, people cheered and no wrestlers came out, no security ran the Outsiders off.  Tony briefly left the booth to check on him, but no one else from the back did.  The lack of caring from the roster is really strange so far.  Regal has talked some shit and Sting got up in Hall's face, but that's it.  Regardless, I'd say the angle just kicked up a few notches.

WCW Great American Bash 1995


Tony and Brain hold down the announcing duties tonight. The show took place on Father's Day, which plays very well into the main event of Randy Savage vs Ric Flair, since Ric beat the shit out of Randy's dad on the last PPV.


Brian Pillman vs Alex Wright

God, Pillman's music is truly awful. Code of honor is followed. Brain thinks that is stupid as fuck. You don't need friends. You need wins so you can get money. Otherwise, get the fuck out out of here. Chain wrasslin gets the fans to their feet, but then booing when the men shake hands again. Spinning head scissors and a dropkick from Brian. Those super fans who always wear bright wind breakers are in the front row. Old timey head scissors from Alex right into a grounded headscissors. Brian escapes. Fans boo Alex for a headbutt to the stomach. Not sure why. Maybe because Pillman is from the Cincinnati area and this is in Dayton. More headscissors from both guys. Fans are definitely turning on Alex. I like Alex Wright. I think he was legit and never understood why he always gets included in terrible WCW guys. Well, he did completely fuck up a Romero Special, but immediately turns it into something else, then goes for a series of roll ups. Brian comes up with a hard chop that the crowd seemed to really enjoy. LOL Brain just going all in on how ugly Alex is and how he should wear a mask. Pillman gets sent through the ropes. When Alex offers him open ropes back in, Brian gets pissed and drags him out to chop the shit out of him. Pillman's bacne is horrible. A lot of back and forth stuff. Dope gutwrench gutbuster from Pillman. It was really more right on the point of his hip and looked like it hurt a lot. He then drapes Alex over the top rope. Alex recovers and suplexes Brian to the floor and follows up with a dive. Missile dropkick. Alex is thrown to the floor and Brian follows with a dive of his own. Brian then does his signature bump of hot shotting himself on the guard rail. Wright injures his shoulder missing a top rope cross body. He hits it moments later for a 2 count. Pillman fakes a leg injury and catches Alex with a dropkick as he's coming off the top. Pillman himself goes up top, is caught, and thrown balls first onto the ropes. German suplex for a 2 count. Alex drops down on a crucifix attempt to get the win. Fans weren't pleased with it. Fun match.

TO THE MEAN GENE. Gene gets some words with Dave Sullivan, who prefers to go by Evad. "Daddy" is apparently the actual first name of the Sullivan father. Who in the fuck hired Dave in the first place, and then thought they should keep him for the next 3 years?

DDP vs Dave Sullivan Arm Wrestling Contest

If DDP wins, he'll get possession of Dave's rabbit. If Dave wins, he'll get a date with the Diamond Doll. DDP looks like SUCH a scum bag. His face looks completely different and I think he actually looks older in 1995 than he did in 2005. He was apparently a big fan of The Mask, based on how often I heard "Somebody stop me!" between the promo package and his entrance. Arm wrestling angles are the worst. The only good one in history was Vince vs Zack Gowen, 100% for Vince being in ultimate monster mode at the time. Dave wins! Dave wins! He also wins a date with Kim. I think Kim actually bumped into DDP and caused him to loose. DDP berates her after the match. As it turns out, Kim bumped into Maxx Muscle, who bumped into DDP.

TO THE MEAN GENE. Gene gets some words with DDP and Kim. DDP wants a do-over, bro.

Sgt. Craig Pittman vs Jim DOOGUN

I guess Buff was supposed to be in this match, but got injured, so Duggan is filling in. And Pittman already wrestled on the pre-show. I remember being pretty shook when I watched Choke and saw Pittman fighting for reals in Japan. He should have shot on Duggan and fucked him up within 30 seconds. This is garbage and the only thing worth anything is Brain making fun of Duggan the whole match. Pittman is disqualified for not breaking the cross arm breaker when Duggan was in the ropes. Just garbage.

TO THE MEAN GENE. Gene speaks with the Bluebloods! Regal compares the Nasty Boys to Hitler and Goebbels in 1945 sitting in the bunker saying they might have blown it.

Bunkhouse Buck/Dick Slater vs Harlem Heat

I think Dick and Buck also wrestled on the pre-show. And on the pre-show, Col. Parker totally forced himself on Sherri. She knocked him on his ass. It's kind of amazing that Dirty Dick had a fairly successful career being a blatant rip off of Terry Funk. Stevie is wrestling in a shirt under his gear. He and Slater begin the match. Stevie slams both of those cracker ass crackers. Tags are made. This show really fell off a cliff after the opening match. Fans are dead, matches have been dog shit. Boy, this isn't interesting in the least. Book did a small package. Col. Parker rolled it over. Sherri re-rolled it. Harlem Heat wins. Completely unremarkable.

EARLIER TONIGHT. Eric Bischoff was speaking with Commissioner Bockwinkel when Vader ran out, shoved them both around, saying he was tired of their shit. Then Hogan attacked him with a chair and there was a pull apart brawl.

Bock then speaks with Tony and Brain about this. Bock tried to announce Hogan/Vader in a cage at Bash at the Beach, but didn't know what the next show was and had to stop his promo to ask Tony the name of the next PPV.

TO THE MEAN BY GOD GENE. Gene speaks with Ric Flair. Flair is pretty happy about the cage match, even though it isn't like Flair is getting a title shot out of it. Ric brings up taking Liz in 1992, taking Macho's dad out at Slamboree, and he's going to take Randy's career tonight.

Renegade vs Arn Anderson WCW TV Championship

Arn has his work cut out for him. He's quickly dumped from the ring. Renegade is terrible. All he can do is a head lock. They fight over abdominal stretches for a bit. Arn hits an enziguri, which is no sold. Probably a good idea to have a guy who can't sell have a gimmick of no selling everything. This sucks. This show sucks. Spinebuster! Fans start chanting for a DDT after that. Fuck the Renegade. No one liked him. Fans were probably still pissed at being teased that Warrior was coming in only to get a rip off. Superfly Splash from Warriorish. New champion! Gross. This match sucked and even Arn couldn't save it. The Giant was hanging out in the crowd.

TO THE MEAN AND NASTY GENE. Fuck the Nasty Boys.

Nasty Boys vs Bluebloods WCW Tag Team Championships

"I hear they're going to tear down this city to build a slum." Things immediately break down into a brawl out on the floor. Sags keeps whipping Regal with his leather jacket. I guess they officially start the match. I hope Regal hits one of them really fucking hard. Pity City! Stupid fucking move. This is a show with a bad Arn Anderson match, and a bad Regal/Eaton match. Regal finally unloads on Knobs, but not hard enough for my tastes. He did drop a hard Cactus Elbow on him, though. Should have tried to land on his neck. Fat piece of shit. This suuuucks. I just want this to end. Sherri and Harlem Heat come out to end this shit for me. Book hit Knobs with the Harlem Hang over, but knocked Eaton off the top rope as he jumped out of the ring. Sags hit Eaton with an elbow from the top for the win. Titles retained.

TO THE MEAN GENTLEMAN GENE. Gene speaks with Col. Parker and Meng. The good Col. didn't come all the way from home to go back empty handed. Meng looks like he's corpsing for most of the interview. Elsewhere, Gene get some words with Sting. Sting cuts a promo that seems to be a shot at the influx of WWF guys, saying that he's been in WCW for years, paying his dues, winning the titles, and carrying the company.

Sting vs Meng WCW US Championship

The title had been vacated and this is the tournament finals. I'm happy to see Sting. I'm not happy to see Meng in a singles match. Meng gets a cheap shot to the throat to start the match and unleashes a flurry of strikes. Then does a version of the Tongan Death Grip for a bit. Sting fires back with some strikes and dropkicks, which do nothing to Meng. Hard mother fucking chops from Meng. Neon Super Fans give his chops standing ovations. Sting misses a cross body and goes to the apron, then gets knocked to the floor. Sit out powerbomb from Meng. It's followed by a shoulder breaker. Col. Parker lays a beating on Sting on the floor. Then we settle into that trap based offense that Meng was known for. Fucking nerve holds. My least favorite rest hold of all time. Sting starts to heat up with a lot of jumping moves and shit. I don't care. This show is terrible. Cactus Clothesline! Col. Parker goes down! Meng runs into the ring post. Scorpion Death Lock. Meng powers out of it. Diving lariatoo. Stingerfly Splash! 2 count. Jumping DDT. That was enough to keep Meng down. New champion!

Some dude who cosplays at Big Bubba is shown in the crowd. And then some dude that looks like a young Joseph Park shows his ugly mug.

We're shown the history of Savage/Flair. While Flair was retired, he and Macho still had some issues. After Flair interfered in one of Savage's matches (dressed as a woman), Savage and Hogan begged for Flair to be reinstated. They got their wish. Then Ric attacked Randy's father, Angelo Poffo. During the US Championship tournament, Randy would get Alex Wright disqualified running into beat on Flair, and eventually both men were kicked out of the tournament.

TO THE MEAN GENE. Gene speaks with the Macho Man. First up, congrats to the Renegade, yeahhh, mmhm, dig it. HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!

Randy Savage vs Ric Flair

Randy brings his dad out with him. Ric immediately bails and Randy gives chase. Lariatooo. Another one sends Ric to the floor. Double ax handle. Macho is all over Ric. Until an eye poke. And then Ric gets back dropped on the floor. Randy gets posted hard, shoulder/chest first. Randy gets drilled with a double ax handle from the apron to the back. Flair is firmly in control in the ring. Macho never stops moving and throws punches/chokes/eye rakes/kicks at every possible opportunity. Flair bails and Savage is on him right away. Flair goes up top. It works about as well as it normally does for him. He Flair flips to the floor and goes after Angelo. Macho saves his dad, but gets a chop block for his troubles. Knee breaker on the guard rail. Even on one leg and on the mat, Macho won't stop fighting. He's still throwing kicks and punches from the mat. Figure four. Savage reverses it and still fights with one leg. Flair gets a move off the top, but doesn't connect. At least he didn't get thrown off. I'd count that as a victory. He tries again and gets caught with a lariato. Macho Elbow. He pulls Ric up at 2. Macho's cheek is busted open and his chest is red and purple from chops. And now he has the ring bell. Randy Anderson gets it away from him. Macho goes for another elbow. Flair rolls to the floor, so Macho changes directions, but goes face first into the railing. Ric again goes after Angelo, who chokes Ric with his cane. Then he gets elbowed in the face and goes down. Flair gets possession of the cane and drills Randy right in the face with it to get the win.

Opening match was fun. Flair/Savage is one of my favorite matches and I think the best Flair/Savage match. It feels so personal. Savage was in top form, fighting from every angle, throwing punches and kicks even when on the mat. He never stopped fighting, because it WAS personal for him. Everything in between the opener and main event is fucking awful, though. Really, really bad show. A great main event can't save this show at all.

WCW The Great American Bash 1992

Thankfully, this is taped from PPV, which means all matches will be on the show. Hopefully. Turner often cut home releases down to around 2 hours.

This whole show is a tournament to crown new NWA Tag Team Champions. The only singles match is Sting vs Vader for the WCW Championship. It looks to be an awesome card.

Tony Schiavone and Magnum TA are hosts. JR and Jesse Ventura are doing commentary.

TO THE BACK. Eric Bischoff talks with Bill Watts about the card tonight. Watts explains the rules differences on the show. The tournament matches are under NWA rules, which means top rope rules are allowed. In the WCW Championship match, top rope rules illegal.

Brian Pillman/Jushin Liger vs Nikita Koloff/Ricky Steamboat

To me, Steamboat's best run was WCW 1991-1994. He was just the best during this period. Pillman and Nikita start out. Koloff's size and strength advantage come into play right away. Jesse doesn't like Nikita due to his woman abusing ways. Nikita did something to Madusa I guess. Liger gets tagged in and works over the arm. Quick tags between the lightweights. Liger knocks Nikita off his feet. Steamboat is tagged in and immediately does some dropkicks and even pulls Liger into the ring. Arm drag! JR keeps getting Koloff and Steamboat mixed up. Double drop kick. Liger and Steamboat match up. Lots of tags in this. Liger nails a moonsault and tombstone on Steamboat. Flipping senton. Dragon stops the offense with a back suplex and quickly tags out. Steamboat is back in and does a series of Lesnar style backbreakers into a powerslam. Pillman gets a hot tag. Missile dropkick from Liger. Cartwheel attack. Nikita gets pissed at some stiff shots from Liger and puts him on his ass. Liger tagged out. Air Pillman! He follows this up with a missile dropkick. Dragon comes in and is dropkicked right out. Pillman tries a diving sleeper from the second rope. Nikita fell so he just did a normal sleeper. Steamboat rolls through a top rope cross body for the win. Steamboat and Koloff advance. Pretty good start to the show. It was worked as a weird mesh of heavyweights vs cruisers, face vs face, and some slightly heel work from Steamboat/Koloff.


TO THE BACK. Eric Bischoff talks with the Steiners. They aren't in the tournament due to Scott having been injured by Dr. Death.

Hiroshi Hase/Shinya Hashimoto vs Fabulous Freebirds

This is probably going to be the worst styles clash of all time. What a terrible match up. Hase and Hayes start out. Fuck Michael Hayes. I just want to see Hash stiff the ever loving piss out of him. Naturally, they didn't mesh well at all. Hase pinned Garvin with a Northern lights suplex. No one beat the shit out of Michael Hayes, so I was very disappointed.

TO THE SCHIAVONE. Tony is with Bill Watts and Hiro Matsuda. Bill Watts has regained control of the Big Gold Belt. Ric Flair's name was taken off the belt. It was then handed over to Matsuda, as a tournament would take place in NJPW to determine a new champion. Once that champion is crowned, he will face the WCW Champion in a unification match.

Rick Rude/Steve Austin vs Barry Windham/Dustin Rhodes

Rude is the US Champion. Austin is the TV Champion. IT'S AN UPPER BODY BUSINESS, GOD DAMN IT! Austin and Barry start out. Austin tries a number of roll ups until Barry just punches him in the mouth. Austin is so fun as a shitbird heel. Rude and Dustin are tagged in and Rude goes to town on Dustin in the corner. Dustin stuffs that with a lariatooo and back suplex before working a hammer lock. Rude attempts a tombstone. Dustin reverses it into one of his own. Austin is in and hits a lariatooo. It briefly heads to the floor. Dustin slaps on an abdominal stretch. Diving lariatooo from Barry. Madusa distracts the ref, allowing Rude to do some hair pulling and go up top for a weird missile dropkick. Barry kicks out. Solid piledriver from Rude. Barry tries his best to make a hot tag, but is cut off by Austin coming off the top rope. Austin does a lot of classic heel work while doing submissions. The heels switch out while the ref was distracted and Randy Anderson actually makes them switch out because he didn't see the tag. That might be the first time I've ever seen that in a tag match. Double lariatoooo. Kind of. It was awkward. Barry and Rude collide heads. Tags are made. Dustin is on fire with elbows, lariatoos, and dropkicks. Austin attempts a piledriver on Windham. Dustin comes off the top with a lariatooo for the win. I was a WWF kid growing up, but nothing is better than a well worked Southern tag match. Barry/Dustin advance.


TO THE BACK. Bischoff talks with Vader and Harley Race. There will be a lot of disappointed Stingers tonight. YOU WANT VADER?!?!

Ricky Steamboat/Nikita Koloff vs Miracle Violence Connection

Well, MVC weren't called that in America, but that's what they are. They are the reigning WCW Tag Team Champions. Those titles are not on the line. MVC received a bye in the tournament. Gordy and Dragon start out. Koloff/Dragon go from cruisers to full on super heavyweights. Dragon unleashes some arm drags. Steamboat is out wrestling Dr. Death. Nikita is tagged in. They do some awkward amateur style wrestling. I always enjoyed how Jesse pronounced that word. Amater. Gordy and Koloff have some shoulder blocks with neither man budging. A lot of amateur style with Nikita and Doc, which is weird because I don't think Nikita ever showed his amateur skills. Dragon gets tagged in and fires up. This is stopped by a Doc lariatooo and they do some more amateur style stuff. Dragon goes for a crucifix. Doc backs up into the corner and tags in Gordy. Another lariatooo. Double shoulder block. Another spot of the heels switching out and the ref not allowing it because he didn't see it. So crazy. That never happens. Back break injures Steamer's ribs. He hits a desperation DDT and tags out. Nikita hits a series of shoulder blocks, the last of which Gordy just slams Nikita to the mat. STF on Nikita. Doc is tagged in an applies a Boston crab that is almost a Liontamer. Hot tag to Steamboat. He hits Doc with a top rope chop. He goes up for the crossbody only to be pushed off by Gordy. Doc then hits a modified Oklahoma stampede for the win. MVC advance.


Hiroshi Hase/Shinya Hashimoto vs Dustin Rhodes/Barry Windham

Hase and Dustin start the match. Windham soon comes in and we get some nice chain wrasslin. Test of strength. Hase bridges out and hits a back heel kick. Hashimoto tags in. Jesse talks about how Hash is one of the few Japanese that could be a football player. Hash grounds Dustin and some arm work begins. Hase has a hammerlock on and pulls Dustin down by his jaw, doing basically a weird crossface chicken wing. Windham comes in and starts throwing Hase around, also doing an arm work. Hase bridges and flips out of a version of the short arm scissors. Hash is in, does some kicks, then applies a triangle. He turns this into a cross arm breaker. Hash taunts and wants a strike battle. Dustin just gives him punches and elbows and easily wins it. But then Hash pokes him in the eyes/throat and uncorks a series of kicks and spin wheel kick to the face. Spike piledriver that ended up being more of a spike sit out powerbomb. Windham gets sick of this shit and gets into the ring to smack the shit out of those darn Japanese folks. Dustin plays FIP for quite a while. Hase misses a top rope knee drop and is drilled with a lariatooooo. Hot tag to Barry. Dustin leap frogs Hase, who runs right into a Windham lariatooo. Dustin and Barry advance to the finals against MVC.


TO THE TONY. Tony and Magnum talk to Ron Simmons. DAMN. He wants the winner of Vader/Sting.

Vader vs Sting WCW Championship

Sting bows right up to Vader. Vader immediately backs Sting into the corner and starts beating the shit out of him. Short arm lariatooo. Sting rolls to the floor. When he gets back in, Sting does a lariato which has no effect. He then tries a cross body. Vader catches him and throws him back like Sting was a cruiserweight. Sting's speed allows him to hit a back suplex and send Vader to the floor. Sting is dumb enough to go for a test of strength, but SWERVES Vader with a thumb to the eye. He knocks Vader to the apron and actually suplexes him back in. His momentum is stopped by running right into Vader. Not even really a move so much as bouncing off of Vader. Sting nails two boots to the face and nearly wins with a small package. Vader does some posing and JR takes a dig at the WBF. Big splash. Vader applies the Scorpion Death Lock. Sadly, it's about as good as Rock's. Sting gets out, but Vader is knocking the shit out of him. Lariatoooo. Powerslam. Sting fires up and hits a koppo kick OUTTA NOWHERE. DDT. Vader tries to go up top and is caught. Sting squats this fat fuck and does a Samoan drop. Ref bump. Sting hits a German suplex. The ref recovers enough to count the pin, but the slight delay could have cost Sting the match. Stinger Splash. While doing the second one, Sting appears to have knocked himself out by hitting the metal bolt connecting the turn buckle and the ring post. Vader easily wins with the powerbomb. New champion! Sting is helped by officials and Nikita Koloff (in his ring gear, without knee pads, and wearing flip flops) after the match.


TO THE SCHIAVONE. Tony and Magnum talk about the match.


TO THE BACK. Bischoff talks with Vader and Harley Race. Vader is the king of wrestling!

Barry Windham/Dustin Rhodes vs Miracle Violence Connection NWA Tag Team Championships Special Guest Referee: Ole Anderson

Before the match, the Steiners came out but were not allowed to stay at ringside. Doc and Barry start the match. If I'm not mistaken, these two had a UWF Championship match when JCP bought the UWF and treated it about as well as Vince treated WCW when he bought it. Gordy is tagged and Dustin unloads a series of elbows. Barry applies a figure four. Gordy gets to the ropes and tags out. Belly to belly. Lots of mat work and hold grabbing in this. Doc got his nick name in 9th grade. Can you imagine a 14 year old being such a bad ass that people call him Dr. Death? Gordy locks Dustin the STF. Doc is pretty great at cutting the ring off. Powerslam to Dustin. Hot tag to Barry. A lariatoo sends Gordy to the floor. Float over suplex on Doc. 2 count. Gut wrench suplex. Barry locks on a sleeper. Doc runs into the corner, causing Barry to hit his shoulder on the same place that Sting hit his head earlier. Lariatoooo. Barry settles into FIP. Hot tag to Dustin. He was quickly cut off by paying too much attention to Gordy and leaving himself open for Doc to attack. Big kitchen sink. Doc appears to have hurt his knee doing it. Another big ass lariatoooo from Gordy. Oklahoma Stampede! He went for an extra run. Barry dropkicked Doc before he could do the slam. Dustin goes for the bulldog, but is sent into Terry Gordy on the apron. They clank heads. Doc the drills Dustin with a lariatoooooooooo to win the NWA Tag Team Championships. This now makes them the Unified World Tag Team Champions.


TO THE SCHIAVONE. Tony and Magnum talk with the new champs. Doc plugs the hotline.

DQ Count: 0 out of 7 matches.

Pretty awesome show. None of it was flashy, but instead it was a ton of rugged, dirty, stiff, great pro wrasslin all night. No bullshit. All clean finishes. Only one match went under 15 minutes, which was the one match that needed to not go anywhere near 15 minutes. Bill Watts may have been a total cock, but he could put together some great wrasslin shows.

WCW Great American Bash 1991

The show starts with as we follow a camera man (and see through his eyes) as he arrives to the arena, buys tickets, gets merch hawked to him, and finally enters the arena.

PN News/Bobby Eaton vs Steve Austin/Terrance Taylor Scaffold Match

Austin's music is SO cheesy. It's amazing. The rules for this now include a capture the flag aspect as someone figured out it wasn't a good idea to have a 300 pounder fall from a scaffold. Look, scaffold matches always suck. Always. You could have the best wrestlers in the world in the match and it would suck. This is no different. It's terrible, boring shit. Bobby gets the opposing flag and it seems like the match is over, but Lady Blossom gave Austin a can of hair spray to spray the eyes of the faces. Everyone starts climbing down and the announcement that the match is over comes about 2 minutes after the finish. Taylor ends up taking a bump from right around top rope height. Fucking terrible. God. This show is going to be amazing. The crowd has already been taken out back and shot in the face and it is only the first match.

JR and Tony talk about the controversy over the WCW Championship and Ric Flair. Ric Flair has been stripped of the title. WCW offered him a new deal, which he refused, so he's been removed from the main event, which will now be Barry Windham vs Lex Luger for the title in a cage.

TO THE BISCHOFF. Eric speaks with Paul E. and Arn. Rick Steiner will get a cage match against Paul tonight. And Arn will be Paul's partner. Everyone involved looks like they hate life.

JR and Tony continue to talk to cover for the scaffold stuff being taken down. JR really looks like he doesn't like Tony at all.

Diamond Studd vs Z-Man

God damn does DDP look like a fucking shit head. American flag jacket (with tassels), rhinestone jeans (with tassels and a US flag patch) tucked into white cowboy boots, and a fanny pack with DDP in rhinestones. What a cunt. A woman gets pulled from the crowd to strip Hall. Z-Man dives into the ring, attacking both Hall and DDP. DDP then gives him a low bridge and Hall throws him into the crowd. Hall is fucking swoll. Bigger than he ever was as Razor. Hall hasn't figured out his move set yet as he falls victim to a crossbody instead of turning it into the fall away slam. Fans are dead. People in the front row are literally sitting with their arms folded, or their heads in their hands. Or not even looking at the ring. One guy is really pissed with DDP, though. Short chokeslam. Lariato. This isn't good at all. Oh what the fuck, only one of DDP's pant legs is tucked into his cowboy boot. He's such a piece of shit. DDP was pulled into the ring and knocked around, taking one of the worst rope bumps (on a kick that wasn't even close to landing) I've ever seen.. Hall won with a bridging back suplex. Tony brought up how awesome the DDD (Razor's Edge) was multiple times during the match, so of course it wasn't even teased once.

Oz vs Ron Simmons

FUCK.  Apparently, Oz has only had 2 televised matches since his debut at Superbrawl. Such a stupid fucking gimmick. At least they didn't have the scarecrow/lion/tin man/Dorthy this time. You know what sounds like a good idea? Putting a 7 foot guy with very little experience against a power wrestler with little solo experience and expecting them to have anything good. They trade shoulder blocks with neither man moving. Nash ends it with a big boot. Because they had a high camera for the scaffold match, they want to get as much use out of it as possible. There is one really loud guy yelling BORING. Nash gets knocked over the ropes. I can see why Nash wore pants for the rest of his career. He's got weird looking legs. He has what appears to be the opposite of bow legs. Knock kneed, I guess. This is so boring. So boring that the fan is too bored to chant boring anymore. Oz loses to a flying shoulder block.

We're shown the WCW top ten.

Robert Gibson vs Richard Morton

While Gibson was out hurt, Morton turned heel and joined the York Foundation. And while everyone else that joins the Foundation gets a new look and slicked back hair style, Morton still dresses exactly the same. I don't think this is a feud anyone ever wanted. Morton tries to stooge around and keep his distance. The mullets on this show are exquisite. After a lot of stalling, Morton goes after the freshly healed knee of Gibson. Moron rips GIbson's tights so he can get to the knee brace underneath. Fans have no idea how they are supposed to react to this. Morton only turned heel like a week prior, if that. So now all of the sudden these fans are seeing the RNRs fighting each other, which I don't think anyone really ever wanted to see. Then they have a match were Morton is just a total cock to his best friend for no real reason. I don't think there was even really a story reason for Morton to turn on Robert. Gibson was out hurt for months and when he finally came back, Morton decided to join the York Foundation. Gibson tried to talk him out of it and now they hate each other. Morton applies a TERRIBLE figure four for what feels like 10 minutes. Dude's leg wasn't even on Gibson's crossed leg. Maybe this would be a good match with a better story going into it, but as it is, it is boring and the fans are completely indifferent to it. Just like everything else on this show so far. You know what sounds like a good idea? Two great tag wrestlers that rarely work singles matches having a 17 minute singles match on PPV where one of them is on his back for about 80% of the match. Oh, and have one of them work dick head heel when he's been a fiery FIP babyface his whole career. And after all this leg work, Robert is still throwing dropkicks. In fact, they both throw dropkicks at the same time on the ramp. Morton ends up tapping Gibson in the shoulder blade with the computer calculator, which JR calls as the back of the head, for the win. Fans were not happy with the match or the show. Someone threw a bucket of popcorn at the camera crew on the stage. Maybe they were aiming for Robert.


TO THE BISCHOFF. Eric speaks with the Young Pistols and Dustin Rhodes about their match with...the Freebirds and Baddstreet. FUCK. Dustin is doing a 100% Dusty impression for his promo. I actually thought Dusty was talking. Dead on.

Dustin Rhodes/Young Pistols vs Fabulous Freebirds/Baddstreet Elimination Match

FUCK ME GOD DAMN IT THIS FUCKING SHOW. I hate everything. These pieces of shit Freebirds. Fucking garbage. I wish Jimmy had been flying the Malaysian Air plane just so Michael Hayes could record another song as a "tribute" to a fallen friend only for it actually to be an excuse for him to blow himself and be a selfish cunt who should have died in the 80s. I know that fucking cunt has raped someone and bragged about it. It was probably a black woman so he could laugh about it and call her a dumb nigger bitch because Michael Hayes is a miserable piece of shit. If he died tomorrow, the world would be a better place. Racist raping scum bag cunt. Even the announcers are bored with this shit. I wish Mark Henry has snapped Hayes' fucking neck. How does that shitbag work for a publicly traded company? How the fuck does he work anywhere? Who the fuck would want to hire a guy like him? I wouldn't even pay him to eat dog shit. I'm stunned he hasn't been in a stand your ground case where he shot a black kid because he was looking in his general direction from 8 blocks away. Dustin was the sole survivor.

Yellow Dog vs Johnny B. Badd

Yellow Dog is Brian Pillman in a yellow mask. I'm not sure what the story was, but I assume it was the traditional "guy is fired/suspended and comes back under a mask" gimmick. If he is unmasked and found to be Pillman, Pillman will not be able to reapply for his license. Wouldn't the Yellow Dog also need to be licensed? And shouldn't that mean that whoever gave him his license already fucking knows he's Brian Pillman? This is Johnny's in ring debut. So this dude showed up at SuperBrawl and hasn't even wrestled yet? There were technical difficulties on the original broadcast, so some of the match only has sound. I wish the master tape had been thrown in a fire that contained Michael Hayes' dead body. And anyone who taped it would be haunted and killed Ring style until no more copies existed. Unsurprisingly, Mero looks like he has no clue of what he's doing. It's as if he was only trained on how to remember to do his taunts and posing. Pillman is sloppy because his mask doesn't fit. Teddy Long jumped in the ring to try to get the mask off, causing a DQ. Makes sense for Johnny B. Badd's first match to end in him losing via DQ because of his manager.

TO THE BACK. Eric gets to conduct an interview with Missy Hyatt in her locker room. She got a sweet card from Jason Hervey. FUCK JASON HERVEY. I hope Stan Hansen is in there just plowing Missy. Dip and jizz everywhere. Eric is a fucking creep and totally spies on her in the shower. She throws things at him and he throws it back to JR and Tony.

Big Josh vs Blackblood Lumberjack Match

Where are the fucking bears? BRING BACK THE BEARS. Blackblood is bill from "A little town in France". He's an executioner. His name plate said Kevin Sullivan was accompanying him, but there was no Sullivan. Maybe he got lost on the god damn yellow brick road. FUCK THIS SHOW. A god damn executioner fighting a lumberjack. Can someone explain to me why Blackblood is allowed to have a blade on his ax, but Big Josh isn't? Big fucking surprise, the lumberjacks got into a fight. Twice. Blackblood was about to chop Josh's head off when Dustin hit him in the knee with the ax handle, allowing Josh to win with a small package. Fucking garbage. Everything is garbage.

One Man Gang vs El Gigante

WHO THE FUCK WOULD BOOK THIS MATCH? Gigante is fucking immobile and can't do anything. Why do they keep booking him with big stiffs that can't do anything with him? Bischoff got words with OMG and Kevin Sullivan before the match. Gang now looks like Alice Cooper ate nothing but cheeseburgers for 5 years. Sullivan is rambling about third eyes and death wagons and I want a god damn terrorist attack to bomb this show. What the fuck. Gigante comes out with 4 midgets. And they attack OMG. JR begs the fans to be patient with Gigante, which is his way of saying, "Folks, I know he fucking sucks and can't do anything but he's really big so he's going to get a push. Deal with it. jrsbarbq.com" Gang uses a plumber's wrench. A plumber hasn't seen this much shit in his life. Gigante wins with a lariato to the back of the head.

There is still almost an hour left in this show.

Sting vs Nikita Koloff Russian Chain Match

Also one of my least favorite gimmick matches. Chain matches should be a normal match with a chain attached to both men, not the touch four corners bullshit. This is going to be the only thing that has a chance of being good and no way can it be good enough to save the show. It quickly heads to the floor with Nikita being thrown into the railing a few times. This match could be 9 stars and I'd probably hate it right now. So far it is just a generic chain/strap match. I wonder what the point was of having Sting have a 6 month title run, then drop it back to Flair at a house show and hang around in the mid card when he was clearly the most popular wrestler in the company. Especially once Flair left. They should have gone with Sting vs Lex or Barry for the vacant title. Both hit the last corner at the same time, but Nikita was on the inside, so he won. It was completely unremarkable.

A ridiculously over the top hype video for Lex and Barry saying things like they're going to have the greatest wrestling match in history. As the cage lowers, WE WANT FLAIR chants start up and die off pretty quickly, leaving the crowd silent again. Joe Paterno name drop. The "WCW" Championship isn't shown close up in this version of the show, because it is actually one of Dusty's old belts from Florida since Flair had the Big Gold Belt in his possession.

Barry Windham vs Lex Luger WCW Championship Steel Cage Match

At the last show, I explained all the stupid shit with the NWA, WCW, and Ric Flair. Between Superbrawl and here, Ric Flair quit WCW. The main reason was because Jim Herd wanted him to shave his head, get ear rings, and completely drop the Ric Flair name and persona and perform under the name "Spartacus". Now, he was still the WCW and NWA champion. And the Big Gold Belt was still being used as both titles. NWA required champions to put down a $25K deposit on the title, which they would get back with interest when they dropped the belt. When he quit WCW, he was stripped of the WCW Championship, but the NWA still recognized him as their champion. WCW wouldn't give Flair his deposit money, so Flair kept the belt and took it with him to the WWF. The NWA wouldn't strip him of the title until September. So in the mean time, WCW had no physical belt and didn't have time to get one commissioned. They ended up using one of Dusty's old Florida belts with a name plate slapped on it. Wrestling is fucking stupid. The guys have a boring cage match where the fans alternate between being silent and chanting for Flair. Tony screams about how Lex is pulling out new moves such as ...a fucking sleeper. Dude is 5 years into wrestling, has been a tag champion and is what seems like a 90 time US champion and doing a sleeper is considered a new move. Barry misses his dope top rope elbow. Lex gets him in the torture rack, which Barry uses the cage to get out of and hit a back suplex. I've never heard a PPV crowd so dead for the whole show. I can't blame them because this show is fucking terrible. At least nowadays, fans will chant shit to keep themselves entertained. These fans just sit on their hands and wish they could be at home taking a painful shit. Harley Race and Mr. Hughes came out. Harley says something to Lex. Lex then hits a piledriver to win the match and is the new WCW Champion. Lex walks off with Hughes and Harley, so I guess he's now a heel. Which is amazing because he ended up being forced back into a face role for TWO FUCKING YEARS because Sting was hurt for a few months.

Paul E. Dangerously/Arn Anderson vs Rick Steiner/Missy Hyatt Steel Cage Match

Oh fuck me. I thought the god damn show was over. And now I realize, nope, the main event is a mixed tag cage match with a manager and an announcer. Paul Heyman is main eventing a PPV, guys. Dick Murdoch and Dick Slater came out and stole Missy so they could rape her. Some fan grabbed Murdoch and he tries to punch the fan in the face. This is now a handicap match. Rick easily wins anyway. Thankfully this show is fucking over.

THIS SHOW FUCKING SUCKED. It's fucking terrible. Everything. Everything is fucking terrible and everything fucking sucked. FUCK. JR's direct quote after the match, "I'm glad we don't have any more matches." Me too. Tony says that WCW has made a statement tonight. Was the statement that "We fucking suck"?.

WCW Great American Bash 1990

Tonight, Sting finally gets his change at the world title. Tonight will also feature the North American debut of Big Van Vader!

Buddy Landel vs Brian Pillman

So far, name plates for both wrestlers have been blank. Budro gets Pillman in the corner and immediately starts throwing chops. Brian fires back and he begs off. A light "Buddy" chant starts. It's so weird that Buddy made a career of being a rip off of Ric Flair...in the same territory as Ric Flair. Lot of football talk from JR. Buddy can't stop adjusting his balls. Typical Flair formula match. Except if Flair had the body of 2008 Flair and the hair of 1984 Flair. Brian wins with a flying body press. Nothing offensive.

TO THE SOLIE. Gordon just...talks. Not to anyone.

Mike Rotunda vs Iron Sheik

Oh man. This is already a weird show. Sheik attacks with the Iranian flag before the bell. Sheik's muscle gut is astounding. IRS' body is really weird. He looks like a guy who was 300 pounds and dropped 80 pounds in a week. JR says Sheik was involved in a terrorist attack. I think he was referring to the start of the match. I hope so, at least. Gut wrench suplex. An ironic spot of Sheik doing IRS' own abdominal stretch spot. Iranian suplex. IRS gets sent to the floor. IRS wins with a backslide.

Iron Sheik spits.gif

TO THE SOLIE. Gordon speaks with the returning Harley Race. He will face Tommy Rich tonight and has bad memories of that jerk.

Dutch Mantell vs Doug Furnas

Dirty Dutch! Furnas is one put together dude. Those are some big fucking legs on that guy. JR buries Dutch's appearance right away. The man is a war veteran, Jim! Show some respect. To be fair, Dutch did look like shit. A hard shoulder block sends Zeb to the floor. Leap frogs from Doug to show off his agility. Then a stalling press slam to show off his power. Vince would have loved Doug Furnas if he got to him before Japan. Dutch keeps slapping Doug to get him riled up and off his game plan. Doug eventually fires back and does a back flip off the ropes for no reason. Dropsault. Doug misses a Superfly splash. Short arm lariat from Dutch. Dutch slows things down. Doug kicks out WITH AUTHORITY. Big powerslam from Doug. Things break down as they seem to have a series of miscommunications, but Doug ends up winning with a belly to belly.

TO THE SOLIE. Gordon talks with Jim Cornette. The Midnights will defend their titles against the Southern Boys. I'm pretty sure Gordon is either really hot, or he's been drinking for 2 hours before the show.

Harley Race vs Tommy Rich

I'm pretty confident that Harley Race was one of the guys that fucked Tommy's mom after his dad left. Harley is wearing a purple singlet. I didn't even realize Harley came back to WCW in a wrestling role after his WWF run. I thought he retired from the ring after that, but I guess not. High knee. Piledriver, which Rich sells by standing up and falling to the ramp. Suplex on the ramp. Harley should have retired after the WWF run. This isn't good. What's really great about this is that Tommy is 15 years younger than Harley, but looks 20 years older in the face. Harley rolls through a cross body to get the win.

TO THE SOLIE. Gordon talks to Paul E. Dangerously and Mean Mark! Mark is going to rip Lex's head off.

Southern Boys vs Midnight Express NWA US Tag Team Championships

Things immediately go to the floor. Bobby gets double teamed and the Midnights bail. Steve and Bobby officially start the match. Steve throws Bobby off the top and hits a monkey flip. Drop kick. He goes up top and lands a big lariato. Tag to Tracey. Redneck kung fu! A few superkicks later, Bobby tags out. Karate battle in the middle of the ring. Smothers wins it and gets another superkick on Bobby. Fans are super into the Southern Boys. Bobby tags in, gets sent to the floor, and hit with a baseball slide. The champs are in jeopardy. Tracey misses a blind tag and gets thrown over the top and then into the guardrail. As he gets up to the apron, he gets knocked off backwards into the guard rail. Bobby tears him up with a back breaker and lariat and it seems like the crowd has switched to supporting the Midnights. Tracey hits another superkick like a god damn redneck Young Buck. Alabama Jam! Tracey is getting dominated here. Hot tag to Steve. Dropkick Doomsday Device. The ref was distracted and couldn't make the pin in time. Steve goes up top and gets knocked off the ropes. Rocket Launcher. TWO COUNT! Tracey switches places with Steve and scores a small package. 2 count. Stan hits a kick to the back of the head and Bobby wins with a small package. Titles retained. This was hot as fuck once it settled down to the FIP segment, which is a pattern I'm seeing with the Midnights. Boring for the first half while the Midnights stooge around, then super hot once they double team a face for a while.

TO THE SOLIE. Gordon talks with the Freebirds. FUCK. Now they wear make up and glitter.

Tom Zenk vs Big Van Vader

That dope ass fucking helmet. Z Man was sent out to die. Vader wins with a lariat and standing splash.

TO THE SOLIE. Gordon talks with the Four Horsemen, which now consists of Flair, Barry Windham, Arn, and Sid, with Ole in the JoJo role.

Fabulous Freebirds vs Steiner Brothers

FUCK FUCK FUCK. I'll actually have to watch this one because I'm sure Hayes is going to get stiffed once or twice. Michael Hayes is the kind of guy who would cut tits off. The kind of guy who would sew women shut. The kind of guy that would make a child eat shit. The kind of guy who has dead hookers in his backyard. The kind of guy who would molest a 4 year old with Down Syndrome. The kind of guy who would beat a bird to death with a stick for fun. The kind of guy who shoots dogs with BB guns. Oh my. Not only are the fans chanting "faggots", but the camera zooms in on them doing so. LOL a "Michael is a bitch" chant starts up. These fans are not being stars, but fuck Michael Hayes. Steiners win with a belly to belly on Hayes. Fuck Michael Hayes.

Four Horsemen vs El Gigante/Paul Orndorff/Junkyard Dog

This sounds like one of the worst matches of all time in the making. Wonderful and Sid start the match. Lariat. Fans love Sid. Every show he's been on, people have gone nuts for him. He misses a leg drop and gets sent to the floor. Hip tosses to Barry and Arn. Backslide on Sid doesn't work until JYD hits a headbutt. Arn tags in. Faces stand off and the Horsemen don't want any of a giant basketball player. Everyone is terrified of the giant. JYD is really, really bad. I'd venture to say that Gonzalez was better at this point. Orndorff comes in an dominates the Horsemen by himself. The Horsemen are disqualified for throwing Orndorff and JYD over the top rope. Gigante then runs them off.

TO THE SOLIE. Gordon talks with US Champion Lex Luger on his upcoming match with Mean Mark.

Mean Mark vs Lex Luger NWA US Championship

While Taker isn't quite as pasty as Sheamus, the freckles on that guy are something else. Lex controls the opening moments with arm drags and out wrasslin Taker. Cross body from Luger gets a 2 count. Back to the arm drag. Taker does a leap frog, whiffs on a lariat, and then hits a big boot. Old School! Back when it was super New School. Lex is sent to the floor, thrown into the steps and the ring side table. Lex no sells a suplex in the ring and hits a lariat. And another. And another. Torture rack. Taker's feet hit the ref. Paul runs in and hits Lex in the ribs with his phone. Lex kicks out. Lex blocks the heart punch, decks Paul, and wins with a lariat. Title retained.

EARLIER TODAY. Gordon spoke with Sting hours before his title match with Ric Flair. Sting insists his knee is 100% and if he loses, he has no excuses.

Rock N Roll Express vs Doom NWA World Tag Team Championships

Ron and Robert start the match. Robert nearly gets the win with a roll up. Tag to Butch. Quick tag to Ricky. He gets bowled over. RNRs use their speed and both members of Doom bail. Back to the power game. I haven't seen a WCW/NWA show where the heels didn't get cheered. It's like every city is a smark town. Doom is dominating. Pee Wee is late to a pin from a Morton backslide. High impact powerslam from Ron. Don't step to Ron, guys. Hot tag to Gibson. He whiffs on a dropkick, which makes the smarks in the front row shake their heads in disgust. Gibson decks Teddy, then gets caught with a flying shoulder block from Butch. Titles retained.

EARLIER TODAY. Gordon spoke with champion Ric Flair. He's wearing a $2000 custom made suit. He's leaving with his title.

Ric Flair vs Sting NWA World Championship

The Steiners, Paul Orndorff, and JYD are around ringside to prevent interference from the Horsemen. Ole is handcuffed to El Gigante. Sting over powers the champ. Easily. Press slam. Hip toss. Dropkick. Flair bails. Sting follows. The champ is already in trouble. A thumb to the eye slows the challenger down. Sting shoves off the figure four and they have a WHOOO battle. As Sting goes for a test of strength, Flair hits a stiff forearm. Back to the ramp. A chop brings Sting to his knees. Sting fires up, but misses a dropkick. Back to the knee work. Sting applies the figure four! Flair gets out and they go to the floor. An Irish whip into the guardrail seems to energize Sting. Stinger Splash! The fans stand as Sting applies the Scorpion Death Lock. The Horsemen run out only to be stopped by the Dudes with Attitudes. Flair gets to the ropes. Sting's chest is fucked. All purple and gross. Flair tries the finish he would use against Roddy Piper at MSG in 1991. Scott throws his feet off the ropes. Roll through, bridge, backslide, 2 count. Sting goes knee first into the corner, which for some reason cut to a wide shot of the crowd. Inside cradle....NEW CHAMPION! The Stinger has done it!

Gordon Solie catches up with Sting on the ramp. The first thing Sting says is that Ric Flair is the greatest champion of all time and he has big shoes to fill.

Sting was over as fuck. I don't want to compare him to Stone Cold, but I think his situation was similar in the sense that he was really hot and an injury that should have cooled him off instead made him even hotter and made the delayed title win even bigger. A step up from the last few WCW shows.

NWA WCW Great American Bash 1989

I'm still unsure if these are technically NWA or WCW shows. It was WCW by this point, but still under the NWA banner. WCW and NWA are used pretty interchangeably.

A disclaimer appears at the bottom of the screen stating that the event is presented in the most complete form possible due to original production technical difficulties.

2 Ring Battle Royal

You eliminate people from the first ring. Then people eliminate each other from the second ring. The last man in both rings then have a singles match. I think. Some men in this match: Scott Hall, the Steiners, Doom, Sky Scrapers, the GOOOOON, Brian Pillman. Nothing interesting. The Sky Scrapers were the last men in their respective rings and refused to fight each other, so they both won.

TO THE SOLIE. Gordon Solie talks with Teddy Long, who explains that he wouldn't let his men fight. Teddy is missing most of his top teeth. What the fuck.

Bill Irwin vs Brian Pillman

Brian gets off to a quick start. Head scissors sends the Goon to the floor. Baseball slide. Brian grounds it back in the ring. Big slam from the Goon. Vertical suplex. A lot of shit talk from Goon. Brian is thrown to the floor. Lariatooooo. Brian fires up with a series of dropkicks. He almost hits the Slingblade. Missile dropkick misses. Gut wrench from the Goon. Brian wins after hitting a flying cross body from the second ring. Pretty nothing match.

TO THE SOLIE. The Dean talks with Paul E. Dangerously. He's taking Jim Cornette O-U-T OUT! He's been living Dangerously his entire life!

The Dynamic Dudes vs The Sky Scrapers

Oh man, the Dudes are going to die. A fan swats Spivey on the chest and he immediately swings right back as this dude. Teddy Long straight up looked like a crackhead. The skullet, the missing teeth, constantly sweating. What the fuck was going on with him in 1989? Spivey and Johnny start the match. Spivey knocks him around. Bad cross bodies and dropkicks from Ace. Dude isn't a good wrestler at all. How did he get to Japan in the first place? Sid gets tagged in and the crowd pops big for it. They're really into Sid. Loud WE WANT SID chants. I wish Sid would go to the floor and start fist bumping these fans because they love him. They're so into him that they boo when he tags out. And as soon as he tags out, the WE WANT SID chants start up again. It's pretty rad. They should have just gone with it. The crowd wants Sid. Let Sid get in there and fuck the Dudes up. That's what Spivey has been doing the whole match anyway. Johnny gets a hot tag and slips up top going for a clothesline. The Sky Scrapers collide on accident. Double dropkick to Sid. Double hip toss to Spivey. Spivey totally drops Ace doing a powerbomb, but gets the win with it anyway. They should have had Sid win with the powerbomb. He was the over one, but they had Spivey in 90% of the match.

TO THE SOLIE. Gordon talks this time with Jim Cornette. He's going to fuck Paul E. up tonight.

Paul E. Dangerously vs Jim Cornette Tuxedo Match

Corny has a good punch, guys. Paul's jacket comes off right away, but it was all a ruse to get powder out. And by powder I mean coke. Paul uses his phone to attack Cornette's famously injured knee. Cornette's jacket is gone. Paul clobbers him, but JR calls it a "somewhat feminine" right hand. I don't think so. He clearly potatoed Corny. I guess it was kind of a slap. Paul gets choked with his cummerbund. Spitting! Tranquilo extremo! This is surprisingly physical and Cornette is a pretty good fiery babyface, weirdly enough. Paul's shirt is gone. More coke from Paul. It gets kicked back in his face. Off goes Paul's pants and he runs right to the back. Cornette wins!

TO THE SOLIE. Gary Hart talks up Muta and how important the TV Championship is.

Kevin Sullivan/Mike Rotunda vs Steiner Brothers Tornado Tag Match

Kevin Sullivan just doesn't fit with the Varsity Club. He went from the devil to a head of a frat basically, but he's just some short fat guy and doesn't wear any kind of university gear or singlets. Scott and IRS go at it in the ring as Rick and Sullivan are throwing chairs, tables, and stairs at each other on the floor. Rick gets whipped into an IRS lariat. Over head belly to belly and powerslam from Rick to Sullivan. This is a pretty wild brawl. This kind of feels a bit like proto-ECW. Scott cross bodies Sullivan while he's holding Rick and they double pin him to get the win.

TO THE SOLIE. Gordon talks with Sting and Eddie Gilbert. Sting is trying to stay calm. It's so weird going from seeing Eddie doing the shit he was doing in Memphis with Lawler and then being generic babyface in WCW right around the same time.

Sting vs The Great Muta NWA TV Championship

This music for Muta is dope as fuck. Sounds like some background music in a Bruce Lee movie when he's sneaking around. Muta is undefeated at this point in time. Sting himself has an extremely good win record. They start in separate rings, so Sting takes it upon himself to dive over both sets of ropes to get at Muta. Muta comes back with a diving chop, handspring elbow, and went for the moonsault early. Sting moves and Muta lands on his feet. Kicks send Sting to the floor. Muta follows out with a pescado. "Oriental" sleeper, which is the same thing as a normal sleeper. Scattered MUTA MUTA chants every few moves. Powerdrive elbow. Muta is doing all kinds of weird facial things and being a general weirdo. Sting fights back only to get poked in the eyes. Handspring elbow is missed. Sting fires up. Big bulldog. Standing dropkick. Nick Patrick gets the red mist on accident. Sting misses the Stinger Splash. Moonsault...2 count! Belly to back suplex. Both men had their shoulders down, but Sting's went up at the last second. Title retained! Really fun, if short, match. Nick Patrick seems to think Muta won. Muta and Gary Hart leave with the belt and the fans chant BULLSHIT. No one is really sure what is going on here.

TO THE SOLIE. He talks with Lex Luger, who appears to be a heel now. He's not happy about having to defend against Ricky Steamboat tonight. And he won't have the match unless the no DQ rule is waived.

Ricky Steamboat vs Lex Luger NWA US Championship

Ricky comes out with a god damn komodo dragon and being carried on a pillar by what looks like Seal Team Six. The best part about the dragon is that it is wearing a spiked vest. That's pretty rad. Fucking lol at Lex's podium stopping the spinning and Lex trying to keep it going, just to give up and change his pose anyway. I think there was a steroids chant starting up, but I can't be positive. Steamboat uses his speed and experience to catch Lex off guard with chops and roll ups. Hard lariat on the floor from Lex. Steamboat is 230 right now. He was a state wrestling champion at 154. That's what working out will do for you, kids! Couldn't be that Ricky was 15 when he was 154 and is now a 36 year old man. Nope, it's all due to working out. Back breaker from Lex. Seems like he's going to focus on the lower back from now on. Press slam. Fans are really into heels all around tonight. Tommy Young stops Steamboat from strikes in the corner, which totally fucked Ricky over. Tommy couldn't have known it was going to be a closed fist, and instead of stopping the strike, he should have disqualified him if it was illegal. What the fuck, Tom? Luger Sucks chants start up for a moment. Make up your mind, crowd. Desperation neck breaker from Steamboat. Lex misses a lariat and goes over the top. Lex gets caught going up top like he's Ric Flair or some shit. Steamboat fires off some chops. Diving tomahawk chop. Ricky gets back dropped into the second ring. Lex gets a chair. It turns against him when he gets slingshot while holding it. Steamboat grabs the chair and whacks Lex a few times, causing himself to be disqualified. He even threw Tommy Young out of the ring. He kind of deserved it, tbh. Steamboat has snapped! He chases Lex all the way to the back. Title retained. Lex was really serviceable when he was young. Especially against guys like Flair and Steamboat.

TO THE BACK. The SST and Fabulous Freebirds give their promo for War Games. GOD DAMN IT. MICHAEL FUCKING HAYES YOU CUNT. The Headshrinkers randomly start biting each other during the promo while Michael is screaming and being a cunt. Elsewhere, the faces give their promo. Dr. Death flies in, talks about trying to catch birds, and needing bug spray for the "Samoyions".

Road Warriors/Steve Williams/Midnight Express vs SST/Fabulous Freebirds War Games

Again, Iron Man is left in for LOD. They come in riding bitch on some bikes. Obviously, the heels win the coin toss. Eaton and Jimmy Jam start the match. Michael Hayes is the kind of guy would get married just so he could cheat on his wife. The kind of guy who would drink your last Wild Cherry Pepsi and not tell you. The kind of guy who would house sit and leave your house unlocked all weekend. The kind of guy who would use a story about Black History Month as an excuse to talk about this one time he threw fried chicken at an elderly black woman in the front row. The kind of guy who would use your car cigarette lighter to charge his car battery. The kind of guy who would take the A key off your keyboard because his was broken. The kind of guy who would spend hours hacking shit up while you're trying to watch a movie. The kind of guy who talks on the phone at a play. The kind of guy who doesn't wipe his ass. The kind of guy who wears purple suits because he thinks he's black, even though he's racist. The kind of guy who eats coworker's lunches from the refrigerator. The kind of guy who snitches on people for things he does. The kind of guy who tries to fuck someone at their mom's funeral. The kind of guy would talk about the tits of your dead mom in the coffin. Standard War games match. The faces win.

TO THE SOLIE. Ric Flair is the guest. The only man besides Harley Race and Lou Thesz to be a 6 time champion. Flair is risking his health and livelihood to go through with this match.

Terry Funk vs Ric Flair NWA Championship

The action starts right away out on the floor. Funk throws a chair into the ring. Funk unloads some chops in the ring only to get stood on his toes from one of Flair's. Another sends him over the top. Flair goes head first into the ring post. I can't believe he didn't blade for it. Funk slaps Flair around, disrespecting the champ. Flair tries to suplex him off the apron and they both just kind of fall to the floor. Not sure what happened. Some of Flair's chops sound like gunshots. Flair back drops Funk over the ropes out of a piledriver. Flair goes after Funk's neck. Flair hasn't wrestled since Funk's attack at WrestleWar. Flair hits a piledriver! And another! They look like shit, though. Funk starts throwing punches only for Flair to hit a flying burrito. Figure four! Funk uses a branding iron to break it. It busted Flair open. Piledriver. Flair was in the ropes. Flair blocks another one on the floor. Funk just kind of rolls off the apron and kind of maybe lands on Flair, but Flair sells it in classic OH GAAAHD style. Neck breaker in the ring. Another. Terry is trying to make Flair says he quits. Flair gets a hold of the branding iron and whacks Terry right in the face. Funk is busted open. Flair misses a flying knee in the corner. Spinning toe hold! Flair reverses it into a figure four attempt. Funk reverses that into a small package. Flair reverses that and gets the pin. Title retained. Gary Hart got decked after the match just for fun. Muta shows up and gives Flair the green mist. They double team Flair. Funk goes for a piledriver on a chair. Doug Dillinger jumps in the ring to save Flair only to get attacked. Sting shows up and the fight is on. Flair gets up and knocks the SHIT out of Muta. Things are out of control. The head of security is down. Flair looks like a Christmas ornament. Muta is throwing stairs. Funk walks by Dave Meltzer in the crowd. The fight starts back up with Funk throws a chair that hits Flair and Flair flies out of the ring after him. It's like 10 minutes of brawling all over the place. In the ring, at ringside, into the crowd, up to the stage, to the announce position.

Good show. The marquee matches definitely delivered. I'm ready to see Sting/Flair vs Muta/Funk. What a hot fucking way to end the show. God damn. JR nearly lost his voice during it, fans were going nuts, Flair looked insane. It was rad.

NWA WCW Great American Bash 1988

Sting/Nikita Koloff vs Arn Anderson/Tully Blanchard NWA World Tag Team Championships

Sounds like a pretty solid way to start the show to me. Sting is super popular, but not a top guy yet. He's right on the verge and is definitely being groomed. Nikita has turned face and supports the end of the Cold War. Things start fast and furious with the Horsemen being knocked from the ring. They tried an ambush and got their asses kicked again. Looks like Sting and Tully are officially starting. Sting nearly wins with a small package, but the ref was distracted by the brawling. Sting hits a crazy dive over the top on Arn. Then he slows it down in the ring by taking Arn to the mat and tagging in Nikita. Sting/Nikita are ironically working over Arn's arm like they were the Andersons. Arn gets Nikita backed into the corner and throws some cheap shots. This crowd is SO LOUD. It's awesome. Arn thought Nikita ran into the corner, but Nikita blocked it and hit a lariatoooo and the crowd lost their fucking minds. Sting tags in and gets a knee in the corner, but is able to counter a sleeper and get Arn grounded again. Sting back flips out of a double top wrist lock and dropkicks both heels out. Tully is finally legally in the match. He quickly gets grounded and the faces work his arm. I love Tully and Arn solo and as a team. I think both were better than Flair and Tully did Flair's gimmick better, but with a sleazier edge. Faces are using traditionally heel tag tactics, much to the frustration of JoJo Dillon. The Horsemen just can not get any momentum. Tully finally gets a tag while in a hold. Arn comes in and is pissed that Nikita let go of the hold. And he's immediately taken to the ground. It's an interestingly laid out match, with the two young muscled up power dudes surprising the shit out of Arn and Tully by basically turning their own style against them. Arn gets out of a full nelson by kicking Nikita's knee. Tully looks pissed with Nikita tonight. Both men go over the ropes on a lariatoo. It was ruled an accident and the match continues. JoJo broke a pin. Nikita went after him and ended up giving the ring post a Russian Sickle. Arn then basically powerslammed him into the same post. The Horsemen finally get to do their limb based offense. Nikita Hulks Up only to get drilled with a DDT. Nikita kicks out! Nikita's gear rides up about as much as Big E's or Ahmed's. Half of his ass has been out the entire match. Hot tag to Sting! Press slams, drop kicks, back drops. Face buster. It slows back down. With 1 minute left in the time limit, Sting locks on a sleeper. Tully turns it into a sunset flip, but Sting holds on. The time limit expires while Sting has Tully in the Scorpion Death Lock. The match is a draw. Titles retained.


Tony and JR run down part of the card when the fight continues. Lol, Tony's mustache is so gross and 80s.

The Fantastics vs The Midnight Express NWA US Tag Team Championships

I liked Tommy Rogers a lot in the couple of matches he was in on the Memphis stuff. Happy to see him again. Cornette will be put in a straight jacket AND shark cage above the ring for the match. If the Fantastics win, they will get to whip Cornette 10 times. Fulton and Eaton start out. Some lighting troubles. Eaton gets the advantage, but Fulton comes back with a spinning head scissors and a rana. Stan is tagged in and does his "karate" kicks. I really have doubts that he ever learned any kind of karate. Fulton sends him to the floor and tags out to Rogers. He slows the pace down and takes Bobby to the mat. Bobby comes right back with a kitchen sink. Weird name for that move. I never understood it. Some quick 80s cruiser kind of spots. Double back drops from the Fantastics. They also somehow get Stan to back drop Bobby and then do the Fargo Strut. Bobby comes OUTTA NOWHERE with a bulldog while Rodgers had a pin on Stan. Drilled him with it. Bobby hits his sweet back breaker and the Midnights are in firm control. Tiltawhirl backbreaker from Bobby. Rogers sends Eaton into the ring post, but Stan is still in control in the ring. Alabama Jam from Eaton! Tommy gets his knees up on the Rocket Launcher. Hot tag to Fulton. It doesn't last long for him as he's slammed on the floor. Ref bump. Eaton punches Fulton with a chain around his fist. New champions! And they did it all on their own! WOOOO! Corny got whipped after the match because these faces are sore losers.


Ronnie Garvin/Jimmy Garvin/Road Warriors/Steve Williams vs Kevin Sullivan/Mike Rotunda/Al Perez/Russian Assassin/Ivan Koloff TOWER OF DOOM

The Tower of Doom is the three tiered cage that would be reused for Ready to Rumble, Slamboree 2000, and Russo's Revenge. It was actually used first in WCCW. The rules for this are even dumber than those matches. Every 5 minutes, all the doors unlock and one member of each team will get sent in. They will then have to work their way DOWN to the ring, where Precious holds the key to the door. The first team to have all members out of the bottom cage will win the match. Fucking stupid. That's some Russo shit if I've ever seen it. It takes forever to get started as Tommy Young is apparently terrified of heights and the doors are controlled by a crank that might not work. And the wrestlers don't climb up through the ring, they climb up on giant ladders on the outside. Wait, I guess the wrestlers come in every 2 minutes, but the doors open every 5 minutes. Or maybe the door is open for 5 minutes? Apparently not, as Ron Garvin made it to the second cage and closed the trap door, so it stayed closed. Ron Garvin makes it out of the bottom cage. This is terrible. The best part is the occasional shots of Precious with her tits way out. This had to be a Dusty idea. I wonder if the WCCW version had the same rules. It makes more sense to have something in the top cage. What kind of story or movie has someone fighting their way to the bottom of a tower? Especially one of DOOM? This thing looks so unsafe. The cage itself has a lot of support and cables/pulleys/braces, but it is shaky as fuck and the GIANT ladders are just leaning on the structure with camera men standing on one rung and part of the cage with no protection of any kind. And guys are getting thrown into parts where the ladders are leaning on. It came down to Jimmy Garvin and Kevin Sullivan. Jimmy was half way out and Sullivan shoved him out. So Garvin's team won. But then Sullivan locked the cage so he could rape Precious or something. Now the faces have to climb to the top and go through the trap doors again to save her. WHAT THE FUCK Sullivan grabs a rope and starts choking Precious. Jeeeezus Christ. That's pretty fucked up. Hawk and Jimmy save her and she didn't get choked to death or raped. So there's that.

TO THE CAUDLE. Bob Caudle talks about the match we just saw. A lot of down time to get the cages taken away.

Barry Windham vs Dusty Rhodes NWA US Championship

Barry is a member of the Four Horsemen, but was first a protege of Dusty Rhodes. It's a very personal affair in this match. More lighting problems. Dusty uses his size and experience to win the opening exchanged by hitting a huge shoulder block that sent Barry to the floor. Back in the ring, Dusty does a press slam. DDT. Top rope cross body from Dusty Rhodes! Flip flop and fly! JoJo gets an elbow. Barry is able to slow the match down and get in control of Dusty on the floor. He attempted a piledriver, but Dusty back dropped him and hit a lariatoooo. However, Barry gets back in control in the ring. Back to the floor momentarily. Barry gets brought OUT the hard way. JoJo distracts Dusty. THE CLAW! Dusty fights up to his feet, but can't stay up for long. He finally gets up to the second rope to break the leverage, but falls before he can drop an elbow. He eventually starts throwing 'bos and breaks the hold, but Barry gets it right back on. An era where two guys can work a claw for 7 minutes and the fans buy it is long gone. Dusty breaks it, but there was a ref bump. He misses an elbow drop, but is able to body slam Barry from the top. Bionic elbow! But there is no ref. Ronnie Garvin comes out and punches Dusty. SWERVE! MY GAWD WHAT A SWERVE! Barry wins! Title retained.


TO THE BACK. We see Ronnie Garvin rubbing money over himself with Gary Hart and JoJo.

Lex Luger vs Ric Flair NWA Championship

The opening lock up ends with Flair going flying. Lex smiles at some chops. He then hits a great dropkick. Press slam. The champ is in trouble. He rolls to the floor and falls over the railing into the crowd. Another press slam. Bear hug. Flair has really had no offense. Giant elbow drop. Lex misses the second one, but it didn't phase him. Flair begs off, gets hip tossed, and goes to the floor. Lex follows and gets an eye poke for his trouble. NOW, we go to school. Lex makes a brief come back, but not enough to stay in control. Flair goes up top and instead of getting press slammed, he crotches himself. Lex misses a dropkick and Flair flops. Lariatooo from Lex. Foot on the ropes. Lex fights for a sunset flip. He gets it, but only for 2. Flair now starts to attack the leg. He probably should have started that 10 minutes ago. Figure four. Lex gets out and the chops make him Hulk Up. He barely gets a press slam off before falling. He then misses a knee drop with his bad knee. Flair goes up top and gets slammed this time. 10 count punch in the corner. Atomic drop to counter, which I think Lex was supposed to block but fell, then got right up and hit a lariatoo. Flair Flip and Flop. Lex nearly wins with a backslide. Both men go over the top rope. Lex gets posted. JoJo sends him into it again while Flair has Tommy Young distracted. Lex is busted open. This just fires Lex up. The commission members/doctor is yelling for the ref. Lex puts Flair in the torture rack. The bell rings. New champion! The match was actually stopped due to blood loss. DUSTY FINISH! Flair retains the title. What's great is that Lex just has a little spot of blood on his forehead. Loud BULLSHIT chants to end the show. JR tries to cover that Maryland is extremely strict on blood loss and most states would have allowed the match to continue.

Pretty decent show over all. Opening tag was match of the night, but the US tag was good, Dusty/Barry was decent, and young Lex was very capable of being carried. But the tower of doom was awful.


JCP Great American Bash Tour 1986

Before the Bash was a PPV event, it was a 14 day tour across the country. Each city would get a (mostly) unique show, which meant television had to have multiple angles for all major talent. So while Ric Flair was feuding with Dusty, he was also feuding with the RNR Express (who were feuding with Arn and Ole), the Road Warriors (who were feuding with the Russians and Midnights), Nikita (who was feuding with Magnum), etc. It's actually a fascinating undertaking to have so many angles interconnected, even if tenuously. This was the commercially released tape that served as a best of for the tour. 

Ric Flair vs Hawk NWA Championship

Hawk over powers Flair immediately (obviously), and Ric thinks about bailing. I always lol how Ric would puss out on taking chops, considering how hard he'd hit people with them. He does show some pretty impressive power with a stalling suplex, though. Hawk's power is more impressive. Hawk then...works a headlock. For quite a while. Hawk misses the diving lariat and rolls all the way to the floor. This gives Ric his opening, and he controls the next few minutes, trying to soften up Hawk's leg and back. Hawk actually does a surprisingly good job of selling the leg (for a bit, anyway), considering LOD's whole thing was never selling. Fans are dying for Hawk to win. After a ref bump, it appears he did win. Tommy Young came back in and counted the pin. Fans erupted...and then Tommy gave the title to Ric. Lol. Title retained.


BETWEEN TWO FERNS. Tony and David Crockett talk about the month long tour, with some recaps of storylines along the way. And a MUSIC VIDEO! They will be doing this before and after every match for the rest of the tape. 

Shashka Whatly vs Jimmy Valiant

Hair vs Hair

I was hoping this would be one of the matches skipped for the home release. Jimmy Valiant is just a plague on JCP shows. And Memphis shows. And everywhere else he went (which was everywhere). This is terrible. Valiant bleeds a lot and is dominated the whole match. Baron Von Raschke came out with a loaded glove. Manny Fernandez intercepts him, and Jimmy uses the glove to KO Pez. Pez got his head shaved. Paul Jones would get so upset that he put his own hair on the line against Valiant later on in the tour, and he won after Shashka hit Jimmy with a chair. NWA official Sandy Scott would do the hair cutting. 


Ron Garvin vs Tully Blanchard NWA National Championship

Taped Fist Match

Tully and JJ injured Ron's hand before even the Crockett Cup, so this has been building for a while. After Tully complained about Garvin being able to use a  taped fist in matches, a decision was made that both men would have their fists taped to make things even. Ron hits a KO punch before the match even starts. I love Tully. He's so much fun to watch. He can bounce from vicious cunt to stoogy heel at the drop of a hat. This has boxing rules, I believe. 10 rounds, 3 minutes each, and I guess 10 counts instead of pins. Tully just gets REKT in the first round. He gets no punches off and ends the round a bloody mess. Round 2 is much of the same. Tully's wobbly legged stumbling is so great. At the end of the round, Tully throws a kick and gets kicked in the balls. JJ wraps extra tape around Tully's hand. Tully gets an opening in round 3. As things go to the floor, Wahoo gets involved, which totally should have been a DQ. JJ would slip an international object to Tully, which KO'd Garvin. A double taped fist AND an object on top of that. Lol. Tully was a treasure.


Road Warriors vs Ivan and Nikita Koloff

Russian Chain Match

Think about getting hit with a chain by Hawk. Nikita and Animal also had title shots against Flair on the tour. I doubt Ivan did, but he should have based on being a former WWF champ. Naturally, more blood. This is a mess, but at least it feels like these guys really hate each other. There are no "this spot would be neat" moments. It's just burly dudes pound on each other and bleeding. Tommy Young got bumped. Hawk yanked Ivan balls first on the ropes, and Animal pinned him. Nikita flipped his shit and just started hitting anyone around with Russian Sickles.


TO THE CONCERT. The Rock N Roll Express performed a terrible song. 

Rock N' Roll Express vs Minnesota Wrecking Crew

This should be good. The opening minutes of the match center around the Andersons trying to get Robert into their corner, but Robert being able to use his speed to escape before anything can happen to him. It's really insane how over the RNRs were. Particularly as heartthrobs, considering how goofy both looked. Arn is probably going to look to re-break Ricky's face. SWERVE: Ricky tries to break Arn's nose! Ole has such a malevolent vibe to him. He really seems like a guy that is going to try to hurt you. He works on Ricky's face by just trying to shove Ricky's nose into his brain. There are some edits in this, although I can't tell how many. The Andersons really don't seem to be even trying to win. They're just trying to reinjure Ricky, and seem to be enjoying it very much. They then move to tearing up the arm, because that's what Andersons do. Time is running out in this match. Ricky finally makes the hot tag that has been building for about 10 minutes, and this place EXPLODES. But there is only about a minute left in the match. He's able to put Arn out with a sleeper, but not before the time ran out. The brawl continues, with Robert blasting both Andersons with a chair. 


Magnum TA vs Nikita Koloff NWA US Championship

Best of 7 Match 4

After months of hemming and hawing, Nikita Koloff finally agreed to face Magnum TA. However, at the contract signing, Magnum TA would jump the table and begin fighting. Because of this, he was stripped of the US Championship. The NWA then decided that the two men would have a best of 7 series during the Bash, with the winner being declared the new US Champion. Coming into this particular match, Nikita is up 3-0. God, Nikita was a SPECIMEN. What a great look, great voice, great everything. And then Magnum was also fucking dope. These two could have been huge stars for years. Imagine Nikita coming into the WWF and actually destroying Hogan to take the title. Nikita has more power, but Magnum has more technique on the mat. Magnum bleeds everywhere. I'm not sure how it happened, since it was during the edit. But it is a lot of blood. Magnum won with a sunset flip OUTTA NOWHERE, with possibly some help from referee Tommy Young.  


Midnight Express/Jim Cornette vs Dusty Rhodes/Magnum TA/Baby Doll

Steel Cage Match

Lol, the match starts with Baby Doll arm dragging Bobby Eaton. My man was walking over there to punch her in the face. Corny hides as best he can from her. Would you believe people are bleeding in this? And would you believe Bobby Eaton decided to jump off the top of the cage multiple times? Baby Doll finally gets her hands on Corny, and pins him after a punch. Post match saw Dusty take a beating from Big Bubba.


Dusty Rhodes vs Ric Flair NWA Championship

Steel Cage Match

It was right here in Greensboro, in a cage, that Ric Flair began his current title reign. Dusty has a big flurry at the start of the match that frustrates Ric more than does damage. You gotta wonder how many matches two had. A place like cagematch.net is a great resource, but no way could it cover everything. Even Dusty press slams Ric Flair. Tommy Young stops Dusty from throwing closed fists...in a cage. This allows Ric to go after Dusty's injured arm, which doesn't last long. I'm so stunned that there is blood in a Flair/Dusty cage match. Flair finally starts going for the leg about 15 minutes in. Have you seen a Ric Flair match? Have you seen a Ric Flair cage match? Have you seen a Flair/Dusty match? Well, this is all of those matches. Dusty wins with a small package OUTTA NOWHERE. New champion!   


It's kind of hard to judge the matches since they were all clipped to some degree. Compared to the garbage of something like Wrestlemania 2, this is incredible even in condensed form. JCP was such a hot product in 1986, it's a shame how poor their home video department was. Some other matches that were taped but not released: the rest of the Magnum/Nikita series, Flair vs Morton/Gibson/Magnum/Wahoo/Garvin/Animal/Nikita, multiple variations of Midnights vs RNRs, Wahoo vs Jimmy Garvin, a lot of cage matches.