WCW Fall Brawl 1997

Chris Jericho vs Eddie Guerrero WCW Cruiserweight Championship

Show is off to a great start with Eddie's name plate showing him to be Harlem Heat with Jaqueline. The sooner they get the title off of Jericho, the better. Bland ass white meat babyface Jericho is terrible. Eddie is all about slowing the pace down. Really weird to have this cruiser title match be centered around hammer and top wrist locks. This is shockingly boring. I'm blaming it 100% on Jericho, because he's boring with everyone during this period. Jericho hits a crazy release German suplex. Eddie twists out of a superplex and hits the frog splash. New champion. This was not interesting at all.


Harlem Heat vs Steiner Brothers

Number One Contendership

Match 15 this year. Instead of having them have another match, there really should just be a HH vs Steiners vs Outsiders match for the titles. Stevie and Scotty begin, and Stevie beats the brakes off that boy. It's impossible for me to get into this match. I've seen it too many fucking times. And it's not like they change it up or anything. They have the same match with the same spots every match. Steiners win with a lariat/German suplex combo. Great. So ANOTHER Steiners/Outsiders match with a wonky finish is on the way. Just what we were all waiting for.


Ultimo Dragon vs Alex Wright WCW TV Championship

I hope this isn't 20 minutes like the last two matches. This is another fairly slow paced match with lots of holds and punches/stomps. You've got Ultimo Dragon in the ring, and all you're doing is chinlocks. Alex wins with a German suplex. Title retained. Why the fuck was this 19 minutes long? 15 of those 19 were chin locks.  

As Mean Gene is hyping up the Hotline, the nWo walks past him. Gene enters the locker room to see Curt Hennig down on the floor.

Jeff Jarrett vs Dean Malenko

Number One Contendership

I'm not down for another 15-20 minute match. Especially not one with Jeff Jarrett. Oh look, another mat based match with lots of down time. This whole show has felt like something got cut short or completely and every match has had 6-9 minutes added 10 minutes. Eventually, both start working the leg. After a chop block, Jeff wins with the figure four in a 15 minute match that really went nowhere. Again.


TO THE BACK. The nWo cut a promo about Curt Hennig. Kevin walks out of it crying. The nWo always has a plan, and their plan tonight is a DOOZY. 

Wrath/Mortis vs Faces of Fear

Fuck yes. This should be a lot more fun than the long ass nothing matches so far. The show is over half way through. Barb and Mortis begin. I hope Barb does the super belly to belly. Meng gets the shit beaten out him for a bit before making a tag to Wrath, who comes in an starts clubberin' with Meng. Big pop for the Faces of Fear Bomb. Sinister Minister got involved, distracting Barb and the ref, allowing for a lot of double teaming on Barb. Mortis superplexes Barbarian...while sitting on Wrath's shoulders. It was a bad move, because Mortis took the worst of it, and then Barb made the hot tag to Meng right after. Some of the chops Meng laid on Kanyon were fucking vicious. Actually, everything Meng has done to Kanyon has been vicious. Meng gets Kanyon and James Mitchell in the Tongan Death Grip. Wrath sneaks in from behind to hit the Death Penalty to steal the win. This was definitely the most fun match of the show so far, but it also was quite a bit longer than it needed to be.


TO THE MEAN BY GOD GENE. The Horsemen are quite somber knowing they're going into War Games a man down. If he backed down when the odds were against him, Ric would never show up to a match. The nWo will sweat, bleed, and pay the price FOR LIFE.

Scott Norton vs The Giant

Bonus match! HOSSES! Giant picking up Norton with the ease he does is pretty scary, even considering how big Giant is. HOSS SUPLEX ON THE FLOOR! Norton hits a hot shot. On The Giant. This opens up for him to work over the neck and throat. Giant wins with the chokeslam in a short, but FnP HOSS battle. 


DDP/Lex Luger vs Scott Hall/Randy Savage

Another bonus match. DDP and Lex are finally on the same page again, so we'll see how this match turns out. Hall and Lex begin. "Scott Hall is one of the most over-rated wrestlers in the industry." I'll let you guess who said that. If you're building to a match between Larry and Scott, what good does it to for Larry to say Hall sucks? If Larry beats him, Hall is then a loser who sucks and lost to a retired guy. If Larry loses, he lost to a guy he said sucks. No benefit for anyone involved saying dumb shit like that. At least it kind of makes sense for Hall to be shitting on Larry so much, so he'll look like an asshole when Laryr beats him because he didn't take it seriously. Lex is very focused and dominates Hall and Macho, so it is curious why he'd tag out when he was on fire. The crowd is so hot for this. Obviously, DDP ends up as FIP. This is the first match of the night that takes advantage of the double ring set up. Hall attacks Mark Curtis, then Mickey Jay. This brings Larry to the ring. He distracts Hall long enough for Lex to roll him up. Larry counts the pin and the bell rings, so I guess it counted. WCW wins!


Four Horsemen vs nWo


Buff and Benoit are going to start the match. Benoit starts out on fire, but then misses a diving headbutt and everything slows down. Of course, the nWo wins the coin toss, and Konnan enters next. Benoit actually does better against two men than one. Mongo enters to even things out. Syxx enters after this, and maybe things will start getting interesting with a big bumper now in the ring. As Flair is about to enter the match, Curt Hennig comes out with his arm in a sling. It seemed like Flair was getting a weapon out of the sling, but he didn't have one when he entered the cage. Nash enters and WRECKS shit. Perfect DOES enter the match, and he had handcuffs in his sling. He pulls them out and...immediately hits Mongo and Benoit. IT'S ANOTHER SWERVE! Mongo and Benoit are cuffed to the cage, leaving Flair to get destroyed. They drag Flair's head out to the door, and threaten to slam the door shut unless the Horsemen surrender. Mongo says to stop it. Hennig slams the door anyway. SWERVE! "Death of the Horsemen, right in their back yard!"  


What a dull show. Wrath/Mortis vs FoF really shouldn't be the match of the night on a show with a heated War Games build, Eddie Guerrero, Chris Jericho, Dean Malenko, and Ultimo Dragon on the card. But that's what happened. A 5 minute Norton/Giant match was the second best match on the show. Everything was SO LONG. Needlessly long. Dragginly long. Terribly paced show. And of course, the nWo again swerves WCW and walks out standing tall.