WCW Fall Brawl 9/13/98

Bret Hart and DDP will start out in War Games, everyone else will come in randomly, and no longer do all men have to be in the match before it can be won. So, in theory, DDP or Bret could win the match before anyone else even enters.

TO THE BACK. The Cat and Norman Smiley are being pulled apart by security.

TO THE MEAN GENE. He goes over some of the card before Chris Jericho walks out and claims that Goldberg has been complaining about competition. Jericho announces Jericho vs Goldberg Title vs Title tonight! 

Dancing Fools vs British Bulldog/Jim Neidhart

“Bonus” match. Bonus for who? How is this a PPV match? I guess that one match where DF interfered in a Bulldog/Anvil match against PE is worthy to have a PPV match a month and a half later. Bulldog was looking awfully…bloaty. A solid 30 pounds of bloat since leaving WWF. And always beet red. Guy looked like he was on the verge of keeling over at any minute. What a terrible match to start a PPV out. Just make the people feel like they wasted their money right off the bat. You’re supposed to wait until the END of the show for that, WCW. The only notable thing about this match is that Bulldog was severely injured by bumping on the trap door that was built for Warrior. However, you can’t really tell he was hurt besides having trouble getting Disco up for the power slam. And the bump was in the middle of the ring, which makes no sense to me as to why they’d put a trap door in the center of the ring. Why wouldn’t you put that in the corner where no one would be bumping? 

TO THE BACK. Gene caught up with Scott Steiner and Buff. Scotty is trying to claim he is injured again and won’t be able to wrestle. He has an ice pack in his underwear and a band aid on his arm. JoJo comes by and said this shit won’t fly. JoJo rips up the doctor’s note. 

Chris Jericho vs “Goldberg” WCW TV Championship/WCW Championship

Jericho gets the full Goldberg entrance. He gets lost again. Jericho’s pyro were just little plooms of smoke. It upset him. Goldberg’s pyro starts and when it ends, we see Goldberg is now about 5’2”. MiniBerg hits a spear! Jericho gets up and kicks him in the face. Liontamer. Jericho is the new champion! 

We’re shown Cat interrupting an Armstrong Brothers promo from Thunder and then having a pull apart with Norman Smiley. 

Norman Smiley vs The Cat

Man, people paid for this show once upon a time. So far, this is Thunder. Because they’re both brothers, Cat gives Norman 5 seconds to leave the ring. Norman doesn’t leave. Instead, he drop kicks Cat to the floor. Cat gets the advantage and takes it back to the ring. Cat with some MOOEY TIE knees. Norman reverses one of them into a back suplex. Norman then hits a big stalling suplex. Smiley goes for a super belly to belly. Cat knocks him off and then does a top rope Feliner. I think maybe a toe touched Norman, so he does a normal one to end the match. 

Scott Steiner vs Rick Steiner

They go right at it, hockey style. Rick gets the better of the exchange and lays Scott out with a Steinerline. Scott tries to run away and gets knocked into the crowd. Buff distracts the ref and Scott hits a low blow. Steinerline to Rick. Scott goes for the tiger bomb, and Rick turns it into a DDT. Buff gets rammed into the ring post. He appears to have reinjured his neck. The match stops. Trainers come out to check on Buff. Now EMTs and security come out with a stretcher. Buff is wheeled to the back. We get all the way to the ambulance. Buff is loaded in. Scott gets in with him. As soon as Rick turns around, Buff and Scott fly out and attack. It was a SWERVE! A SWERVE that lasted twice as long as the match that had 7 months of build. I’d be pretty pissed if I had paid for this show. 

Let’s recap so far: 2 unannounced matches that would be underwhelming even on Thunder, a Jericho joke match, and the Steiners FINALLY having their singles match only for it to go 5 minutes with no finish and Buff pulling a SWERVE that lasted at least 10 minutes. Over an hour into the show. 

Silver King vs Juventud Guerrera WCW Cruiserweight Championship

I guess this is because Silver King beat up Juvi after their match on Thunder. Clearly deserved a PPV match. Standard lucha start, ending with a head scissors sending King to the floor. Juvi hits a springboard rana. King again hits his pop up drop kick move. Whirlybird snake eyes from King. That was pretty nifty. Tiltawhirl backbreaker. Kind of a muscle buster. Springboard splash to the floor. King is on a roll here. Juvi botches a pop up sunset flip. I wonder if they’ll try it again. King goes for a piledriver, then lets it go, and they stand around talking out their next spot. Juvi gets to hit a pop up rana to make up for the sunset flip. Juvi hits a missile dropkick. King comes back with a big super kick. Super reverse rana from Juvi! Silver King somehow kicked out. He then reversed the Juvi Diver and is back on offense. What? How? He misses a moonsault. Juvi Driver and 450 for the win.

Recap of the Lodi/Raven/Saturn angle

Saturn vs Raven For The Flock’s Freedom

Kanyon is handcuffed to the turnbuckle to prevent him from interfering. This is the only match that has a chance of delivering tonight. Also, if Saturn loses, he will be Raven’s permanent servant. Raven gets the early advantage. Saturn comes back with a springboard elbow. Superfly splash. Raven tries to suplex Saturn off the apron. Saturn instead knocks him to the floor and hits a dive on Raven and Lodi. He gets rammed into the guard rail. Raven drops a second rope elbow back in the ring. And another. Saturn comes out of a sleeper with a jaw breaker. Raven gets up and hits a series of snap mares. This match is not delivering. The chair gets brought into the ring. Drop toe hold. Flock members bring a table out to ringside. Kidman is told to do a SSP, but drop kicks Raven. SWERVE! DVD. Raven kicks out. Saturn hits a series of suplexes. Springboard leg drop. Juvi Driver. Rings of Saturn. Lodi breaks it up. Ref bump. Fucking WCW and their insistence on ref bumps in no DQ/cage matches. Kanyon uncuffs himself and hits the Flatliner. BANG! Saturn kicks out. He then hits Lodi with a DVD off the apron through a table. He gets back in the ring and gets hit with the Evenflow. Saturn kicks out. DVD! Saturn wins! The Flock is free! 

Recap of the Hennig/Malenko cage match.

Dean Malenko vs Curt Hennig

Dean immediately goes crazy beating the shit out of Dean. Curt tries to bail to the floor, but Dean follows him out and dropkicks his knee against the guard rail. He also put the boots to Rude. Dean continues the assault on the knee in the ring. The only offense Hennig can get is eye pokes. Curt tries to leave. Dean drags him back and keeps working over the knee. Why is Dean getting 90% of the offense in a normal match, but Hennig got 90% of the offense in the cage match? Curt can’t hit the Perfect Plex, but Dean can! And Rude breaks up the pin, of course. I don’t think there has been a clean Hennig finish all year. Rude interrupts EVERY MATCH. They beat down Rude until Arn runs down for the save. They attack Arn’s neck. Dean dominated this match. Too bad it was another bullshit nWo finish.

Scott Hall vs Konnan

Hall comes out with a cocktail. Apparently the story of this match will be that Hall is clearly drunk. Hall decides he wants to wrestle in the other ring. And then decides he wants to wrestle in the other other ring. This show has been straight up a scam. I can’t believe WCW put this kind of after thought PPV on while the WWF was so red hot. Besides War Games, this has really been a 3 hour Thunder. Fuck this match. Fuck this show. I would love for Bischoff to give honest opinions and answers about why he put so little effort into the summer and fall of WCW in 1998 when he knew Vince was blowing him away. No bullshit spin or blaming it on someone else. He was in charge and had final say and these last 3 months of been the most half assed bullshit WCW ever did, even with the personal knowledge of what would happen in 1999 and 2000. Hall takes a drink while performing an abdominal stretch. Konnan wins after Hall takes one too many drinks and he hits the X-Factor. Konnan kicked Hall’s drink, because he’s a fucking asshole.

War Games

Man. Fuck. This match sucks. I know this going into it. This whole show has sucked. Bret and DDP start out. The opening period is 5 minutes. If one of these men can beat the other, they can avoid the other 7 men altogether. Bret tries to work over the arm, and then they get into a slap off. DDP hits a belly to belly. He tries for a 10 count punch in the corner and gets hit with a stun gun. DDT from Bret. Stevie Ray is the next man out. DDP fights both men off. Sting is the next man out. He goes after Stevie. He tries to dive over both rings, but barely makes it. You aren't 28 anymore, Stang. Piper is the next guy. Man. Fuck WCW. They had the best roster in the world in 1998, yet they put on the most half assed PPV I think I’ve ever seen. I thought Road Wild sucked, and it did, but this is something else. It’s literally a 3 hour Thunder with War Games as the main event. And a War Games where everyone is 40 and above or close to it. Stevie Ray is clearly only in there to take the pinfall. This is really neck and neck for Russo’s Revenge as the worst War Games. Hogan came in a full minute before he was supposed to. Warrior somehow injures himself by kicking the cage. That’s the most noteworthy thing of this match. DDP wins after a Kanyon Cutter on Stevie Ray. BANG! He will face Goldberg at Halloween Havoc.

This PPV was pretty terrible. Honestly, I think even War Games could have been on Thunder and not felt out of place at all. This was legitimately embarrassing and offensive. This was as bad as Spring Stampede 2000. This might be the most half assed and randomly thrown together WCW PPV of all time. And that says a lot since pretty much all of the shows in 2000 were randomly thrown together and half assed. I mean what the fuck. The majority of the card were special “bonus” matches that were fucking stupid, awful, and had one show of build to begin with. This show is honestly is incomprehensible to me. There was absolutely zero effort put into it. More effort was put into Jay Leno wrestling than anything on this card. Jesus fuck. 

To recap, 5 matches were “bonus” matches. One of them was a full on joke match. Two of them ended in DQ or no finish at all. That’s particularly offensive in the Steiner match since that had been building since February and ended up being a 5 minute match with a 10 minute SWERVE being the main focus. There were 9 matches total. That means over half of them were made the night of the show. While the WWF was red hot, this is what WCW put out. What the fuck. I thought 1998 was prime WCW, but I was apparently wrong. I mean, this shit is better than 2000, but I’ve been pretty shocked at how shitty 1998 has been.