ECW on Sci-Fi 8/8/06

Mike Knox vs Tommy Dreamer

Minutes in, as Dreamer was getting in control, Heyman and the riot police came out. Tommy got a beat down and lost to Sister Abigail. After the match, another attack was about to happen, but Sandman came out. Paul books him in a handicap match against Knox and Test.

Tommy Dreamer elbow drop to Mike Knox.gif

The Sandman vs Test/Mike Knox

Sandman quickly got disqualified for caning both men.

Test lariat to Sandman.gif

TO THE SABU. Fucking Sabu cutting promos. He will get a shot at Big Show if he can defeat KURT ANGLE tonight.

TO BALLS TO THE WALL. I'm sick of this shit.

Kevin Thorne vs Al Snow

A quick squash for Thorne. Those ECW Originals are really on a roll tonight.

Ariel boobs.gif
Kevin Thorne razor's edge to Al Snow.gif

TO THE KURT. Angle hypes up the match with Sabu.

TO THE BACK. RENE DUPREE lmao. He's joined ECW.

Rene Dupree is weird.gif

ECW Champion Big Show, wearing a hilarious blue suit that reminds me of the one Kevin Nash worse as commissioner of WCW. He's classing up the ECW brand. "Kurt Angle, if you get in my path, I will crush your spine like I crush crackers in my soup." 

TO THE PUNK. Punk's facial hair is fucking awful. He thanks the fans for welcoming him to the ECW family more than he ever was to his own family.

Kurt Angle vs Sabu

What an absurd match to have happened. Lol at Kurt starting the match literally taking Sabu down at will and embarrassing him. Things don't change until Kurt runs into the post on his own. Kurt really just beats the shit out of Sabu. I don't recall seeing him hit anyone harder than he was hitting Sabu in this match. He's almost running through him to some degree. As Kurt had Sabu in the ankle lock, RVD showed up OUTTA NOWHERE and hit Kurt with a Vandaminator, then busted Sabu open with the skateboard dropkick. WE'RE OUTTA TIME. 

Kurt Angle takes down Sabu.gif
Kurt Angle knee lift to Sabu.gif
Kurt Angle throws Sabu.gif
RVD vandaminator to Kurt Angle.gif
RVD chair corner dropkick to Sabu.gif