ECW on Sci-Fi 8/15/06

The show opens with Paul Heyman (with Big Show) announcing that Kurt Angle recently tore his groin, and as a result, he has been medically suspended and removed from the triple threat ladder match, which will now just be Sabu vs RVD. It's true (it's true), Kurt did suffer a groin tear. He also had various other injuries and a serious, serious pain pill addiction that would lead to him being released early from his contract 10 days from this show. His match against Sabu was his last televised in ring appearance for WWE until he returned in 2017.

Mick Foley comes to the ring about his feud with Ric Flair. Neither are ECW talents. In fact, Foley had invited Flair to the show, but Flair declined. Foley then goes on to rant about Ric Flair, Hell In A Cell, and some other shit, completely ignoring all that shit he said about ECW and ECW fans in the run up to ONS. Then he brings out Kelly Kelly and Melina. To have a THREE WAY DANCE. Literally. The three of them dance. Ric Flair DOES show up and they start fighting. A reminder, these are both Raw talents, building up their Summerslam match on a brain they aren't affiliated with. Flair takes his belt off and tries to hang Foley.

Mick Foley Kelly Kelly Melina dance.gif
Ric Flair low blows Mick Foley.gif

TO THE REJECT. FUCK SHANNON MOORE. At least this time he says something. "Question authority."

CM Punk vs Justin Credible

Justin about to get his win back! Lol at Punk's entire moveset being 2002-2004 puro signatures. Punk won even faster than the first time, again with the anaconda vise. 

Justin Credible gut buster to CM Punk.gif
CM Punk uranage to Justin Credible.gif

TO THE BACK. RVD is sitting on top of a ladder, prepared for anything against Sabu.

TO THE PHOTOSHOOT. Extreme Frenchie Rene Dupree is getting pictures taken.  

FBI vs Mike Knox/Test

Complete squash of the FBI. Sandman and Dreamer hit the ring after the match. The heels ran away.

Mike Knox backbreaker to Little Guido.gif
Test big boot to Little Guido.gif

TO THE BACK. Paul Heyman is giving his security instructions hwne Kurt Angle shows up OUTTA NOWHERE and tries to kill everyone. He's eventually restrained by Show and police. This is actually his last TV appearance before 2017 in WWE.

RVD vs Sabu Ladder Match

The winner will face Big Show for the title at Summerslam this Sunday. No way this isn't a mess. They couldn't even do a match a decade earlier without fucking everything up. Lol, it takes about a minute and a half before things start falling apart and RVD is trying to do pins after botches. LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO RVD tried to jump from the turnbuckles to get the contract. This match is hilarious. Two dudes doing shit they would have botched a decade earlier as well. This is ECW as fuck. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL Sabu tried a triple jump moonsault off a ladder. On it's side. LOLOLOL. This match is an embarrassment of botch riches and ridiculous spots. Like MONKEY FLIPPING A LADDER AS A PROJECTILE ATTACK. RVD was about to grab the contract when Big Show came out. Instead of grabbing the contract, RVD jumped off the ladder at him. Big Show requests the contract be lowered. Sabu jumps on his shoulders and grabs the contract. LMAO. What an amazing finish. Sabu will get his match against Big Show! Too bad Sabu ate the contract after the match. 

RVD Sabu springboard lol.gif
Sabu slips on ropes lol.gif
RVD jumps for contract lol.gif
Sabu arabian facecrusher to RVD on ladder.gif
Sabu slips on ladder lol.gif
RVD monkey flips ladder at Sabu.gif
RVD frog splash to Sabu.gif

Let's see, they spent about 15 minutes of a 45 minute show on two guys that aren't even on the roster, going from terrible comedy to super violence on a dime. A former ECW Champion and former ECW Tag Team Champions both got squashed. Then they finished off the show with the most ECW thing possible: A Sabu/RVD botchfest gimmick match with a fuckery finish.