ECW on Sci-Fi 6/20/06

TO THE BACK. Some wacky tarot card reading woman recaps the ECW invasion of RAW last night before announcing the main event: Angle/RVD vs Edge/Orton

Sabu vs Tony Mamaluke

Sabu has an upcoming matching with John Cena, and Tony Mamaluke is getting a lot of offense on him. Lol. Chairs and tables are brought into the match. Omg, Sabu throwing a chair at Tony in mid air only for the chair to come back and hit him is the most Sabu thing possible. Except for the follow up dive through a table that saw him barely land on Tony's head, and the follow up TO THAT  being an Arabian face crusher that completely missed. Lmao. Sabu wins with the camel clutch.

Tony Mamaluke suplex to Sabu.gif
Sabu throws chair at Tony Mamaluke.gif
Sabu dive on Tony Mamaluke through table.gif

TO THE BACK. Kelly Kelly says she's going to show EVERYTHING this week. Elsewhere, RVD hypes up the main event tag match. "RVD needs to get rollin', if you know what I mean." 

Big Show vs Tommy Dreamer

Tommy talks some mad shit about being the heart and soul of ECW, then slaps Show in the face. I don't think this is actually a match, since I don't see a ref. Show beats Dreamer's ass and leaves.

Big Show throws Tommy Dreamer.gif

TO THE BACK. The vampire is again outside the arena.

Macho Libre vs The Sandman

Another parody of the network the show airs on as well as WWE booking in general. Sandman again beats the shit out of this "gimmick" wrestler and quickly wins. 

Sandman hits Nacho Libre with cane.gif

TO THE BACK. Paul Heyman is explaining to a new ref to only call pins and submissions. Jim Finnegan informs them that John Cena has arrived, so the next thing we see is Paul hyping up the troops to kill Cena...and then Cena walks in. They do nothing as Cena insults all of them. He challenges Sabu to an extreme lumberjack match as Vengeance. 

ECW roster sees John Cena.gif

TO KELLY'S EXPOSE. Kelly is about to show her tits when some unknown man comes out and covers her up with a towel and yells at her.

Mike Knoxx covers up Kelly Kelly.gif

Hype video for TEST. 

Edge/Randy Orton vs Rob Van Dam/Kurt Angle

Lmao at Edge's promo saying ECW sucks having a noticeable cheer from at least 30% of the crowd. Week 2 of ECW and the main event is 4 WWE champions. Lol. RVD works most of the match, with lots of interference from Lita. Looking back, I believe this was the debut of Rated RKO. At least the first time Edge and Orton teamed up. Kurt gets the hot tag and wrecks shop. Then he gets hit with a chop block. He throws a solid 10 German suplexes in this. Lita interfered too many times and got hit with the Angle Slam. Orton appears to reinjure his shoulder. RVD pins Edge with the frog splash. 

Lita low bridge to RVD.gif
Edge eliminates RVD.gif
Randy Orton dropkick to RVD.gif
Kurt Angle Slam to Lita.gif
RVD scratches title.gif

Second week of this series is...again full of established WWE talent and is basically just a promo for the upcoming Raw PPV.