WCW Clash Of The Champions IV: Season's Beatings

Eddie Gilbert/Ron Simmons vs Fantastics NWA US Tag Team Championships

The finals of a tournament. LMAO at Ron Simmons having a test of strength with Bobby Fulton and struggling to overpower him. Ron got hit with a drink or food or something off camera after throwing Bobby around. Jason Hervey was hot about it. Until he saw he was on camera, then he got happy. Obviously things are faster paced when Eddie is in the ring, and slowed down with power spots when Ron is in. The crowd is very mixed, unsure of which team to support. You kind of get the feeling tempers are going to flare and one of these teams (probably Eddie specifically) are going to throw some cheap shots. Weirdly, Ron takes far more offense than Eddie, and the Fantastics really focus on him for a lot of the match. You'd think you'd want to keep the smaller man in the ring. Eddie's already injured arm hits the post, and it becomes the focus for the rest of the match. Eventually, he hits it on the post one too many times and gets rolled up. The Fantastics are the new champions! This went on for fucking ever. Almost a god damn half hour. Wtf.

TO THE TONY. Lex Luger is a special guest with Tony to talk about the tag match they just saw. 

Steve Williams vs The Italian Stallion

Oh great, an IRS promo before the match. More absurd than the half hour match before it, this match that clearly should be a squash went on for 15 fucking minutes. Why are Clash matches so god damn long? Dreadfully boring match. Doc finally won with a powerslam.

TO THE MAGNUM. JYD is Magnum's guest. JYD in that acid washed Canadian tux. He's come to the "N Double A" at the behest of Ivan Koloff.

 Ivan Koloff vs Paul Jones

Ivan will wrestle with one arm tied behind his back. This is horrendous. The punches these guys are throwing are things that if your uncle who always told you this was fake shit were to show you the clips, you wouldn't even be able to argue back. His smoking gun, right here at Clash 4. Ivan ends up hitting Paul Jones with Paul's own international object and gets the pin. After the match, The Russian Assassins hit the ring and jump Ivan. JYD runs them off.

Tony and Lex talk about the issues between the Road Warriors and Dusty Rhodes.

TO THE MAGNUM. Due to Dusty being late, Magnum got to talk with the very "special" Rick Steiner. Who insists that the face on his hand is a real life person. "Shh shhh shhh shhh............MIKE ROTUNDA I'M GONNA BEAT YOU TO DEATH!" Lmao. LMAO. What a fucking ending.   

Animal vs Dusty Rhodes NWA Six Man Tag Team Championships

This is a weird situation. Not only are the 6 man titles on the line in a singles match, but the titles can change hands on a disqualification. LOD had tried to spike Dusty's eye out, which is still heavily bandaged coming into this. Unlike the previous absurdly long matches, this goes under 3 minutes. Dusty was about to put the figure four on Animal and for no reason at all blasts Tommy Young with an elbow. Hawk came out, followed by Sting. Dusty goes after Animal's leg with a chair as Sting and Hawk brawl on the floor. ALL HELL IS BREAKING LOOSE! Those 3 minutes were more exciting than the previous hour and a half. 

Midnight Express vs Ric Flair/Barry Windham

I would say this is going to save the show, but then I realized that Stan Lane is probably going to be in for most of the match for some reason. Lmao, Eaton starts the match by slapping the shit out of Ric. Also lol at Barry trying to sneak in and backing off when Eaton shot a look at him. Ric actually trained Stan, I believe the only guy trained by the Nature Boy. But Stan Lane sucks. Bring back Dennis Condrey. Barry is taking all of his big bumps, and the Midnights are dominating this match. It takes like a good 7 minutes before the Horsemen get any offense. Paul E. had a PIP promo saying that the rumors said as high up as Ted Turner made sure the ORIGINAL Midnight Express weren't allowed to be at the show tonight to protect Cornette's bullshit version. Kind of curious to me that Ric, as heavyweight champ, is working most of the match. Anyway, Eaton eventually ends up as FIP. Bobby hit Barry with the guillotine leg drop. Corny and JJ fighting caused a distraction, allowing Flair to hit Eaton with a SHOE! Barry pinned Bobby. 

TO THE TONY. Jim Cornette rants and raves about the tag match and JJ in particular, and asks for a rematch. 

God, I will never understand why Clashes have such long fucking matches. Actually, it isn't even a clash thing. Saturday Night would have squashes that had commercial breaks on the reg at this time. Midnights vs Horsemen was good. Dusty/Animal was hot. The other shit can get fricked.

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