WCW Great American Bash 1997

Psychosis vs Ultimo Dragon Respect Match

There is no stipulation. It's just called a respect match because Hypno is going to show Ultimo the meaning of respect. Who will botch first? Who will botch most? LOTS of stalling here. Fans are super hot even though they're really not even doing anything, so I guess they're doing it right. Should be a banging ass show based on how hot the crowd is for these two opening the show with house show spots. Sonny Bono gets involved with his weak ass kicks. GTFO, pal. This is fairly slow and deliberate, without much of the lucha fuckery you'd expect. Hypno does do a dope tope, though. Then he tried a moonsault and got dropkicked right in the dick. RIP, Hypno's balls. "He kicked him in the knees!" No he didn't, Tony. That was straight to the dick. Sonny ends up accidentally kicking Psychosis, who taps to the Dragon sleeper. Very fun house show style match. Pretty laid back, but just enjoyable all around.

TO THE BACK. Chris Benoit is doing an internet interview.

Harlem Heat vs Steiner Brothers Number One Contendership

Sherri is a straight up PAWG. Barbershop thick. I wonder when Scott is going to drop the fringe around the boots. It looks so out of place. I feel like I've seen this match at least 300 times. Stevie seems like he's trying to shatter Scott's face. God damn. Those boots and elbows are rough. This is also kind of like a house show match, in that everyone is taking their time and really working everything. It's all fine and well until Scott tries a double ax handle to Booker, who is about 2/3rds of the ring away. It looked horrible, and Scott got hit with a boot. He basically jumped a foot, then stumbled over to Booker, who got his boot up. This is very much a Southern tag. Scott hits the super Frankensteiner, but some piece of shit has a big sign that reads DOUG DILLINGER FEARS RF VIDEO obscures most of the impact. OUTTA NOWHERE, Virgil runs down and elbow drops Booker, causing the Steiners to get disqualified. Lol at Virgil throwing up black power fists to HH after the match. I don't know why they'd be mad at him. They're the number one contenders now. They owe him. The Steiners kicked the shit out of Virgil after the match. 

Konnan vs Hugh Morrus

All good things must come to an end. This was fucking terrible. Konnan won. They did a great job of completely killing an extremely hot crowd.

TO THE MEAN GENE. Public Enemy are the guests. Why are you doing live promo segments like this on PPV? Gene is clearly not enthused with their shitty promo style. Basically, they want to be number one contenders. Then they leave the promo to go party in the crowd.

Wrath vs Glacier

Mortis is handcuffed to the ring post to prevent interference. Although, the chain is so long he could still interfere pretty easily if Glacier is anywhere near that corner. This is also not very good. Kanyon of course still interfered multiple times, but the chain he threw into the ring made it to Glacier's hands, who used to KO Wrath for the win. After the match, Mortis was uncuffed and attacked Glacier. Glacier was then handcuffed to the ropes and pounded on until the ref crew came out to end it.

Akira Hokuto vs Madusa WCW Women's Championship Title vs Career

Strong start from Akira by spitting and slapping the shit out of Madusa. I'm not really sure why this escalated to Madusa putting her career on the line, especially since the title itself has barely been mentioned on Nitro for a year and a half. Akira dominates the majority of the match, and outside of a few big moves (like a dope ass powerbomb), Madusa gets very little offense. Akira wins clean with the northern lights bomb. Title retained. Madusa's career is over. Gene tries to get some words with her, but he's being a real dick, so much so that fans are chanting "LEAVE HER ALONE".  What a weird way to end a career. Getting basically squashed, injured, then embarrassed by the interviewer on the way out the door.

Chris Benoit vs Meng Deathmatch

Benoit STARTS the match with a dive. THIS IS WRESTLING *clap clap clap clap clap*. Meng gets sick of Benoit beating the shit out of him, so he just fucking head kicks him. No effort at all. Dude was like 280. They just beat the shit out of each other for 12 minutes. Benoit made Meng give up/pass out to the crossface. both men were stretchered out after the match. This has to be the only time Meng did a stretcher job. Meng fell off of his.

Kevin Greene vs Steve McMichael

A match one year in the making, as it was at the GAB in 1996 where Mongo turned on Greene to join the Horsemen in the first place. Greene comes in as a house of fire, but Mongo quickly takes out his legs. Kevin Greene's mama hits Mongo with her purse. Call for the DQ, Pee Wee.  Blatant outside interference. There could be a brick in that purse! This whole match is about Greene's inexperience getting him into bad situations. Not that Mongo is a vet or anything, but you have to think being around Flair/Arn/Benoit for a year can't be bad for your ring skills. It's a pretty solid match, all things considered. Double J tries to interfere and "accidentally" hits Mongo with the briefcase. Greene wins!

TO THE BACK. The trainer checks on Madusa's knee.

The Outsiders vs Ric Flair/Roddy Piper WCW Tag Team Championships

Wait. Nitro has spent the few weeks having the Steiners/Harlem Heat feuding over who becomes number one conteders to the tag titles, yet Flair and Piper get a title match despite having ONE match together as a standard team in almost 15 years. Wait, what the fuck, the match on Nitro was also a title match? That lends a lot of credence to what the Wolfpac guys have been saying about the Flair/Piper types being selfish. HH and Steiners have been killing themselves to get a title shot, but Flair and Piper can get two title shots just because. Hall and Flair start. Flair is on one tonight. This little feud with the Wolfpac is probably Flair's best run 2-3 years in either direction. He seemed very energized working with young, hungry dudes. Nash kind of stopped giving a shit pretty soon after this, and now that I think about it, the color of his hair is directly in line with the amount of effort he'd put in. The lighter it got, the less have gave a shit. Flair is FIP for most of the match. Piper gets the hot tag and does all of his shitty comedy spots and is completely blown up and dead about 45 seconds in. Syxx kicks Piper, which makes Flair chase him off, leaving Piper alone. What are the odds Piper takes the jackknife or edge? Lol. What you get is creaky, fat Piper somehow fighting Hall and Nash off for a few minutes. Holy shit, Piper took the Outsider's Edge! 

Randy Savage vs DDP Falls Count Anywhere

Technically, this is a lights out match and not sanctioned by WCW. Despite that, WCW brought in Michael Buffer to introduce both men. Lol, Buffer got so confused during the DDP entrance. Also LOL is Buffer mentioning Kim's Playboy spread. Macho mentioning that is what pissed DDP off and started this whole feud. But don't worry, Kim was just a distraction to allow DDP to attack from the crowd. SWERVE! DDP hurts his already hurt ribs doing a pescado early on. Good going, Page. Dusty shits all over him for doing a move he's never done when he knows he's hurt. Naturally, this is a wild brawl. For a time, they head all aorund into the crowd. After calming down in the ring, Macho unwraps the tape around the ribs and stomps on them for a bit. The ref pisses him off, so he spits in his face, then decks him. Then piledrives him. Rude. Mark Curtis comes out and is promptly laid out. Savage goes after Kim. Nick Patrick is able to calm him down to get him away from her. This month, they fight their way up to the picinic area, with Macho getting slammed through a picinc table. Nick Patrick ends up getting beaten up for stopping a piledriver on the floor. Then some photographer gets a ragtagged. DDP hits the Kanyon Cutter in the ring, but as Nick Patrick made the count, Scott Hall stomped his head. Macho hits DDP with the tag title, Razor hits the Edge, and Macho hits the elbow drop to get the win. Far more gimmicky than their previous match, and it really suffered for it.

Leave it to Konnan to kill a molten hot crowd. Although following it up with Wrath/Glacier and then a borderline squash of a women's match with a woman 95% of the crowd was unfamiliar with probably didn't help. Meng/Benoit was brutal. Mongo/Greene was shockingly enjoyable. Roddy Piper ruined the tag match. Macho/DDP was a big step down from their match at Spring Stampede.