WCW Monday Nitro 9/8/97

How will WCW and the Four Horsemen respond to the nWo's disgusting parody of Arn Anderson last week? FIND OUT TONIGHT! Will Lex and DDP  be able to get on the same page less than a week from War Games? Tony says he won't play the Arn parody video, so Eric Bischoff storms the booth and forces the tape to be played. Before more than 30 seconds of it can be played, the Horsemen run Bischoff off and get the tape stopped. They all head to the ring, followed by Mean Gene. Ric looks so pissed. Lol at Mongo getting booed heavily in Millwuakee. The Horsemen are trying to cut this face promo, but Mongo's time on the Bears made him a bigger heel than Bischoff. Last week, for the first time in his career, Ric was embarrassed to tell people he was a pro wrestler. Arn Anderson is a legitimate legend, wrestler, and MAN. "Buddy, at the end if this road, if there's one person in the world you can say is your friend, that is FOR LIFE!" Flair is PISST. Flair wants Nash, Buff, Konnan, and Syxx tonight. Eventually, security has to make the Horsemen leave the ring. 


Eddie Guerrero vs Rey Mysterio Jr.

Rey is back! He's not wearing a knee brace, either. Maybe his leg really is back to 100%. Rey is just as quick as ever, and is doing nip ups and whatnot to show that his knee is healed. After a break, Eddie is curiously working the arm of Rey. He just came back from a knee injury. Why wouldn't you work the knee? Eddie is just vicious in this. This is actually the first ever singles match between the two. Eddie is so stiff with Rey. It's pretty crazy. Rey wins with the West Coast Pop OUTTA NOWHERE! This was dope little TV match. 


TO THE MEAN SCUM. DDP comes out to discuss his issues with Lex. Gene thinks that if there is ever a time to patch up their differences, it is 6 days away from Fall Brawl. DDP suggests perhaps they should have a match to work it out. This brings Lex out, who agrees to the match. 

Disco Inferno vs Hugh Morrus

Hugh dominates the match. Alex Wright comes out to dance and cause a distraction. He gave Disco the title as Hugh went up for the moonsault. Disco looked at himself in the reflection, then Hugh hit the moonsault to win. Disco and Alex then argue.


Nash, Syxx, buff, and Konnan come out to respond to the Horsemen. They're big stars and are way too busy to face the Horsemen tonight. But Buff, Buff has nothing to do tonight. Konnan drops a Tupac reference. Buff and Konnan will face the Horsemen tonight.

Brad Armstrong vs Chris Jericho WCW Cruiserweight Championship

Before the match, Eddie comes out, saying Jericho got lucky. He asks Brad to step aside so he can finish last week's job. BA is having none of it. Now, Brad is a former Light Heavyweight Champion, which was the precursor to the Cruiserweight Championship, but he's clearly not a cruiserweight anymore. This version of Jericho is so god damn bland and boring. Eddie comes back out to attack Jericho. He gets put in the Lion Tamer, then Brad and Eddie team up on Jericho.  

Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan come to the ring. Hogan shits on Ric Flair before saying he'll put the title on the line against Sting TONIGHT. RIGHT NOW. "I'm gonna beat him like a little wienerdog that he is." Sting drops from the ceiling, but crash lands on the floor. HE'S NOT BREATHING. GET SOMEONE OUT HERE! Well, considering what would happen 2 years later, this is pretty awkward. It's obviously a mannequin, but still. That's in pretty poor taste regardless, really. Buff and Norton drag the doll into the ring. Hogan shit talks it, then beats it up before hitting the leg drop. Bischoff counts the pin. Title retained.


Faces of Fear vs Steiner Brothers

I would really like to see Scott take his big boot bump from a Barb boot. Rick looks like he's either fucked up or injured. Dude is moving at such a slow pace. Then, Meng throws a drop kick OUTTA NOWHERE. Rick ends up as FIP, which is weird if he's the injured one. If that's what his issue is. Maybe he's just tired. Scott has Barb pinned after a super belly to belly. Meng has Rick in the death grip. Then, Harlem Heat and Wrath/Mortis hit the ring, causing a big brawl and the match is thrown out.


Super Calo vs Scott Hall

What a random ass match. Hall wants Calo to take his sunglasses off. They're illegal international objects, imo. This is really weird Hall is doing a squash match on Nitro anyway. It's like 1993 Raw all over again. Hall hits a SUPER fall away slam. Outsider's Edge gets the easy win. After the match, Ray Traylor comes out. Hands are thrown. Spinebuster! You know, I ain't gonna argue about a Boss Man vs Razor match, tbh. Virgil comes out and is immediately hit with the Boss Man Slam. Then, HOGAN himself comes out, which distracts Boss Man. Outsider's Edge. Hall and Hogan spray paint "Ray?" on his back. "Kinda looks like the Big Lost Man."


Psychosis vs Dean Malenko

Lots of arm focus from both men here. A fan hits the ring. Mark Curtis punts that mother fucker before putting him in a guillotine.  The true shooter in this match. Sadly, that was the most exciting thing in the match. I'm assuming someone else gets thrown out in the crowd a bit later on into the match, based on reactions. Dean wins with the cloverleaf. This brings out Double J and Debra. Jeff wants to have his match with Dean RIGHT NOW. Dean agrees, so Jeff then runs away. Debra then gets to just ramble on the mic by herself.


TO THE MEAN GENE. Gene brings out the new acting chairman for the executive committee, filling in for the injured JJ Dillon. It's...RODDY PIPER. FUCK. FUCK. FUCK. Piper's first order of business is to make sure Sting vs Hogan gets booked before the end of the year. Well, that's also what JJ has been saying, so I don't think you get to take credit for this, you fuck. Why is Piper taping his wrists up to do promos? Piper also books himself in a cage match against Hogan at Halloween Havoc. He's taking DDP and Lex out of the War Games, making it the Four Horsemen vs nWo (Buff/Nash/Syxx/Konnan). 

Konnan/Buff Bagwell vs Ric Flair/Curt Hennig

I'm genuinely amazed at how bad Konnan is. He can't even get stomped convincingly. All he has to do is lay there. This show is already going long, and there's DDP/Lex still to come. This is not interesting at all. For all that fire that the Horsemen had at the start of the show, it doesn't show in this match. A Perfect Plex pins Konnan.

DDP vs Lex Luger

I guess at this point, this match doesn't matter anymore since they're both out of War Games. Games now. Plenty of guys in WCW aren't on the same page. Most, really. So the past few weeks of storylines just kind of got rendered a waste of time at the last second. Very WCW.  It only takes a few minutes before the nWo come out. They beat on Lex on the floor, which DDP didn't see. OR DID HE?!?! They attack Lex again, so DDP dives on the nWo and rolls Lex back into the ring to save him. A brawl breaks out. The Giant comes out to even sides a bit. Lex and DDP have the most awkward handshake and hug you'll ever see. WE'RE OUTTA TIME. 


WCW has the momentum heading into Fall Brawl, so I'm sure you can figure out how that's going to end. Announced card for Fall Brawl:

  • Four Horsemen vs nWo War Games
  • Eddie Guerrero vs Chris Jericho WCW Cruiserweight Championship
  • Alex Wright vs Ultimo Dragon WCW TV Championship
  • Steiner Brothers vs Harlem Heat Number One Contendership
  • Jeff Jarrett vs Dean Malenko Number One Contendership
  • Wrath/Mortis vs Faces of Fear