WCW Monday Nitro 10/6/97

The show starts with a graphic acknowledging the death of Brian Pillman, who died the night before. Nothing like starting the show off with "A guy you used to like watching died of a heart attack or overdose". 


DDP will meet Disco, Macho will face Benoit, and Eddie will face Ultimo, ALL TONIGHT!

Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff begin the show coming out to the ring. Piper will be in the building tonight, and Hulk is going to be waiting for him, brother. 

Jeff Jarrett vs Booker T

Okay, I'm really ready for Jeff to go back to the WWF. Booker's solo run is really starting to blossom, and his face turn seems to have just happened one day and no one argued it. Could you imagine these two would be competing for the WCW Championship 3 years later? I guess Jeff is a good guy to put Booker up with, though, since people won't cheer Jeff even against Hennig in Horsemen country. Double J is similar to Alex Wright, where even Disco and Regal will get face pops against them, but not in the kind of way that will make anyone buy a ticket. Booker was on fire as the show headed to a break, but Jeff was in control when we returned. This is a very back and forth match. Mongo comes out. Debra slaps him. He decks Jeff and throws him in the ring, where Booker rolls him up for the win. 


Larry cuts a promo on Macho at the booth that I'm pretty sure was just a plug for Bengay.

Billy Kidman vs Alex Wright

Kidman picked up a win over Alex on Saturday Night, so this is a "big time rematch". In general, Alex has been on a losing streak since losing the TV title. Despite these two being the same age, Alex is definitely the vet and the match follows as such. Kidman is knocked to the floor, where he sees Raven at ringside. Beside Raven is PERRY SATURN. OUTTA NOWHERE. 

TO THE BACK. Mongo and Debra are arguing. Mongo is threatening divorce. Double J shows up nad FUCKING KILL ME. 

I guess this is kind of Kidman's coming out party, as it were, being more than just a random jobber on TV, getting offense and doing signature spots. Looking over at Raven kept him distracted, and Alex hits a German suplex for the win. 


Mortis vs Ernest Miller

Lol, I totally forgot Cat was even around. Kanyon tries an avalanche rocker dropper that did not work out at all. This has no heat at all. I think everyone else forgot about Cat, too. BREAKING NEWS: Jackie vs Disco has been signed to a title match at Halloween Havoc. Cat wins with a run up jumping Feliner.


Scott Hall vs Hector Garza

This week, Hall's ribs are taped up. Nash has been out with a knee injury since War Games. He's at home. "A lot of people wanna know: How could Kevin Nash and Scott Hall get hurt at the same time? It's a little bit Kabuki-ish, I'll admit." Lol. Ya see, they were over at Kev's watching old Larry Z tapes, and Scott threw his back out laughing so hard. Kevin fell off his stool and hurt his knee. It's amazing how Hall starts all of his promos off with cheap face pops, then ends them getting actual heel heat. Razor is top tier, brehs. Will Hector be able to shock the world twice? He continues to fuck with the refs. Lol at his selling of the bad ribs. Hall easily pins Hector. He puts Billy Silverman in the torture rack after the match.


We get some more info on Bill Goldberg.

Disco Inferno vs DDP WCW TV Championship

Doesn't DDP seem a bit above this? Wouldn't it be hilarious if Disco somehow got a clean win in this? OBVIOUSLY what you'd think happens happens: DDP has the match won, Macho hits the ring and attacks. Macho attempts to piledrive DDP on the exposed floor, but Roddy Piper comes out and stops it. As they argue, DDP turns Macho around to hit the Kanyon Cutter on the floor. BANG! Piper and DDP escape through the crowd as the nWo showed up. Macho is stretchered out. Fans actually do the "Nah Nah Nah" chant to RANDY SAVAGE getting taken out on a stretcher. That's how excited fans are to see WCW finally get one over on the nWo. 


TO THE MEAN GENE. Piper returns, makes a bunch of Minnesota references, some bald jokes, and calls the nWo a buncha liars. You don't say. The Outsiders will defend their titles next week on Nitro, or they'll be stripped. Macho/DDP will be Piper's Rules, which sounds like a Texas Death match. Hogan and Bischoff come out. Hogan cuts a very serious and intense promo about how Piper can't be an icon simply because Hogan still exists, and despite their careers paralleling for a while, Piper has always been in his shadow. Things get physical, and Bischoff kicks Piper in the knee. Hogan then pounds Piper down. Bischoff accidentally kicks Hogan, which gets Piper going to town on both of them. The rest of the nWo come out to get Hulk and Eric out of the ring as Piper spins the belt around his head. 

Another look at lucha libre, including a focus on Arena Mexico and When Worlds Collide.


Eddie Guerrero vs Ultimo Dragon WCW Cruiserweight Championship

Eddie's pecs are so weird to me. He has to have like 3% body fat during this period. Just nothing but striations and veins. Unsurprisingly, Ultimo blows multiple spots during this. Eddie ends up winning with the frog splash, but he had Ultimo way too far out and then kind of slipped off the ropes, so it was more like a diving headbutt. Title retained. 


Chris Benoit vs Curt Hennig WCW US Championship

Perfect is replacing Macho, obviously. Benoit attacks in the aisle. Remember that time Warrior chopped Perfect, and Perfect sold it like he was being shot with a high caliber rifle? Well, imagine that, but hitting the stairs on the way down. I don't want to be insensitive, but it seems like Benoit is trying to kill this dude. The fuck, Perfect doing an avalanche dragon screw? Weird. Perfect continues to work the leg, then exposes a turnbuckle. Benoit sends him into it, but Benoit runs into it and gets hit with the Perfect Plex. Title retained. Hot main event. Buff, Virgil, and Konnan hit the ring and do a beat down. RIC FLAIR hits the ring and chases Perfect away. LOOOOOOOL at Ric stiff arming Doug Dillinger and knocking him down. 


TO THE MEAN BY GOD GENE. Ric takes the mic from Gene and walks to the ring. He's here to talk about REALITY. Now, is that a shoot? This ain't about politics. It's not about being the best. He's going to get his revenge on Curt Hennig at Halloween Havoc. "I'm going to hurt you for real, for a long, long time." And once he's done with Perfect, he's coming for what's left of Hogan.   


These last few weeks have been the best shows in months. Momentum is fully on WCW's side right now, which I'm sure means they're about to get demolished at Havoc.